This article focuses on the interactions between Everyone and Noah.



Everyone is mad, bored, and annoyed by Dakota's and Noah's play, causing them to eliminate both of them in the end.

Noah's sardonic and sarcastic nature tends to prevent him from being one of the most liked competitors in the the competition, but most of his lines are just made to be jokes. Noah is finding it easier than in the past to make some friends, because he has toned down his snarkiness, which sometimes sounds annoying to the others. Actually, Noah is trying his best to become slowly more friendly and kind than his usual self. As of now, Noah is the lowest ranking competitor that remains in the game, having always been eliminated before the merge and even before Tyler. This is why he wishes to show to everybody his hidden potential in order to be finally recognized for his values, not only his sarcasm.

In Total Drama Wild West, Noah returns to be a little asocial feeling unable to trust most of the people he considered friends anymore, because it seemed they played him last season in order to reach the final four, especially Sky. He still strives his best to provide fair and square victories as in the past and does his part of the teamwork. In Total Drama Toxic Brawl, Noah has to face the consequences of his actions, being view under a negative light in generally and being considered a target by many, he also has to fix his broken friendship with Tyler that keeps bullying him for revenge.


10. Alejandro Vs. Noah

Noah and Alejandro are disgusted watching the eating contest, seeing everyone throwing up.

Noah and Alejandro were never in good relations so far, and this situation is still living. Noah did a cameo in London the Ripper during Total Drama Around the World and his last victim was Alejandro. Before he jumped off the plane, Noah switched his parachute with some eels. Both Noah and Alejandro are placed in the Toxic Sharks in Total Drama Toxic Brawl.The two clash continuously for their ideas being of the same cleverness but unlike the Schemer, Alejandro is very loved by the other companions, and takes frequently the leadership while Noah is put in the corner. Noah knows from the beginning the alliance between Alejandro, Tyler and Sadie, that means a big threat for him. That's why during the spare time passed watching the eating gross food challenge in Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder Noah undermines Tyler's reputation in front of Alejandro telling about a plan of Tyler to rid off "the strongest ex-villain at his first moment of difficulty": this makes Alejandro pretty confused and annoyed at Tyler. The moral minatory continues in the next episodes whenever Alejandro is ignored by the rest of the team...

In the meanwhile the interactions between the two gets worse and worst the more the season progresses:soon after the victory in Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens Alejandro threatens Noah to stop bragging about his merits for the challenge,by the end of Toxic Battle of...Doom! Alejandro pushes Noah off the boat that brings to the Boney Island,and in En-Toxicating Alejandro along with all the others blame Alejandro for having stolen the diary of Dawn and brags the merits of his safety in the next one. Since Noah and Tyler returned friends, Alejandro gets again nervous and this makes Noah to start again his psychology game on him, as he does when Alejandro is injured and helped by none in Mutant Kingdom.The interactions between them stop when Alejandro is moved on the other team in Fun Zone 3.0 and since then they fight just because they're in opposite teams. Noah is shocked when Alejandro dodges the elimination in the next episode showing off the idol of immunity, but manages to rid off him in The Toxic Treasure of Awkanawaw: Noah celebrates the event together Staci and Owen.


Beth and Noah don't know very well neither they interact during almost all Total Drama Toxic Brawl. It's so unclear if they're friends or foes, but signs of conflict are suggested in I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Plant because Noah and Beth eliminated each other in this episode, cutting their respective ropes, leaving the immunity to others. However Noah never expressed an opinion on her so far, not even inside the Confessional.



Noah and Brick in the toxic waste mine.

Brick is one of the few people to appear sincerely friendly with Noah, the other being the buddy of thousand of adventures Owen. Noah tries to talk with Brick but he's severely interrupted by Tyler's intro-missions and bullying actions. Once they started arguing, Brick just left them and walked away. During the first half of the competition they can't have interactions out of the dorms being in different teams, they have more in the second half, since the Schemer joins to the dominating alliance formed between the former members of the Mutant Laser Squirrels. This happens in Samey-Bot's Revenge : Noah and Brick follow the leadership of Scarlett, but when they get in the mine Brick follows only Noah in a separated path, seeking for the oil leaks left by the metallic menace. As the two adventure more and more in the recesses of the cave, Brick shivers and Noah jokes a little on his fear of the darkness: typical Noah.

They don't have any interaction again until 2014: A Toxic Owen. Noah is aware of the fact that Brick kissed by accident with Jo, and advices him to watch his back from the girls since now; Brick gives back the favor suggesting to Noah to don't speak during the hide and seek challenge. By the way Brick eventually tells on Chef Hatchet about the hideout found by Noah, causing the elimination of him. Noah doesn't seem to have a grudge for this and accepts the apologizes of the soldier. Instead in I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Plant Noah doesn't forgive Brick when he votes off Eva in spite of the promise given to the new formed alliance of the males.



Cameron, Noah, and Tyler are served a Korean Dinner.

Noah and Cameron are pretty neutral towards each other, despite the fact that they are on rival teams. Out of the competition they interact well due to their common passion for books and intellectual activity. Cameron really impressed Noah a lot in the last relay race challenge, even to the point of appearing "more computer than human."

Their friendship grows because they of them winning challenges in decisive rounds of The Super Wi-Fi Spies and Korean Teaching or Learning where they're going head to head until the end, and congratulate each other recognizing their respective intellectual values. They consider themselves as great rivals in game, but great friends in life. In Puzzle Riot, when Courtney teases Cameron about his mother, Noah demands that she leaves him alone, showing respect towards Cameron. However, Noah never offered an alliance to Cameron because he believed that Cameron was already an ally of Sky and Duncan. Despite their friendship, Cameron votes off Noah in Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze, believing that he is a threat.


In Trials and Triva-lations, Cody is seen extremely suprised when both Noah and Tyler dominated the trivia based challenge. In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Cody tries to form new bonds with a few contestants on the show, and when he notices Cameron is upset about not having a book to read. Cody borrows Noah's book to let Cameron have something to read. At the challenge, Cody and Noah are put up against each other in the final tie breaker challenge. Cody picks the number 7 but Noah tricks him by picking 6 and the number was 4 so Noah won for his team. Cody congratulates Noah on his win, which Noah tells Cody that he did a great job. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, in the last round, Noah is chosen to be the final killer, and decides to kill Cody, hoping he is the killer for the other team, but it ends up being Duncan who won the point for his team. Noah is seen shocked at the amount of candy Cody and Sky consumes after the challenge. At the Elimination on the projector, Cody was shocked that Dawn went home and in addition to this, that she started dating Noah.

In Topple on the Luck Players, after noticing that Noah is sad about Dawn's elimination, Cody supports him along with a few other contestants. In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, both Cody and Noah make fun of Chris and Larry, calling the latter "Chris' true love". In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Cody also teases Noah about some of the codes being about Noah in the challenge. However, after Noah and Lindsay won immunity, Cody ccongratulates them both. In Puzzle Riot, when Chris showed the picture of Cody and Noah kissing, Cody felt embarrassed and mad at Chris. Both Noah and Cody react badly towards Chris, and Courtney mockingly calls them a gay couple, and Cody and Noah reminds her about the Katie & Sadie moment Courtney had with Gwen. Cody and Noah also reminds Chris about his romance with Larry. Noah ends up winning the challenge but picks Cody to also have immunity for both being embarrassed. Chris makes a comment about them liking each other, which gets Cody and Noah mad and makes them want to vote Chris off. Noah takes the time to try and convince Cody to join the alliance of him and Tyler, to get rid of Lindsay and Courtney. Cody shakes Noah's hands and agrees to vote them off, with Lindsay being eliminated the same episode.

In Korean Teaching or Learning, at the start of the challenge, Cody thanks Noah for giving him immunity. During the challenge Cody scores the first point, and starts a rivalry with Noah. But that does not turn out very well, since Cody falls asleep in the middle of the challenge. Upon hearing Noah won again, Cody congratulated him, Tyler and Cameron for being safe. Cody votes off both Courtney and Gwen, as per Noah and Tyler's wishes. In Supreme Chef Auto, Cody surprisingly wins with an huge gap which shocks Noah. Chris tells to Cody to chose a person for the immunity,and despite Noah reminding the debt he has towards him since the 8th episode, Cody chooses Sky, then Tyler, then Sky again making even the host confused to the point, he nulls the immunity of Cody and gives it to Sky. Later a bitter Noah votes for Cody along with Tyler and many others stating "I don't like liars, and Cody acted like that today" coldly in confessional.

In A Wild Western Introduction, Cody is completely shocked when both Noah and Tyler ended up voting off Duncan, instead of voting off Dave, which was the plan from the beginning. In Dancing With Cowboys, Cody is forced to sit through and argument between Duncan, Noah and Tyler, which Cody later states in the confessional that he is getting extremely annoyed with the guys on his team. Later on, Cody asks Tyler why he and Noah voted Duncan off, Tyler answers that Noah had forced him to vote off Duncan, or I would be eliminated next, which shocks Cody. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, Cody is seen extremely shockedf and mad when he finds out that Noah had betrayed the alliance and voted off Tyler. Cody is seen glaring at him when Tyler leaves on the Horse of Losers. In The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous, Cody is still seen extremely upset with Noah.

In Red Dead Mergiton, when Dakota and Noah perform their play, Cody is seen extremely bored and annoyed with them. As when Cody and Lindsay were performing, Noah is surpirsed when Cody actually hit Lindsay, and when they started to hit each other. Cody votes off along with everyone Noah, to get back at him for eliminating Tyler, and for being completely untrustworthy. Noah is seen shocked when he finds out everyone had voted him off, including Cody, calling them a bunch of losers. In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, is seen happy that Noah is finally eliminated for what he had done a few episodes ago.

In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, as the team decides for Noah to push the carriage, Cody yells at him to push the cart faster, but Heather tells him that Noah is too weak. Once Chris announces that Team Brains lose, Cody sighs. Cody then glares at Scarlett and Noah, telling them they are the blame for the loss. Scarlett calls Cody a "weasel" saying that Noah volunteered along with being forced. In Cody's confessional before the elimination ceremony, he states the reason he is voting for Noah, and says that Cameron and Heather seem to be his only friends on his team. At the end of the day, Cody fare-wells to Noah when he is is flushed. In Cody's last confessional of the episode, he says that Noah should've never pushed the carriages in the first place.


In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Noah interacts a lot with Dawn on the train, especially sharing some funny puns and sarcastic jokes about Scott and Courtney, as they act very annoying and obnoxiously towards Dawn. In Topple on the Luck Players, Courtney does some mean comments about Dawn that Noah can't bear anymore, which leads to a short argument between the two. Both accuse each other of having no friends because of their respective attitudes. Noah points out that the reason Cameron was sick in the last episode was "because of Courtney", as Noah bitterly hisses at the end of the discussion. Noah enjoys seeing Courtney and Scott being electrocuted almost all the time when their team lost the point. Noah hopes Courtney is eliminated on the other team when they lost the challenge.

In Puzzle Riot, when Courtney starts insulting Cameron about his picture of his mother, Noah defends Cameron against Courtney's insults. The first picture is about Dawn, and Noah isn't able to do a caption. He tells Courtney to shut up when she insults Dawn. The next is the image of a drowzy Noah kissing Cody's ear, angering Noah. Both Noah and Cody reacts badly towards Chris, and Courtney mockingly calls them a gay couple, and Noah reminds her about the Katie & Sadie moment Courtney had with Gwen. In Korean Teaching or Learning, Noah convinces his alliance to vote off Courtney, successfully eliminating her and Gwen at the elimination ceremony.

In Dancing With Cowboys, Courtney and Noah are put up against each other in the challenge, where everyone is waiting for him and Courtney doing the finale country performance. However, Courtney could not come up with a song in time, causing Noah to win the challenge for the Venomous Vipers. Much to Noah's surprise and joy, Courtney is eliminated from the game. Noah seems to be one of the few not saddened by this "huge lost". In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers, Noah wakes up in a good mood unlike the rest of the contestants that are still shocked and saddened for Courtney's unexpected elimination, and cheers on Tyler to get up for a new day. In Red Dead Mergiton, when Tyler asks for Courtney to give Dakota and Noah's team a very low score, Courtney says that it isn't fair, but Tyler argues that he and her were both eliminated unfairly. Courtney then starts to think about his decision to rig Dakota and Noah. Courtney ends up giving his team an extremely low score, for being boring and taking too long.

InMutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, after Scott is shot by Noah and Tyler, Courtney is seen worried and then glares at both Noah and Tyler. Tyler then apologizes to Courtney, but then Courtney said that it was fine, and said that at least Scott got some competition, being Noah and Tyler. Noah then pushes Tyler against Courtney causing them both to fall over. Tyler helps Courtney up and told her that it was Noah's fault. Courtney the pushes Tyler against Noah, telling them that they never stop, no matter what.


Noah encourages Dakota

Noah congratulates Dakota for her important contribute.

In off screen scenes, the two become good friends, especially because Noah assures Dakota protection from all the critiques around about being a fodder in the team. Noah gets along well with her because she's generally mild like him. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, as promised, Noah makes everyone not vote for her and this definitely convinces Dakota trust him as a friend and a leader of the alliance.

During the following episode Noah supported Dakota and thanks to his continuous encouragement she manages to provide scores for the challenge, showing to be an efficient player if she wants. The two then celebrate the first victory of the Vipers to whom Dakota gives lot of contribution. The morning after, Noah and Dakota have breakfast together and while Noah expresses his sarcastic opinion on the food, Dakota stares merely disgusted:at the same time they decide to try a nibble of it and both spit soon after, engrossed. Their alliance is spotted in Red Dead Mergiton where they are both forced to take the Horse of Shame in return.


In Trials and Triva-lations, when Noah arrives, he is very sarcastic and isn't particularly happy to be here with people like Dave and Heather. When Dave is eliminated, Noah tries to support him suggesting to consider the positive side of his elimination, the fact that he didn't get shaved this time. In A Wild Western Introduction, both Dave and Noah agreed to decide that both Tyler and Duncan can lead the team. Noah tells Tyler to vote out Duncan, as he didn't choose the right items. But Tyler argues that Dave should go, because he brought a lizard's tail. But Noah pressures Tyler into voting Duncan in the end. Noah and Dave have small interactions during Total Drama Toxic Brawl however even he loses patience with Dave after a bit, and that's why right before the merge, Noah joins to the common decision of voting off Dave once for all.


Noah and Dawn approach

Dawn and Noah.

Before this season, Noah never interacts with Dawn. She appears to him as a little moon-child witch, with a very kind personality, but a hidden furious one. She is actually an interesting girl to deal with, even if she is often scary. In the first two episodes, Dawn seems to hate Noah, even forming an alliance against him in Starting Off on Humble Beginnings but after he won the challenge, she seems to have changed her idea. Their relationship reaches the edge in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train when at Dawn's Arrow of Shame elimination ceremony Noah all of sudden revealed to love her and gave her a kiss. Despite this he still feels guilty when it's revealed he voted her off.

Overall they share the same contemplative attitude preferring to be recollected in peace and quiet more than being in the middle of the common mass:they look often for silence to be focused only on their hobbies, and the wide culture gained by Noah during his career of "bookworm" matches fairly with the close sensibility towards people and above all nature developed by Dawn since her birth. They find difficulties having many friends due to their high intelligence and wisdom shown in wrong uncommon ways:Noah uses Churchill's sarcasm not only to joke or mock, but mostly to provide for sincere suggestions (frequently not listened to); Dawn has the vice to creep everyone with her power of reading auras and her kind advices are usually misjudged by them. Noah took a bit to understand and develop in a solid shape the feelings for her, being not habit-ed to be soft and romantic, but nowadays he loves her and does everything to keep her dignity safe. Dawn is actually the only reason Noah entered in conflict with Courtney and Scott in Season 1.

However their relationship is broken up at pre-merge of Total Drama Toxic Brawl. The two meet later at the mutant animal pageant of Chris & Stitch where Dawn judges along with Tyler and Lindsay. She seems to take a grudge on him and gives the fault to her broken friendship with Jasmine, Noah retails back the same grudge on her. Also Dawn gives to his performance 0 and keeps the toxic rat he has petted for that.



Duncan and Noah don't get along.

In Total Drama Returns to the Island, Duncan and Noah do not interact much before the merge due to being on different teams. However, after the merge, Noah believes that Duncan did not deserve to make it as far as he did in the competition, which causes a rivalry between the two. This eventually culminates into Noah being the fifth eliminated during the merge, and him becoming bitter towards Duncan and his friends. Noah was happy when Duncan was eliminated the next episode. In Total Drama Wild West, Noah tries to make amends to Duncan when he is appointed team leader by Sky, but Duncan acknowledges him only slightly, which angers Noah. When the team loses the challenge, Noah becomes even angrier, causing him to vote for Duncan. Noah even gets one of Duncan's best friends into voting him off. From that moment on, Duncan and Noah become bitter enemies.


In Trials and Triva-lations, Gwen joins the Screaming Ducks Alliance along with Noah, Heather, Lindsay, Tyler and Scarlett.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Gwen is extremely stoked when Noah gained the final winning point for their team, causing in their team victory. Gwen high fives Noah.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Gwen and Noah are discussing their strategy for their alliance with the others Tyler, Scarlett, Heather, Lindsay. Tyler stated that Dawn has to go next. Since she is still gunning for Gwen to be eliminated, which both Gwen and Noah agree. Their alliance votes off Dawn in the end of the episode. Gwen is seen in awe when Dawn and Noah kissed.


Gwen and Noah laugh at a joke about Courtney.

In Puzzle Riot, Cody and Noah won the challenge, which both Gwen congratulated them on the win. Thier alliance agreed on voting off Lindsay, after Tyler convinced the alliance too.

In Korean Teaching or Learning, Gwen high fives Noah and he fives her back for a funny joke made about Courtney. At the Korean Dinner, Cameron, Noah and Tyler discuss who they think should go home. They decide on Gwen because she was carried all the way to the final eight, and that she doesn't deserve a higher place. At the elimination ceremony, their plan works, and Courtney and Gwen are eliminated together.

In Raiders of the Lost Dork, during the challenge, Blaineley, Gwen and Leshawna all run down the hallway and stop in their tracks when they see Noah reading a book, gaurding a door. Gwen then greets Noah, which he greets her back.


In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, even though Noah wants to vote off Heather, Tyler manages to make Noah vote for Dawn in the confessional for the sake of their alliance. In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, Noah joins in with everyone to vote off Heather for being a threat and for being to strategic in the game. In Red Dead Mergiton, Heather is bored by Noah and Dakota's performance, and boos them. She later votes off Noah for her dislike of him and for him being a threat from the past season.

In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, when Heather's team are deciding who should push the carriage, Scarlett volunteers Noah. This confuses Heather, saying that his arms are puny, but once she sees Scarlett wink, she realizes the plan of eliminating Noah. Heather yells at Noah to get to pushing as she pushes him into the carriage and calls him a chump. When Cody encourages Noah to push the carriage, Heather asks him not to bother, calling Noah too weak. While Noah struggles with the carriage, Heather yells at him to speed it up, while calling him a weakling. As Heather runs to the mess hall, she pushes Noah on her way, calling him slow-poke. She corrects herself with a fake apology, lying that it was an accident. Heather is annoyed when her team lose. She kicks Noah's leg in anger, calling it all his fault, while calling him a slow weakling. Heather follows this off by saying she knows who's to blame, glaring at Noah, and later votes him off. When he is eliminated, Heather waves at him with a devillish smile, as she teamed up in taking him down. .


Noah and Jo have opposites way of life, as Jo has a reckless combative spirit while Noah has a laid back attitude to everything, not to mention she lives for sports unlike him, but Noah supports Jo for unknown reasons during the 2nd elimination of the Poisonous Pythons where she was at risk of going home. Since they are always placed in opposite teams, the interactions are only in challenges, especially in Total Drama Toxic Brawl. Noah hits Jo at her back in the paintball challenge of Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens. In En-Toxicating, Jo punches Noah and Lindsay while running with the flower. She also agrees with Scarlett when she says that Noah or Dawn will most likely go home. Noah blocks Jo and causes her elimination in the water gun war taken in the episode Mutant See, Mutant Do.

In Samey-Bot's Revenge, Noah and Jo are in a group along with Brick and Scarlett. When Jo doesn't notice Noah, she says they lost "Windblown Haired Nerd". In the cave. Noah asks if Brick and Jo are following him, but gets no reply from Jo. In 2014: A Toxic Owen, Noah asks Brick if he kissed Jo, but Brick tells him it was an accident. In Chris & Stitch, Noah says in his confessional that Jo is doomed in the challenge since Dawn is judging. InThe Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind, Noah asks Brick and Jo for help on the climbing wall, but Jo just ignores him. Jo tries to expose Noah to everyone, but can't since he has no good items and no allies. Noah is glad when Jo finds nothing to blackmail him with. In In Chris We Trust, Noah wonders if the accident between Brick and Jo was planned.


Overall Noah and Lightning looks like polar opposites for well known reasons. They don't have any interaction the most of the time in Total Drama Toxic Brawl although they manage to become friends in this season. The first clues of their friendship are seen in Toxic Battle of...Doom! : as Lightning gets into a pitched argument and rivalry with Tyler, Noah sees him under a little different light, and gives his moral support during the battle between the two jocks. Being in different teams however prevent them from having deep interactions.

They have to wait for the merge to know themselves better: Lightning offers to Noah an alliance of males in opposition to the females one. Noah accepts reluctantly, do not believing so much that Lightning will be fair, judging by what he was told about by Cameron, but they collaborate in tranquility in I Feel Like I Just Kissed a Plant. In this same episode they plan to vote out the same person all together, but fail due to Brick. Noah joins Lightning in scolding Brick for his betrayal, and since Owen left, the duo has all the time to grow on the friendship. Noah at this point trusts only Lightning because he couldn't be in any way "mind controlled" considering he brain to control. They cheer each other during the mutant creature talent show enough to suggest they are now good friends despite the differences, and pass the rest of the time watching the competition of the others while eating chips. Actually the friendship between Noah and Lightning has a striking resemblance with the one with Tyler. Ironically it ended in the same way: with a conflict, as suggested by the fact Lightning voted off Noah causing his ultimate destiny.


In Trials and Triva-lations, Lindsay joins in Noah and Tyler's alliance, along with Gwen, Heather and Scarlett. In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, when Noah is put up against Cody in the final tie-breaker challenge, Lindsay along with everyone is seen rooting for him. After he won the round, Lindsay high fives him in joy. In Topple on the Luck Players, Noah cheers for Lindsay and Tyler when they win the challenge, he later states in the confessional that he is amazed at how much better Lindsay got in challenges. In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Noah is also a bit confused because Tyler makes him vote for his girlfriend, while there are still two deadlocks that should be better to rid off, and in fact when Chris calls for a second vote at the tiebreaker between Scarlett and Lindsay, he decides instead to vote for Scarlett. After some pitched discussions that Noah skives diving again into his lecture, Lindsay is safe and Scarlett is eliminated.

In The Super Wi-Fi Spies, after both Lindsay and Noah win immunity, they both high five each other. Noah and Tyler convince Lindsay to vote off Heather at the elimination ceremony. In Puzzle Riot, during the nomination, Tyler suggests to vote against Lindsay but doesn't vote her actually, so Noah later scolds him for his lack of coherence, asking how an alliance is supposed to run if its members often don't vote for the same person. He accepts Tyler's excuse because Lindsay is his girlfriend, but warns him that he'll decide the votes the next time too. Noah waves bye to Lindsay as she if taken away on the Boat of Losers. In Korean Teaching or Learning, Lindsay joins Cameron, Noah and Tyler at the reward that they had won in the challenge.

In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers, in the mess hall, the contestants are given vipers to eat, which makes Noah throw up. Lindsay then tells Noah that their team is called the Venomous Vipers, and we should eat them to be like them, Noah then makes a comment about how Lindsay must have eaten dumb blondes before. Eventually she manages and Noah forks a piece of viper, tastes it and immediately spits in disgust. Lindsay instead feels so sick that she adverts the need to rush into the Confessional discovering it's a western toilet and screaming in fear seeing Heather peeling herself inside. Noah starts laughing at them. Noah is seen extremely happy when Lindsay wins a point over Sierra in the challenge. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, when Noah see's that Tyler is nowhere in sight, this leaves Noah the perfect amount of time to form his own alliance involving Dakota, Samey and even Lindsay, while congratulating on her for the score gained by capturing the enemies properly. Noah manipulates Lindsay into voting off Dakota instead of Samey, making sure Tyler doesn't get enough votes to get rid of Samey, and to make sure he goes home instead.

In Red Dead Mergiton, when Dakota and Noah perform their play, Lindsay is seen extremely bored and annoyed with them. As when Cody and Lindsay were performing, Noah is surpirsed when Cody actually hit Lindsay, and when they started to hit each other. Lindsay votes off along with everyone, Noah, to get back at him for eliminating Tyler, and for being completely untrustworthy. Noah is seen shocked when he finds out everyone had voted him off, including Lindsay, calling them a bunch of losers. In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, Lindsay is seen happy that Noah is finally eliminated for what he had done a few episodes ago. In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, Noah looks at Lindsay and Tyler kissing with vomit on them, which he thens says that it is a perfect scene to end the gross episode with. In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Lightning rants in an angry state about how Tyler has been with Lindsay for so many years for every other reason but the fact that he loves her, which completely shocks everyone, and Noah agrees with him. Noah also tells everyone that Tyler has made him vote for Lindsay multiple times.

In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Noah is surprised that Lindsay voted Tyler, but he manages to hold the tension by reading his favourite book, since there's no best way to relax than this. In Fun Zone 3.0, The Toxic Sharks are forced to go for the nomination: Tyler drags Noah in a corner and beg him to vote out Lindsay, since she voted him out already once and she's also seeming to break with him. The ceremony is very pitched: Noah stares when the bottom 2 are Tyler and Lindsay, but sighs in relief when the former receives the marshmallow. Noah is extremely shocked when they break up. In Mutant See, Mutant Do, Tyler states in the confessional that he might soon quit, Tyler then states that he can't take losing Lindsay, he then states that he misses her more then anyone. Noah then comes in knocking asking if Tyler is ok. Tyler tells Noah that he misses Lindsay a tonne. Noah then tells Tyler that everything will be fine, and to calm down. Noah tells Tyler that girls are un-grateful, and that Lindsay did vote him off an episode before she was eliminated. Tyler then tells Noah that is the reason why he voted her off, Tyler then states that he really cared about Lindsay more, then she cared about him. In Samey-Bot's Revenge, Noah fare-wells Tyler, saying that he is gonna miss him a lot., and tells him to have fun with Lindsay.


Owen and Noah are best buddies by a long time,however sometime their differences can cause slight conflicts between the two, eventually they fix them immediately in a joke way. Owen is very attached to Noah and always prompt to help him in any way.The two are happily placed in the same team, Toxic Sharks, during Total Drama Toxic Brawl, but their interactions are usually average so far. Noah uses Owens fart to lit on the signal fire for the rescue boat in the last episode aired, but Chris believes he cheated in somewhat way and also Owen was already disqualified for other reasons. They continue to support each others still in the merge, however Noah is worried about the possibility Owen can be spoiled easily by an hindering alliance. Owen suddenly quits in 2014: A Toxic Owen leaving Noah utterly astonished. Noah think something stinks in this story, and it's not a fart, this time...



Crushed by Sadie in the 2nd episode.

In Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive Reunions, after Noah tells Tyler that most of the eliminations he caused were because of the help of him, Sadie laughs. In A Radioactive Beginning, after Tyler pushes Noah into the lake, Sadie laughs at him. Sadie falls from the tree she's hidden right onto Noah in the paintball challenge, and again laughs. This may suggest an hindering friendship or an hidden hate between them. In The Toxic Treasure of Awkanawaw Noah gets a little annoyed when Sadie enters in the male bathroom by mistake. When Sadie is eliminated, Noah isn't happy, but maybe this is only because he preferred someone other to get the Hurl of Shame.


Not so much can be said about Noah and Samey, due to her short time in the competition in Season 1. Noah votes her off in Volleybrawl along with his friends. Noah and Samey are put again on the same team, but Samey seems a little less talkative than previously, so he can't speak with her much.

Soon after Noah saves Samey from her predictable elimination when the Vipers lose a second time in Western Tough for the Polocrossie plotting the shocking nomination of Tyler, it's revealed that the real Samey never participated, it was always a robotic copycat to take her place. This explains a lot...and in fact Noah, Samey and Dakota shine during the trivia of losers making their team to reach the victory again. Noah is joyfully surprised to deal finally with the real Samey, and befriends her a little.

They don't have any interaction during Total Drama Toxic Brawl unlike when Samey returns to be an intern, is kidnapped by Samey-Bot in Samey-Bot's Revenge and ideates the SMS challenge in The Toxic Treasure of Awkanawaw, only to get soon after fired and hurled away again on Chris's decision.


Noah teams up with Scarlett, Jo and Brick.


Noah and Scarlett predictably don't get along. Scarlett's critical nature of her team has caused Noah to not trust her much and barely interact, causing to Noah to vote her off in the 2nd round of the nomination during Relay Feelings Speed Fast and she took the Arrow of Shame.

Their interactions are still limited in the first part of Total Drama Toxic Brawl but they become more in focus in the merge. When everyone teams up for the search of Samey-Bot Noah asks to join to Scarlett and her alliance seeing its getting more and more dominating in the game. Scarlett accepts but doesn't take Noah so much in consideration, rejecting his ideas, however they are able to collaborate and reach the secret hideout of Samey-Bot. After this episode they split going to different ways and alliances, and the more the competition progresses, the more they become enemies. After Owen self-eliminated Noah starts to believe she's manipulating everyone to control the course of the events. In the next episode he's called "vermin" by her, in fact.

Overall it looks like Noah and Scarlett generally respect each others recognizing their respective brain values, despite they're pretty cold and in few occasions there's a suggested rivalry for the scepter of the most intelligent contestant, also Scarlett tends to leave behind herself who shows to be weak, and Noah tends to don't trust her at all. This means they'll never be friends, just because they can't.


In Trials and Triva-lations, unlike other competitors, Noah doesn't seem too concerned towards Scott's well-being whenever Fang attacks the Beavers. In fact, Noah laughs at Scott's screams of helplessness. He also laughs at Scott arriving late to the challenge in Starting Off on Humble Beginnings. However Scott doesn't detect Noah's sarcastic quips at first, due to him taking most sentences literally.

Their conflict becomes mutual in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, where Scott begins to not trust Noah due to his relationship with Dawn, saying that any friend of hers is an enemy of him. When the majority of Scott's team expresses guilt over voting him off in Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Noah judgementally questions why they'd feel bad about voting off somebody like Scott.

They have limited interaction in Season 2 due to being on seperate teams, although Noah's insults towards Scott seem to have toned down more because of this. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, when Scott is seen fishing, Noah alerts him that Fang is right behind him. Scott laughs at what Noah says, thinking that it's just another one of his harsh sarcastic jokes. But when it actually does turn out that Noah is correct, and Fang attacks Scott, Noah laughs at his misfortune. Scott votes Noah off in Red Dead Mergiton, due to him being a threat because of him winning invincibility many times in the first season. In The Final Finale, Noah roots for Lindsay to beat Scott in the tiebreaker. However, Noah roots for Scott to win over Duncan in the final challenge, most likely because of him having a bigger conflict with Duncan than he does with Scott.

In A Radioactive Beginning, Scott laughs at Noah's misfortune when he's pushed into the water by Tyler, also yelling that Noah sucks, while calling him "No-it-all." In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Scott attempts to take Noah out, but thanks to Noah's reflexes, he dodges, and, along with Tyler, he shoots Scott and knocks him out. In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Scott laughs at Noah's misfortune when he falls into a lake and gets zapped, and also puts his arm around Tyler while continuing to laugh at Noah. In En-Toxicating, when everyone finds out that Noah read Dawn's diary, Scott calls it devious even by his standards, and also calls Noah sneaky. In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Scott glares at Noah when Noah successfully finds a crystal.

In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Scott laughs at Noah when he arrives late to the challenge, boasting that that's never happened to him, before Noah angrily reminds him that it has. Noah laughs at Scott when Jo twists his finger and Scott screams girlishly. Scott corrects this scream by screaming in a masculine way, and asks Noah, along with Sadie, what they're laughing at.

In Fun Zone 3.0 Noah is annoyed by Scott joining his team in exchange for Alejandro thinking it's an eel swapping with another eel. Scott joins Noah and Tyler in the challenge and Noah asks Scott if he can smell the ocean since he's used to acting like an animal. Scott angrily confronts Noah about that, asking why he'd think that, but proves Noah right when he sniffs like a dog. When he can't smell the ocean and tells Noah and Tyler that dogs can't smell oceans, Noah waves a hand at Scott to find the ocean, treating him like a dog. Scott surprisingly acts like one in response, but mistakes Noah's hand for a bone and bites it, causing Noah to scream. When Noah prepares a fire and asks if anyone has rocks, Scott throws dirt rocks but accidentally hits Noah's head, angering him. Noah is even more angered by Scott when he realizes the dirt rocks are useless.

In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate Noah votes off Scott for his dislike of him. when Courtney gets angry about not winning the challenge against Jasmine and throws a chair into the pool, Noah suggests she launch one on Scott.


Sky and Noah are linked by a common former friend: Tyler. Even if they are on different teams, Sky sometimes encourages Noah to be more enthusiastic and competitive and less snarky. This brings a very mild friendship without much interaction. In the last two episodes Sky votes off Noah for being the biggest threat in the game. In Totally Dramatic Finale! Noah votes for Sky to win over Cameron.

In Trials and Triva-lations Tyler introduces Noah to Sky. The two briefly chat before being placed on opposite teams. Sky is happy for Noah and Tyler when they win, but quickly realizes she must vote a contestant out. Noah approaches Sky and the others and tells them he is glad they got rid of the annoying Dave. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train Sky is happy for Noah when he shares his first kiss with Dawn.


Sky votes off Noah, due to being a threat in the game.

Despite he voted for her final victory, Noah can't hide anymore the frustration he felt inside after Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze and in Season 2 he develops a slight grudge on her.

If Sky admitted her fault having voted off her mild friend, Noah would forgive her for that, until this happens, he doesn't trust her yet. Plus she gets along with Duncan that became an enemy of Noah. However after the third challenge they partially solved this situation and returned to their mild friendship. At the point that Sky revealed to Noah her crush for Duncan and asked to him to give his opinion about it. In Totally Dramatic Finale! Chris reveals Noah and the other eliminated contestants to the finalists, Sky and Cameron. Noah informs Sky that he knows that she is the reason he is eliminated. Sky apologizes to Noah and states that she is sorry for voting him out, Noah tells Sky that he will vote her to win the season. When Sky is announced victorious, Noah and the others cheer for her.


Sky asks Noah if he thinks she has a crush on Duncan and if this is gonna make her weak.

In A Wild Western Introduction Sky chooses Noah to be on her team due to his dominance in individual challenges. When Sky steps down as team leader for the challenge and allows Duncan to be team Leader Noah finds this as a sign of weakness on Sky's part. He is also constantly questioning Duncan's leadership skills which irritates Sky. The Vipers lose the challenge, and when Sky asks who Tyler voted for, he responds Duncan because Noah told him to. In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers Sky asks Noah if he thinks that she is attracted, and if she is getting weaker in the game. Noah tells Sky that she thinks Duncan is distracting her and that he believes she has a crush on him. This leads to Sky trying to deny and cover up for the fact that she likes him.

In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, Sky reveals an important piece of information to Noah. Everyone except for Noah is away, so Sky decides to clear her conscience, and reveals her feelings for Duncan, but she is scared that she may be weakened by her feelings towards him. When Tyler is eliminated, Sky suspects Noah because she knows all of the others she is aligned with would not vote out Tyler.

In The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous Sky finds out Noah is the reason for Tyler's elimination. She confronts Noah about it, but he dodges all her questions about it. In her confessional she states that if the Vipers lose again Noah is next to go. In Red Dead Mergiton Sky tells Noah to hurry up his play, he immediately takes offense and states the other contestants do not know the meaning of art. Sky convinces the others to eliminate Noah and Dakota, and when his name is not called Sky says goodbye in a mocking tone. She also says that it is payback for eliminating Tyler.



Noah and Staci have an on-and-off again friendship. Despite Noah comforting Staci a lot, he talks behind her back as well.

Throughout Total Drama Toxic Brawl, Noah and Staci have mostly been good friends with each other and have usually worked alongside each other while placed on the same team. Although Noah usually delivers snarky insults to fellow contestants, he spares Staci from this due to being aware of how vulnerable she is. Staci thinks of Noah as not only funny, but very nice. However, the two have had rare moments where they have pointed out flaws with each other, such as Staci talking about Noah stealing Dawn's diary, or Noah talking about lies Staci sometimes spews. After Noah is eliminated, he whines like a child about all of the remaining contestants, including calling Staci a floater and not deserving to last long, even though she waved at him when he was eliminated. When Noah returns to the finale, despite Lightning betraying him, he sticks on Lightning's side instead of Staci's for no reason whatsoever. Staci feels incredibly betrayed by Noah ever since this. Even though Noah congratulates Staci on her win, he talks behind her back in the confessional, saying if she can win, anyone can.



Tyler and Noah Speak in the Cabins, about their alliance.

Throughout the show Tyler makes Noah become more and more involved in the game, and as a result of this, Noah starts to win some of the challenges for their team. This makes Noah very thankful for Tyler being his best friend on the show. Both create an alliance early on in the competition, and both make the merge in Total Drama Role-play Season 1. Both friends make the Merge together, and Noah starts winning a tonne of challenges. This made Tyler very happy, and proud of Noah. On some occasions their alliance is tested out, but through thick and thin, they make the Final 6 together. On the way there, they lost 4 members of their alliance, including Scarlett, Heather, Lindsay, and Gwen. In Supreme Chef Auto, Noah and Tyler are last people from the Screaming Ducks left, in which Noah feels terrified. However, Tyler has alliances with Duncan, Cody, Cameron, and Sky. But Tyler states that Noah is the one he wants to take to the Final 2. The both of them team up with the rest to vote out Cody in Supreme Chef Auto but in Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze, Duncan finally gets everyone besides Noah and Tyler to get Noah eliminated. Tyler is devastated and vows to win for Noah.

Noah constantly betrays Tyler after Season 1, causing clashes in their friendship.

In Total Drama Wild West, both Noah and Tyler return for another Season. Both are super happy to see each other return, and once again build a power alliance. They both were chosen to be on the Venomous Vipers by Sky. This leads to their alliance being even more powerful, because they are on the same team once again. At the end of A Wild Western Introduction, Noah finally stands up to Tyler, taking charge of the alliance, and forces Tyler to vote out Duncan, which cause Tyler and Duncan to have a large conflict, as well as Noah and Duncan. Noah soon believes that Tyler is a fraud and votes him off. This causes for Tyler to never want to see him again, and then a very deep conflict between the two forms, as Tyler will not take Noah anymore. When Noah and Tyler return to the competition in Total Drama Toxic Brawl they're initially enemies that bicker and do nasty pranks each other all the time, but they also come back friends in En-Toxicating all of sudden for an initiative of the jock.However there's still a long time before their friendship returns solid as in the past.

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