Destroying Dragons
Mutant Laser Squirrels
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDATW: Icey Antarctica
TDTB: Broken Barrels, Broken Bonds
TDAN: Caiman, I Get It
TDAN: Redemption Island Duel 3
Place TDATW: 13th
TDTB: 6th
TDAN: 18th
Friends Amy, Bridgette, Geoff, Harold, Noah, Samey, Scott (one-sided on Brick's side), Staci, Tyler
Relationship Amy
Jo (one-sided attraction on Jo's side)
Sugar (mutual attraction)
Enemies Alejandro, Chris McLean, Eva, Jo, Lightning, Scarlett and Scott (one-sided on Scott's side)
Alliance(s) Team Men
Femme Fatale (affiliated)
Fortaleza Alliance (affiliated)
Voiced by Jon Cor
Roleplayer LlewellynIsAwesome! (Season 3)
ShawnFan14 (Season 4)
LucinaFTW (Season 7)

Brick McArthur, labeled The Cadet, was a contestant on Total Drama Around the World, as a member of the Destroying Dragons. He was a contestant on Total Drama Toxic Brawl, as a member of the Mutant Laser Squirrels. He was a contestant on Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare, as a member of the Fortaleza tribe.

Personality Edit

Brick is an army kid who enforces the "never leave a cadet behind" code as if his life depends on it. He respects his superiors to the fullest, saluting them and even complimenting Chef's disgusting meals, something only Owen has done before him. According to Dawn, Brick needs to be dominated, but when necessary he can easily take control himself. However, unlike many former and current contestants, Brick respects, not resents, such skilled players. He also states his appreciation that they are on the same team. Brick can be tough, but he is also very sensitive. He has a habit of wetting himself and is also afraid of the dark.

Total Drama Around the World Edit


Brick is introduced to the season.

Brick is introduced to the season by jumping out of the plane, and landing on Amy. He quickly asks her if she is okay, and she says she is fine. When finding the passports, Brick teams up with Amy and Sadie. Amy and Brick are the first ones to come back with a passport, but Amy does it before him. The two, along with Bridgette, Trent, and Sadie all are placed on the Destroying Dragons, until Geoff joins them and replaces Sadie. Their team ends up getting first place, making them get first class. Brick soon becomes friends with Amy and Geoff as they are all in first class. In the challenge in episode two, Brick already starts off as the best climber for his team, stating he was number one at Seargent Jack's Boot Camp. Brick becomes the first one over the wall, and immediately tries to find what he is supposed to. Brick ends up winning the challenge for his team, which makes his whole team cheer for him. When Staci and Izzy end up in a tie, Brick, along with his teammates, have to break the tie, so they all vote for Izzy to go.
Amy and Brick

Amy and Brick start to bond, and soon they become a couple.

In Egyptian Torture, Brick manages to get one point for his team, while some others do, but his team ends up getting economy class. 

In economy class, Brick says good morning to his fellow teammates. Brick and Amy are both determind to win first place in the next challenge. In the challenge, Geoff appoints Brick as the leader of their team, which he accepts. His team later destroys the other teams in the trivia, having them get first class again. In Brick's elimination episode, Brick tries to be leader again, by helping out his teammates in many ways, such as carrying a cold Amy into the house. However, his team goes to elimination for the first time. When Chris says who is eliminated, Brick and Trent end up in the bottom two, but Brick gets eliminated with three votes against him, and jumps out of the plane. This, however, causes Amy to feel devastated. In an exclusive clip, Brick is seen falling into an Antarctican village, where he meets penguin researchers.


Amy is paired up with both Brick and Gwen in the challenge.

In the next episode, Brick is mentioned by Amy a few times, since she is sad that he got eliminated in the previous episode. In The Big Apple, Brick cameos for being Amy's helper in the challenge, and Amy is very happy to see him again. Brick ends up seeing Alejandro as an enemy, confronting him about his own elimination, which Alejandro tries to cover up. Gwen becomes the one Brick and Amy have to push, so the two begin pushing. The three end up making it to the finish line in first place, giving them the chance to answer the questions first. In

Amy is paired up with Brick, Bridgette and Geoff for the final challenge of the season.

Gladiatorial Finale!, Brick is introduced as one of the past eliminated contestants from the season, and is seen rooting for Amy. When Amy and Beth are assigned their teams, Brick, along with Geoff and Bridgette, are on Amy's team, reuniting the Destroying Dragons (except for Trent). Amy is glad about, and kisses Brick, saying she's been holding it back, which makes Brick happy back. Brick begins to lead the team, which goes very well, until Bridgette dies, and then Geoff sacrifices himself for Brick. Brick later dies, leaving it all up to Amy. When Amy officially wins the season, Brick, along with the Destroying Dragons and her other supporters, congratulate Amy on her win. Brick and Amy share a kiss, and they become a couple.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

A Radioactive Beginning Edit

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 5.36.22 PM

Tyler and Noah arguing, which makes Brick leave.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.42.07 AM

"I can barely hold this. It's like 20 pounds. Wow. What a coincidence. The number on it is 20." - Brick

In the first episode, Brick was placed on the Mutant Laser Squirrels. He was excited about his team. He states in his confessional that he doesn't want to be the leader, because that's what made him got voted out last time. Brick seems fine with the challenge that Chris had announced. During the cliff diving challenge, Brick asked his team who would jump first. Scott and Duncan refused, so Brick decided to jump first. He finds a stone and swims down to get it. Brick swims out of the water, and asks Chris if he got the right number. Chris said that Brick was wrong so Brick had to run back to cliff to dive back into the water. Brick gets another stone and said that it weighed about 20 pounds, and the number on it was coincidentally 20. Chris then tells Brick that 20 was super close, and he gets support from Duncan. Tyler manages to win for Toxic Sharks, making Brick's team, the Mutant Laser Squirrels, go to elimination. After the challenge, Brick says in his confessional that the weak links have to go, which were the people that didn't jump. After that, Brick decided to talk to Noah, until they were interrupted by Tyler, calling Noah the worst person ever. The two of them start arguing, and Brick asks why they still have a grudge against each other, and leaves them, saying he wants to talk to someone else. Brick starts to talk to Duncan, and it starts off awkward. Brick apologizes and says it's because Tyler and Noah wouldn't stop arguing when he wanted to talk to Noah. Tyler asks Brick for an alliance, but he is confused because they are on different teams, and says he is not sure. Noah then calls out to not trust Tyler because he is brainless and shady. Brick then says he does not know who to trust, causing Tyler and Noah start fighting again, making Brick leaving them once again. Later, Brick hugs Amy and tells her about Tyler and Noah. At the elimination ceremony, Brick is called safe and Noah is glad for him. Brick had voted for Beardo, and Beardo was eliminated, via the Hurl of Shame. Chris then surprises everyone by having Brick and Dave switch teams. Little does Brick know, the team switch will be reversed in the next episode.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens Edit

Brick starts out telling everyone good morning. In his confessional, he says he needs to make an alliance, and that it seems that Scott is giving him the cold shoulder, but he says it's nothing. Chris then surprises everyone at the challenge by having Brick and Dave switch back to their original teams, which makes Brick really happy. His team was glad that he was coming back, and were also happy when Dave left. Chris announces that the challenge will be Capture the Flag with paintball guns, in which Brick saying in his confessional that he will probably do great at it. After Chris tells everyone the teams for each half, Brick believes that he is ready for the challenge, as he would be battling first. Brick first runs into the forest and gets his gun ready, because he sees someone. He runs to another tree and

Brick shoots Jasmine in the paintball challenge.

tells himself he needs to do things military style. Right after Jasmine shot Courtney, Brick shot Jasmine for payback. After that shot, Alejandro manages to shoot Brick and run away. After the challenge is over, Brick is frustrated that his team lost a second time in a row. After Brick is told to vote off Cody, he decides to vote him out, since Cody didn't help out in the challenge much. At the elimination ceremony, Jo tells Brick about Lightning wanting to vote out Amy, and Brick decides to make a deal with Jo. Chris then deems Brick being safe, as he was the second person called out to get a marshmallow. Brick seems concerned that Amy is in the bottom 3, but is happy and kisses her on the cheek when Chris says she's safe. Jo and Scott soon get in an argument at the elimination ceremony, and Brick luckily stops the fight, right before Courtney is deemed safe. Cody seems surprised to be eliminated, but Brick tells him it was the best move, since he didn't do much in the challenge. Before Cody gets hurled by the Hurl of Shame, Brick says his last goodbye, and watches Cody get hurled, far, far away.

Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder Edit

Brick and some of the others on his team were talking about being prepared for whatever challenge comes their way. Chef then tells everyone that the challenge is a food eating challenge. He then says that Owen, Alejandro, Scott, and Brick are not allowed to compete. Brick couldn't compete because he likes Chef's food. Throughout the eating challenge, Brick is encouraging his team to eat the awful food and is telling them to just get it over with and eat it. During the challenge, Courtney was being laughed at by everyone and Brick told her to not pay attention to any of them. In between the first and second rounds of eating, Brick is confused on why Duncan almost called Samey his girlfriend. During the last round, Chef introduces a food, called Casu Marzu, and says it's rotten cheese with maggots, but Brick corrects him and tells him that Casu Marzu is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese. After Lightning finished the maggots, he cut the cheese into pieces, and had Brick throw each piece of cheese into his mouth, to make the challenge go by faster. Each time, Lightning managed to swallow it, except for one of the last pieces, he gets nausea, and yells at Brick to throw the last piece of cheese. Once Brick throws the last piece into Lightning's mouth, he swallows it and collapses to the ground, having a seizure. The judges then give the Mutant Laser Squirrels a higher score, so they finally win, and Brick is very excited about this. Brick is sort of surprised to see Jasmine get eliminated, but says goodbye as she screams when getting hurled.

Toxic Battle of...Doom! Edit

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 7.51.41 PM

Amy is jealous of Jo patting Brick on the back.

Brick didn't do much in the beginning of the episode. When Chris tells everyone the challenge, Brick says the Trivia of Death sounds bad, and then tells his team to get their brains working. During the third question in the challenge, Brick forgets and gets the question wrong, which makes Lightning mad. Throughout the challenge, Brick keeps cheering for Lightning to win it for his team. Once Eva beat Lightning, Brick was mad that his team lost for a third time. Before elimination, Amy had told Brick to vote off Courtney, since she didn't help in the challenge at all, so he agreed to it and voted for her. After Jo is called safe, Beth and Brick are given a marshmallow, which Brick is happy about. Once Brick was called safe, Jo patted him on the back, which got Amy jealous, and told Jo that he is her boyfriend. Jo then states that she was aggressively hitting him, and Amy tells her that she doesn't want to see her touching Brick. This leads Brick to kiss Amy on the forehead and tell her to calm down, and that he does not like Jo in that way. Once Courtney was deemed eliminated, Brick tells her it was because she didn't contribute to the challenge. After that, Chris surprises everyone by having Eva switch to the Mutant Laser Squirrels, and Brick, like everyone else, welcomes her to the team.

En-Toxicating Edit

In the beginning, when everyone wakes up, Brick accidentally falls out of his bed, which hurt his hand. He states in his confessional that with Eva on their team, they can probably win more challenges. Scott asks the guys what they think of the Eva, in which Brick says she could help in challenges, but she has a terrible attitude. Brick tells the guys that he wants to start winning the challenges, but Scott tells him that they are his "soldiers" and not "guys". When Chef tells everyone to come to the mess hall for dinner, Brick corrects him by saying it's breakfast, but Chef yells back at him, telling him not to correct him. Brick sits next to Amy, but Jo sits in between them, making things awkward. Brick had asked Jo to sit on the other side of him, but Amy decides to push her off the bench instead. Jo calls out that she is still mean, but she just sits on the other side of Brick. But Brick does tell Amy to be more polite. After everyone eats the food, everyone seemed to fall asleep, along with Brick, as he falls on the ground asleep. Once they get dropped off in the forest, Brick asks what happened, and then asks if everyone is okay. Jo and Owen reply saying that they are fine. Brick becomes dizzy and falls in a pond, and is soaking wet. When Chris comes, Brick isn't happy, like everyone else. Once the challenge begins, Brick, Scott, and Amy stick together and try to find the purple flower. Scott tells them to head

Brick and Scott team up in the challenge.

south, in which Brick points where south is, and they encounter a pond with a purple flower, guarded by crocodiles. Scott tells Brick it's to risking and slaps him. Soon they decide to go after it, because everyone starts to head there. Brick doesn't want the Sharks to get the flower, so he pushes Tyler in the pond of crocodiles, in which he gets out and is mad at Brick. Scott gets the crocodile out of the water, but he, instead, becomes in the crocodile's mouth, and Brick saves him from being eaten. Scott gets the flower and runs back to Chris, but Tyler tackles him, but luckily Brick tackles Tyler and drags him away. Brick is excited when his team wins the challenge, but Scott still smacks him. Once Dawn's diary falls out of Noah's pocket, everyone, including Brick, is so surprised by this. During the whole elimination ceremony, Brick just watches to see what happens. Brick then salutes to Dawn when she is eliminated.

Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste Edit

In the beginning of the episode, Brick wakes up and has to go to the bathroom, which disgusts Scott. When Brick sits down in the mess hall, he accidentally calls Scarlett, Amy and tells her sorry. She then tells him that is must be hard since Amy was eliminated. In his confessional, he says he needs an alliance because he feels on the outs of the guys. During the trivia challenge, Brick manages to get the questions correct. During the challenge, Jo tells Brick she knows who was behind Amy's elimination, in which he asks who. He then tells her she can tell him after the challenge. He then asks Scarlett if they can talk after the challenge, as she says possibly. After that, he manages to score a point for his team. Jo pats him on the back and tells him his girlfriend, Amy, would be proud. Lightning then tells him to not trust Jo, as she eliminated him in Revenge Of The Island. After their team wins, Brick is so excited that he hugs Scarlett, and once again apologizes to her. Once Brick asks Jo who has the idea of Amy going home, she said it was a combo of Lightning and Samey. Brick wonders who goes home, and salutes to Shawn once he gets eliminated.

Fun Zone 3.0 Edit

Eva tells the girls that Brick seemed annoying, after asking who should join their alliance. When Brick wakes up, he wonders where he is. Scarlett then tells him they can talk today, but are interrupted by Chris, who calls them victims. Brick tells him he must help everyone. Eva yells at Brick, which causes him to back up. Chris then tells them that Scott and Alejandro will be switching teams, which Brick welcomes Alejandro to the team. After Chris reveals the challenge, Brick runs with Jo and Scarlett. While they are running, Eva asks if Samey and Brick are a 'thing', which Brick denies that he doesn't like her that way, in which she gets angered saying that she was asking if they were friends. Scarlett tells Jo and Brick to jump over the walls, and Jo does so, only to fall into a ditch full of crabs. Brick gives her a hand, and Jo thanks him. They all jump over the wall, but Brick falls in an algae pond. Scarlett helps him out, and the two, Samey and Jo start running to the beach. They soon get to the beach, and Sammy begins a move that she learned in girls scouts. Scarlett then orders everyone to get firewood, which Brick also yells out too. Brick and the others throw down firewood, and he also points out to Sammy that there isn't a boat anywhere. Scarlett comes with a ball of sap, and pours it onto the fire, and tells everyone to take cover, which Brick does. After that, Brick and his teammates see the boat, and he jumps and waves for the boat to come to their fire. Chris then announces the Squirrels won again, and Brick says in his confessional that it is time to talk to Jo and Scarlett. Brick then asks Scarlett and Jo to be in an alliance, and Eva then tells them she wants to be in it, so Brick asks her as well. Brick becomes surprised when Lindsay gets eliminated and breaks up with Tyler.

Mutant See, Mutant Do Edit

Brick first wakes up, and realizes that Scott doesn't sleep in their cabin anymore. He says in his confessional how he feels safe with Eva, Jo, and Scarlett in his alliance. Brick then walks over to the girls cabin, where he says good morning. Scarlett says good morning back to him, but Eva rudely answers by saying they're discussing their alliance. Eva then yells at him to get out, because she is going to change, in which he sadly leaves. Brick then runs to the beach for the challenge with Jo, Eva, and Scarlett, but Jo tells him to leave, and Brick sadly leaves them. In his confessional, he says that Jo and Eva hate him all of a sudden, and that Scarlett seems to only like him. Once Chris announces the challenge is a water gun fight, Brick decides to shoot Scott, but Scott blocks, and calls him an idiot. Then, Chris says both teams will be going to elimination, and Brick is surprised. During their elimination ceremony, Brick gets 2 votes, but is luckily safe due to Scarlett's plan. Samey ends up going home, and Brick says thanks to Eva, Jo, and Scarlett that he was safe. Once Dave is eliminated from the Sharks' ceremony, Brick says goodbye to Dave.

Samey-Bot's Revenge Edit

Brick is woken up by Lightning, but interrupts his bad dream about Uncle Bill. Brick says in his confessional that his uncle, brother, and dad always motivate him, but he doesn't know how his Uncle Bill got in his dream. At the mess hall, Brick is excited to make the merge, and high-fives Scarlett, which he gets confused about. Chris says the challenge will be trivia, and Brick asks if there are any physical challenges, and he shows his "guns" in the process. Scott and Tyler then laugh at him for showing his "guns". Soon, Samey-Bot comes out of nowhere and kidnaps Chris, which everyone is surprised about, including Brick. Scarlett is about to leave the mess hall because it's a waste of time for her, but Brick makes her stay. Brick then asks how Samey-Bot got the million dollar case. Owen says he's going to get Samey-Bot, but Brick tells him they don't know where he is. Scott and Lightning grab Brick for their group to find Samey-Bot, but Jo grabs Brick, and soon Brick is in Jo, Scarlett, and Noah's group. Brick tries to lead them by telling them to go west, then east, then south, but can't make up his mind. Jo doesn't care and tells them to head west. Scarlett tells them that they need to head to the

Noah and Brick in the toxic waste mine.

mine, so Brick leads them on where to run. When they arrive at the mine, Brick becomes scared because it's dark. Soon their group gets separated, but Brick decides to head into the mine, following Noah. Brick becomes really scared, but becomes more scared when he sees a "monster", but it turns out to be Scarlett. When Chris announces Eva the winner of immunity, Scarlett tells them they went the wrong way, and Brick becomes disappointed. Brick says he better be safe, and then says his Uncle Brody, Uncle Bill, Grandpa Oliver, and his father, or General Stone McArthur motivate him. Chris then announces Tyler is getting eliminated, which Brick says is not surprising, but salutes a goodbye to Tyler when he gets shot out of the cannon of shame.

The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate Edit

When Brick wakes up, he notices a horrid smell coming from Owens bed, which is a burrito on his pillow. Brick then orders Owen to clean his bed and get rid of the stench. Lightning then asks why Brick likes Jo, but Brick tells him he likes Amy, not Jo. In the alphabetical improv challenge, Brick makes it to the final 3, but accidentally says 4 words instead of 5, and is out of the challenge. After the challenge, Brick whispers to Jo that Lightning thinks they are a couple, and it makes Jo surprised. At the elimination ceremony, Scott is shocked to find out that he got votes, and Brick salutes to him when he gets voted out.

The Toxic Treasure of Awkanawaw Edit

Alejandro tells the guys that Scott was eliminated out of nowhere, which Brick agrees. Lightning then asks Brick who he thinks was behind the elimination of Scott, and Brick says that maybe Jo was behind it. Brick says in his confessional that he was glad he got Scott out, as he was a threat, and that he said that it was Jo to cover up for Scarlett. Samey calls everyone for the challenge, and Brick asks her why Chris went on vacation. Brick gets most of the slang words correct, but doesn't receive any points and doesn't win immunity. At the elimination ceremony, Chris comes back and says he was locked up in a closet, which makes Brick say that Samey told them he was on vacation. Once Alejandro is deemed eliminated and Chris fires Samey, Brick salutes and says goodbye to them.

Total Drama Amazonian NightmareEdit


Total Drama Around the World

Total Drama Toxic Brawl

Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare

Voting HistoryEdit

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

Brick's Voting History
Episode Brick's
Voted Against
1 Destroying Dragons Immune
2 Destroying Dragons Immune
3 Destroying Dragons Immune
4 Destroying Dragons Immune
5 Trent Bridgette, Geoff,
Voted Off, Day 15

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

Brick's Voting History
Episode Brick's
Voted Against
1 Beardo -
2 Cody -
3 Mutant Laser Squirrels Immune
4 Courtney -
5 Mutant Laser Squirrels Immune
6 Duncan Eva
7 Amy -
8 Mutant Laser Squirrels Immune
9 Mutant Laser Squirrels Immune
10 Samey Alejandro
11 Tyler -
12 Scott -
13 Alejandro -
14 Owen -
15 Eva -
16 No Elimination Ceremony
17 Scarlett -
18 Ineligible Scarlett, Staci
Voted Off, Day 54

Total Drama Amazonian NightmareEdit

Brick's Voting History
Episode Brick's
Voted Against
1 Fortaleza Tribe Immune
2 Fortaleza Tribe Immune
3 Rodney;
Dakota, Jo, Rodney;
Amy, Dakota, Jo
Voted Off, Day 9
4 On Redemption Island
Evacuated, Day 31





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