Chef Hatchet
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Friends Chris McLean, Julie Chen
Enemies Everyone
Voiced by Clé Bennett
Roleplayer EpicLuna

Chef Hatchet is the co-host of Total Drama. He is a tough, big, muscular cook, who loves to make the contestants miserable. He has many grueling challenges planned for the campers this season which will cause many surprising eliminations, he hosted many episodes due to Chris being unable to host the show.


Chef Hatchet is the psychotic sidekick of Total Drama host Chris McLean. He provides the meals for the contestants, disgusting slop which has been slammed by all but but a few competitors, but even they have complained about it at one point or another. However, some episodes have suggested that Chef actually does have exceptional kitchen skills. He will take over as primary host on rare occasions in which Chris is absent (or he tells him to). Given that both are equally unconcerned about the teenagers' well-being, it is hardly a far cry from the normal routine. Chef is bigger, louder, and much more confrontational and intimidating than his counterpart, who prefers a different outlet of striking fear into the contestants. He is frequently seen wearing ridiculous costumes, usually women's outfits, which garner teasing from everybody present. Although he and Chris are friends, they have had more than their share of negative interactions throughout the series. Chris's selfishness and neglect of the competitors will sometimes be duplicated in his treatment of Chef. Chef is not at all hesitant to call the other out and, in some instances, he has threatened or come close to leaving the show because of it. Chris is always extremely against this idea. Chef is multi-talented, having been seen doing many things skillfully while Chris introduces challenges. He has claimed to have fought in a war, though it is unknown which.

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit



  • Chef Hatchet is one of six characters to have a gap in their teeth, with the others being Cody, Sugar,Leonard, Mike, Rodney, and Heather (before it was filled in with a gold tooth).
    • Not counting Heather, who didn't originally have a gap, Sugar is the only female with a gap in her teeth.