Anne Maria
Underdog Unicorns
Team Beauty
Team Beauty
NewAnne MariaHQ
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDAW: French Talent Contest
TDAST2 Blood's Downpour
Place TDAW: 3rd
TDAST2: 10th
Friends Beth, Lightning, Lindsay
Relationship Dave (ended)

Mike (broken up) Lightning

Enemies Alejandro, Amy, Courtney, Harold, Heather, Mike, Sadie, Scott, Zoey.
Alliance(s) Lightning Squad
Voiced by Athena Karkanis
Anne Maria, labeled The Jersey Shore Reject, was a contestant on Total Drama Around the World, as a member of the Underdog Unicorns. She was a contestant on Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, as a member of Team Beauty, she is later switched to Team Brawns in Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater.


Anne Maria is a tough, cocky, and sassy Jersey girl who is all about the looks. She even admits that while she wants to win the prize money, she will back out if it involves sacrificing her appearance. She is obsessed with her hairspray and spray tan, keeping the cans in her pouffe at all times. This accessibility allows her to attack with her hairspray when the matter calls for it. Anne Maria is quite aggressive and will unhesitatingly engage in a fight with anyone who gets on her nerves. Despite this, she is not inherently villainous and does not seek to cause trouble. Anne Maria typically isn't her team's most useful asset, although she usually tries to be otherwise. She is materialistic and has limited mental strength, but she is willing to face a problem head-on so long as she doesn't have to risk ruining her appearance, especially her hair.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit


Anne Maria is upset that both Mike and Zoey are competing.

Anne Maria arrives to Total Drama Around the World, tripping out of the plane, landing in Wawanakwa. When it is revealed that Mike and Zoey are in the season, she flips out, and chants to herself not to punch them in the face for all the badmouthing they have done in the past few years. She comes up with the idea to check in the production room to see where her passport is, and she sees the list where Chris wrote down the list of where their passports are, she reads that her passport is by Chris` makeup tent. She grabs it, and rushes to show it to Dave, causing her to be put on the Underdog Unicorns team. She rants about her teammates in the confessional, about how all of them are ugly but Lightning and Izzy. When Mike offers to be on her team, she flips out and demands that he does not go on her team. She looks at Mike at the elimination ceremony, knowing that he will be going (she flirted with Lightning and convinced the others behind the scenes to vote him off), and is happy when he leaves, hoping Zoey follows him next.

Anne Maria cheers about Mike elimination in The Great Chinese Race, and flirts with Lightning, telling him he is the only man on the team. Anne Maria then rubs Mike's elimination in Zoey's face. They landed in Egypt, which she was thrilled with, so she can see the shirtless men, and after Zoey left, she cheers that she was left behind and that her 2 enemies were gone in the first few days, only for Zoey to reappear. She uses Lightning to carry her up the Great Wall of China, so she would not have to do it and ruin her nails. She is annoyed that they have to get a panda, and enters a carriage with Lightning (leaving Beth, Staci, and Izzy behind), and heads to a bamboo forest. After they returned the panda, and told that they lost, she complains to Chris, and calling him a jerk-off for making their team get a heavy animal, and all the others had light objects. She (and mostly everyone) votes off Izzy, as they all forgot she was even on their team.

When they go to Egypt, Anne Maria refuses to jump out of the plane, only for Chef Hatchet to push her out, causing her to fall on Courtney. She soon engages into a fight with Courtney, only for Lightning to pull her off. Anne Maria does not do much in the challenge for Egyptian Torture, as she knew nothing about the past 2 seasons to participate in the challenge. Her team soon lost for the third time, and they are not given the opportunity to vote, as the Outstanding Olympians chose to eliminate Staci. Harold reveals that he voted for her because she is a wannabe LeShawna, which pisses Anne Maria off and she engages into an argument with him.


Lightning tells Anne Maria and Beth that they must win the next challenge, as they are the last of their team.

Anne Maria goes to speak to Zoey to reveal to her that Mike keeps sending her letters in Korean Pop Quizzing, and that she needs to tell him to stop trying to speak to her. She hands Zoey the letter, and tries to provoke her with the fact that Mike wants to date her, and saying in the confessional that she will do anything to get Zoey out. When Lightning starts yelling at Sadie, and she gooses him right before telling him to calm down, and that they will not be losing, looking at Zoey. She continues to tell him that she cannot let ugly people get to him. During the challenge, she is not impressed that Lightning did not carry her, and did not like that she had to run. When Sadie threw a rock at Beth, Anne Maria tried to pin it on Zoey to put a bigger target on her back. She asks Zoey why she is ignoring her, only for the redhead to say that she wants her gone. Anne Maria then tells her that Mike needs to stop getting with her. After complimenting Lightning's look, they start to do poorly in the challenge, and she tells her teammates that they should just pack their bags to go home now. Anne Maria gained a point for her team. She is kissed by Lightning when they are not in last place and are safe for the first time. She campaigns for Zoey to be eliminated, but when Eva is eliminated instead, she calls them idiots, as Zoey made it to the final 3 twice.


Anne Maria with her hair-spray at the challenge.

In Icey Antarctica, Anne Maria rubs her showmance with Lightning in Zoey's face, debunking the thought that she wants Mike, and calls Harold pathetic after calling her a "LeShawna wannabe" as everyone in the lower class start. After hearing Alejandro and Sadie plan to rid of Zoey, she walks over, and tell them to get rid of her, and that she will help them to do so. As Lightning loses it when Cameron is mentioned, she pulls him away from punching and strangling the air in embarrassment. She discovers in the outhouse that there is an underground door, and is pissed off when Chris tells the others that the Unicorns found the outhouse. She swoons over the jock when he is aggressive, and finds a clue, right before helping her team with the challenge, and gaining a point. Anne Maria is thrilled when they won their very first challenge.

Anne Maria's first action is making out with Lightning in first class in Jamaica Man!, and asking him if they have a showmance, or a legitimate relationship, feeling a certain way when he does not answer the question. Anne Maria again goes to Zoey to tell her to dump Mike for switching teams, so he can be with her and away from Zoey. When they land in Jamaica, she changes into her bathing suit, and is annoyed that they are not going to do much with the culture or the food of Jamaica, but just rehashed the challenge they did in WT the last time they were in Jamaica. She sits out of the challenge, and yells at Trent when he says he hopes the Unicorns lost, replying that they had 3 losses already. When the Unicorns win, she is thrilled and campaigns again to the Unicorns to vote off Zoey, but when they don't she tells them to not complain when Zoey makes it far again, before walking off.

In Indian Dance, Anne Maria is not in a good mood, since she complains about standing in the hot sun with these losers, and tells Lightning not to make fun of her poof. When she is told about the challenge, she brags about her sick hip hop dances. When it is their turn to dance, she complains to Lightning about him potentially ruining her poof, and she starts to twerk, when it comes to the point that her and Lightning are gyrating on one another, making everyone uncomfortable. She brags about Lightning's dancing, and tells Beth that she should have done better. In the confessional, she says that if they lose, Beth should go home for twerking like a donkey. Her team receives second place in the challenge.


Anne Maria and Zoey fighting during the challenge.

In loser class, Anne Maria outright says Beth is going home if they lose the challenge, which Beth says that it was unnecessary for her to say that in Australian Rivals. Her and Lightning go up to the first class, and sees Zoey go absolutely insane, which she tells everyone that she tried to warn them about Zoey. Soon enough, they fall out of the plane, and she is screaming about her poof, and sings about how she loves dancing and twerking. Anne Maria asks Chris to beat up Zoey in the challenge, and he grants her wish, as she has to fight Zoey and Amy. Soon enough, all three of the girls are going at it and throwing punches, where her and Amy punch Zoey at the exact same time. She drags Amy by her hair, only for her to be pushed out of the ring, giving Amy the point. She is cheering Lightning on when he rips off his shirt and fights Geoff and Alejandro like an animal, and makes out with him when they win the challenge. Sadie speaks to Anne Maria before the elimination ceremony, and tells her about Lightning only using her which causes her to doubt Lightning, saying that he better not be using her.

Anne Maria successfully eliminates Zoey.

Anne Maria forms an alliance with Alejandro, Lightning, and Beth, and quickly lets them know that her target is Zoey, telling her to shut up when she starts arguing with Lightning in Aloha, Merge!. Chris tells them that the challenge is to make a dummy of a previously eliminated contestant, and when she is paired up with Zoey, looks through the bag, and makes sure that she chooses Mike, which annoys Zoey. Anne Maria purposely takes her time to get materials for Zoey to make Mike, walking extremely slowly so she can throw the challenge, making sure that Zoey will not get immunity, and when Zoey started to make the doll on her own, she would sabotage Zoey by breaking and smashing the doll repeatedly. When Mike appears, he kisses and assaults Anne Maria, which causes Lightning to beat him up, to which she cheers. After Mike leaves, she engages into a heated argument with Zoey, telling her that she will lose the challenge and go home for revenge for slandering her name for the past 3 years since Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and pushes Zoey, which causes her to retaliate, and tells Anne Maria that she is not afraid of her, that she is a mean, pathetic person, and that she needs to leave her alone. Anne Maria throws the doll, and they come in last place. Anne Maria manages to get most of the contestants to vote Zoey off, only for the redhead to reveal that Mike and her purposely worked together to see how Anne Maria would react, and that she will never break up her and Mike. Things almost get physical between the two, before Zoey finally leaves the plane.

Anne Maria loses it after Chris declares for a contestant to return.

In African Safari, Anne Maria is bragging about getting Zoey out, even getting to the point where she is singing and twerking about "red". She hugs Beth for voting Zoey out, and tells everyone that she will be their best friend if they voted Zoey out in the elimination ceremony. She sits beside Beth, and offers her a makeover, spraying hairspray on Beth, and talking about the latter's former crush on Justin, throwing a dig, saying that he is the one that Alejandro ants to be like, with Beth saying that with the way things went with her and him, she does not feel that way anymore, and thanks Anne Maria. She tells Beth that they need to stick together, and that Bridgette and Amy are jealous girls. When Chris announces that there is a challenge with the eliminated cast members, Anne Maria loses it, saying that she does not want Mike and Zoey to return in any sense (threatening to beat both of them up), only to be told that one of the eliminated will be a player again. She sings about the haters, and that Mike and Zoey will ruin things, and that her adoptive mother told her to not let the haters affect her. Lightning tells her (and the alliance) to vote in Eva, which she does, and when Bridgette wants to vote Mike back in, Anne Maria instantly calls her out for doing a cheap move, and trying to do that to take her down; glaring at her. When Eva returns, she is angry, and Anne Maria tries to speak to her, telling her that she should be grateful that the alliance brought he back, and that she will speak to her in private. When it comes to the challenge, she is paired up with a sasquatchanakwa, and they are about to fight, before they become friends over the Sasquatch's insecurity about their looks. Her and the Sasquatchanakwa pose a, model, and dance for their talent contest, and gets a low mark from Dawn and Ella, which she accuses them of rigging it, and attacks them. Her alliance tells her to vote off Bridgette, but she decides to vote off Amy instead.

Anne Maria is seen as unreliable by Alejandro and Lightning for voting off Amy and Zoey instead of Bridgette in the past two episodes. She speaks to Beth about Lightning spending more time with Alejandro than with them, seeing him as a puppet, also saying that the two should form an alliance and stick together. She also sees a sad Geoff, and approaches him, saying that she did not vote for Bridgette, and is sorry for what happened. In the challenge, she is the first out, after she gets the question wrong, and when Lightning joins her in the bag, eh tells her that Alejandro was considering voting her out for being disloyal, which worries her. After the challenge ends, Eva tells her and Beth that they should discuss strategy. the three women want to form an alliance if they all make it throughout the episode, as Lightning and Alejandro are proving to be untrustworthy, and that Geoff and Amy are the enemy. Anne Maria decides to vote off both Lightning and Alejandro, and when the latter is eliminated, Lightning starts yelling at them, and yells about who votes for him, which she blushes nervously at.


Anne Maria and Beth form an alliance to further themselves in the game.

Anne Maria hears Lightning ranting and yelling to all of them across the plane about Alejandro's elimination, and tells her that she was only a jump off, and that whatever they had is done, confirming her fears, which causes her to yell that he is an ass and a jerk off in Grand Slam, Home-Run, Hit, Strike, Foul and You're Out. She continues to vent at Beth about the breakup, as she was not taking it well. The two officially start their alliance in this episode, and plan to get rid of Lightning. In Fallout of the Alejandro Extermination, she sings about how Lightning chose Alejandro over her, and that he is a punk for standing up for someone who was not a good person. She performs really poorly in the challenge, and only grows more upset when Lightning progressively does better. She calls him a jerk off for bragging about his lead, and he replies that she was not saying that when they were making out a few days ago. In the elimination ceremony, she voted off Amy, but was completely shocked when Lightning's mother has Chris remove Lightning from the competition.


Anne Maria is paired up with Cody and Zoey during the challenge.

Anne Maria reveals that she misses Lightning (first referring to him a a piece of chocolate), though it was the right thing for his mother to do to remove him from the season in The Big Apple. When she asks Beth who she wants to target, she is about to respond, but Geoff comes to them to ask what they are speaking about, and Anne Maria dully tells him that she is about to do Beth's makeup, and eventually gives her a makeover, so Beth can get the hottest guidos out there. She admits that it has been a bit boring since Lightning left. She demands Chris tells them the challenge, and as it is being explains, she reveals her disgust for Geoff praising Scott's farting, revealing int he confessional that she regrets voting off Lightning and Alejandro, because at least they have good hygiene. She thanks Brick for his congratulations for making it to the final 4. She compliments Lightning's looks before she is told that her partner is Zoey, where she demands that she switches partners, and begs Beth to trade Zoey for Lightning. Alejandro is confused, since she hated Lightning in the last episode, where she replies that anyone is better than "Wendy's", and at least Lightning is hot, but Chris smirks when he tells her that she is stuck with Zoey. Anne Maria demands Zoey to not throw the challenge for her, and wonders what Sierra sees in Cody (who they have to push in the carriage). She runs without Zoey, which the latter complains at, but Anne Maria says she does not trust her with how things went in their last encounter, and thinking that her and Mike conspired her to be her assistant to get her out, and tells Cody to stop looking at her breasts. Anne Maria crosses first, and answers the questions first, causing her to gain a spot in the final 3, and to eliminate someone, which causes her to dance, and her ex looking at her. Anne Maria asks the alliance that got her this far as to who she should eliminate, but listens to Beth when she tells her to vote out Geoff. She sings that she eliminates Geoff because she owes Lightning that, and Geoff was the enemy in the alliance, but Geoff is a cool person nonetheless.

Anne Maria, Amy and Beth made the final three.

In French Talent Contest, Beth accidentally spits on her, and she asks if she did that on purpose, which Beth says of course not, since it is a part of her condition. Anne Maria is uncomfortable with them being in Paris, since Beth was arrested there, only for Chris to say that they will film before the cops find them, which she is happy for, so she can get some styling clothes. She tells Amy that she needs to buy new clothes, because she dresses up like the sister she hates; Samey. Amy says that she does not care what she says, and tells Anne Maria that she looks looks she is washed up from the Jersey Shore, growling. Anne Maria sees those as fighting words, making her call Amy a b**ch, and that she can at least get men to pay attention to her, and that she is wearing a $500 outfit. Beth tells them to stop arguing, only for her to go shopping in Paris, since her father gave her an allowance before joining the season. She soon enters back into the Louvre with a bunch of weaves, wigs, and clothes, only for her to soon dress up in a nice, tight, long red dress, and an up-do. When it is her time to perform, she puts in a disk, which causes her to get emotional, because it is her deceased mother's CD, singing Ave Maria. Anne Maria does Lindsay's hair and makeup into a really fancy look and hairstyle, singing in Italian, receiving a 24/30. She tears up and kisses the sky, hoping that her mother would be proud. When Beth is performing her fire flamer, she was nervous, because the stuff she put on her own and Lindsay's hair is flammable, which causes Lindsay to worry as well. When Amy is gone for a while, Anne Maria suggests to disqualify her, but when Amy shows up, she tells them that a great friend taught her something, and that she does not need to be judged by a mean person like Anne Maria, causing her to reply what friend, not remembering that Amy has friends. Amy tells her that Geoff is her friend, with Anne Maria commenting that she believes the rumor that Alejandro and Lightning told her about her having an affair with Geoff behind Bridgette's back.

Amy has finally had enough of Anne Maria's bullying, and stands up for herself.

Amy calls her a joke, since she would never do that, with Anne saying that she is real, and she is not buying Amy's poor me act. Anne Maria flips out when Amy is mad about her being out to get her, saying that it is a game, and that Amy is not in her alliance, saying that it is like she does not know how to add 1+1. Amy calls her cruel, with Anne saying that she is bored, and that even Zoey can fight better than her, and that she is looking good with this air and sequence dress. Amy calls her a f**king b**ch, that needs to shut up, sticks her middle finger at her, and that Lightning loved his muscles more than he ever loved her, which causes Anne Maria to lose it, and yells that she knows nothing about Lightning, and that she is a two bit harlot, running to attack Amy, yelling to not start s**t that she cannot finish. Anne Maria walks out of Louvre and into the plane, where she cries for hours, and comes up with the decision to quit, since her mother would be disappointed in her. Chris refuses to let her quit, and does a tiebreaker with Amy (as she had the lowest score), which Anne Maria overwhelmingly lost, causing her to be automatically eliminated. She says the game is a mess and jumps from the plane, without even saying goodbye to anyone.

Anne Maria is a rapid supporter of Beth in the finale. Lightning is mad that she is not in the finale, for Anne Maria to reply to not get it twisted with her. Harold whines about not being in the challenge, for her to reply to sit his scrawny ass down, with Harold continuing that his mad skills will blow everyone away, for her to yell to sit down and to shut the hell up. She also shuts up Zoey, who was cheering for both Amy and Beth, and when Amy wins, she complains that if she had not offered to quit, than Amy would not have been in the finale.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit


Anne Maria and Beth form an alliance to further themselves in the game.

As Anne Maria falls, she complains about her new look coming from Europe, and that she paid too much money for water to ruin her looks, also complaining why the trick Amy is in the show, only for the latter to roll her eyes. When Lightning arrives, she waves at him hapily, and calling him chocolate, saying that he looks good. In the confessional, Anne Maria talks about how Lightning is looking good, and wants to get back with him, after he got a runner up check in the previous season. After seeing Beth, she goes to her and says that Beth is looking good, and wa glad that she took some of her makeup advice, hoping that they will work together this season. She also tells Beth that she has not spoken to her friend Lindsay for a while, and wonders why, which Beth replies that they were on different teams. Anne Maria hopes in the confessional that her, Lightning, and Beth can be a powerful trio this season, like they were two seasons prior. When Scott calls her spraytan, she confronts him about her tan being real, right before spraying hairspray in his mouth, calling him fungus mouth. After she was told who is in her team; Team Beauty, she lashes out, and calls Amy a mole-faced b**ch, who she wants nothing to do with after the France competition, also insulting Alejandro, saying he ruined her relationship, and is a botoxed induced man (who she barely thinks is a man), saying Lightning is better than him. After lashing out at Scott for pushing Samey, she suggests that the only man Alejandro should push the carriages for their team. She purposely thinks that Amy disagreed with her (suggesting Samey) so she tells her to shut up, and it is only etiquette that the man pushes all of the women. She begs Lightning to take off his shirt to give it to her to hold, and swoons when he is shirtless. As the team members are doing nothing, she tells them to do something other than home-wreck, which causes Amy to tell her to shut it, and glares at her. She is extremely happy when her team is not on the chopping block.

The Returning Record HoldersEdit

TeamBeauty Skit

Alejandro and Anne Maria during their team's skit.

Anne Maria walks to the theater with guacamole face mask on her face, and warns Heather about Amy being a homewrecker, and to better keep her away from Alejandro. This results into another argument with Amy, as she tells Anne Maria to shut up, and that she did not do anything to her or her f**k buddy, so leave her alone. Anne Maria was not going to keep quiet, and calls Amy a lesion-faced thot, who should not talk about her relationship with Lightning, also telling her she is not one to mess with. She suggests to the team that before the rude b**ch interrupted her, she was suggesting that they should do a soap opera for their skit, also annoyed that Alejandro is spending so much time with other teams. When Lindsay is suggesting her idea, Anne Maria is confused about her idea, with it involving murder and a love triangle. She plays a cop, and gets a few hits on the twins, but Chris did not like their performance, since his favorite Lindsay was dead. Anne Maria says that she read the itnerview, and he said that he only liked Lindsay's boobs, not her as a person, and Anne Maria says she has better ones than Lindsay. Disgust filled Anne Maria as Alejandor continuously flirt with all of the women in the game, and Heather calls her a bag, before telling her to get bent, and that she would be stupid if she fell for Alejandro's tricks. The jersey girl tells her that Alejandro will never get anything from her. During the elimination ceremony, her and Amy both at the same time suggest that they will go to exile, only for Anne Maria to tell her to sit up, and blows a kiss to Lightning before she is taken to Boney Island.

The Rake-ageEdit

Anne Maria is in exile in the beginning of the episode, and is worrying about her makeup and hair care products being potentially tampered with. As soon as she leaves exile, and returns to her team, she yells at them about none of them should have ever touched her stuff when she was gone. Lightning falls on her when they enter the mine, and after he apologizes, she gropes him and says that he can fall on her any day. She speaks to her teammate Sadie, and says that she hopes that Sadie was not flirting with Lightning when she was in exile, since she knows that Sadie wants him. Sadie tells her that it was two seasons ago, but Anne did not let it go, telling Sadie that she KNEW that her and Lightning were an item, and warns her that she does not take other women flirting with her men well, and that she will have a beatdown with Sadie if that is what needs to happen. Annoyed with Alejandro constantly abandoning their team, she demands that he stay with their team, which he reluctantly does. Samey continues to complain to Scarlett about Amy, causing Anne Maria to tell her that no one cares about that, and they need to focus on the challenge. She tells her team that she knows that someone took her makeup and hair kit, glaring at Amy in the process. In the confessional, she realizes that she needs to be nicer with the other girls, which is why she approaches Sadie and Lindsay, trying to use their strained relationships with Katie and Beth to try to get them on her side. She compliments Samey, telling her that she is a lot prettier than her twin, having the perfect skin complexion. Samey tells her that everyone is prettier than Amy, causing Anne Maria to cackle, saying that she has a lesion on her face, so it makes sense. Lindsay speaks about Alejandro joining the Brawns, and he would be screwed if he is with them, which Anne Maria comments that he is pretty much a lady, so he would not do well on that team anyways. After Lindsay helps her up from the mine, their team makes it across the challenge first, and when Alejandro tries to get the team to give assistance to the other team, Anne Maria calls him a bozo, and to tells him to forget the other team. When her team won, she hugs Lightning and cheers. Now that the challenge is done, she loses her sanity, yelling at her entire team that they better start spilling on the beans about who took her stuff, and when she finds out who it is, she will make sure that the person goes home, and that they get a brutal beating from her. When Amy offers to help her find it, Anne Maria pushes her away, and has her new friends Samey and Lindsay help her out, deciding that the spa is the best place to look for it. She cries on Lightning's arms, saying that she misses him, saddened about her stuff being stolen, and that she does not like Amy.

Brawn within a BeautyEdit


Anne Maria insults Cody when he joins her team.

Anne Maria panics, since her bag is missing, demanding that she wants names as to who took it, saying that she did nothing to no one here. Sadie tells her that it was Amy who took it, and it is under her bed. Amy claims that it is not her bunk, causing Anne Maria to be confused and agitated. She consoles a saddened Lindsay (since Beth was just eliminated), saying that it is fine, and that she is the only one she trusts on her team. Samey tells Anne that she can trust her too, only for the Italian woman to pull her into a hug with them, declaring that she trusts those two. When Chris announces that there is a team switch, Anne Maria hopes that Botoxajandro and Samey switch over, since he is never there, and no one likes Amy, only to be agitated when Cody switches with Sadie on their team. Anne Maria insults Cody, buy calling him ramen noodle arms, and saying that he should not be on their team because he is the ugliest guy on the show. Her and Alejandro end up on the same boat, and she makes it clear that while he does not like her, and she does not like him, they both have an agenda, which involves getting rid of Cody. Anne Maria wants Cody gone because him being added onto the team changes the team dynamics, and making things unpredictable, as she was also scared that he would take away her allies. The two successfully throw the challenge, which pisses off their entire team. Fearing that she will be eliminated, at the ceremony, Anne Maria pulls out the immunity idol from her breasts, and uses it to veto any votes against her, since she lost them the challenge. She is surprised and angered that her allies voted with Cody to send her home, but is thrilled when her and Alejandro's votes were the only ones that counted.

Thoughts 'N Dumb-DumbsEdit


Anne Maria votes off Amy, sending her home.

Still mad that she barely escaped elimination, she rants int he cabin that it is nice to know that she could trust her teammates, and is shocked that Alejandro is the only one that she can trust, only to grow more annoyed with the other girls missing Cody. When they enter the mess hall, she sits beside Lightning solely, knowing that he is the only one she can trust. He offers her protein powder, which she snubs, since it looks like coke and powder. After the room went dark and the challenge started, she cuddles to Lightning, since she is scared about what will happen during the darkness of the challenge, and wanting him to protect her. After Cameron tells lightning to stick with his team, she tells him to shut up, as she is making up with Lightning, apologizing for her actions, since she missed him since Around the World and that Alejandro is not a bad guy, after the previous episode. Right after she apologizes, a bunch of crabs run all over her body, causing her to get up, screaming to be let go, which Chris does, causing her to be one of the first out of the challenge, and telling her teammates that she could not care any less. During the team's second consecutive elimination ceremony, she goes to Lightning and begs for him to take her back, since she does not even care for the game anymore. As the elimination ceremony takes place, he asks her out again, only for her to shush him, since she needs to know if she is safe first. After she catches a marshmallow, she refers to him as Mr. Chocolate, and agrees to date him again. When Amy is eliminated, she seethes at the blonde, saying that karma is a b***h, and she got her karma for taking her (Anne Maria)'s stuff. After Amy is flushed, Anne Maria comments that the team will be better off without her.

Contestants Meet InsanityEdit


Anne Maria and Lindsay at the challenge.

Anne Maria is extremely happy, since Lightning and her are going steady again, and her biggest hater Amy was just eliminated. As Samey and Lindsay are sighing about Amy's elimination, Anne Maria growls, since no one cared when she was supposed to be voted off, but she is a villain when Amy was voted off, thinking it is ridiculous. Right as the challenge starts, she winks at her boyfriend, and wishes him well for the challenge. She is excited for Izzy's cameo, since she thinks she knows a lot, since Izzy was on her team two seasons prior, demanding Chris to start the challenge already. When Tyler got a question correctly for saying Izzy quit, Anne Maria complains angrily, since her and Lightning were the only ones who were actually there, and stated that they voted her off for being invisible, only to be mad when Chris lets Tyler keep the point. She gets the next question right, saying that Izzy dated Justin before the show started, which causes Heather to jealously call her a hag. When Heather says yahoo (since she was celebrating her victory), Anne Maria makes fun of her, saying that nobody has been using Yahoo since Google was created, and when Heather calls her a fake tan, she yells at Heather about her man cheating on her with everyone since she sucks, and tells her to get some real hair. At the elimination ceremony, she apologizes to her team for her behavior, explaining that things have been really stressful for her. Chris explains that she is in the bottom 2 because she was too busy looking at her tan and Lightning's abs, causing her to softly sigh, saying that she likes her abs (which is hy she likes Lightning and liked Mike). When she catches the last marshmallow, she apologizes to Lindsay, since Alejandro and Samey forced her to vote Lindsay off, since she needed to stay or else they would turn on her.

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin EaterEdit


In Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, Anne Maria and Heather do not get along, which Anne Maria usually stand up for others against Heather.

After complaining about her makeup bag still being missing, and gazing at her boyfriend, Chris announces that Team Beauty is officially dissolved, which excites Anne Maria, since she was sick of the team, and wants to join Lightning's team to have the biggest showmance. Scott is not impressed with Spray Tan maybe joining their team, causing her to tell him to shut the f up, and referring to him as trailer trash. She is put on Team Brawn and is unimpressed, though she has friendly greetings with Tyler and Katie. The latter tells her to not forget Sadie (who lowly says hi to her), and she calls Sadie a trick, and never said hi to her. She knows that she has to make friends with some people on her team, so she speaks to Katie, and asks what is up with her and Sadie, noticing how badly she has been treating Katie, saying she has been ignoring her, and is jealous of Katie, which is why she is so bitter, since Katie is skinny, and Sadie is not. Since Katie refuses to see Katie in a bad light, she tells Anne Maria to not speak to her in such a mean manner, but Anne Maria tells her that she needs to move on. When Lightning gets injured from Scott fighting him, she rushes to punch Scott in the face, and tends to Lightning, before he is taken away to the meds. After Heather yells at him, and claims him being weak is why Anne Maria left him, she yells that her pathetic boyfriend is why they broke up, and calls Heather whitewashed. She tells Katie and Sadie to put their catty issues aside to defeat Heather, which they do, and she gives Sadie props for being useful for once. 

You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat!Edit


Katie welcomes Anne Maria when she joins her team.

Anne Maria storms out of the cabin, and says that the trick Sadie better go home soon, and when they are all in the mess hall, telling her teammates that it makes absolutely no sense to get rid of her and Katie right now, knowing they are the outsiders of the team. Katie says that Sky, Sadie, and Tyler have been really mean to them, which Anne Maria agrees with, and it says that it is not right to treat someone you have known sine being in diapers treat you that way. During the challenge, Anne Maria refuses to eat the dirty and disgusting food, being the first one to leave the challenge, which everyone thinks is pathetic of her.

Blood's DownpourEdit


Anne Maria campaigns to her teammates to eliminate Sadie next.

She starts off the episode making out with Lightning, shocked and thrilled that he is still in the competition, saying that there is a god. After Lightning brags about being a champion, she runs to Katie, who asks her to do her makeup. Sky was about to do her makeup, but stops when Anne Maria shows up, only for her to tell her to continue. With Sky being in the area with Katie and her, she tells them that Sadie needs to go in this episode, which Sky is extremely reluctant to do so, since they are close, but Anne Maria says that she is doing anything to attempt to be memorable, also warning them that if Sadie is taken to the end, she will win. Sick of Heather's rants and complaints about all of them being freaks, Anne Maria snaps at her, and calls her bitter because Alejandro is ignoring her, and flirting with other girls, and is sick of hearing about her problems, and her mouth, so to either make up with Alejandro, or to shut up. When the water stats to fill up the room, she starts to panic, since she cannot swim and legitimately thinks that they are going to die, so she asks one more time who stole her bag. Tyler tries to cheer her up, and to say that no one stole her bag, but she continues to panic, knowing that she is being lied to.
Anne Maria is one of the first to fail at the challenge, and when they lose, she goes on a speech about how Katie deserves to be here (knowing she is on the chopping block), and how shady Sadie deserves to leave right before jury, or else she will win. Sadie denies all of this, but Anne Maria refuses to believe her, and accuses her of stealing her makeup bag, and she threatens the team that if Sadie is not eliminated, than she will make their lives miserable for the rest of the season. After Heather beats up Katie, Anne Maria shoves her off to defend her friend, and calls her a pathetic, half white trick. She is tricked into believing that Sadie went home, only to be disappointed when she herself is eliminated in a 4-1 vote. Anne Maria holds back her anger, and calmly tells them that they will all regret this choice when Sadie sends them to jury for her to win, and runs to passionately kiss her boyfriend one last time, saying that she got what she wanted from the season. As she enters the toilet, she tells Katie that she hopes her BFFFL does not stab her in the back, and is flushed after Heather tells her that she is popular and not pathetic.


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