Destroying Dragons
Mutant Laser Squirrels
Team Beauty
Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Eye color Teal
Eliminated TDATW: Gladiatorial Finale!
TDTB: Down, Down In My Awful Mine
TDAST2: Thoughts 'N Dumb-Dumbs
TDAN: The Wonderful Final Seven
Place TDATW: 1st
TDTB: 18th
TDAST2: 14th
TDAN: 7th
Friends Brick, Bridgette, Geoff, Staci, and Trent
Relationship Brick
Enemies Anne Maria, Chris McLean, Harold, Jo, Lightning, Sadie, Samey (one-sided on Samey's side, and Zoey, Courtney
Alliance(s) Mean Girls
Fortaleza Alliance (affiliated)
Voiced by Bryn McAuley
Roleplayer Derpy

Amy labeled the  The Cheerleader Twin(s) was a contestant and finalist on Total Drama Around the World, as member of the Destroying Dragons. She then returns to Total Drama Toxic Brawl as a member of the Mutant Laser Squirrels. Amy is then chosen to return again to compete in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, as a member of Team Beauty. Amy then returns to compete in Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare, as a member of Fortaleza.


Amy is aggressive, snarky, impatient, and will take advantage of anyone if she finds the opportunity. She maintains she is both the "beauty and the brains" between her and her twin, and views Samey as a "spare Amy." Despite her claims of being intellectually superior over her sister, Amy frequently takes credit for her strategies and other accomplishments and at times acts rather childish and bratty. She also refuses to take responsibility over her own failures, placing the blame on Samey whenever something goes amiss. This causes other people to believe Amy is more likable and useful, both on the show and in their home lives. She is also very determined. She is a member of a cheerleading team with Samey, as evidenced by their uniforms.

After Pahkitew Island, everything was rough for her, everyone and the school hated the way she treated Sammy. It was Amy's worst nightmare! She was overthrown with a new queen, Sammy. Sammy learned that she is the new popular girl and used it too make Amy feel bad. Even her parents turned to Sammy instead of her, the world was turning upside down. She knew she needed to recreate her image so, Amy signed up for Total Drama Roleplay Season 3 to make new friends and try hard too prove she isn't a cold, heartless monster. Amy is really confused on common sense things. She never worked a day in her life and now she has no Samey! Which means no slacking off! She is still getting a hold of the whole "friend" thing and not very generous but she tries her best. She is also shown to be very depressed as many see her as a huge jerk she is often dwelling on how she is a bad person and how no one seems to give her another chance and during her time on the show as an effort to make new friends she sucks up to everyone hoping that they will see her as a better person despite her trying to be perfect causing more stress.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

In Let's Have a World Tour! She is first introduced by saying she cannot wait for this experience she jumps and lands and is happy that she landed carefully. She is then hit by Brick she shows annoyance he asks if she is

Amy is introduced by plane.

okay she says she is and smiles. However Lightning and Harold also land on her and she is annoyed that so much people are falling on her and Sadie immediately goes to help her, Amy is happy that Sadie is befriending her and states "Not many people want to be her friend after she bullied Samey". During the challenge she teams up with Brick and Sadie. They find a mountain, and Amy climbs it, and proceeds to find her passport. She then questions what is a passport and explains in her confessional that she never really knew what to do and just used Samey to do her

Amy and Her Team.

dirty work and sighs and says she is a terrible person. Eventually, she is the first to arrive and gives her passport to Chris. The other members on her team are: Brick, Sadie, Bridgette, and Trent after they win she chats with her teammates and when Chris announces the other teams he says that her team will be in first class she cheers along with the rest of her team however before that Geoff is really angry for being on a team with Alejandro he asks to switch and Sadie says she will be switching to the other team, leaving the final team being: Amy, Brick, Bridgette, Geoff, and Trent. During the elimination ceremony she is surprised when Mike is eliminated and corrects Chris when he says 14 more people who need to be eliminated. He yells at her for correcting him, and Amy proceeds to nervously say sorry.

In The Great Chinese Race She does not speak but she can be seen enjoying the jello. After Chris announces the challenge she and Brick team up, Brick encourages her to try which she does and her and Brick hurry and
AmyandBrickInteracting kindlephoto-22169749

Brick and Amy bond together.

she is very energetic. Amy wonders what items they have to find and she asks Chris what the items will be and

Amy wins along with Brick.

Chris tells her and Brick that they need to find a Sugar Cane (Something that pandas eat) and she and Brick start looking for it in the forest together. Amy finds some Sugar Cane and grabs it but it is hard to get Amy kicks the cane and smiles and tells Brick that they should go. Brick says they need to climb the wall again and she runs and then has trouble, but she tells Brick to  eave her and give it to Chris. Brick helps Amy up and gives it to Chris and she blushes and smiles. Amy and her team cheer that they will not have to go for elimination. During the elimination ceremony Amy finds out it is a tie and gasps the winning team gets to vote who goes home and Amy says Izzy is not nice to the boys and decides Staci needs another chance. Staci cries and Amy tries to cheer her up but fails and she sighs.

In Egyptian Torture before she is seen she is mentioned by Chris in the recap as he says "Brick and Amy's bond grew I think there is something there" referencing their attraction. She is seen enjoying first class she is also smiling and enjoying some food but she is

Zoey does not trust Amy.

puzzled when Zoey walks n and asks what she is doing here instead of Zoey answering Trent answers saying "She deserves to be in here too" Amy goes along with it and asks Zoey how she is doing Zoey simply ignores her Amy sighs and says even the kindest and most forgiving contestant does not like her and Zoey states in the confessional she does not trust Amy and that she saw how she was on Pahkitew Island Amy goes

Amy is seen sighing about how even Zoey dislikes her.

on and asks how Brick is doing he says he is doing fine later Chris announces the challenge and she is slightly nervous but quickly regains confidence and says she is ready but in her suprise all the contestants fall out of the plane and she screams and eventually lands on Brick and is embarrased and quickly apologizes he quickly says it is okay and picks her up and she thanks him and she smiles. Sadie says hello Amy does the kind thing and says hello back. Amy is confused in the challenge and looks for pyramid blocks but then realsises she is supposed to answer trivia questions. She answers wrong

Dragons lose for the first time.

in the first question. In the second question she answers first but it is the wrong answer and calls it a trick question She answers correct in the 3rd question but Brick beats her too it She answers the fourth question correctly and gets a point and then high fives Trent for winning the point She answers the next 2 wrong but Trent gets one right and high fives him. Amy gets the next 2 right making The Unicorns the losing team. She high fives Trent and says they won for their team today, During the elimination ceremony Amy is suprised they decided to vote Staci and sighs and tells her goodbye.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit


" Is Samey going to forgive me soon? I'm really sorry! "

Amy and Brick

The two form an alliance.

Amy's mess

" Twenty o--" She gets bitten by a shark.

A Radioactive BeginningEdit

Amy claims she is back to win another season. Yet there is still trouble brewing when her sister Samey does not trust her. This leads to a tiny conflict that Amy is trying to resolve. Luckily, she teams up with Brick, making the two a couple as well as allies. During the challenge, Amy accidentally fell on Samey when she jumped, making things even worse. She then called out a few numbers, ' 48, 26, ' None of which were correct.

Upon hearing ' 20 ' was really close, she shrieked ' 21 ' before getting bitten by a shark. Her team ends up losing. After that, Brick went up to her after Tyler and Noah's argument and tells her he can't believe they still hold a grudge against each other, in which she agrees. Luckily, she is one of the first to be called safe. She did not show much emotion to Beardo's elimination.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit

Toxic Battle of...Doom!Edit


Mutant KingdomEdit

Down, Down In My Awful MineEdit


Total Drama Around the World

Total Drama Roleplay Season 4

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2

[[[Total Drama Back in Action]]

Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare

Voting HistoryEdit

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

Amy's Voting History
Episode Amy's
Voted Against
1 Destroying Dragons Immune
2 Destroying Dragons Immune
3 Destroying Dragons Immune
4 Destroying Dragons Immune
5 Trent -
6 Destroying Dragons Immune
7 Trent -
8 Zoey Destroying Dragons Immune
9 Zoey Individual Immunity
10 Alejandro Individual Immunity
11 Alejandro -
12 No Elimination Ceremony
13 Ineligible -
14 No Elimination Ceremony
15 Won Final Challenge
Winner, Day 45

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

Amy's Voting History
Episode Amy's
Voted Against
1 Beardo -
2 Cody -
3 Mutant Laser Squirrels Immune
4 Courtney -
5 Mutant Laser Squirrels Immune
6 Duncan -
7 Samey Brick, Eva, Jo,
Samey, Scarlett, Scott
Voted Off, Day 21

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Amy's Voting History
Episode Amy's
Voted Against
1 Team Beauty Immune
2 Team Beauty Immune
3 Team Beauty Immune
4 Anne Maria -
5 Lindsay Alejandro, Anne Maria,
Voted Off, Day 15

Total Drama Amazonian NightmareEdit






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