Outstanding Olympians
Toxic Sharks
Mutant Laser Squirrels
Team Beauty
Team Brains
Villainous Vipers
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Green
Eliminated TDATW: London the Ripper
TDTB: The Toxic Treasure of Awkanawaw
TDAST2: Do You Think You Can Drama?
Place TDATW: 6th
TDTB: 11th
TDAST2: 4th
Friends Sadie, Lightning, and Tyler
Relationship Heather
Enemies Bridgette, Dave (one sided on Alejandro's side), Geoff, Harold, Eva, Brick, Zoey
Alliance(s) Olympic Duo
Lightning Squad
Sharks Alliance
Team Men
Voiced by Marco Grazzini
Keith Oliver
Alex House
Roleplayer SkyFanTD

Alejandro Burromuerto, labeled The Arch-Villain, was one of the two main antagonists and contestant on Total Drama Around the World, as a member of the Outstanding Olympians. He returns in Total Drama Toxic Brawl as a member of the Toxic Sharks, however is switched to the Mutant Laser Squirrels in Fun Zone 3.0. Alejandro returns to compete in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, as a member of Team Beauty, however is switched to Team Brains in Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater. Alejandro is considered one of the top ten villains of the game, and is chosen to return to Total Drama Heroes Vs. Villains, as a member of the Villainous Vipers.


On the surface, Alejandro appears to be a polite, dashing, charming gentleman, but underneath he is dark and twisted. He is known to use his charm and exceptional persuasion to advance him further in the game. Other than Heather, he has eliminated the most contestants on the show, proving to be one of the show's most dangerous contestants. Alejandro was born in Spain, before moving to Latin America, and is very proud of Hispanic heritage. Alejandro frequently speaks his language on the show. An extremely well-developed talent of his is smooth talking himself in or out of a situation. He names his best quality his ability to "smell a person's weakness and exploit it in seconds." Alejandro himself gloats that he "went through a lot of nannies" because of this. He has been shown to possess a large quantity of skills ranging from hypnotism to speaking several languages, thanks to his highly successful family. Alejandro's older brother José is one of very few people who can compete with him. He has described him as being superior in everything, and is partially to blame for who he is today. Alejandro has a romantic nature, and has learned many lessons on the subject from his relatives. Alejandro takes pleasure in getting revenge on other contestants.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit


Alejandro falling from the plane.

Alejandro returns and competes again in Total Drama Around the World, even more determined to win the game. As Alejandro is introduced to the game, he jumps out of the plane with the rest of the new cast.He lands on top of Geoff, and introduces himself to the others. Chris tells Alejandro and the others that they must find their passports, and return to him. Alejandro watches and observes as many of the contestants team up, in the confessional Alejandro states that it is pointless to form petty teams if they soon will placed on new ones. Alejandro runs to look for a passport. Soon he finds a passport in a tree. He discovers that the pass port has his name on it, and climbs down the tree. As he is climbing down he hears Sadie call him Captain Pablo and a loser. He tells her loser is not in his dictionary, except when he defines her. Alejandro races back to Chris and is placed on the Outstanding Olympians, team 2. Since Alejandro was not placed on team 3, he is safe from elimination for the episode.

When Alejandro arrives in China in The Great Chinese Race, he immediately listens to Chris for the challenge. He begins the challenge and starts to climb the wall, when Sadie says she bets that he cant carry her up the wall. In Alejandro's confessional he says that he knows she is trying to manipulate him, but he will play her game. He plays her game and carries her up the wall. When he reaches the top he notices Bridgette is almost there. Sadie runs off without Alejandro, and Alejandro grabs Bridgette's hand and helps her up. Geoff then consequently tells him to back off. Alejandro finds a panda with Sadie, and they both hurry back to Chris. To their surprise the Dragons are already there. However, Alejandro was glad that the team did not finish in last.

Chris drops Alejandro and the others out of the plane in Egyptian Torture. Alejandro scores the Olympians first point by guessing Duncan's correct partner in the final 3. Alejandro cheers Sadie on when she scores the second point for the Olympians. When Alejandro answers Izzy as the first person who was eliminated in Season 3, Sadie is shocked because he got the question wrong. Alejandro tells Sadie he didn't know where his head was at. Alejandro is irritated after the team has scored 4 points and are not declared the winners. Chris tells the Olympians that they must eliminate a Unicorn as the reward. Alejandro and Sadie decide to eliminate Staci. Before Staci is eliminated Alejandro try's to change his vote, but Chris says it's too late and shoves Staci out of the plane.

In Korean Pop Quizzing, Alejandro wakes up and notices that Eva and Sadie are arguing over some nonsense. He heads over to second class, and tries to seduce Bridgette. Not long after, Geoff would warn Alejandro to back off, and that she is his girlfriend. Amy states that Alejandro is unattractive to begin with. Alejandro states in his confessionals that he does not use the word unattractive when describing himself unless not is in front of it, he also says he will convince Amy to believe he is attractive. He later tells Sadie that the whole thing is to manipulate the other team. Alejandro places second to Eva in the race to the Seoul tower to begin their challenge. The Olympians only score one point in the challenge thanks to Eva, and the team loses the tiebreaker. Alejandro goes over to talk to Bridgette, and she is flattered for complimenting her. Alejandro and Sadie tell the rest of the contestants to vote Eva, and she is out of the competition.


Alejandro lends his shirt to Bridgette, before the shirt being slapped away by Geoff.

In the beginning of Icey Antarctica, Alejandro greets Sadie, and she thanks him for voting out Eva with her. When Alejandro arrives in Antarctica, he offers Bridgette his shirt. Geoff swipes his shirt away, and Alejandro tells Geoff at least he offered her his shirt. Alejandro runs with Sadie and finds Trent in an ice cube. He decides to go over and help him out, but then Sadie leaves without him, so he ditches Trent saying he forgot his necklace. Chris tells the contestants that the Unicorns have found the place where Cameron is being held, Alejandro and Sadie rush over to find the Unicorns place. Once they find it, Chris tells the contestants they must decipher the codes to free Cameron. There were 5 codes, and Alejandro scored the first two right for the Olympians. However, the Unicorns have an amazing comeback, and win the challenge 3-2. Alejandro suggests to the losers to eliminate Brick from the competition.

Chris confirms to the contestants that they will be visiting Jamaica in Jamaica Man! Alejandro and Sadie discuss who to vote out next. Sadie tells Alejandro to vote out Harold if they lose. Alejandro reluctantly agrees, Chris tells the contestants that they must change into their bathing suits. After Alejandro changes he winks at Bridgette. He states in the confessional that it is so easy to manipulate people. Then Lightning tells Alejandro how much more toned he is, and Alejandro fires back by saying he is more good looking. Lightning pats him on the back and compliments him on the good comeback. In his confessional he says Lightning is not a bad guy besides his arrogant personality. Sadie and Alejandro are first to go, and ride the bobsled down the course. Alejandro suggests to bend one of the boards to send a contestant flying in the air. Sadie agrees and the two sabotage the course. Lightning and Alejandro have friendly competition talk after Alejandro and Sadie finish. After Lightning and Beth finish, Alejandro and Lightning high five.


Alejandro talks about Amy, about how she believes everyone is against, when they are actually not, and that her only weakness is herself.

Lightning talks to Alejandro in the beginning of Indian Dance, about forming an alliance. Alejandro agrees that if they both make merge then the two can work together. Amy asks who wants to dance, and Alejandro says he does and also brags that he is an excellent dancer. Before the challenge Alejandro displays his talents by salsa dancing. Alejandro and Sadie are first up, and Alejandro immediately takes Sadie's hand to dance. He twirls her up in the air and places her down majestically. Suddenly Zoey gets in the way, which causes Alejandro to fall. Alejandro tells Zoey she is not competing in the challenge. However, Alejandro is satisfied when the judges give the Olympians a 17/30. When the Dragons perform Alejandro accuses Amy of sabotaging the challenge, and tells the other judges he saw her do it. Alejandro is irritated when Geoff sticks up for Amy, and tells Alejandro nice try. In his confessional he tells the audience that Amy isn't hated by anyone, she just thinks that, and her greatest weakness is herself. Alejandro informs the judges that the Olympians should receive first place because the other dances were a mess and not Indian. When Bridgette is announced safe he tries to charm her by telling her he's glad she is safe. Alejandro is irritated by Zoey's behavior and asks Chris if he could push her off the plane as well.


Alejandro and Lightning defeat Geoff, also forming an alliance together.

In Australian Rivals, Alejandro realizes the teams will be merged soon, so he tries to get on Zoey's good side by comforting her about Trent's elimination. Shortly after Zoey turns into Commando Zoey which leads Alejandro to ditch the option of being allies with Zoey. Alejandro sarcastically remarks of course when Chris breaks a hole in the plane and the contestants fly out. During Alejandro's turn in the song he remarks that Zoey is crazy as well as her crush Trent. Alejandro lands on Bridgette when he finally hits the ground, and he asks her if she is okay. He is relieved when Bridgette says she is okay. However, Alejandro is irritated due to Geoff saying that Alejandro doesn't care. Alejandro reluctantly cheers on Zoey, and is not surprised when she loses. During his boxing match against Geoff and Lightning he states that he will let Lightning defeat Geoff and then end Lightning with a headlock. After Lightning knocks out Geoff, Alejandro attempts to get Lightning in a headlock, but Lightning attacks him first and hits him in his groin. Alejandro says well played and then lands on his face. He also cheers on Sadie during her match. When the Olympians lose the challenge Alejandro and Sadie both agree to eliminate crazy Zoey. Alejandro tells Chris during the elimination ceremony to eliminate Zoey, but instead he allows the winning team to eliminate a member of the Olympians. Alejandro is happy when he is the first pronounced safe, but is saddened when Sadie is eliminated. He waved goodbye and is upset that his most trustworthy ally is eliminated.

Alejandro immediately realizes his main ally Sadie is gone, and decides to try and form an alliance in Aloha, Merge! Shortly after this Lightning approaches Alejandro and asks him to join his alliance. Alejandro accepts and is surprised by the number of allies Lightning has. Alejandro and the others scream in terror after Chris drops them out of the plane. After they land Alejandro and the others are relieved when he tells them the teams are merged. Alejandro is paired up with Amy for the building challenge. Alejandro notices Amy begins to tear up when they have to build Brick. Alejandro tells her to cheer up, and that a relationship will tie her down. This leads Alejandro to talk about his girlfriend Heather. He accidentally admits to Amy that he finds no likable qualities in Heather. When the two finish building Brick they run to throw him in the volcano. Alejandro throws the Brick doll in the volcano, but Samey-Bot catches it and places it behind her. Alejandro watches as Amy and Samey-Bot duel it out. Since Samey-bot is distracted Alejandro grabs the Brick doll and throws it in the volcano to win the challenge for the duo. Alejandro tells some of the others to vote out Zoey, and he is happy when she is eliminated from the competition.


Alejandro manipulates Bridgette into believing Geoff is cheating on her.

After briefly chatting with Amy in African Safari, Alejandro walks over to Bridgette to tell her important information. He informs her that Geoff told him that Anne Maria has a nice body. He also tells Bridgette that Geoff was flirting with Amy. Alejandro votes Eva back into the competition, and receives a rude greeting after saying hey to her. Alejandro tells her that he was tricked by Sadie to eliminate her, and tries to convince her it wasn't him. All of a sudden Alejandro and the others scream when Chris drops them in Africa. Alejandro is given a raccoon who he must bond with for the challenge. Alejandro teaches the raccoon some tricks, and when it is his turn to perform he shows the judges a song. The raccoon also does some tricks which impresses the judges very much; Alejandro is satisfied with his final score of 23.5 out of 30. During the elimination ceremony Alejandro convinces his alliance to eliminate Bridgette. He also manages to convince Bridgette that Geoff is cheating on her, so she decided to vote Geoff. Alejandro laughs when he sees Bridgette and Geoff fight.


Alejandro is eliminated, and takes the Drop of Shame.

In first class Alejandro states that he is glad that Bridgette was eliminated. Amy asks Alejandro who should be eliminated next in London the Ripper, and he tells her that it is up to her. Alejandro and the others jump off the plane and arrive in London. Alejandro notices that Geoff and the others are starting to catch on to his plan, so he tells the audience that he will just mess with the others minds. Alejandro is the first to answer the first riddle to score a point. Alejandro scored many more points, and faced off in the final round against Geoff. Geoff would answer slightly faster than Alejandro to win the riddle challenge. In the confessional Alejandro says that he knows he will be out. When Alejandro is declared eliminated he shakes Lightning's hand and jumps out of the plane.

Alejandro flirts with Sky.

Alejandro is infuriated when he is placed on the same team as Geoff in The Big Apple. He also denies eliminating Brick. Before the challenge starts Alejandro tells Sky how beautiful she is. He is disappointed to find out that Sky has a boyfriend. Geoff tells Alejandro to push harder, and Alejandro ignores him and tells Sky that she is as light as a feather. Alejandro states in the confessional that although he hates Geoff, he hates losing even more so he will help Geoff win the challenge. Amy and her partners take forever, so Alejandro urges them to hurry up. He later tells them he had grown a full beard waiting for them. Alejandro and Geoff cheer up Sky when she apologizes for not scoring the last point. Alejandro is irritated when Geoff excludes him in his song. After Geoff's elimination Alejandro tells Sky that his elimination was the second best thing that happened to him. When she asks what was the first he replies meeting her romantically.


Alejandro is put on Beth's team, and he tries to help her win the final challenge and the season against Amy.

In the finale, Chris introduces Alejandro and the other eliminated contestants; the first thing Alejandro does is glare at Amy. Sadie greets Alejandro and tells him that what Amy did to him was wrong. He agrees, but is cut off by Amy defending herself. Alejandro is irritated by this, and shoves her out the way. Alejandro, Sadie, and Staci are partnered up with Beth for the Hunger Games challenge. Before the challenge Alejandro and Sadie agree to sabotage Amy. When the games begin Alejandro grabs a dagger and runs into a nearby cave. He tells the rest of his teammates to follow him into the cave. When he finds out Staci left, he tells the rest of the team to forget about her. However, he carries her to safety when he finds out she lost health. Alejandro leaves Staci, and attacks Bridgette with the dagger. He runs away and hides in a tree, but Bridgette shoots him causing him to lose 1/5th of his health. Unexpectedly Alejandro is stabbed in the heart by Amy. He slowly falls down, and realizes that Amy is truly sorry for stabbing him. This surprisingly leads to Alejandro apologizing to Amy and then he is eliminated from the virtual games. When Amy stabs Beth for the final time, Alejandro hugs her and congratulates her on winning.

In the seasons special, Alejandro greets Sadie a after he arrives. He also proposes the idea of an alliance for season 4. In the confessional he tells the audience that he will go all the way next season. He walks over to Noah and Tyler and tells them to stop their bickering. He is ignored by the two, so he walks over to talk to Amy. He asks Amy how she spent the money, and he is surprised when he finds out that she sent him $1000. After he thanks Amy he realizes that he is acting way too nice. He greets Lightning and is shocked when he sees Owen on the plane. He tries to avoid him, but Owen immediately says hello to him. Owen calls him Al which causes him to twitch, but Alejandro hides his hatred and tells Owen it is so nice to see him. After Chris shoots out the non competitors Alejandro tells Chris he forgot to shoot out Noah. After Chris takes the promo picture Alejandro shoves Noah into the water.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

A Radioactive BeginningEdit


Alejandro and Sadie cheering after winning the challenge.

Alejandro is the first one introduced to the show and Chris places him on the Toxic Sharks. Dave begins a conversation with Alejandro which leads to Dave asking Alejandro if he would like to form an alliance. Alejandro devilishly smiles and agrees to the alliance. In his confessional he states that he is not being friendly to Dave, and it is only an act to gain his trust. Sadie also asks Alejandro to be in an alliance with her and he accepts. Shortly after he calls over Duncan an Tyler. The three discuss in private the possibility of forming a merge guys alliance. Shortly after Alejandro jumps off the cliff for the challenge. He grabs a stone from the water and runs to Chris to see if the number is correct. Chris reveals that Alejandro's number 25 is incorrect, so Alejandro runs back up the cliff disappointed. However, he does not have to run far because Tyler wins the challenge for the Sharks.


Alejandro asks Dawn his about his future with Heather.

After the challenge Dave gives Alejandro a hug, and he awkwardly hugs Dave back. Alejandro reveals in the confessional that he is not losing his evil touch. Surprisingly, Tyler decides to form an alliance with Alejandro which he agrees to, Alejandro agrees to an alliance with Dave as well. However, when Dave tries to invite people into the alliance Alejandro let's Dave know that he does not invite people in without his consent. In a confessional he states that his alliances first target should be Noah. He then walks over to talk to Dawn and asks her if she can see into the future. She tells him he can, and he asks her his future with Heather. Unfortunately for Alejandro he is cut off by Chris for the elimination ceremony. When Beardo is eliminated, Alejandro asks in the confessional "who names their child Beardo?"

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit

Alejandro wakes up and heads to the girls cabin, but changes path when the contestants are told to go to the campfire pit. When Dave is switched back onto the Sharks team Alejandro tells Dave that it is a pleasure to see him again. Before the challenge starts he confirms the alliance with him. Alejandro also informs Sadie and Tyler that he is aware of their plan and wants in, Sadie agrees to this and allows Alejandro to be a part of the plan. When the challenge starts Alejandro demands for Dave to follow him. Dave agrees and Alejandro tells Dave that part of the plan is to dig a hole. However, Dave is shot which infuriates Alejandro. Alejandro decides to team up with Jasmine to sabotage her and make her fall into the hole, however she does not fall into the hole, but she is shot which causes the Toxic Sharks to be mad at her. Alejandro shoots Brick to win the first part of the challenge for the Sharks.

After Alejandro's section of the challenge Dawn almost reveals Alejandro's future with Heather, but Alejandro cuts her off and tells her they are perfectly fine and walks off. Dawn follows Alejandro and tells him that he has already met his true love but she is not there. Alejandro asks if it is Heather, and Dawn tells him that it is not. Alejandro sighs in confusion and Dave pats him on the back. After the second portion of the challenge Alejandro and the other Sharks are happy when they are announced victorious. In the confessional Alejandro wonders who his actual true love is. He walks away to clear his mind, but Sadie walks over and asks what's wrong, Alejandro tells Sadie that it was something Dawn said. When Sadie asks to know the information Alejandro says that he will tell her later. After the elimination ceremony he tells Sadie that Dawn told him his true love was not Heather which shocks Sadie.

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit

In the morning Alejandro starts to question his safety in the game, and goes outside to think. He heads to the mess hall for the challenge. Chris reveals that Alejandro will not be competing in the first portion of the challenge. Noah tells Alejandro that it is the first time he has seen him put into the corner. Alejandro glares at Noah and asks if he should be eating the disgusting food for the challenge. Noah tells Alejandro that his team does not value him, but Alejandro disagrees with him, however, he does not have a reason to back up his claim which leads Noah to believe he is right. Noah then tells Alejandro that his point is that Alejandro is growing softer; Alejandro automatically denies this and tells him that he is the same old Alejandro. Alejandro overhears the conversation with Duncan, Samey, and Tyler, and when Sky's name is brought up he states that it sounds familiar. Later in the challenge Alejandro overhears that Noah and Tyler are working together, and their conflict was fake.

This leads him to storm off confused, he attempts to talk to Dawn, but he is ignored which leaves him even more distraught. Alejandro is finally relieved when Owen greets him, this gives him some relief that he is not being completely ignored. When Alejandro hears the final eating challenge he states that it sounds disgusting. After Jasmine pukes on everyone, Alejandro says he knows who is going home next. Sadie agrees with him and leave the mess hall. After the Sharks are announced the losers, Alejandro tries to catch up with Dawn, and out of nowhere he falls into a trap before he gets to ask his question. He thanks Noah and Tyler for helping him out of the hole. During the elimination ceremony Alejandro is relieved when Sadie is the final contestant announced safe.

Toxic Battle of...Doom!Edit

In the morning Alejandro tells Sadie that he is glad that Sadie is still in the game. Tyler approaches him and asks him about his true love, and Alejandro tells him that Dawn is just messing with his mind. During the trivia challenge Alejandro is eliminated because he is the last to say Sky. After he is eliminated from the challenge he states that Sky sounds familiar. Scott asks Alejandro why Sky would sound familiar. Alejandro tells Scott that he may remember her from last season. Tyler tells Alejandro that she is the girl he pushed in the baby carriage in New York. Alejandro and the Toxic Sharks celebrate when Eva earns their team victory. Alejandro overhears Jo campaigning to eliminate Lightning, so he defends hiss former ally by telling the Squirrels that its smart to eliminate their strongest teammate. At the end of the episode Alejandro volunteers to go to Boney Island because he needs to clear his head.


When Alejandro returns from Boney Island he is greeted by the other contestants. In his confession he states that Boney Island gave him time to clear his head and gain his focus for winning the competition. Alejandro also states that Owen is getting on his last nerve. Alejandro corrects Chef after he tells the contestants they will be eating dinner. Shortly after Alejandro consumes the food he feels weird and passes out. Alejandro wakes up in the forest and immediately throws up the food he had just eaten. When Chris and Chef are nowhere to be found he states that the hosts wouldn't just leave the to die, and that this must be some sort of challenge. Shortly after Chris announces the challenge, and Alejandro starts to run for the antidote, but Tyler accidentally tackles Alejandro causing him to yell in pain.

Noah notices there are crocodiles guarding the antidote and suggests that one of the contestants should be used as bait; Alejandro agrees and pushes Noah into the water. Alejandro paints some yellow flowers purple as decoy flowers to fool the other team. Alejandro tries to catch up to Dawn and ask her a question, but he trips on a branch causing him to fall behind. Staci crushes the flower that Dawn brought, and Alejandro does not see this and instantly gets mad at Dawn. Alejandro finds out that after the challenge Noah read Dawns diary which gives him another reason to dislike Noah. Alejandro states in the confessional that he would have voted for Noah or Dave, but Dawn cost them the challenge so he voted her.

Mutant KingdomEdit

After Alejandro wakes up he tells Noah that he is ashamed that he would read Dawn's diary, and that he was lucky the team didn't vote him out. When Chris welcomes Lighting after Boney Island Alejandro is upset because Chris did not welcome him or even acknowledge that he went to Boney Island. Lightning tells Alejandro to not be jealous which causes him to laugh. For the challenge Alejandro runs up the cliff with Staci to save Chris and win the challenge. Alejandro realizes that the psycho killer will pick people off easily if they are on the ground, so he decides to travel by trees. Alejandro accidentally slips and falls off the tree and sprains his ankle. Lindsay tells Alejandro they will win immunity for him, but no one helps him to his feet. Alejandro then asks for help after Staci wins the challenge, but nobody responds to him. After the challenge Noah confronts Alejandro and asks if everyone forgot about him. Alejandro tells him they did, but their conversation is interrupted when Dave tells Alejandro that he loves him. Alejandro is creep-ed out and tells Dave to get away from him. Dave then tries to form an alliance, so Alejandro agrees and asks for Dave to not touch him.


Total Drama Around the World

Total Drama Toxic Brawl

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2

Total Drama Back in Action

Total Drama Heroes vs. Villains




  • Alejandro ranks ties third in winning individual challenges, along with Gwen, Noah, and Tyler. He has won four individual challenges, behind Samey and Staci who've won six (counting their respective season wins), and Sky, who has won five (counting her win).
  • Alejandro is the first contestant to have used the hidden immunity idol, not counting Lindsay using the fake one Alejandro had provided her with.
    • Alejandro is one of six contestant to have been known for having the hidden immunity idol. The others being Anne Maria, Blaineley, Heather, Leonard and Tyler.
  • Alejandro is one of eleven contestants to have competed in four seasons. The others being Amy, Cody, Dakota, Dave, Dawn, Harold, Lightning, Lindsay, Scarlett and Sky.
    • Alejandro, along with Lightning and Sky, are the only contestants to have competed in four seasons and make the merge in all the seasons.
  • Alejandro is responsible for the ______ higest amount of eliminations, having been responsible for 14 eliminations.



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