Elimination is the process in the Total Drama series where a contestant is removed from the competition, often occurring after they are voted for by the other members of their team or merged contestants.


Elimination ceremony in Total Drama Returns to the Island.

Eliminations usually occur at Campfire Ceremonies, in which Chris McLean or Chef Hatchet hands out Marshmallows to the contestants to are safe, and whoever doesn't receive a Marshmallow is eliminated. Sometimes, there is no Campfire Ceremony and there is not symbol of Immunity given to the contestants. Generally, Campfire Ceremonies take place after Nightfall.

According to Chris McLean, when a contestant is eliminated and been shot out of the Arrow of Shame, or walk down the Dock of Shame, the contestant may not ever return to the Island. However, Chris lied as Lindsay returned in Total Drama Returns to the Island, as an intern for his uses.

On season two the elimination ceremony takes places in a campfire ceremony as well, but instead of marshmallow everyone is awarded with Gilded Chris Statues. As well is stated the contestant may not ever return, but this is later forgiven due to Ezekiel returning due to a early twist.

So far, there is only three contestants in Total Drama Roleplay history ever, to quit the competition. This contestants being Duncan in Final Four Face Off! He quit due to knowing he will already be eliminated in the same episode he quited in. Another one being Sky in The Magnificent 8 Cowboys. She quit due to Scott being voted out and she wanting to solve their conflict after the betrayal on season 1.  And the last being Owen in 2014: A Toxic Owen because he wanted to do something "dramatic." Also, there is only one contestant in Total Drama Roleplay history to be auto-eliminated by another contestant choosing who to send home. This power was rewarded to Cameron in Total Drama Roleplay Season 1, and he eliminated Tyler in Final Four Face Off!

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Total Drama Returns to the Island eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Dave Male Killer Beavers 16th Trials and Triva-lations His team got annoyed by him, and he only was complaining, not to mention forming countless alliances.
Samey Female Screaming Ducks 15th Volleybrawl She did nothing to participate in the challenge.
LeShawna Female Killer Beavers 14th Starting Off on Humble Beginnings She did nothing to participate in the challenge and was a victim of an alliance brewing.
Dawn Female Screaming Ducks 13th All Aboard the Cuckoo Train She freaked out people by being mysterious yet harsh.
Scott Male Killer Beavers 12th Topple on the Luck Players Intimidated teammates such as Cameron and Cody, resulting in him being one of the least popular teammates. Sky also found him as a rival of hers.
Scarlett Female Screaming Ducks 11th Relay Feelings Speed Fast Scared her teammates thanks to her previous performances.
Heather Female Screaming Ducks 10th The Super Wi-Fi Spies Seen as a threat for her past performances in seasons.
Lindsay Female Screaming Ducks 9th Puzzle Riot After winning the last challenge and being very well-liked, some people saw her as a threat.
Courtney Female Killer Beavers 8th Korean Teaching or Learning She was a victim of an alliance, and everyone was tired of her constant complaining during the challenge.
Gwen Female Screaming Ducks 7th Korean Teaching or Learning She was another victim of the same alliance.
Cody Male Killer Beavers 6th Supreme Chef Auto After winning the challenge, he had to give immunity to someone else, being Sky who is chosen. He was then seen as a threat to the others after winning the challenge easily.
Noah Male Screaming Ducks 5th Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze Seen as a huge threat in the game, as he had won three past challenges.
Duncan Male Killer Beavers 4th Final Four Face Off! After Cameron winning the challenge already, and that Tyler and Sky were speeding ahead in the challenge, he knew he was going to be eliminated, and then he quit.
Tyler Male Screaming Ducks 3rd Final Four Face Off! Seen as a huge threat in the Final two, as he is the most liked contestant on the show. So Cameron chose Sky to take to the Final Two instead of Tyler.
Cameron Male Killer Beavers 2nd Totally Dramatic Finale! He received the least amount of votes from the other eliminated contestants.
Sky Female Killer Beavers 1st Totally Dramatic Finale! She received the most amount of votes from the eliminated contestants.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

Total Drama Wild West eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Dave Male Venomous Vipers 18th A Wild Western Introduction He gathered useless supplies for his team, while also trying to form many alliances.
Courtney Female Poisonous Pythons 17th Dancing With Cowboys She cost the team the challenge because of her lack of singing.
Ezekiel Male Poisonous Pythons Returns 3:10 to the Horse of Losers He was no use to the team anymore.
Tyler Male Venomous Vipers 16th Western Tough for the Polocrossie Due to making it very far last season, people saw him as a huge threat, plus many thought of him as a liar.
Sierra Female Poisonous Pythons 15th The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous She didn't do anything to help her team.
Ezekiel Male Poisonous Pythons 13th/14th The Wild Bunch of Losers His team thought he was useless and annoying. Was in a double elimination with Ella.
Ella Female Poisonous Pythons 13th/14th The Wild Bunch of Losers Her team got sick and tired of her singing. Was in a double elimination with Ezekiel.
Jo Female Poisonous Pythons 12th Serpent Showdown She was considered a physical threat and was very violent towards the team.
Noah Male Venomous Vipers 11th Red Dead Mergiton He was considered a jerk for eliminating Tyler and he was a threat.
Dakota Female Venomous Vipers 10th Red Dead Mergiton No one liked her act with Noah, as it was very boring.
Heather Female Poisonous Pythons 9th This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us! After reading Sky's diary, Sky convinced her alliance to vote her off; lost the tiebreaker against Lindsay.
Sky Female Venomous Vipers 8th The Magnificent 8 Cowboys She quit the competition to prove to Scott that she felt guilty.
Sugar Female Poisonous Pythons 7th Yodelayhee...Who? She was automatically eliminated for doing the worst in the challenge.
Samey Female Venomous Vipers 6th Yodelayhee...Who? She was considered a huge threat by an alliance; lost the tiebreaker against Scott.
Katie Female Poisonous Pythons 5th The 5 Not So Lucky Horse Riders She wasn't part of the guy's alliance and was viewed as a threat.
Cody Male Venomous Vipers 4th Aftermath: The Unlimited Sky won the aftermath challenge, and eliminated him for betraying her.
Lindsay Female Venomous Vipers 3rd The Final Finalé Lost the tiebreaker against Scott.
Scott Male Poisonous Pythons 2nd The Final Finalé He lost the final challenge against Duncan resulting in becoming the runner up.
Duncan Male Venomous Vipers 1st The Final Finalé Won the final challenge against Scott.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

Total Drama Around the World eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Mike Male Underdog Unicorns 16th Let's Have a World Tour! Everyone got annoyed by him and Anne Maria had convinced everyone to vote for him.
Izzy Female Underdog Unicorns 15th The Great Chinese Race She did not participate at all in the challenge, so the team decided to get rid of her.
Staci Female Underdog Unicorns 14th Egyptian Torture The winners of the challenge was given the choice to eliminate a member of the losing team, and they chose Staci, seeing her as a threat on her team as she did good in the challenge, jeopardizing the other team's winning streak.
Eva Female Outstanding Olympians Returns Korean Pop Quizzing Sadie had convinced Alejandro and Zoey to vote her off due to their conflict.
Brick Male Destroying Dragons 13th Icey Antarctica He tied in votes with Trent, so the others re-voted and eliminated him.
Harold Male Outstanding Olympians 12th Jamaica Man! Alejandro and Sadie saw him as a threat and didn't want him to find out that they were evil.
Trent Male Destroying Dragons 11th Indian Dance Trent went too far with complimenting Chris, and they voted him off because he is not a friend to any of them and lost them challenge.
Sadie Female Outstanding Olympians 10th Australian Rivals The winners of each boxing round got to vote off someone from the losing team, and they voted off Sadie due to being a huge threat.
Zoey Female Outstanding Olympians 9th Aloha, Merge! Her performance in the previous episode still creeped everyone out, she had no allies, and her argument with Anne Maria showed a different side of her.
Bridgette Female Destroying Dragons 8th African Safari Alejandro convinced everyone to eliminate her due to their conflict.
Eva Female Outstanding Olympians 7th London the Ripper Due to not being in any alliances, people decided to eliminate her.
Alejandro Male Outstanding Olympians 6th London the Ripper People saw him as a huge threat after eliminating Bridgette.
Lightning Male Underdog Unicorns 5th Grand Slam, Home-Run, Hit, Strike, Foul and You're Out His mother bought Chris out with a bunch of money so he can be home to be scolded for his behavior.
Geoff Male Destroying Dragons 4th The Big Apple Anne Maria won the challenge, and had the power to automatically eliminate someone, which she chose Geoff (who was the biggest target since the merge started).
Anne Maria Female Underdog Unicorns 3rd French Talent Contest She volunteered to quit, but Chris refused to let her quit, so she was forced to be in a tiebreaker with Amy (the person who would have been sent home), but lost the tiebreaker.
Beth Female Underdog Unicorns 2nd Gladiatorial Finale! She lost the final challenge against Amy.
Amy Female Destroying Dragons 1st Gladiatorial Finale! She won the final challenge against Beth.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

Total Drama Toxic Brawl eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Beardo Male Mutant Laser Squirrels 24th A Radioactive Beginning Scott convinced everyone to vote for him because of his annoying sound effects.
Cody Male Mutant Laser Squirrels 23rd Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens The team thought of him weak, and he also cost them the challenge.
Jasmine Female Toxic Sharks 22nd Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder Sadie, Alejandro and Tyler's alliance voted her off for being a threat.
Courtney Female Mutant Laser Squirrels 21st Toxic Battle of...Doom! She didn't participate in the challenge which lead everyone to vote her off.
Dawn Female Toxic Sharks 20th En-Toxicating Sadie, Alejandro and Tyler's alliance conviced the team voted her off after she was viewed as treat, losing the challenge for her team and also for her break-up with Noah giving a negative feeling to her teammates.
Duncan Male Mutant Laser Squirrels 19th Mutant Kingdom Scarlett tricked Amy into telling Samey that Duncan was using her to get farther into the challenge, causing the team to vote Duncan out.
Amy Female Mutant Laser Squirrels 18th Down, Down In My Awful Mine Scarlett used Samey's conflict with Amy and her alliance to vote Amy out for being a threat.
Shawn Male Toxic Sharks 17th En-Toxicating Sadie, Alejandro and Tyler's alliance voted him off for being useless on the team.
Lindsay Female Toxic Sharks 16th Fun Zone 3.0 Sadie, Alejandro and Tyler's alliance convinced the team vote her off after she was viewed as threat, as well as voting off Tyler in the previous episode, causing Tyler to look at Lindsay as a distraction.
Samey Female Mutant Laser Squirrels 15th Mutant See, Mutant Do Alejandro uses his Immunity Idol after he was eliminated, making the person with the second highest amount of votes to be eliminated, being Samey.
Dave Male Toxic Sharks 14th Mutant See, Mutant Do Sadie campaigned to her teammates to vote off Dave, due to their conflict.
Tyler Male Toxic Sharks 13th Samey-Bot's Revenge The remaining campers besides Alejandro and Sadie thought he was huge threat. Femme Fatale's first target at the merge.
Scott Male Toxic Sharks 12th The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate The girls alliance Femme Fatale eliminated him because Jo convinced them he was a threat because he was a previous finalist. He also had conflicts with many of them, including people such as Jo, Scarlett, and Eva.
Alejandro Male Mutant Laser Squirrels 11th The Toxic Treasure of Awkanawaw The all girls alliance, Femme Fatale, voted him off because they saw him as the leader of the opposition to their alliance.
Owen Male Toxic Sharks 10th 2014: A Toxic Owen He quit after seeing all the drama spiraled out throughout the season.
Eva Female Mutant Laser Squirrels 9th I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Plant She betrayed her alliance with Jo and Scarlett so they exacted revenge and voted her off.
Sadie Female Toxic Sharks 8th Chris & Stitch She received the lowest score with her animal in the talent contest, automatically eliminating her.
Noah Male Toxic Sharks 7th The Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind Scarlett convinced her alliance to eliminate him in revenge for him flipping to the outside of Femme Fatale and almost succeeding in eliminating her.
Brick Male Mutant Laser Squirrels 6th Broken Barrels, Broken Bonds Scarlett and Staci chose to eliminate him because Scarlett felt he was no longer of use and distracting Jo.
Beth Female Mutant Laser Squirrels 5th Monster Falls She was automatically eliminated because didn't answer the trivia question before Lightning.
Jo Female Mutant Laser Squirrels 4th Sleepless in Awkwanawaw Jo was chosen by Scarlett to be eliminated mainly because she was injured and was seen as the biggest remaining threat by Scarlett.
Scarlett Female Mutant Laser Squirrels 3rd There's No Crying in War Scarlett was eliminated by Staci as revenge for using her and the others throughout the competition.
Lightning Male Mutant Laser Squirrels 2nd Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize Staci guessed the correct number in the final portion of the challenge resulting in him earning being the runner up.
Staci Female Toxic Sharks 1st Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize Staci guessed the correct number in the final portion of the challenge resulting in her winning.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Noah Male Team Brains 18th Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty Scarlett campaigned to vote him off and he was also weak in the previous challenge.
Duncan Male Team Brawns 17th The Returning Record Holders Sky disliked him and his performance at the challenge, so she convinced the team to vote him out.
Beth Female Team Brains 16th The Rake-age Scarlett tried to get the weight off her shoulders by putting Beth charge of a challenge, her gambit succeeding.
Cody Male Team Brains 15th Brawn Within a Beauty Alejandro and Anne Maria threw the challenge, since he has a vendetta against Cody, and Anne Maria did not want her friends to ally with Cody instead of her. Anne Maria used her idol, vetoing the 4 votes against her, eliminating Cody.
Amy Female Team Beauty 14th Thoughts 'N Dumb-Dumbs She lost the tiebreaker against Lindsay.
Lindsay Female Team Beauty 13th Contestants Meet Insanity Alejandro convinced Samey to vote against her for payback from the previous season.
Scott Male Team Brawns 12th Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater Sadie informed Chris that he had cheated during the challenge so Chris disqualified him.
Scarlett Female Team Brains 11th You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat! At the revote between her and Lightning, Cameron and Samey banded together in voting against Scarlett, blindsiding her for her bullying of Cameron and attempt at manipulating Samey.
Anne Maria Female Team Beauty 10th Blood's Downpour Sadie told her alliance to vote out Anne Maria because she was suspicious of her plotting against her.
Lightning Male Team Brawns 9th Greet It and Weep Heather convinced everyone to vote him off, due to being very annoying and being a threat during the challenges.
Katie Female Team Brawns 8th They're Jumping Around Like Kangaroos Heather manipulates a few contestants into believing that Katie is a horrible person, and convinces them into voting her off at the elimination ceremony.
Cameron Male Team Brains 7th Go Big or Go Home Tyler won the challenge and had to nominate two contestants to be in the bottom two which ended up being Cameron, for being a huge threat in the challenges, and Heather for the way she treats people. Heather manipulates Tyler and some other contestants to vote off Cameron. The vote ended in a tie, which led to a tie-breaker. Heather ultimately wins the tie-breaker, sending Cameron home.
Tyler Male Team Brawns 6th A Slippery Little Sucker Heather manipulated the others into voting him out because she was threatened by his likability and strength in challenges.
Sadie Female Team Beauty 5th Losers in Paradise Samey, seeing her as a threat at the final elimination ceremony with the jurors, used her sole vote from the eliminated contestants to eliminate her.
Alejandro Male Team Beauty 4th Do You Think You Can Drama? He didn't compete in a dare and was automatically eliminated.
Sky Female Team Brawns 3rd Opposites The Way Samey, winning the chance to eliminate another contestant, chose Sky because she had already made the finale and hadn't gained any enemies on the jury.
Heather Female Team Brains 2nd It Is My Time She received three of the seven jury votes resulting in her becoming the runner up of the season.
Samey Female Team Beauty 1st It Is My Time She received four of the seven jury votes resulting in her becoming the winner of the season.

Total Drama Back in ActionEdit

Contestant Gender Rank Team Episode Reason for elimination
Sierra Female 18th Discordful Directorsth Lights, Camera, Action Seen as annoying on her team, and she did not help much during the challenge. She also lost the tie-breaker against Izzy, after they tied in number of votes.
Izzy Female 17th Discordful Directorsth School of Hard Rocks Seen as annoying on the team, and she cost the challenge with her horrible act.
Shawn Male 16th Discordful Directorsth Raiders of the Lost Dork The team deemed him useless and unanimously voted him out.
Beardo Male 15th Cutthroat Castmatesth Silence of the Contestants He annoyed everyone and Justin planted the seed of eliminating him to the team.
Owen Male 14th Cutthroat Castmatesth Could This Be Mutiny? He was deemed useless for barely contributing in the challenge.
Dakota Female 13th Discordful Directorsth Lord of the Flings With no allies and being considered as the outsider, she was voted out.
Jasmine Female 12th Cutthroat Castmatesth The Sound of Drama She was considered a threat by Blaineley mainly because of physical ability, being the last original post mutiny Discordful Director, and her dislike of her.
Courtney Female 11th 7th Canadian Gladiators She was heavily disliked by her team and lost the challenge for them.
Dawn Female 10th Discordful Directorsth Dead Man Walking Deeming her as a major threat in the game, the Fab 3 managed to gain enough votes to blindside her.
Max Male Cutthroat Castmatesth Discordful Directorsrd Loose Lips Loose Hearts Annoyed with his wannabe evil antics, the Fab 3 managed to convince DJ, Gwen, and Sam to join them and eliminated him in a 6-1-1-1 vote.
DJ Male 8th Cutthroat Castmatesth Orange is the New Safety Most of the remaining competitors were feared by him and his friendship with Sam was threatening.
Rodney Male 7th Discordful Directorsnd Alarming The Champions He was the last original member left that wasn't apart of the Castmates alliance.
Justin Male 6th Cutthroat Castmatesth The Triathl-Amazing Race He was blindsided in a 2-0 vote after Leshawna used the hidden immunity idol on Harold.
Sam Male 5th Cutthroat Castmatesth Back to the Present Leshawna wanted him out because of him and Harold forming a tight bond and she felt he was a threat in a popularity vote, Blaineley sided with her and eliminated him.
Harold Male 4th Cutthroat Castmatesrd The Aftermath X Gwen won the vote from the losers of the season 6-2-2-2, and decided on the spot to eliminate Harold because she felt she needed to seperate him and Leshawna or else she would be in danger of being voted off.
Blaineley Female 3rd Cutthroat Castmatesnd Cut to the Case Her score after her performance in the final challenge was lower than Leshawna and Gwen's, partly because Julie felt she was trying to manipulate the audience with her reveal about her baby.
Gwen Female 2nd Discordful Directorsst Cut to the Case Gwen received less votes than Leshawna to win.
Leshawna Female 1st Cutthroat Castmatesst Cut to the Case She received more votes than Gwen to win.