I was only trying to help!
— Ella
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Poisonous Pythons
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDWW: The Wild Bunch of Losers
Place TDWW: 13th/14th
Friends Ezekiel, Katie and Sierra
Relationship Dave (one-sided on her side)
Enemies Sugar (one-sided on Sugar's side)
Voiced by Sunday Muse
Roleplayer TDWT: Planes Trains and Hot Air Mobiles (Season 2)

Totaldramalego (Season 9)

Ella, labeled The Fairytale Princess, was a contestant on Total Drama Wild West, as a member of the Poisonous Pythons.


Ella is a songbird with a personality as angelic as her singing voice. She is highly enthusiastic and enjoys expressing her emotions through music and dance. She reveals in her audition tape that she got herself banned from her local mall for singing the season's musical numbers. Her voice is hypnotic to the fauna of Pahkitew Island; they love her and she loves them right back. It seems the only thing that could make her anything other than happy is mistreatment of her animal friends or being rejected. Ella also has her head permanently up in the clouds, as she is oblivious to the other contestants' annoyance of her incessant singing, though most of them hold nothing against her as a person. She is nearly constantly in a great mood and is open to doing whatever it takes to cheer somebody up.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit

Ella was very eager this episode to meet her fellow teammates as they were introduced to the island. She then accompanies them in the challenge to race through the desert picking up useful ideas for their team. Like the rest of her team, Ella so cheering on Scott. During the challenge, Ella notices the forming conflict of Dave and Jo, and is shocked when Dave goes as far as throwing a knife at Jo. Ella then rushes to her and asks her if she's OK. Ella is very happy that Scott took charge as the leader, and won their team the victory.

Dancing With CowboysEdit

in this episode Ella was more than happy that the challenge was a signing one, which Chris acknowledged and told Duncan to lighten up, and be more like her. As she was singing the whole episode, it was found to some convenience as Ella was giving lyrics to her teammates to sing, thus giving the Poisonous Pythons an advantage.  However, when it was Courtney's turn next, Ella wasn't able to give her the lyrics fast enough, Ultimately leading to their teams loss, which made Ella said because she wasn't able to sign herself. A combination of these things soon followed with Courtney's elimination.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit

During this challenge, Ella was mostly a spectator, and was also not able to be apart of the challenge. As Ella was cheering on the rest of her teammates, Katie kept asking her if they were friends, however Ella didn't respond because she felt threatened to admit anything. 

Western Tough for the Polocrossie Edit

During this challenge Ella was mostly silent, she congratulates Ezekiel when he's able to return to the game, later she spectates the challenge as she feels scared to disappoint their teammates, when they won she congratulates the Pythons. Later in the elimination ceremony she shows her surprise at Tyler's elimination and the Samey-Bot revelation, but she stays away from the drama after this events.

The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous Edit

Ella was mostly silent the whole episode due to the last episode events. When they lose the challenge she votes for Sierra after the last lazy performance in the game.

The Wild Bunch of Losers Edit

After she had a poorly performance in all the episodes and her constant singing Ella found herself threatened, due to this she starts to bond with Ezekiel and her teammates. She doesn't takes part in the challenge and the Pythons lose again. In the elimination ceremony is revealed to be a double elimination, she votes for Ezekiel but due to a tie in the votes she ends up eliminated with Ezekiel, ending her fairytale history in the show.

Voting HistoryEdit

Ella's Voting History
Episode Ella's
Voted Against
1 Poisonous Pythons Immune
2 Courtney -
3 Ezekiel -
4 Poisonous Pythons Immune
5 Sierra -
6 Ezekiel Ezekiel, Jo,
Voted Off, Day 18






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