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In Total Drama Returns to the Island, Due to Duncan's polarizing personality, he generally makes great friends, or great enemies. However, alliances with many contestants have managed to make him get very far in the game this season. He was able to get all the way to the final 4, but ended up quitting the competition. In Total Drama Wild West, Duncan is once again a hardened criminal from juvy. He would rather be back in juvy than in the middle of the desert, but Duncan is willing to fight, argue, and back-stab his way to the million this season. This has created many more conflicts for Duncan than in Season 1.


In Indian Dance, Duncan gives Alejandro and Sadie's dance an 8 out of 10, saying that it is hilarious when Sadie fell over.

In A Radioactive Beginning, Alejandro asks if he and Tyler could talk to him and private, and Duncan tells him he will. When Samey and Duncan hug over being safe, Alejandro tells Duncan that he is dating Sky, and Duncan tells him it was a friend hug. Alejandro forgets his thoughts but he says that he thought Duncan and Samey had a moment. 


In A Radioactive Beginning, Duncan says in his confessional that Beardo has got to go.


In A Radioactive Beginning, Brick tells Duncan he hopes they make a good team, which Duncan agrees with. When Brick shows Chris the rock with a number 20 on it, Chris says he's close, and Duncan tells Brick he did a nice job. Brick says thanks to Duncan. After Noah and Tyler's arguing, Brick goes up to Duncan to talk, but Duncan awkwardly replies, and Brick apologizes, saying he wanted to talk to someone.

In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Brick says good morning to Duncan, along with the rest of the guys in the cabin. 



Cameron and Duncan are speaking to each other at the challenge.

In Trials and Triva-lations, Cameron and Duncan talk briefly about the trouble of actually coming back to such a painful show, to which they both mutually think. When Cameron almost gets a question right, Duncan congratulates him for trying his best. During Volleybrawl, both Cameron and Duncan win their separate parts of the challenge and cheer for each other. They are seen high-fiving when their team wins. In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Duncan loses his first part of the challenge, and is comforted by his team, including Cameron. Cameron wishes good luck to Duncan when he temporarily goes off to juvy that day. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, both players seem concerned about the others well being when it comes to a murder challenge, but when their team wins, they are seen cheering along with their team. When Dawn is eliminated, Duncan points out to Cameron that this is good for their team. In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Duncan cheers for Cameron when he wins the challenge all by himself, and high-fives him. 

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Cameron and Duncan are happy for each other when they both make the merge. When Duncan is called safe during elimination, Cameron, along with Sky and Tyler, high-five him. Duncan feels bad about making fun of Cameron's mother in Puzzle Riot, apologizing for his harsh comments. Duncan congratulates Cameron when he wins immunity in Korean Teaching or Learning. Cameron high-fives Duncan when he is called safe. In Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze, Cameron congratulates Duncan when he wins immunity. In Final Four Face Off!, Cameron feels sad when Duncan quits the competition and waves at him when he's eliminated. Duncan votes for Sky over Cameron in Totally Dramatic Finale!, but comforts Cameron over losing and getting second place.

Chris McLeanEdit

In Dancing With Cowboys, Chris tells Duncan that his song had nothing to do with the west, which makes him lose to Katie. Duncan proceeds to argue with Chris, stating that he never gave him a theme to work with, and that his song was much better than Katie's. Chris finally agrees with Duncans argumentative self and awards a point to both Duncan and Katie.

In A Radioactive Beginning, Duncan sarcastically tells Chris that his challenge idea is so original. Duncan tells Chris that he doesn't like the idea of having a team switch in the first episode.

Chef HatchetEdit


Duncan asks Chef if it was necessary to throw Tyler in a helicopter

In Trials and Triva-lations, Chef calls for everyone to get into their teams, and Duncan reluctantly complies. Duncan did not answer any of Chefs questions, so Chef dunked the Killer Beavers underwater with Fang multiple times. This was most likely due to Duncan's dismissive attitude towards Chef. During the elimination ceremony, Chef called Duncan's name third to last, which shows his apparent dislike for him, making him stress out over elimination. In Volleybrawl, Chef told Duncan to play against Cameron, but Duncan pointed out that they were on the same team, laughing at Chef's foolishness. He glares at Duncan in response. Chef then changes it to Duncan AND Cameron vs Gwen and Heather. Duncan then convinced Chef to change the challenge, stating the original to be "stupid" and "confusing." Later on in the episode, after the challenge was changed to Rock Paper Scissors, Chef stated that Duncan had won his part of the challenge.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Sky was going to go first, but Duncan volunteered to go instead. Chef allowed this, and picked a number for the challenge. Duncan got the number wrong however, and lost a point for his team. This time during the elimination ceremony, Duncan's name was called early on, which may show that Chef is growing to tolerate Duncan's abrasive personality. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Chef told Duncan that he was killed first, and Duncan complained about it. For the next point, Chef informed Duncan that he was the killer for his team, and Duncan won a point for his team, after killing two people on the Screaming Ducks. When Sky was dragged out of the train car, Duncan was upset with Chef and whoever killed her. Later on, Duncan was killed yet another time, and Chef dragged him out of the train car. The Beavers won this challenge quite handily and Chef informed them that they were all immune.

In Topple on the Luck Players, Chef woke everyone up at 4 in the morning, and Duncan complained and complained to Chef about this. During the challenge, Sky won a point for the Beavers, but Chef unfairly awarded the point to the Screaming Ducks. This causes Duncan to lose his temper, and he argued with Chef throughout the rest of the challenge. After much time spent arguing, he realized that it was pointless, and Chef would not change the team he awarded the point to. Duncan then reluctantly want back to the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, Duncan wishes he could've voted for Chef, but he settled for Scott instead. In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Duncan was happy when Chef brought Cameron back from the infirmary. During the challenge, every time Chef would ask a question, Cameron got it right. Every. Single. Time. This angered Chef, which pleased Duncan even more than when the Killer Beavers won the challenge. Chef informed the Beavers that they would be safe from elimination this week.

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Chef tells the players that they have all made the merge, which launches the contestants into a celebration. Their celebration is cut short, however, when Chef announces that the next challenge will be a spy challenge. During the challenge, different types of codes are given by Chef, and again, Sky is unfairly cheated out of a point, to which Duncan argues. However, yet again, Chef awards the point to an undeserving contestant. Duncan spends most of his time arguing, and less competing in the challenge. During the elimination ceremony, Chef reads off the names of everyone except Tyler, Duncan, and Heather. Those are the bottom three,cane soon Tyler is pronounced safe as well. It takes Chef an eternity to say Duncan's name, but finally Duncan is proclaimed safe and Chef must endure him for another week.



Despite being in an alliance together, both Cody and Duncan have a great dislike for each other.

Cody usually has an extreme dislike of Duncan, but learns to put that aside in Total Drama Returns to the Island, and eventually teams up with Duncan due to them being on the same team and the usefulness of each other. Their main alliance consisted off Cameron, Cody, Duncan, Sky, and Tyler. Their alliance with each other dominated the game, until Supreme Chef Auto, where Cody starts to get everyone onto voting out Tyler, even by manipulating Duncan into voting for him. Cody's plan back-fired when Duncan told everyone left in the game, about his plan, and they all eliminated Cody the same episode.

Due to what happened the previous season, Duncan and Cody seem to have a conflict with each other in Total Drama Wild West. Both are once again placed on the same team, as they were chosen by Sky, and both reach the merge. This is when Scott tries to get both Cody and Duncan into an alliance with each other. Duncan agrees to this, but Cody doesn't due to not liking Duncan, or trusting him. Cody and Duncan usually break out into fighting, where Scott always breaks them apart. But, they soon learn to put their differences aside, and join the Final 5 alliance.



Courtney locking Duncan up

In Trials and Triva-lations, Duncan, Courtney, and Scott briefly argue over who should be team captain before reluctantly sharing the position. Duncan and Courtney seem to be in ok standing at the beginning of the season, continuing the love hate relationship of previous seasons. In this season, most of the love AND the hate is coming from Courtney. Both Duncan and Courtney complain when Chef threatens to bring Fang out, but Duncan gets annoyed when Courtney threatens to call her lawyers. Both contestants agree to vote out Dave when their team loses this challenge. In Volleybrawl, Courtney scolds her team for losing the previous challenge, causing Duncan to glare at her in response. Duncan wins his challenge, and he is surprisingly cheered for by Courtney. Courtney also wins her challenge, and Duncan is happy with her for once. When the team wins, both can be seen cheering together with the rest of their teammates. They also both agree that of all of the contestants on the other team, Samey was the one who deserved to go home.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Duncan loses his part of the challenge but is encouraged by Courtney. When it is Courtney's turn, Duncan tells her that she better win, and when she does, she makes a snarky comment towards him in response. Later on when Duncan is being brought to juvy, Courtney begs him not to go, but he states that he has to. During the elimination ceremony, Duncan gets her to vote for LeShawna, which she does. When LeShawna ends up going home, Courtney says goodbye, but Duncan doesn't seem to care that she's leaving. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Both seem concerned when it seems like the other one is murdered, but they all cheer for their team in the end once they all win. Many players on the opposing team are angry when Dawn decides to kill Duncan instead of Courtney, who is disliked by the Ducks. This may have been one of the reasons for Dawn's elimination in this episode. Both share the movie reward with the rest of their team after the challenge is completed.

In Topple on the Luck Players, Courtney does not answer any questions or even attempt to, which irritates Duncan. Courtney is very jealous of a Sky when Duncan argues that she should've gotten a point, she is thrown into a jealous rage. Later on, even though Scott got a point and Courtney did not, Duncan gets Courtney to vote Scott off with him. When Scott is eliminated, Duncan agrees to vote Courtney off next if the Killer Beavers lose another challenge. In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Both Duncan and Courtney are happy to see Cameron is back from the infirmary. During the challenge, both watch as Cameron blows everyone away in the challenge, and he wins it for them. Courtney's jealousy for Sky grows every time Duncan talks to her. They are both happy when Cameron wins the challenge for them, and they lift him up on their shoulders and congratulate him on single-handedly winning it.

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Duncan and Courtney find out that they have both made the merge, and are very happy. During the challenge, neither get a point, but Sky was unfairly robbed of a point, and when Duncan argues that she should've gotten it, Courtney gets filled with jealous rage. During the elimination ceremony, Duncan is in the bottom two, and the last one called safe. When this happens, Sky hugs Duncan, which pushes Courtney past the breaking point. She asks Tyler if he will help her with something, to which he replies with an enthusiastic yes. She then proceeds to try to convince him to break up his two best friends, Duncan and Sky. Tyler is very hesitant, and resists Courtney's attempts to get him to help, but eventually says he'll help as a strategic move.


In Red Dead Mergiton, Duncan votes for Dakota because her siding with Noah would be a problem.



Duncan talking about voting Dave off

Dave did not have many friends on the show, and Duncan was certainly not one of them. In Trials and Triva-lations, Dave proposes many alliances with many people, even ones not on his team. He tries convincing his team to vote out Cameron in front of Cameron, but Duncan refuses because Cameron is his good friend. Later in the episode, Duncan is not surprisingly revealed to have voted for Dave, and Dave is eliminated. In Final Four Face Off!, Dave states that he is rooting for Duncan and that they are best friends, but Duncan says that this isn't true because he said the exact same thing to Sky a few minutes before.

In A Wild Western Introduction, Dave constantly annoys his teammates with bad suggestions and proposed alliances, so Duncan and the rest of the team decide to vote him out. Duncan is in the bottom two with Dave, but Dave is the obvious choice to go home, and he is eliminated first for the second season in a row.

In A Radioactive Beginning, Dave asks Duncan for an alliance, and to join him and Alejandro in one. Dave is pulled by Alejandro and Sadie, and tell him to stop forming alliances. Duncan answers Dave, by declining, telling him that Dave is not known for making it far. Duncan then says if they both merge, they can talk about an alliance.

In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, after Courtney shot Dave, Duncan also shoots him in the challenge with a paintball gun. Duncan then once again shoots Dave, which Duncan says that it is fun to shoot Dave with a paintball gun. Dave states in the confessional that he is getting tired of the lack of respect he is getting. Samey tells Duncan that he does not need to be rude towards Dave.


Duncan and Dawn do not interact much due to being on different teams, along with Dawn's early elimination, but for the most part they definitely have a conflict. In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Duncan is seen cheering on Scott, but Dawn states that Scott is a traitor. Duncan doesn't appreciate her badmouthing a teammate of his, causing both of them to argue. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Dawn kills Duncan in the challenge, but Duncan wasn't the killer. This implies that Dawn has a lack of trust in Duncan. Later on, when Dawn is eliminated, Duncan states that "At least another weirdo is gone," to which Dawn replies, "Not all the weirdos will be gone until you are." Duncan laughs and compliments Dawn on her comeback, leaving her completely puzzled.


In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Eva tells Duncan that Dave is already out, and she calls him "Dumbcan". 


In Dancing With Cowboys, Duncan and everyone else expects Courtney to go home, but he is surprised when Courtney is the one eliminated. In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers, Duncan expects Ezekiel to home again, and he does end up going home. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, Duncan is seen disappoined to hear that Ezekiel is returning to the game. 


Gwen and Duncan seem to be friends, but it's unknown whether they have a friendship or a conflict due to their break-up back in Total Drama All Stars. They also have a lack of interaction due to being on different teams and due to Gwen's silent-ness. In Volleybrawl, Duncan and Cameron are getting ready to play Gwen and Heather in volleyball when the challenge is changed to rock, paper, scissor. In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Gwen votes for Tyler due to him being a threat, whom is good friends with Duncan, which angers him. This was a bad move by Gwen because she is not as popular as Tyler. In Korean Teaching or Learning, Duncan votes for Gwen to get back at her for voting for Tyler, and she ends up going home.


Heather and Duncan do not talk to each other much due to being on different teams, but they probably still have the conflict that they've always had with each other. In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Duncan is sad after Heather beats him in their round of number guessing. She, however, laughs at his misfortune.In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Duncan votes for Heather to be sent home, and Heather votes for Duncan. This angers Duncan, but Heather is ultimately voted off in the end.

In The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous when Sky feels sad about Tyler being eliminated, Duncan puts his arm around her in a flirtatious manner, saying she'll be okay, but Heather sees them and teases them, saying they should just kiss already. In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, Duncan is mad at Heather for reading out Sky's diary and defends Sky from Heather's insults. He later votes Heather off. In Aftermath: The Unlimited, Heather hates the Final 4, including Duncan, believing he did not deserve to make it this far. In The Final Finalé, Heather roots for Scott to win over Duncan.


In The 5 Not So Lucky Horse Riders, Duncan receives a letter from Scott, and announces that they are eliminating Katie. 


LeShawna and Duncan do not interact during the show, despite both being placed on the same team. However, Duncan is shown voting for her in Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, and it is easy to assume that they probably still have the same level of disregard for each other that they've had in past seasons together.


Duncan and Lindsay do not interact much, but it's likely they still have a conflict with each other like they have in past seasons. In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Lindsay says farewell to Duncan when he leaves for juvy. In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Duncan congratulates Lindsay on winning the challenge and invincibility, even though he firmly believes that Sky should've won the challenge. In Puzzle Riot, however, Duncan voted for Lindsay because she was a big threat, causing her to end up going home. Lindsay also voted for Duncan, which started a conflict between the two. In Totally Dramatic Finale!, Duncan and Lindsay are both stated as some of Tylers best friends at the end of the competition.

In A Wild Western Introduction, Duncan and Lindsay are placed on the same team, and they are indifferent about it due to their encounters in Season 1. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, both Duncan and Lindsay were shocked and upset when Tyler was deemed eliminated. They soon found out Noah was the cause of his elimination, making them both mad at Noah. Lindsay and Sky are seen sad that Tyler was eliminated in The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous, and Duncan is seen comforting both of them. In Serpent Showdown, after their team won the challenge, both Duncan and Lindsay high five.

In Red Dead Mergiton, both Duncan and Lindsay are happy that they have merged, and both are happy to see Tyler cameo as a judge in the episode. Duncan is seen smiling when both Cody and Lindsay start to attack each other on the stage, while they are preforming their skit. In the end, Duncan convinced Lindsay to vote off both Noah and Dakota. In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, Duncan makes an alliance with Cody and Scott, to take out the girls, including Lindsay. During the challenge, Lindsay is seen amazed at Duncan's talent at building Go Karts. Both also agreed on voting off Heather, due to her exposing Sky's diary to everyone.

In Three Enemigos, in the morning, Duncan greets Lindsay and Scott. However, after Scott says "Hey Lindsay" she runs away in fear thinking Samey-Bot is present, causing Scott to scream like a girl and cowers behind Duncan. Duncan laughs at Scott and Lindsay's misfortune. After Duncan and Tyler won the challenge, Duncan wishes luck to both Lindsay and Scott for the tie-breaker they must compete in. In The Final Finale, Duncan cheers for Scott over Lindsay in the tiebreaker, as they've had a successful alliance, and Duncan is seen happy when Scott won over Lindsay. Lindsay congratulates Duncan after he won the season and the million dollars.



Duncan and Noah don't get along from the start

In Total Drama Returns to the Island, Duncan and Noah do not interact much before the merge. However, after the merge, Noah believes that Duncan did not deserve to make it as far as he did in the competition, which causes a rivalry between the two. This eventually culminates into Noah being the fifth eliminated, and him becoming bitter towards Duncan and his friends. Noah was happy when Duncan was eliminated the next episode.

In Total Drama Wild West, Noah tries to make amends to Duncan when he is appointed team leader by Sky, but Duncan acknowledges him only slightly, which angers Noah. When the team loses the challenge, Noah becomes even angrier, causing him to vote for Duncan. Noah even gets one of Duncan's best friends into voting him off. From that moment on, Duncan and Noah become bitter enemies.


In A Radioactive Beginning, Duncan tells Scott that it is funny when Sadie jokes about Fang with Scott.



Duncan confesses to Samey that he likes her a lot.

Duncan begins Total Drama Wild West, oblivious that Samey is actually a robot, much like the rest of the cast. However, when Samey arrives and takes the place of Samey-Bot, she takes a liking to the delinquent. She and Sky compete for Duncan's attention on numerous occasions, and Samey's usual tactic is to try to force Duncan's nice side to come to the surface. At first Duncan resists this, but eventually, he begins to become softer, which he is not comfortable with. Eventually, he becomes so insecure with himself that he decides to vote Samey off of the show, but soon after he does it, he realizes his mistake.

Once both return to compete in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, Duncan begins to get more and more attracted to Samey as the season progresses. Once again, Samey tries to get Duncan to show him true self to others, and not to hide behind his fake bad boy persona. In En-Toxicating, Duncan finally confesses in the confessional that he likes Samey, and that he preferrs her over Sky. Duncan asks Dawn to help him decide between Samey and Sky, which ultimately Duncan chooses Samey. But after many lies spread about Duncan, Samey gets mad at Duncan and says that she will never go out with him, and then votes him off. But after it's revealed that Duncan really likes Samey, the two of them get together and become a couple.

In Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, the two of them do not interact a tonne. After Duncan chose Samey over Sky, most contestants have lost respect for Duncan, leading to his early elimination, much to Samey's disappointment.


Scarlett and Duncan do not interact much, but Duncan is seen saying goodbye to her when she leaves after Volleybrawl. In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Duncan watches as Scarlett is sent home via Arrow of Shame.


But still helpful

Duncan helps Scott to his feet

Duncan is one of the only people who Scott still seems to be on good terms with. They are both placed on the Killer Beavers and therefore cheer for each other whenever one performs in a challenge. Duncan and Scott have similar personalities, so they get along with each other fairly well, despite both being very devious people, who tend to do what is best for them, and only them.

In Season 2, their interaction is limited at first, but once the teams merge, both become very close allies with each other. They were two of the three finalists in Total Drama Wild West, along with Lindsay, and they were also the Final Two that season.

In Total Drama Toxic Brawl, they're placed on the same team, and appear to be happy with this, as they may want to ally with each other again, however this hasn't stopped both from putting victory over the others safety from time to time. Fortunately, this hasn't stopped them from still being very close throughout the show.



Duncan and Sky talking strategy

In Total Drama Returns to the Island Duncan and Sky are both placed on the Killer Beavers, which causes them to become very close friends. They both orchestrate an alliance with Tyler, Cody, and Cameron to make it to the final 5. They both become great friends with Tyler as well, and they work together on challenges very well. Later on in the season, the contestants are led to believe that Duncan likes Sky, and she likes Duncan, but the two confront everyone by saying that this is not true, and that they are only good friends. Their alliance is successful in helping the two merge and make the final 6. When Duncan is eliminated Sky shows her affection for him by hugging him goodbye. Duncan supports Sky in the finale, and is excited when she wins the season.

In Total Drama Wild West, Duncan and Sky seem to still have a stable friendship. Many of Duncan's friendships have ended, and Sky's friends would rather her not win two seasons in a row. However, this friendship is interrupted when it is discovered that Samey was actually a robot, and that the real Samey is coming to the competition. When Samey arrives, she immediately falls for Duncan, and Sky does not appreciate this. This creates a rift between the two girls, both competing for Duncan's attention. He is leaning towards Sky, because he has known her longer, but Samey has good qualities about her too. However, when Sky's diary is read out by Heather in This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us! it is revealed to everyone that she does have secret feelings for Duncan. He returns these feelings to her back and it's implied that they are now going out.


In The Magnificent 8 Cowboys, Duncan votes off Sugar due to her being disgusting and not liking her attitude towards Sky. 



Duncan and Tyler laughing at a joke

In Total Drama Returns to the Island, despite being on opposite teams, Duncan and Tyler have grown to become very good friends. Both make the merge in Season 1, which means many more interactions between the two guys. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, the beginning of the Tyler, Sky, and Duncan group interactions starts. This is as the three start to interact a ton and Duncan starts getting jealous of Tyler being around Sky so much. This causes a little bit of a conflict to happen. Both also make an alliance to reach the Final 5 together. They make the Final 4 together in which both Duncan and Tyler were eliminated in Final Four Face Off!

In Total Drama Wild West, this season has a completely different vibe to it, starting when Tyler decides to vote for Duncan in the first episode of the season. Tyler does not own up to his own mistakes and flames the loss of Duncan, which angers Duncan a lot. Duncan chooses to devise a new tactic when he realizes that Tyler will do anything to gain Duncans approval, so Duncan decides to slowly give Tyler his trust back enough to give back hope, but little enough so that he can still manipulate Tyler easily. This is short lived due to Tyler's early Elimination. In which Noah caused. This makes Duncan finally realize that Tyler was talking the truth of voting him off, that it was Noah who made him vote him off. They soon make up again, and Tyler is seen rooting for Duncan and helping him out, during the Season.

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