This article focuses on the Interactions between Duncan and Tyler.

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Tyler tells Duncan that he needs to talk to Sky, about what happened between them.

Despite past instances where the two have not got on very well, Duncan and Tyler get on more and respect each others playing styles. In Total Drama Returns to the Island, despite being on opposite teams, Duncan and Tyler have grown to become very good friends. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Duncan and Tyler, along with Sky, become closer with each other, forming a Final 5 alliance. However, Duncan starts getting jealous of Tyler being around Sky so much, causing a little bit of conflict. Duncan and Tyler see past this though, as their alliance manages to make both reach the Final 4.

In Total Drama Wild West, since Noah leads his alliance with Tyler, he convinces Tyler to vote for Duncan in the first episode of the season. Tyler does not own up to his own mistakes and blames the loss of Duncan, which angers Duncan a lot. Duncan chooses to devise a new tactic when he realizes that Tyler will do anything to gain his approval, so Duncan decides to slowly give Tyler his trust back enough to give back hope, but little enough so that he can still manipulate Tyler easily. This is short lived due to Tyler's early elimination, although it's revealed that Duncan betrayed Tyler and voted him off. When Duncan realizes it's Noah's fault that Tyler voted him, Duncan realizes that Tyler was talking the truth that it was Noah who made him vote him off. The two make up, and Tyler is seen rooting for Duncan and helping him out during the season, even being conflicted in the finale of whether to root for him or Scott.

They don't have much interaction in Total Drama Toxic Brawl because of being on different teams and due to the early Duncan elimination. But when they do interact, it is mostly Tyler being disappointed with Duncan and Samey, acting like a couple, even though Duncan and Sky are going out. Tyler gets super annoyed by both contestants, and usually lets him anger out on both of them.

In Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, Tyler tries to convince Duncan to make up for his mistakes in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, with Sky, as he cheated on her. However, Duncan does not take his advice, which leads to Tyler becoming very annoyed with Duncan in the next few episodes, as he causes their team to argue most of the time, which lead to their lost in The Returning Record Holders. Tyler joins an alliance with Katie and Sky, where they all team up and eliminate Duncan. With Duncan gone, Tyler does feel ashamed that he betrayed his friend.

Total Drama Returns to the Island Edit

Trials and Triva-lations Edit

Tyler is greets Duncan and Duncan high fives him. In the challenge, after Fang attacks Duncan's team, Tyler asks if everyone is okay, to which Duncan replies that he is fine. Tyler grows fond of Duncan, believing that his attitude is getting better, and Duncan likes Tyler's willingness to do whatever it takes to win.

Volleybrawl Edit

Tyler congratulates Duncan on his win and for his team's victory. Duncan is also seen making Tyler feel better after he loses his part of the challenge. Duncan is very upset to find that Tyler in the bottom 2 and hopes for him to stay. Tyler ends up receiving the final marshmallow and Duncan is relieved. Tyler is very concerned about who voted for him to leave the island, so Duncan tells him it was probably Samey.

Starting Off on Humble Beginnings Edit

Duncan states that it must have been stressful being in the Bottom 2 and that he is glad to see Tyler still in the game. Duncan guesses his number wrong in the challenge and Tyler comforts him, saying that next time will be better. When Tyler loses against Courtney, Duncan is also seen comforting him. At the elimination, Tyler's very happy when Duncan got a marshmallow, and even happier when he realizes that no one at all voted for him.

All Aboard the Cuckoo Train Edit


Tyler is mad at Dawn for "killing" Duncan.

Before the challenge starts both Duncan and Tyler wish luck for each other in the challenge. When Dawn has been selected to be the killer for Tyler's team, she ignores Tyler and the others wishes, and "kills" Duncan. This upsets Tyler a lot, not thinking Duncan deserves this. Duncan said its okay, and that Tyler should just calm down a bit, calming him down. When Tyler is picked to be the "killer" for his team, he is "killed" by Duncan. Tyler has no hard feelings for this, as it is just a challenge. Later in the challenge, Tyler's team "kills" Sky, which Duncan gets upset by, leading everyone to think Duncan has a crush on Sky. Tyler also believes this as a joke, as he knows Duncan and his feelings. When Cody wins the challenge for his team, Tyler congratulates the team on the win, including Duncan. Duncan tells Tyler to not get voted out, to which Tyler nods at. At the elimination ceremony, when the Beavers watch the elimination on a projector, Duncan, along with Sky, cheers when Tyler is safe. When Dawn leaves the island, Duncan says "One more weirdo gone" and Tyler laughs to this. Duncan compliments Tyler on his positive personality of having no votes against him. After the elimination, Sky hugs Tyler, which makes Duncan jealous.

Topple on the Luck PlayersEdit


Duncan asks Chef if it was necessary to throw Tyler in a Helicopter.

When Tyler lands on top of Chef, Duncan can't help but laugh with some of the other campers. Duncan is still jealous of the hug Tyler and Sky shared during the previous episode, as he says in the confessional. Tyler says he doesn't know why Duncan is all of sudden starting to act weird around him and Sky. When Chef throws Tyler into the Helicopter, Duncan asks if that was necessary. Duncan helps Tyler up. Throughout the challenge, both are concerned about the others team when they get shocked by Chef's electric collars. Duncan is impressed when Tyler gains two points during the challenge, and ultimately wins it. At the elimination, Tyler is happy to see Duncan receive a marshmallow. Duncan is slightly jealous when Tyler cheers for Sky though.

Relay Feelings Speed FastEdit

Duncan and Tyler greet each other in the morning before the challenge. When Tyler is deemed safe first, Duncan is happy.

The Super Wi-Fi SpiesEdit


Tyler and Duncan wake up in Cave.

After the teams are announced merged, Duncan and Tyler perform asignature high-five with each other. During the decoding challenge, Duncan encourages the other competitors when it is clear that he will not win, including Tyler. When Tyler is called safe, Duncan is relieved, but Tyler is still nervous for him when he's in the bottom 2. Duncan and Tyler high-five each other when Duncan is announced safe. Sky gives Duncan a hug, which infuriates Courtney. Courtney approaches Tyler and asks him for a favor. Courtney then proceeds to tell him about her plan to break up Duncan and Sky. Tyler is very reluctant to do this, but semi-agrees to help as a strategic move, while really trying to get rid of Courtney to protect his friends.

Puzzle RiotEdit

All the boys ask Tyler how could they shut up Courtney and Gwen, including Duncan, but Tyler shrugs and yawns at them. Throughout the episode, Scuba Bear is seen injuring Tyler, and Duncan keeps coming and helping Tyler. Duncan also stands up for Tyler to the bear, before being punched. Duncan agrees with Tyler's decision to eliminate Lindsay. When Scuba Bear punches Tyler into the water, Duncan helps him out.

Korean Teaching or LearningEdit


Duncan and Tyler laughing at a joke

Everyone seems very worried for Tyler the whole episode, as everyone asks if Tyler is feeling okay, including Duncan. He each time replied saying "yeah". Each time Tyler scores a point, Duncan congratulates him on the win. Duncan also congratulates Tyler when Cameron and Noah share immunity with him and says that Tyler deserves the reward. After Duncan finds out that Lindsay visited Tyler at the reward, Duncan is very happy for Tyler. Tyler approaches Duncan saying that they should vote out Gwen and Courtney next, to which Duncan agrees. Before the elimination, Duncan makes a joke that Tyler laughs at.

Supreme Chef AutoEdit


Cody tries to gain Duncan into an alliance to get Tyler eliminated, but soon back-fired, and eliminated Cody.

Cody privately trys to get Duncan on his side to vote out Tyler, which angers Duncan as he doesn't want to eliminate Tyler. He later votes off Cody, for not just hating him, but also for trying to eliminate Tyler.

Frozen Yogurty Up Brain FreezeEdit

Duncan, along with Noah, ask Tyler if he's okay after Cody tried eliminating him. Tyler replies that he really feels bad for voting him out, as he was a part of Tyler's alliance. Duncan sees a wink that Noah gives Tyler when he says it's everyone for themselves, knowing that Tyler would want to take Noah to the finale more than anyone. Duncan is jealous of Tyler when his warm tracksuit doesn't make him freeze in the freezer. When Duncan wins the challenge, he says "Good try" to Tyler, and Tyler said thanks Duncan and congratulates him on the win. However, when Noah is voted off by Duncan, Tyler is slightly angry at everyone, including Duncan, before calming himself.

Final Four Face Off!Edit

Everyone greets Tyler, congratulating each other on making this far, including Duncan. Tyler is sad when Duncan leaves, but is happy when he can join him after Cameron eliminates him.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit


Tyler votes out Duncan, after Noah forced him to.

Duncan argues that it would best to follow his lead instead of Tyler. After Dave and Noah say that both Duncan and Tyler can lead the challenge, Tyler agrees, but Duncan doesn't really like that fact. Noah tells Tyler to vote out Duncan, as he didn't choose the right items. But Tyler argues that Dave should go because he brought a lizard's tail. In the end, Noah pressures Tyler into voting Duncan in the end. Duncan finds out that Tyler voted for him, which angers him, and he approaches Tyler with it. Tyler feels bad, saying he didn't mean it, and that at least Duncan is still in the game. Duncan gets really mad, and storms off. Tyler glares at Noah, and states in the confessional that if Duncan has to get mad at someone, he should get mad at Noah for telling him to vote Duncan off.

Dancing With CowboysEdit

Tyler greets Duncan and Noah. Noah says good-morning, but Duncan glares at Tyler angrily. He asks Tyler why he betrayed him. Tyler is very sad, and replies that he needs to listen to Noah, because they are in an alliance. He also says that he tried to get Noah to change and vote out Dave, but Noah demanded that they need to eliminate Duncan. Duncan has a hard time believing that, as Tyler was the leader of the alliance last season. He pushes Tyler onto his bed, and storms out of the cabins. Tyler runs after him, before being restrained by Noah. Tyler mentions in the confessional that he never meant to vote out Duncan, and that he planned to eliminate Dave instead. He also says sorry, hoping that if Duncan saw this, that he would forgive him.

When the challenge is announced to be a singing one, Duncan immediately declines, saying that he doesn't sing, while Tyler says it will be okay, asking that Duncan have fun, but Duncan turns around at Tyler and glares at him. Tyler goes against Ezekiel in the challenge. Tyler has an instant idea and sang it. "Holler if you're with me, It will do you good, if you let loose a little, Holler if you're with me, Let me hear you scream right there in the middle", this song was for Duncan saying that he should let the voting thing go, but Duncan just ignores Tyler.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit

Tyler states that his team need to win, or he will be the next to go, as Duncan still does not forgive Tyler for voting him off. Tyler asks his teammates curiously where Duncan and Sky are. After Dakota answers that they walked off together somewhere, Tyler then says that he thinks that Duncan is trying to get Sky on his side to eliminate him. Tyler says good morning to both Duncan and Sky when they arrive at the challenge, but Duncan just glares at Tyler in anger. When it comes to Duncan's turn, Tyler wishes him luck, to which Duncan says thanks, making Tyler happy, even though Duncan states in the confessional that he is playing Tyler to make sure Tyler does what he wants, and even make Tyler get him far in the game. Tyler tries high fiving Duncan when they win, but is ignored.

Western Tough for the PolocrossieEdit


Both Duncan and Tyler are shocked when Tyler is deemed eliminated, and that Noah had betrayed Tyler.

Tyler says in the confessional that he wishes that Duncan would see how sorry he is for voting him. At the elimination ceremony, Tyler tries one more attempt to being friends with Duncan again, to which Duncan still declines. Tyler and Noah decide that they will vote out Duncan again. Tyler is very hesitant once again, but he votes him off. Duncan is quite upset that they never worked out their issues.

Red Dead MergitonEdit

Most people are rather happy to see Tyler again, including Duncan. Tyler greets everyone, including Duncan. Duncan is still mad at Tyler for voting him off though. Tyler tries to say sorry again, but is ignored by him. Tyler mentions to Courtney that he believes Duncan's group will win the challenge. Throughout the play, Samey and Sky are seen fighting each other for Duncan. Tyler says that he hopes it doesn't carry on. Tyler gives their preformance a 8/10. Tyler is happy when Duncan is declared safe for another episode. Duncan votes for Noah on Tyler's behalf, still mad at him for convincing him to vote Tyler off.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!Edit


Dakota, Courtney, and Tyler make a Cameo apprearance.

Tyler wishes luck to everyone, including Duncan. Duncan is still mad at Tyler for voting him off. Tyler says that it was Noah's fault and that he never meant to vote him off. Tyler then says that he would do anything for Duncan for him and Tyler to become friends again. Duncan instantly forgives Tyler dew to knowing about Noah's actions, while also feeling guilty himself. He also thinks of a great plan, saying that Tyler must give Duncan high points in the challenge, to which Tyler agrees to. Duncan does tricks for his talent, and Tyler ends up giving Duncan a 7/10. Tyler is stunned but happy when Duncan and Sky finally kiss.

Three EnemigosEdit

All of the Final 3 are happy that Tyler is back, including Duncan. Duncan is very happy that he gets Tyler on his team when teams are switched. Tyler is happy that he is on Duncan's team, as he wants to spend more time with Duncan as friends, and not enemies. Both of them high-five each other. Before the challenge, Tyler wishes luck to Lindsay and Scott, but then says that they would never win against him and Duncan. Tyler says in the confessional that he doesn't mind who wins, but he wants to win with Duncan. The first few rounds Duncan and Tyler score the points. Both once again high five each other, and shout out for joy. Duncan thanks Tyler for his help. Tyler says that its no biggy, and says that Duncan better win, and wishes luck to Duncan, to which Duncan thanks him for.

The Final Finalé Edit

Tyler has trouble deciding whether to root for Duncan or Scott in the finale, but reluctantly chooses Scott because of his past minor conflict with Duncan. He cheers when Duncan wins however, still happy at the result.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive ReunionsEdit

After Blaineley asked Sky about Duncan, Tyler says that Duncan and Sky are perfect for each other. Which Sky thanked him. Tyler then states that he actually misses Duncan, and that after they solved their conflict they wanted to hang out with him more. After Josh said that Duncan is helping Dawn in an environmental issue, which Tyler is confused to why Duncan is doing that. Later on in the plane, Tyler goes to sit next to Duncan and he says that he is sorry that Sky isn't in the season. Duncan then says that he will win it for Sky. Tyler asks Jasmine why she is so tall, when she joins with the rest of the contestants. Duncan agrees with Tyler saying that she is 8 feet tall. Jasmine greets both Duncan and Tyler, and says that she is Australian.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

A Radioactive BeginningEdit

Tyler pushes Noah off a cliff and calls him a loser, which makes Duncan, along with Scott, laugh. Tyler is happy when Duncan receives a marshmallow.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit


Tyler is shocked to see Duncan and Samey hugging and acting like a couple behind Sky's back.

When Duncan and Samey hug each other, Tyler looks at them in shock, and asks what Duncan is doing, and tells him that he already has a girlfriend, Sky. He then asks Duncan if he remembers Sky at all. Dunvan then looks nervously at Tyler, saying that it was just a friend hug. grabing him by the collar. Tyler then tells him to chill and to calm down.

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit

When Duncan gets mad at Courtney, he then shouts at Courtney to not talk to Samey like that, almost saying girlfriend. Tyler then glares at Duncan, he then overreacts and can't believe that Duncan and Samey are going out, behind Sky's back. He then asks Duncan about Sky. Brick the tells Tyler that he was about to ask the same thing. Duncan then tells Tyler and Brick that Samey is his friend, and that Sky is still his girlfriend. Tyler then argues back that he was clearly gonna say girlfriend. Samey then butts in, and says that they are not dating and that they are just friends, which Tyler then gives up on the argument. Tyler then sits down next to Alejandro, telling Duncan that if he is cheating on Sky, he sarcasticly then says great job.

Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic PrizeEdit


Tyler once again gets mad at both Duncan and Samey.

Duncan tells Tyler that him kissing Lindsay after throwing up, was extremely disgusting. Tyler then glares at Duncan, and tells him that he is not cheating on someone. But Duncan just ignores him. Tyler states in the confessional, that Duncan has completely forgotten about Sky, and that he only cares for Samey now and not Sky. When Duncan and Samey start to flirt, Tyler tells Duncan that he is forgetting Sky. After Tyler coughs. Duncan tells Samey and Tyler that he will break up with Sky as soon as possible, and states only if Tyler can keep his promise. Tyler then sighs and mumbles "poor Sky". When Duncan and Samey make out, Tyler grabs his shoe and throws it at Duncans's face. Tyler then tells Duncan that he will so get kicked in his private parts from Sky. Duncan then tells Tyler to keep him and Samey a secret from Sky, which Tyler says he will keep it a secret.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit


Tyler tells Duncan that he needs to talk to Sky, about what happened between them.

When Sky is seen glaring at Duncan, Tyler asks Sky if she is fine, but Sky does not reply to Tyler. Tyler later tells Sky that they haven't seen each other in forever, and that he can't believe that Duncan cheated on her with Samey. Duncan starts to yell at Scott to push Tyler faster during the challenge. Scott then asks Tyler how can Duncan scream so loud to them, and that he must be skilled, which Tyler agreed with Scott. When Duncan gets into the carraige, Tyler is seen rooting for them to win, and that they need to pick up the pase. After they return, and Ducan reveals that his number is 44, Tyler tells Duncan and Scott that he hopes they win. When Chris tells everyone to meet in the mess hall, Duncan, Scott and Tyler all walk together there. Tyler approaches Duncan, and tells him that they need to talk. Duncan asks Tyler what they need to talk about, which made Tyler tell him that he needs to talk with Sky about what happened between him and her, and with Samey. Tyler then tells him that Shy is extremely hurt by what he did to her, which made Duncan tell Tyler that he will go talk to Sky later.

The Returning Record HoldersEdit

When Duncan and Katie are seen arguging, Tyler tries to break them up and tells Katie to calm down and Duncan to stop complaining. Tyler then starts on a speech on how they are all here to win, and that they must work as a team to win this challenge. He then puts his fit in the air and shouts out "go Team Brawns!", which everyone followed him and did the same thing. Katie then tells Tyler that Duncan will cause them lose and that he is the biggest jerk ever, as he hurt Sky and left her in an unstable mental state. When Duncan and Katie once again argue, Tyler gets mad and tells them just to shut up, and tells them that he is tired of everyone complaining. Tyler states in the confessional that he likes Duncan a lot, but that if he stays this conflict between him and Katie and Sky will just continue and will cause their team to lose once again like. After Tyler uses the hidden immunity idol, Tyler sits back down, and tells everyone that he doesn;t trust Duncan, which Duncan asked why he would vote him off. Tyler is seen extremely happy when Sky recieves the final marshmallow and he then congratulates her. Tyler apologizes to Duncan about voting him off, and he then says bye.

The Rake-ageEdit

In the tent, Scott streches and talks to Lightning and Tyler, about he how he can't believe Duncan was eliminated. Scott goes on further by saying that he was jerk, but that he was their jerk. Which Tyler kinda agree's with Scott.

You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat!Edit


Tyler apologizes to Samey about the previous season, of him constantly getting mad at her about her going out with Duncan.

Tyler states that he really misses Duncan and Scott being in the cabin with him. Tyler states in nthe confessional that no matter what he will try and win the game for Duncan, Lindsay and Scott, and that he will never give up no matter what.

Greet It and WeepEdit

Tyler apologizes to Samey about the previous season, of him constantly getting mad at her about her going out with Duncan, behind Sky's back. Samey then tells Tyler that everything is fine, and that she understands that he and Sky are extremely close friends, and that Tyler wouldn't like it when she was being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend, Duncan.


  • Both were eliminated irregularly in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
    • As Duncan quit in Final Four Face Off!.
    • And Cameron decided to eliminate Tyler, and take Sky to the finale in Final Four Face Off!
      • Coincidentally, both were eliminated in the same episode; Final Four Face Off!
  • Both were also eliminated irregularly in Total Drama Wild West.
    • As Duncan was a finalist and the winner.
    • And Tyler lost a tie-breaker against Samey.
  • Both were in a relationship that has broken up before; Duncan and Sky, and Lindsay and Tyler.
  • Both are in a surrent relationship that is still together; Duncan and Samey, and Lindsay and Tyler.
  • Tyler indirectly eliminated Duncan in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2.
  • Both were in an alliance with both Sky and Scott at some point.
  • Both have been eliminated in the 12th episode of a season; Final Four Face Off! in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
  • Both contestants have placed 18th in a season.
    • Duncan placed 18th in Total Drama World Tour before returning to the game in a later episode.
    • Tyler placed 18th in Total Drama Island.
  • Both Duncan and Tyler won one individual immunity challenge in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
  • Both contestants have been apart of a team that starts with "killer".
    • Duncan was apart of the Killer Bass in Total Drama Island, as well as the Killer Beavers in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
    • Tyler was apart of the Killer Bass in Total Drama Island.
  • Both contestants have been apart of a team that starts with "screaming".
    • Duncan was apart of the Screaming Gaffers in Total Drama Action.
    • Tyler was apart of the Screaming Ducks in Total Drama Returns to the Island.
  • Both Duncan and Tyler appeared in all the episodes of Total Drama Returns to the Island.
  • Both have been the highest ranking male and member of one of their teams.
    • Duncan was the highest ranking male and member of the Killer Bass, Screaming Gaffers and Venomous Vipers.
    • Tyler was the highest ranking male and member of the Screaming Ducks.
  • Both Duncan and Tyler's eliminations in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, they both recieved 7 votes from other contestants.
    • Coincidentally, both contestants were eliminated by the alliance Femme Fatale.

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