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Courtney, being an extremely demanding contestant, does not get off on the right foot with everyone in the game.

While her behavior tends to vary by season, the two things that never change about Courtney are her obsession with winning and overall aggressiveness. Several times, she has shown to value the prize money over her friends, as well as the lives of the other contestants. In her earliest days on the show, she is ultimately focused on her team winning at all costs, though the rest of the team becomes visibly annoyed by her constantly bossing them around. They are also similarly annoyed by her costing them certain challenges, which they perceive as hypocrisy on her part. The settlement of her lawsuit allows her to stay in contact with her lawyers at all times, and she often threatens to call them should something not go her way.


In Egyptian Torture, after Alejandro gains the first point for his team, other contestants started to argue that it wasn't Tyler, and Courtney told everyone to shut up, and said that Alejandro was correct. In the next question, Alejandro answers wrong, and Courtney shouted at Alejandro that he was wrong.

In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, after the first round in the challenge, Chris asks who didn't answer. Alejandro answers that Owen, Courtney, Dawn and Scarlett didn't answer. Causing them to be eliminated from the challenge. When Samey's team lost the challenge, Alejandro asks the team who they are voting off. Samey sighs and says Courtney. This surprises Alejandro, and he tells her in a sarcastic voice that getting rid of Courtney is a great idea. Samey then tells Alejandro that she really does not care if she is strong, and says that she is annoying and should be eliminated next.

In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Courtney tells Alejandro to hurry up when it's his turn to chop a rope. 

Anne MariaEdit

In Egyptian Torture, when they go to Egypt, Anne Maria refuses to jump out of the plane, only for Chef Hatchet to push her out, causing her to fall on Courtney. She soon engages into a fight with Courtney, only for Lightning to pull her off.


In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Courtney shoots Beth, although they are on the same team. Beth then tells Courtney that they are on the same team, but Courtney says it was fun shooting her, even though he apologized. Courtney then says that she got in the way, and that she warned her about trying to "catch" the paintball. 

In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Beth defends Lindsay and tells Courtney that she was right that nobody likes her. When Courtney asks why she isn't in the next season, and Beth tells her it's because she was out early. Courtney then tells her to shut up and that she will not concede. 


In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, Brick tells Courtney to ignore Chris and Chef and keep eating. In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Brick asks Samey if she is sure about voting off Courtney, and she is. 

In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Brick says that Courtney can be bossy at times, and says that he isn't as bossy as her. 



Courtney bosses Cameron around.

Cameron and Courtney start off with a friendship but eventually devolve into a conflict. Cameron thinks that Courtney should stop her bossy ways, but, nonetheless, they don't hate each other and support each other in the first few challenges as Courtney notes in the confessional that she values Cameron's intelligent input, saying that he seems of great value to the Beaver team. They start getting closer to each other after their team wins their first challenge in Volleybrawl as Courtney appreciated Cameron's strategy for the team.

They later have a conflict on All Aboard The Cuckoo Train and Topple on The Luck Players due to Courtney thinking Cameron is a weakling in these kinds of challenges. Later this makes Cameron mad and he shows to his team that he also deserves to be there winning by himself the team challenge in Relay Feelings Speed Fast. In the confessional, Cameron thanks Courtney for being such a cruel teammate as it pushed him to win the challenge. Courtney also seems to appreciate Cameron again, but mentions that once the teams merge, he's going down in The Super Wi-Fi Spies.


Courtney talks about how she values Cameron's strength in the challenges.

They truly become a conflict in Puzzle Riot, where the contestants are to caption a picture of Cameron's mom, he sobs in reaction to the other player's mean comments. Unlike his fellow contestants, Courtney doesn't seem too concerned, and laughs when she says that if his mom is worth making fun of, then he looks just like her.

He voted her off in Korean Teaching And Learning, even saying that he really wasn't sorry for voting for her. Due to her friendship with Sky, and conflict with Cameron, Courtney votes Sky to win over him in Totally Dramatic Finale!

Chef HatchetEdit

In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, Courtney notices Chris and Chef laughing at her while eating and she tells them to stop laughing and calls them jerks. 

Chris McLeanEdit

In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Chris announces that Courtney is safe with only one vote, and he whispers under his breath "sadly". Courtney hears him and tells him to shut up. In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, Courtney notices Chris and Chef laughing at her while eating and she tells them to stop laughing and calls them jerks.



Cody happily votes off Courtney in Korean Teaching or Learning.

In Trials and Triva-lations, both Cody and Courtney join in the Killer Beavers Alliance, and agree on voting off Dave, after they lost the challenge. In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, both Cody and Courtney are seen giving support to each other in the challenge. Once again their alliance agrees on voting off Leshawna due to her inactivity in the challenges.

Cody felt bad for voting off Leshanwa, while Courtney tells Cody to suck it up in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train. When Courtney starts to insult people on the opposite team, Cody starts to get mad at her. After they won the challenge, Cody starts to go through the candy violently, making Courtney disgusted by Cody.

In Puzzle Riot, when Courtney starts to insult both Cameron and Cameron's mum, Cody starts to really get frustrated at Courtney, and finally starts to demand Courtney to stop. They start to argue, but was later cut off by the next challenge. Cody happily votes off Courtney in Korean Teaching or Learning. In Dancing With Cowboys, Cody is quite happy when Courtney was deemed to be eliminated in Total Drama Wild West.

In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Cody and Courtney end up in the bottom two, but Courtney screams in happiness when she is called safe and that Cody is going home.


Like the rest of her team, Courtney has a mutual conflict with Dave in Trials and Triva-lations. She doesn't like the many alliances he forms openly in front of everyone. And due to both of them having a critical attitude of others, their personalities clashed very much, leaving Courtney with no problem with voting Dave off.

In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Courtney shoots Dave in the challenge, and he becomes upset. 


Dawn and Courtney are pretty much enemies. Courtney insults Dawn by calling her creepy upon arrival. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Courtney was watching the elimination of the Screaming Ducks and was happy to see Dawn go unlike other contestants.



Courtney locking Duncan up in the challenge.

Courtney and Duncan have many interactions, but it's unknown whether they are friends or enemies due to past seasons. Duncan and Courtney start off on surprisingly good terms, but Courtney gets increasingly jealous of Duncan and Sky's interactions. This drives her to the breaking point and she takes her eye off of the game and only focuses on breaking the duo up. This is what ultimately caused her downfall, when she asked the wrong person, Tyler, to help her with her task.

In Trials and Triva-lations, Duncan, Courtney, and Scott briefly argue over who should be team captain before reluctantly sharing the position. Duncan and Courtney seem to be in ok standing at the beginning of the season, continuing the love hate relationship of previous seasons. In this season, most of the love AND the hate is coming from Courtney. Both Duncan and Courtney complain when Chef threatens to bring Fang out, but Duncan gets annoyed when Courtney threatens to call her lawyers. Both contestants agree to vote out Dave when their team loses this challenge.

In Volleybrawl, Courtney scolds her team for losing the previous challenge, causing Duncan to glare at her in response. Duncan wins his challenge, and he is surprisingly cheered for by Courtney. Courtney also wins her challenge, and Duncan is happy with her for once. When the team wins, both can be seen cheering together with the rest of their teammates. They also both agree that of all of the contestants on the other team, Samey was the one who deserved to go home.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Duncan loses his part of the challenge but is encouraged by Courtney. When it is Courtney's turn, Duncan tells her that she better win, and when she does, she makes a snarky comment towards him in response. Later on when Duncan is being brought to juvy, Courtney begs him not to go, but he states that he has to. During the elimination ceremony, Duncan gets her to vote for LeShawna, which she does. When LeShawna ends up going home, Courtney says goodbye, but Duncan doesn't seem to care that she's leaving.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Both seem concerned when it seems like the other one is murdered, but they all cheer for their team in the end once they all win. Many players on the opposing team are angry when Dawn decides to kill Duncan instead of Courtney, who is disliked by the Ducks. This may have been one of the reasons for Dawn's elimination in this episode. Both share the movie reward with the rest of their team after the challenge is completed.

In Topple on the Luck Players, Courtney does not answer any questions or even attempt to, which irritates Duncan. Courtney is very jealous of a Sky when Duncan argues that she should've gotten a point, she is thrown into a jealous rage. Later on, even though Scott got a point and Courtney did not, Duncan gets Courtney to vote Scott off with him. When Scott is eliminated, Duncan agrees to vote Courtney off next if the Killer Beavers lose another challenge.

In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Both Duncan and Courtney are happy to see Cameron is back from the infirmary. During the challenge, both watch as Cameron blows everyone away in the challenge, and he wins it for them. Courtney's jealousy for Sky grows every time Duncan talks to her. They are both happy when Cameron wins the challenge for them, and they lift him up on their shoulders and congratulate him on single-handedly winning it.

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Duncan and Courtney find out that they have both made the merge, and are very happy. During the challenge, neither get a point, but Sky was unfairly robbed of a point, and when Duncan argues that she should've gotten it, Courtney gets filled with jealous rage. During the elimination ceremony, Duncan is in the bottom two, and the last one called safe. When this happens, Sky hugs Duncan, which pushes Courtney past the breaking point. She asks Tyler if he will help her with something, to which he replies with an enthusiastic yes. She then proceeds to try to convince him to break up his two best friends, Duncan and Sky. Tyler is very hesitant, and resists Courtney's attempts to get him to help, but eventually says he'll help as a strategic move.

In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, Courtney forces Duncan into his bowl of food in the challenge and yells at him to eat it. After Courtney sarcastically tells Samey she did a good job, Duncan tells Courtney not to talk to his friend like that.

In In Chris We Trust, Duncan jokingly tells Courtney that she still wants him, and Courtney tells him she doesn't. Duncan then says he cannot believe he dated "that", referring to Courtney, and tells Samey that she is way better and proceeds to kiss her. 


Like their other teammates, Ella seems to have a mutual conflict with Courtney. As Ella does become dissatisfied with Courtney's demands to lead the group. In Dancing With Cowboys, Ella is ordered by Scott to assist Courtney on making up lyrics for the challenge. In Courtney's misfortune Ella is able to give her the lyrics, but Courtney simply runs out of time to sing it, costing the Poisonous Pythons the game. As their team is furious with Courtney for losing the challenge, Courtney pleads that it was Ella's fault for not giving her the lyrics on time. For this, Ella then votes Courtney off with several others, and Courtney gets eliminated.


In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Eva yells at Courtney that she shot someone on her team. 


In Trials and Triva-lations, Courtney doesn't appreciate Fang injuring their team any chance he gets and yells at him when he performs extra harsh actions on Scott.


Gwen and Courtney aren't the best of friends due to past seasons. They have minimal interaction at first due to being on different teams, but once the teams merge they start interacting more. In Volleybrawl, after Cameron won the point over Gwen, Courtney couldn't help but laugh, however, she tires not to. Gwen then glares at Courtney and yells at her to shut up. This causes Courtney to stop and look away.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, before the challenge, Courtney approaches Gwen and waves at her, this causes Gwen to roll her eyes and walk off. Gwen then states in the confessional, that she is tired of Courtney's "fake" personality, and that she will never fall for her friemdship again, after what she did last time. Courtney then states in the confessional that she really is sorry about what had happened in Total Drama All Stars, and that she really wants to be friends with Gwen again. When Courtney starts insulting Dawn, Gwen glares at her and Scott.

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, since the cast have merged, Courtney and Sky have to move to Gwen, Heather and Lindsays cabin. In the other cabin, Courtney sighs, and tells Sky that Gwen hates her, which Sky tells Courtney that she should do something about that then, and try and fix your friendship.


Courtney and Gwen arguing.

In Puzzle Riot, after Sky spends her first night in the girl's cabin, she awakens to Courtney and Gwen arguing with each other over beds. Courtney states in the confessional that if she's going down, she's taking Gwen with her. Gwen comforts Cameron after Courtney insults him and his mother, and Gwen once again yells at Courtney to stop.

In Korean Teaching or Learning, Sky must suffer through the remaining female players, Gwen and Courtney, arguing again, this time over how Courtney treated Cameron in the previous episode. Courtney wants Gwen to be gone as soon as possible. As karma for her boastfulness and arrogance, both Courtney and Gwen did horribly in the challenge. At the Korean Dinner, Cameron, Noah and Tyler discuss who they think should go home. They decide on Gwen because she was carried all the way to the final eight, and that she doesn't deserve a higher place and Courtney as she is starting to become a tough player, and is very negative all over the place. At the elimination ceremony, their plan works, and Courtney and Gwen are eliminated together. As they ride of on the Boat of Losers, they are still seen arguing.

In Lights, Camera, Action, when Gwen arrives to the new season, Courtney is waiting there, and is seen in disgust when she see's Gwen. Gwen then glares at Courtney and asks her if she wasn't trying to be nice to her a few seasons ago, which makes Courtney say "oh right". Courtney then asks Gwen whats up. Gwen replies saying that she had called her "ew" and other then that, nothing much. When Gwen is placed on Courtney's team, she tells Chris that that is the most evil thing he could do to her. In the confessional, Blaineley states that she needs to create more conflict between her team, and states that Courtney and Gwen would make for some great catfights. When Gwen see's Justin flirt with Courtney, Gwen gags in the background at the sight. In the hotel, Courtney approaches Gwen and asks if the challenge will be tonight or tomorrow. But before Gwen could answer Chris answers by telling everyone that they should get some sleep for tomorrow.

In Raiders of the Lost Dork, when Blaineley and Courtney start fighting in the hotel, Gwen walks out, and states in the confessional that if you put Blaineley and Courtney into one room, that must end in a disaster, and that she does not want to be apart of it.



Heather and Scott hear that Sugar betrayed the alliance.

They have barely any interaction due to being on different teams, and Heather seeming more silent, but it's obvious that they still have the major conflict they've always had.

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Heather demands Courtney and Gwen shut up with their ongoing arguing. Courtney votes Heather off in this episode, not seeming to miss her once she's eliminated.

However, Heather is one of the few teammates to not vote for Courtney in Dancing With Cowboys, due to her alliance with people such as her, Scott, and Sugar, and because of her higher dislike of Ezekiel.


In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Jasmine shoots Courtney in the challenge, making her scream. Courtney then yells at Jasmine that she is going to pay.

In In Chris We Trust, the final trivia round is between Courtney and Jasmine, and Courtney tells Jasmine that she is going down. When Courtney answers, she thinks she has beat Jasmine, but gets extremely mad when Jasmine does. Jasmine then rubs her victory in Courtney's face and calls her a "Critically Insane Turkey". 


In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Jo votes off Courtney, successfully eliminating her in the process. In En-Toxicating, Jo tells them to calm down when they rant about Courtney and tells them to just vote off the next weak girl the next time they lose.

In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Courtney's eyes widen after she sees Jo kiss Scott, and tells her to get off of him. They then get in a fight, and Courtney calls her a "mangirl". They continue fighting, calling each other names. 


Courtney and Lindsay seem to have a minor conflict, but hasn't interacted quite enough to get to know each other, but in The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Courtney is shocked when Lindsay wins the challenge. In Puzzle Riot, Courtney is quite happy when Lindsay was deemed to be eliminated.

In Dancing With Cowboys, Lindsay is quite happy when Courtney is eliminated, but thought that Ezekiel should have gone home instead.

In Red Dead Mergiton, Courtney tells Tyler, that she thinks Cody and Lindsay will do the worse in the challenge. When it was Cody and Lindsay's turn, Cody started to attack Lindsay, in which Courtney rooted for Cody to continue beating her up. Lindsay started to attack Cody back, which Courtney was happy that they were attacking each other. Cody and Lindsay inform both Courtney and Tyler that the attacking is fake, which made Courtney disappointed. At the end of the performance Courtney gave the pair a 6/10, saying that she would of loved more attacking and violence.

In In Chris We Trust, after Lindsay accidentally says a different word, Courtney yells at her to shut up and that everything she says is dumb. Lindsay then fights back and tells Courtney that no one likes her, which makes Courtney angry. Courtney is so mad that she even tackles Lindsay and both fall into the pool. Courtney gets out of the pool and hopes that "Barbie" will think twice before insulting her. When the trivia challenge is announced, Courtney angrily tells Lindsay to not take the reward from her, which makes Lindsay blow a raspberry at her, and Courtney glares back. After the first question, Courtney and Lindsay both get it correct, and Courtney says that she will win against Lindsay. Courtney thinks Lindsay is out in the next round, but Eva is announced to be out, and Courtney is confused since she thinks Lindsay barely survived the round. When Lindsay is out next, Courtney rubs it in Lindsay's face. Lindsay says that she doesn't know who Courtney would choose if she won the challenge. When Lindsay cheers for Jasmine when she wins, Courtney angrily tells her to shut up and punches her, causing Lindsay to gasp. 

In Sleepless in Awkwanawaw, Lindsay asks Chris what he will do with them, but Courntey just yells at Lindsay that nobody cares about her. 

In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Lindsay tells Courtney that nobody likes her, so Courtney becomes angry and starts putting her hair in a tie along with tackling her. Lindsay soon screams out about her hair. 



Courtney and Lightning join in an alliance together.

In A Radioactive Beginning, Courtney glares at Lightning in irritance when he kisses his muscles. Lightning and Courtney are at the elimination ceremony, and Lightning asks her if she has any alliances, and she replies with a no. She asks him the same thing, and he replies the same. He asks her for an alliance, which she agrees to, though she calls him a sucker in her confessional, insulting his intelligence and merely wanting to use him.

Lightning is told in the next episode that Courtney is not one to be trusted, and that she will stab him in his back by Scott, causing his trust for her to decline. He still nonetheless goes to her to ask her who to vote off.

She is his personal cheerleader as he progresses through the challenge in Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder. She is voted off in Toxic Battle of...Doom!, and gets upset at him, since she thinks he voted her off, and reveals that she voted him off, but he is still a bit saddened that she left, and regrets that their alliance was not big enough to keep her. 

In the next morning of En-Toxicating, Lightning curses at Courtney for getting mad at him the previous night, because she voted for him, and he didn't.

In Mutant Kingdom, Lightning calls Duncan "Sha-Dumb", while telling him that he's cheated twice on Total Drama, referring to the time he cheated on Courtney with Gwen. After Duncan realizes he's been focusing on girls too much, Lightning tells him Courtney would laugh if she saw him.

In In Chris We Trust, Courtney says that she has no problems with Lightning, after Chris asks what everyone thinks of him. Shawn asks her if she had an alliance with Lightning, which she awkwardly admits to. In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, At the finale, Courtney decides to root for Lightning since he was apart of her alliance and that he was one of the few people that didn't vote her off. She tells him later on that there are only two more challenges left for him to win. 

In Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater, After Scott puts nails in Lightning's feet in the boxing challenge, Lightning screams in pain and tells him "No wonder why that C.I.T.C.H Courtney left you twice!".


They have barely any interaction due to Leshawna being silent, although because they're on the same team, although it's implied that they still have their minor conflict present. Courtney demands that Leshawna stop being such a lazy teammate and easily votes her off along with others in Starting Off on Humble Beginnings.


Noah can't stand Courtney due to her bossy attitude and anger issues. But he doesn't have to deal with this too much for the first few episodes of Season 1 because of them both being on different teams. When Courtney starts to mock Dawn a bit too much, Noah holds a huge grudge against her and he's always ready to return all of Courtney's nastiness to her by using all his irony and sarcasm. This causes an acid conflict between the two.

Noah never stops a single minute to root against her since All Aboard the Cuckoo Train. In Puzzle Riot, he's just as bad at everyone else is when she insults Cameron, telling her to shut up. He stops at nothing to get rid of her. In fact, he actually manages to convince almost everyone to nominate her in Korean Teaching or Learning and succeeded with ease.

In Dancing With Cowboys, Noah beats Courtney in a country music ballad challenge, causing her team to lose and eliminate her. In the Confessional Noah admits all his satisfaction to have been finally avenged Dawn's memory onto whom the C.I.T. had spread only mud during the first season. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie Noah was pleasured to see Ezekiel returning in her place after a tiebreaker.

In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Courtney glares at Noah for shooting Scott in the challenge. Noah then pushes Tyler making him knock into Courtney. Courtney then pushes Tyler against Noah and tells them that they will never stop fighting and that they suck equally. In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Noah fare-wells to Courtney. In In Chris We Trust, when Noah sees Courtney throwing chairs after she lost, he yells at her to throw one at Scott. 

Samey Edit

In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, Samey calls out to Courtney to stop forcing Duncan to eat the food. When Courtney notices that Samey is out of the challenge, she yells at Samey and sarcastically tells her "nice going". In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Samey says she wants to get Courtney out because she didn't talk in the episode. Samey then says it's obvious who is going home when Courtney and Scarlett are in the bottom two. 

Samey-Bot Edit

In Dancing With Cowboys, Samey-Bot (disguised as Samey) is shocked and confused when Courtney is eliminated.


Scarlett and Courtney possibly don't get along despite being on different teams. They argue with each other over which teams have the best chances in Volleybrawl.



In the end of the episode, Scott causes the elimination of Courtney.

Courtney and Scott were previously in a relationship in Total Drama All Stars before breaking up with each other due to Courtney betraying Scott in that season. Due to this, the two have had very mixed interactions, before eventually devolving into a one-sided conflict. Because of them both being placed on the Killer Beavers, the two have had many interactions throughout Season 1. They have also been placed on the same team in Season 2, having more interactions with each other. Because of Courtney betraying Scott twice now, she has helplessly tried patching things up with him, but to no avail, causing it to develop into a very one-sided conflict. However, deep down, Scott may be trying to accept Courtney after her many apologies, mostly apparent in her early elimination in her second season.

They're placed on the same team once again in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, once again showing Scott's one-sided conflict with Courtney. Courtney often tries to make things up with Scott by being nice, but her personality clashes with this, causing her to blurt out things she doesn't mean to her. He usually ignores her in situations like this, being somewhat sick of her. Courtney attempts to form another alliance with Scott, but knowing that he'll turn her down face-to-face, sends Lightning to convince him. He declines thanks to her past performances against him, even giving his enemy some advice on how to mess with her mind. As revenge for her previously eliminating him, Scott votes Courtney off in Toxic Battle of...Doom! making her feel saddened by such an action.


In In Chris We Trust, Shawn asks Courtney if she and Lightning had an alliance, which she admits to. 


In Trials and Triva-lations, Courtney and Sky both cheer each other on after scoring points. Sky convinces Courtney to vote off Dave at elimination due to Dave's constant annoyance and attempts to get Cameron out. In Volleybrawl, Courtney scores a point in the challenge, causing her team to congratulate her, including Sky.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Sky wins her portion of the challenge against Noah, causing Courtney and the others to cheer her on while in awe at her speed. However, Courtney loses her section of the challenge. Courtney is very disappointed, but Sky secretly tells her that she won't be going home if the Beavers lose. Courtney and Sky agree with each other to eliminate Leshawna.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Courtney and Sky are both ready to win the upcoming challenge. They both realize that they are at a number disadvantage, so they know they have to step up their game. Sky scores a point for the Beavers. This is met by cheering from Courtney and the others.

In Topple on the Luck Players, Courtney and Sky wake up and talk about who should be eliminated next. Courtney suggests Cameron, but Sky doesn't think too much about it because she knows Courtney is unaware of her alliance with Cameron. Chris asks the elimination order so far, and Sky immediately responds with the correct answer. However the point is taken back due to the wording of the question. Courtney is very angry and threatens to sue the show. Sky is also upset that she could have had a point, but it is taken away. When they lose, Sky reluctantly wants to eliminate Courtney at first, telling Scott this, but when he refuses to do so and suggests Cody, Sky manages to convince Courtney to vote him off.

In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, After Scott's departure Sky feels very guilty, especially because they were in an alliance. Courtney tries to cheer her up, but Sky is still disappointed in herself.

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Courtney and Sky are excited that they reach their goal of merging. Although they agreed on a merge alliance the two still decide to continue the alliance and vote the same. Later the two are up for elimination, Courtney suggests to vote out Heather and Sky agrees.

In Puzzle Riot, Sky wakes up to hear Courtney and Gwen arguing, irritating her and not liking sharing a cabin with them. Courtney scores 1 point in the challenge and Sky congratulates her on the point and laughs at the caption.

In Korean Teaching or Learning, when Courtney complains about the challenge, Sky lets her know that they are too far in to the game to change the challenge. Courtney continues to whine about the challenge being unfair due to no knowledge on Korea, slightly annoying Sky Courtney and Sky decide to vote out Gwen first, but Duncan approaches Sky and convinces her to vote out Courtney. The alliance decides to vote out Courtney, before Courtney leaves Sky reveals that it wasn't her idea to eliminate her. Courtney leaves the island, and is very angry at Sky for betraying the alliance and voting her out.

In Final Four Face Off!, Upon meeting Courtney again, Sky tries to apologize to Courtney, but she is still mad at Sky for betraying her in Korean Teaching or Learning. Sky starts off great in the challenge, but places 3rd in the challenge. Throughout the challenge Courtney does not cheer for anyone, including Sky. Courtney is a bit disappointed by Cameron's decision but does not say anything. Sky tries to apologize again, but Courtney ignores her.

In Totally Dramatic Finale!, Sky immediately realizes that Courtney might not vote for her to win. Sky talks to Courtney, and tries to apologize. Courtney says that she will think about it. She later reveals that she will vote for Sky despite the fact that she betrayed her, but votes for her because of her bigger conflict with Cameron.

In A Wild Western Introduction, In the confessional Sky states that she would have picked Courtney, but due to last season's conflict she could become a threat. Chris explains the challenge to the contestants, and then the first challenge of the season begins. Courtney comments on how helplessly in love Duncan and Sky are. Sky is irritated by her comment, but ignores it reluctantly.

In Dancing With Cowboys, When the challenge ends and Sky accidentally trips and falls onto Duncan. Courtney tells them to just make out already. Sky tells her that she does not like Duncan like that, and Courtney finds it funny how she is lying, slightly irritating Sky. The Vipers overthrow the Pythons, and emerge victorious. In a surprise elimination Courtney is the one going home. Sky and the other contestants are in shock when Courtney is chosen to take the Horse of Shame. Sky waves goodbye to Courtney, but is rudely ignored by Courtney.


In Egyptian Torture, as Courtney is asking the first question of the challenge, Staci answers it. She then asks Courtney if she had got the answer right, to which Courtney informs her that Staci had gained the first point of the challenge.


Courtney has a dislike of Sugar in Final Four Face Off! when Scott mentions that he's more attracted to Sugar than Courtney, confusing Courtney as to why Scott would like someone like that. She's also shown to be slightly jealous of Sugar after this event.

In the Total Drama Wild West opening sequence, Sugar glares at Courtney. She's disgusted by Sugar's disgusting habits in A Wild Western Introduction and begs that she stop. In Dancing With Cowboys, Sugar gets rid of Courtney, possibly as a sign that she also had a minor dislike of Courtney.



Courtney is very mad at Tyler.

In Total Drama Returns to the Island, the two campers initially had hardly any interaction as Courtney is on the Killer Beavers, and Tyler is on the Screaming Ducks. But as the season starts to develop, the two start their interactions. Courtney is set on making the finals, and the only way she can get there is by making allies with a lot of the contestants, even though some she cannot stand at all, and will annoy her to the extreme. She sees Tyler as a great alliance member as he is very loved and is very strong in the competition. But their relationship becomes more then just an alliance, as they become friends later on in the season. Both reach the merge together, and started to interact much more. But Tyler soon votes out Courtney in Korean Teaching or Learning, as she has become a huge threat in the game for him. This affects their friendship hugely. But the conflict is soon resolved in Final Four Face Off!

In Total Drama Wild West, once again Courtney and Tyler are chosen to be on opposite teams. There isn't much interactions between the two because of this, and because of Courtney's early elimination, which made Tyler mad and sad, because he thought Courtney deserved to stay in the game. Courtney was very thankful for Tyler. Tyler soon followed Courtney, being the fourth person eliminated. Later on in the season, both Courtney and Tyler return as judges in the challenges. They return for two episodes and judge the merged contestants' talents and performances.

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