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Due to his critical nature of others, along with his unawareness of certain social situations, Scott tends to not really get on with most contestants he's interacted with. His unapproachable nature and lack of empathy towards contestants ensured his early elimination in Total Drama Returns to the Island. However, in Total Drama Wild West he gains more friends that he had before, although these people are usually just as antagonistic as he is. Performing many antagonistic deeds unknowingly by other contestants, Scott is often underestimated by them for his lack of intelligence, before he performs tactical moves. In Total Drama Toxic Brawl, his accomplishments from his previous season causes him to develop a more arrogant and rude attitude towards those he dislikes. While his lack of intelligence is still insulted by some people, he is mostly disliked at this point for his harsh and demeaning behavior.


Scott thinks of Alejandro as somewhat of an obstacle at Scott's chances of winning, as seen in Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder as he says in the confessional that Alejandro and Tyler are big threats in the game later on, which could be a problem for him, thinking that they should go soon, although he probably thought Alejandro moreso due to his friendship with Tyler.

Scott feels sympathy towards Alejandro in Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste however, barfing when he sees what Alejandro must eat, while also saying "That's gotta hurt." Despite that, Scott notices Dave's obvious cheating, and calls Alejandro out on this, angry at this chating. Scott laughs when Lightning points out that Dave should just admit that he likes Alejandro.


In En-Toxicating Scott joins Amy and Brick in searching for the flower. Scott suggests that they head south, and while Brick agrees, Amy can't hear Scott for some reason, possibly zoning out. Scott mentions that they're not going anywhere until she listens, while calling her a dumb cheerleader. Scott asks Amy if she has any ideas on how to get the flower away from a crocodile. She stops zoning out but says "Okay..." not answering Scott at all, frustrating him. He begrudgingly asks her if she has a plan or if she's just going to be "deaf." Scott screams when he's inside a crocodile's mouth. A reluctant Amy punches the crocodile to help Scott, but he doesn't seem to be grateful for her or Brick.

In Mutant Kingdom, Scott makes Brick not bring Amy with their guy group in the challenge. When Brick worries once again, Scott tells him not to worry about the "dumb cheerleader." He votes her off in Down, Down In My Awful Mine because of him thinking she's completely useless.

Anne MariaEdit

In The Big Apple, Anne Maria demands Chris tells them the challenge, and as it is being explains, she reveals her disgust for Geoff praising Scott's farting.

In Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty, when Scott calls her spraytan, she confronts him about her tan being real, right before spraying hairspray in his mouth, calling him fungus mouth. After lashing out at Scott for pushing Samey, she suggests that the only man Alejandro should push the carriages for their team.

In Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater, Scott is not impressed with Spray Tan maybe joining their team, causing her to tell him to shut the f up, and referring to him as trailer trash. When Lightning gets injured from Scott fighting him, she rushes to punch Scott in the face, and tends to Lightning, before he is taken away to the meds. Anne Maria votes off Scott at the elimination ceremony.


In A Radioactive Beginning Scott is the first of his team to talk with Beardo, asking him what he thinks of the show, but Beardo gives back an awkward silence, making Scott call him an awkward guy in the confessional. When his team loses the first challenge, Scott blames this on Beardo due to him taking so long, while also being very annoying. Scott turns down Lightning's suggestion to vote off Jo, as he mentions that he finds Beardo slightly more annoying, and votes him off.

Beth Edit

In The Big Apple, when Scott is told that he' working with Beth and Lightning, he warns Beth about Lightning, saying that Lightning could ruin her chances, asking her to be thankful that she's working with a so-called "smart" person like himself. Beth is simply confused at Scott's stupidity. In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, Scott cheers for Beth when it comes to eating her food, and doesn't seem to care about her when she says that it's the worst thing that she's seen in her life. Later, he orders both her and Lightning to eat.

In Toxic Battle of...Doom! he's dissapointed in her when she's out of the challenge. He trips over her in Down, Down In My Awful Mine, but angrily tells her to watch where she's going, and calls her "Nerd."

In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate when voting, Scott laughs menacingly, deciding to try and get rid of Beth. He fails, and Beth is one of the votes for him.

Brick Edit


Scott is constantly annoyed and irritated by Brick throughout Total Drama Toxic Brawl.

Brick's loyalty towards leaders causes him to respect Scott leading the Mutant Laser Squirrels on a number of occasions. Since he stopped taking the leadership role thanks to that backfiring on him in his previous season, Brick follows orders from anyone, and loves Scott's tenacity in making decisions. Scott on the other hand hates Brick, thinking of him as a continuous nuisance and annoyance because of him being too close to Scott than he should be. Every once in a while, Scott even uses Brick for his own personal gain, manipulating him on multiple occasions. Eventually, they, along with Lightning form a guys alliance, although Scott is merely using Brick to get himself farther in the game. But after manipulation from Jo, Brick reluctantly votes off Scott.


You're the squealer

Cameron scared at the past challenge.

Due to their past experiences with each other from their first two seasons together, it's fairly obvious that Cameron and Scott do not get along with each other. Cameron, being the social shut-in he is, is absolutely terrified by Scott. For the third time, both are placed on the same team. This has caused them to interact in plenty of episodes.

In Trials and Triva-lations, Cameron doesn't seem too pleased to be on a team with Scott, unlike how he feels about the rest of his teammates, still seeming terrified of Scott's dangerous nature. Scott sees Cameron as an obstacle that could get in his way. Despite their heated conflict, Cameron seems concerned towards Scott when the teams are told that Fang will attack them if they ever get a question wrong.

In Volleybrawl, when the challenge is, at first, to throw balls at each other, Cameron believes in himself that he can win for his team, before Scott rudely criticizes Cameron, laughing that Cameron's fingers are as slippery as grease. Despite this, both cheer on each other when its their turn to do their now Rock Paper Scissors challenge, both of which both win in.


Cameron voting out Scott.

In Topple on the Luck Players, when Cameron seems proud of his team for winning the last challenge, Scott questions how Cameron would be surprised in the first place. Despite this, Cameron cheers Scott on when he scores the Beaver's only point, and questions Chef's logic when he doesn't count Scott's second one. Even though Scott was the most useful member of the Beavers in the challenge, Cameron thought of this as a chance to finally eliminate Scott, having no hesitance in doing so. With Scott feeling betrayal from the rest of his team after all the work he had done, Cameron has a guilty look, realizing he could've needed Scott for future challenges.

In Relay Feeling Speed Fast, Cameron, despite having one of the largest conflicts with Scott, feels guilty for betraying him like that. In the challenge, Cameron encourages his team to win for Scott, as hard as it is to say. Cameron later mentions Scott in Supreme Chef Auto, saying that with meaner people like him and Courtney gone, he's found it hard to vote for other people.


Scott mad at Cameron and Sky being in the Final 2.

Scott, along with other eliminated contestants, cameos in Final Four Face Off!. He still seems to be angry at his Beaver team, noting that he wants Sky and Cameron to be the next two eliminated. He's dissapointed to discover that both of them are the Final 2. Scott reluctantly votes for Cameron to win in Totally Dramatic Finale! by saying that Sky doesn't deserve it. Despite him voting for Cameron, he doesn't vocally point out that he's cheering for him, and honestly doesn't care about the result.

In A Wild Western Introduction, Scott is revealed to be taking Cameron's place as captain. He tells everyone that he bribed Cameron with the money Scott shared with him just so he could be captain and take Sky down. In The Final Finalé, when Scott faces off against Lindsay in a tiebreaker to see who competes against Duncan, he beats her in a reverse icon challenge, referring to Cameron as a little dork, saying that he may have actually learned something from Cameron for once.

Chris McLeanEdit

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, as soon as Chris notes that the contestants will compete in their challenge on a cuckoo train, Scott immediately takes his words literally, mistaking Chris' meaning for a bird. In A Wild Western Introduction, Dave tries showing an immunity statue he found when eliminated, but Scott reveals that that was just a pile of dirt he made in the image of Chris' face, slightly angering Chris.

In Serpent Showdown, in his uncomfortable bed, Scott screams loudly when he hears Chris use his loudspeaker, becoming slightly deaf in one ear. When Chris mentions that the first challenge is safer because of the producers, Scott is relieved and even more relieved to learn that the first part of the challenge is to guess a quote from a character.

In Red Dead Mergiton, after hearing complaints from Courtney, Duncan, Sky, Sugar, and Tyler, Chris reluctantly calls in a hospital to heal Scott, as Chris initially didn't care less.

In Yodelayhee...Who? Scott questions why Chris would bring them out in the middle of the night, as they need rest, but Chris simply laughs at Scott's misery, saying that it makes the challenge more fun. In a tiebreaker between Samey and Scott with them saying why they should stay, Scott almost breaks into tears as he tells a story of his childhood, but Chris stops him midway through, and says that he has a schedule and the contestants are taking too long.

In Three Enemigos whenever Scott and Sky score points, Chris calls them various team names that displeasure both of them. Scott gets so sick of Chris' insults that he says things back to Chris, angering Chris.

In A Radioactive Beginning Scott shows Chris the number nine in the challenge, but Chris tells him that that's not the correct one, much to Scott's dismay, while also telling Chris how much he hates him. Jo angrily tells Chris to hurry up the elimination ceremony when the Mutant Laser Squirrels lose, to which Scott agrees. In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens when Chris forgets to inform the contestants of important news, Scott laughs at him, and calls him lazy, while also being a loser host.

In Mutant Kingdom Scott is confused when Chris calls all of the contestants to the bonfire. Chris is at the top of a cliff and demands that the contestants help him. Scott laughs at Chris, while asking him to say pretty please. Duncan and Lightning are in the Bottom 2 and Chris calls Duncan a screenhog, but Scott defends Duncan and says that Chris is one to talk, and laughs at Chris, even when he glares at Scott.

In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Chris gets disgusted by Scott throwing up at Tyler having to eat Chef's toenails and says that Scott's family probably use him as garbage. Hearing Chris' harsh insult, Scott holds in tears, and yells at Chris to shut up. Scott also yells that he's not garbage and he eats garbage, but stutters with these words.

In Fun Zone 3.0 Scott is just about to wake up but is startled by Chris speaking over a big screen, with Scott's ears hurting. Even though he's woken up in the Fun Zone, Scott snores while Chris speaks, not caring about listening to him. He is woken up when Chris yells at him.

In Mutant See, Mutant Do Chris gets mad when the teams enter their boats and they blow up, but Scott asks Chris to calm down as it's just a "stupid boat."

In Samey-Bot's Revenge after Chris announces that the challenge will be another trivia, Scott boos his uncreativity. Scott brings up how they don't even know where Samey-Bot is, and asks Chris what the plan is in finding her. Chris doesn't seem to care that Samey is kidnapped by Samey-Bot, but Scott reminds Chris that without them, he won't get a paycheck at the end of the season, while calling him a lame host. At the end of the challenge, Chris points out over the intercom how Samey-Bot has already been caught in the mine, confusing Scott, and making him ask what the "old man" is blabbering about.



Scott and Cody in the Peanut Gallery.

Cody and Scott have opposite personalities, which unfortunately leads them to oppose each other and clash because of these personalities as soon as they're placed on the Killer Beavers in Total Drama Returns to the Island. Cody is somewhat terrified of Scott's rough atittude and is also one of the most notably angry people at what he says, even if he's too scared of him to point this out. Scott dislikes Cody for similar reasons that he dislikes Cameron; he sees Cody as a weakling who isn't capable of standing up for himself, even encouraging Cody to be a pushover whenever he wants to.

They have less interactions at first in Total Drama Wild West because of being on opposing teams, but when Scott notices that the males are being outnumbered by the females, he forms a guy's alliance with Cody and Duncan, but is more forceful towards Cody of staying in their alliance, even blackmailing him. There have been instances however where Scott seems to enjoy Cody's company because his misfortune benefits Scott and makes him laugh. He also considered Cody a trustworthy ally, dissapointed when Cody is eliminated. Scott's encouragement of toughening Cody up results in Cody having a much more rebellious opinion towards Scott, as seen in The Big Apple.

Despite being on the same team in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, Cody and Scott have less interaction due to the former's earlier elimination. Scott seems to be the angriest at Cody for his lack of contribution to the challenge, yet tries not to lose his patience and encourages Cody. This doesn't stop him from later voting off Cody though, still retaining a conflict with him, even adopting the nickname "Crybaby" for Cody. They have less interaction in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 due to being on different teams.



In the end of the episode, Scott causes the elimination of Courtney.

Courtney and Scott were previously in a relationship in Total Drama All-Stars, before breaking up with each other. They are both placed on the same teams in their first two seasons. Their interactions spiral all over the place. Scott begins to start to trust Courtney again, and even still has some feelings for her. But caring more about the game, Courtney betrays Scott's trust and would be one of the reasons for his early departure in Season 1. Showing guilt for her actions, she constantly tries to make things up with Scott, but also constantly fails.

Their interactions would continue in Season 2 when Scott would pick her to be on his team. Their conflict had developed into it being one-sided on Scott's side, although he is seen being dissapointed when Courtney is eliminated early in Dancing With Cowboys, and vows to avenge her after her elimination. He's also seen dissapointed in Western Tough for the Polocrossie where Ezekiel returns instead of Courtney. However, when Courtney is an intern for a few challenges, she is seen supporting Scott here and there, but this hasn't stopped her from causing herself to conflict with him, along with him making her feel guilty.

They interact a few times in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, with Courtney constantly sucking up to Scott and being overly nice to him. But this restraining of her meanness causes her to inadvertedly insult Scott on several occasions. He even suggests to his enemy Lightning not to ally with her as she's untrustworthy. As revenge for Courtney previously voting him off in Topple on the Luck Players Scott votes her off.

Dakota Edit

Scott votes Dakota off in Red Dead Mergiton for unknown reasons, although possibly because she was siding with a threat like Noah. In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us, Dakota is a judge for contestants in the talent contest. As his talent, Scott performs the alphabet using his armpits. Dakota gives him the lowest score of the three judges, giving him a 1\10, as she is disgusted by it. In The Final Finale, she roots for Lindsay to beat Scott in the tiebreaker, and when he beats Lindsay, she then roots for Duncan to win over Scott, likely because she was previously disgusted by Scott during the talent contest.



The Killer Beavers first elimination ceremony.

Dave is immediately put off by Scott's horrible odor, sarcastically calling it a delight in Trials and Triva-lations. In front of other contestants, Dave attempts forming many alliances with many contestants, including most from his team excluding Scott. This causes Scott to not trust Dave very much, like the rest of his team. Scott votes off Dave in Trials and Triva-lations along with the rest of his team. They are placed on seperate teams in season 2.

However, Scott gets fed up with Dave in A Wild Western Introduction, laughing at moments of unfortunateness for Dave. Dave attempts to use an invincibility statue to deem himself safe until Scott laughs that he molded one made out of dirt in the image of Chris, laughing at Dave's foolishness. In The Final Finale, Dave roots for Lindsay to beat Scott in the tiebreaker, and also roots for Duncan to beat Scott in the final challenge.

In A Radioactive Beginning, Scott gets annoyed by Dave, calling him more of a loud-mouth than he is. Scott is annoyed when Dave appears to be put on his team, not valuing him very much. In Mutant Monsters vs Abominable Aliens, Scott is annoyed at being on a team with Dave and calls him string bean. He's relieved when Brick and Dave's switch turns out to be fake and bids Dave farewell, saying no-one from the team will miss him. Scott boos Dave in En-Toxicating when he's called safe. In En-Toxicating Scott boos Dave when he's called safe from elimination.

In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Scott is irritated and disgusted by Dave randomly showing up on his cabin grounds in the girls cabin to talk to Beth, and thinks of Dave as a weirdo. He says in the confessional that a day must be weird if even Dave and Brick creep him out. When Dave eats Alejandro's dish, Scott points out that this obviously means Alejandro is cheating, and sarcastically thanks Dave for revealing this, while also calling him numbskull. Scott laughs at Dave when Tyler accidentaly spits food into his eye.

In Fun Zone 3.0, Scott gets angry when his team loses, and pins the loss on Dave in the confessional, calling him stupid and useless, and votes for Dave.

In Mutant See, Mutant Do Dave tries to make Scott calm down from being angry, but this only infuriates Scott more, mentioning to Dave that he shouldn't tell him what to do. Dave reminds Scott that they're on the same team, but Scott confusedly asks what that has to do with anything, annoyed by Dave's stupidity, and calls him a dork. In the confessional, Scott mentions that he left a team of idiots only to join another team of idiots, referring to Dave. Dave, along with Sadie and Staci, are called weird by Scott in the confessional. Dave, along with Tyler, cheer for Scott when he prepares his water gun though. Scott laughs at an insult Lightning delivers to Dave. Dave cheers that him and his team should start shooting, forgetting that he's out, and Scott reminds him to stop cheering for them, as he's out, and calls Dave a ninny. Dave orders Scott not to vote for him if they lose, but Scott angrily reminds Dave to remember not to tell him what to do. Scott later mentions that if his team loses, he knows who he's voting for, referring to Dave. He says in the confessional that he'll vote the dumbest person on his team, being so serious that he even mentions that they're dumber than him, referring to Dave. Scott laughs and agrees with Lightning when he tells Dave to just admit that he likes Alejandro. After Dave is eliminated, Scott pushes him violently into the catapult, happy that he's eliminated.



Scott torments Dawn.

As expected, Scott and Dawn still have an intense conflict with each other after the events of Revenge of the Island. Even though they're on two different teams, they're not afraid to lash out at each other. Dawn may be expected to be a kindred spirit to other players, but she never feels any guilt in openly insulting Scott at any chance she gets.

In Trials and Triva-lations, whenever the Beavers lose a section of the challenge and get attacked by Fang, Dawn shows no concern towards Scott when an event like this happens.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, when Scott is suspected as the killer of the Beavers, and is pretended to be killed off, Dawn wishes this would be true, wishing she could do the act herself. Unlike most of the other contestants, Scott doesn't seem to care when Dawn is eliminated from the team, and is actually thrilled, saying that she was still eliminated fourth without his help, laughing at her as he says so. But as soon as Scott discovers Noah and Dawn's relationship, Dawn easily becomes one of the main reasons Scott begins his conflict with Noah. In En-Toxicating, Scott is happy when Dawn is eliminated, while calling her "aura weirdo."


But still helpful

Duncan helps Scott to his feet.

Due to having a similar style of competing, Duncan is one of the only contestants to actually get along with Scott and respect his rough atittude towards many of his fellow competitorss. Both, along with Courtney, fight with each other over team captain position before coming to an agreement. Both cheer each other on for just about every challenge from there, such as in Volleybrawl and Starting Off on Humble Beginnings. In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, one was concerned whenever the other was killed off from the challenge. However due to his friendship with most of his team, including Scott, Duncan ultimately and reluctantly votes off Scott due to his unbearable puns and lack of kindness towards most of the rest of the team. Scott feels betrayed by his team, but when calling all of his team traitors, he surprisingly doesn't call Duncan out on it. This is very noticeable to Duncan. He appears to look very guilty when Scott scolds his team. Duncan is one of the many team members to feel guilty about voting off Scott in the previous episode, saying that he respected Scott's untrustworthy nature. Scott also rooted for Duncan or Tyler to win in Final Four Face Off! but was ultimately dissapointed when Duncan was the first eliminated from the episode.

They have less interactions in Season 2 at first, due to being on different teams, although they still seem to have the same friendship they've always shown. When the teams merge, their interactions grow more, with both even being part of a successful guys alliance with each other throughout the competition. This successful alliance also was an asset in making both the Final 2 of their second season, satisfying both of them.

In Total Drama Toxic Brawl, they interact more thanks to being on the same team for the second time. However, their friendly rivalry and equal skill in the game causes them to occasionaly do violent acts upon one another now and again. Their friendship becomes more jeapordized when Duncan spends too much time with Samey, slightly angering Scott, as he recalls when Duncan hung out with guys more. Scott becomes angrier when Duncan barely listens to any words he says. Regretfully, Scott eventually chooses to vote off Duncan, and feels guilty when Duncan is eliminated, still showing signs of kinship towards Duncan.

Ella Edit

Scott chooses Ella to be on his team in A Wild Western Introduction! However, from there, Ella is surprisingly silent towards her team and doesn't have much of an interaction with Scott. However, Scott is seen glaring at Ella in 3:10 to the Horse of Losers after he discovers that she was one of the people who voted off Courtney. In The Final Finale, she roots for Lindsay to win the tiebreaker against Scott, but when Scott beats Lindsay, Ella later roots for Scott to win over Duncan, possibly because of him picking her to be on his team.


In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Scott doesn't seem to like Eva joining his team, and glares at her with a confused look, also saying there's now too many she-men for him to count, insulting Eva's masculinity.

In En-Toxicating, Scott asks his fellow guys what they think of the new "steroid recruit" referring to Eva. Eva laughs at Scott when he's inside the mouth of a crocodile.

In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Eva gets annoyed by Scott's restrained tears, and calls him weird and an idiot. Eva gets disgusted by Scott pit farting in a somber manner when Shawn is eliminated.

In Fun Zone 3.0 Eva is happy when Scott changes team, pointing it out publicly, and in the confessional. In Mutant See, Mutant Do, Scott is eliminated from the challenge by Eva shooting him with her water gun.

In Samey-Bot's Revenge Eva gets so excited about the merge that she punches Scott's face, making him rub an injured cheek. In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate Scott is confused when his name in votes is being called out. He glares at Eva, thinking that he knows who voted him, but Eva denies him, confusing Scott as to who voted him, even though Eva actually was one of the votes for Scott.



Ezekiel is Eliminated.

Ezekiel and Scott are far from friends at first. Scott dislikes Ezekiel's laziness in challenges, whereas Ezekiel doesn't like Scott's cruel personality. In Dancing With Cowboys, Scott realizes the only boys on his team are himself and Ezekiel. He glares at Ezekiel for barely contributing to the previous challenge. Ezekiel attempts to apologize, but Scott doesn't get on with him once again as soon as Ezekiel says how much he wants to quit. Heather wakes up Scott in asking him to vote off Ezekiel the next time they lose, and Scott definitely agrees with her. In the singing challenge, when it is Ezekiel's turn, Scott is sure that Ezekiel will win his round due to being a rapper, but groans when Ezekiel's verse is interrupted by an insect that

Scott and Ezekiel at their second Elimination Ceremony.

jumps on his face. When the Pythons lose, Scott is 100% certain that Ezekiel will be voted off, but when he discovers that Courtney was picked over Ezekiel, he begins to dislike Ezekiel even more.

In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers, Scott still seems mad at his team, most notably Ezekiel, for voting Courtney off. Scott refuses to accept Ezekiel's apology, saying that he's more annoying and dumber than him, which Scott thinks is saying a lot. Scott is in a bad mood throughout the challenge, and wishes he could go back to costing challenges just so he can vote off Ezekiel. Even though he scores a point for his team, Scott is happy when the Pythons lose a second time in a row. He happily votes off Ezekiel.

Ezekiel returns in Western Tough for the Polocrossie, causing Scott to be very dissapointed by this, as Ezekiel was previously useless. However, to his surprise, Ezekiel contributes to the team for once, which makes Scott solve his previous conflict with Ezekiel, especially when he saves Scott's life as Jo and Sugar sit on him.

In The Wild Bunch of Losers, Scott is woken up by Ezekiel, proposing an alliance. Scott accepts this if Ezekiel votes with him. When the Pythons lose again, Scott is seen shocked and dissapointed that Ezekiel is eliminated along with Ella.

In The Final Finale, Ezekiel roots for Scott to win, both in the tiebreaker against Lindsay, and in the challenge against Duncan, because of his minor alliance with Scott.


Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (2)

Scott is captured by Fang.

After their previous experiences with each other, it's fairly obvious that Scott and Fang do not like each other very much. Scott fears Fang because of him being brutally injured by him. Fang still holds a personal vendetta against Scott. In Trials and Triva-lations Fang is a key component to the challenge, attacking players whenever they don't win a point. He seems happiest when he attacks Scott.

Fang appears once again in Topple on the Luck Players. As Scott is eliminated, Fang jumps out of the water to attack him once again. After being betrayed by his teammates, Scott frustratingly punches Fang in the water before exiting the competition. Fang cameos in Western Tough for the Polocrossie. As Scott fishes, he stumbles upon Fang, who is out for revenge after Scott's actions of punching him. After Fang bites him, Scott runs away, screaming in agony, Fang in close pursuit.

In A Radioactive Beginning, Scott is angry that the other team are known as the Toxic Sharks, determined to beat any team with that name, while also saying in the confessional that sharks always lose. Lightning yells at him to get over Fang, but Scott lies that he has, but says that his main problem is that Fang has never gotten over him. Scott shows hesitance in the challenge being one where contestants have to jump into water that Fang is in just to grab a number. Because of this, Scott arrives slower than everyone else, as he's still afraid of Fang. He backs away slowly on top of the cliff, promising that he's not diving near Fang. Seeing Fang, Scott screams in horror, even being so scared that he jumps into Duncan's arms. As Scott swims in the water, he grabs a number quickly when he sees Fang approaching him. However, on his way, his underwear is bitten by Fang.

Geoff Edit

In The Big Apple, when Scott is seen in a baby stroller, Geoff laughs at his farts because of how cramped the carriage is. Geoff says that he loves how open Scott is, inspiring Geoff to burp, making Scott laugh. When the contestants are told that they're pushing one of the past contestants, Geoff seems to want to push Scott the most. In Geoff`s elimination song, during Geoff's solo, he sings that he can leave with a powerful tune, causing Scott to accompany Geoff by burping Beethoven style.


Due to her being surprisingly silent, Gwen has had minimal interaction with Scott, along with both being on different teams. Although they most likely have the conflict they've always had ever since Total Drama All-Stars. In Topple on the Luck Players, while Tyler was shocked and sad when Scott was eliminated, Gwen said she was happy that Scott was eliminated, stating he doesn't deserve to win.



Heather and Scott hear that Sugar betrayed the alliance.

Heather and Scott, despite not having the highest regard for each other, do respect each other's playing styles. Heather is a silent competitor in Season 1, having little to no interaction with Scott in the first season. Although she is seen telling Dawn how proud she is of her cruel insults towards Scott in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, suggesting that Heather probably shares Dawn's distaste towards him.

They have more interaction in Season 2, as Scott picks Heather to be on his team in A Wild Western Introduction, claiming that she is a powerful competitor. However, in response, she ungratefully makes fun of Scott's body odor, not really caring about his compliment. This would be the start of their conflict. However, because of Scott picking her in Season 2, Scott and Heather have more interactions in their second season. Heather hates being on a team with Scott and Sugar, thinking of them as disgusting. She almost pukes when she witnesses Scott eat dirt off the ground.

However, in Dancing With Cowboys, Heather realizes that she isn't the most well-liked competitor and needs an ally. She considers Scott to be the easiest to form an alliance with and asks him to join. He's unsure at first due to her past betrayal of players, but agrees once she mentions that she'll vote out Ezekiel with him the next time they lose. Heather tries to cheer Scott up when Courtney is eliminated, although this may have just been to fool him into trusting her more.

In 3:10 to the Horse of Losers, Heather glares alongside Scott at Sugar, as the three of them, along with Courtney, were in seperate alliances with each other. Scott stops himself from glaring though, as he tries his hardest to forgive Sugar. Heather doesn't understand how Scott can even trust her.

In Red Dead Mergiton, when the contestants have to work in pairs in a performance, after a misunderstanding with Sugar, Scott gets punched by her. Heather, unlike most other people who are concerned, can't help but laugh at his pain. In This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Nine of Us, as her talent, Heather reads Sky's diary. Scott calls this low even by his standards. When Heather is done performing, Scott decides to try and defend her by saying that she was at least creative. And despite her embarassing Sky, he chooses not to vote for Heather. He's also seen to be dissapointed when she is eliminated.

In The Magnificent 8 Cowboys, Scott wakes up, dissapointed that Heather is eliminated, as he has now practically run out of allies. Heather's elimination is what guided Scott to make his guys alliance.

In Aftermath: The Unlimited, when asked what she thinks of the Final 4, Heather vents her anger out on the viewing public about how she hates the Final 4 result. She states that the only person worth rooting for is Scott, but arrogantly says that he wouldn't have gotten where he has without her.

In The Final Finale, Heather roots for Scott to win in the tiebreaker against Lindsay, and also roots for him over Duncan to win.


Scott doesn't seem to care about Jasmine in Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, laughing when Tyler throws up in her face, and when she herself barfs, he asks Shawn how he can like someone like that.



The Poisonous Pythons at their first Elimination.

Scott chooses Jo to be on his team "The Poisonous Pythons" in A Wild Western Introduction. While he considers her to be a strong asset to his team, she hates being on a team with someone like him, much preferring to dominate a team of pushover nice people. Ever since then, the two have clashed on a number of occasions when it comes to things such as leadership, ideas, and challenge skills, before Scott has enough of her temper and votes her off. They are initially placed on the same team in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, and tend to clash on a number of occasions once again, before their interactions become limited when Scott joins the Toxic Sharks. Both of them continue to gun after the one another (especially once the merge starts), but Scott ends up being blindsided a few episodes in the merge, somewhat being karma for eliminating her. In the finale, Jo grabs Scott to kiss him to get Brick's attention, and both end up getting repulsed by this.


In A Wild Western Introduction, Scott picks Katie to be on his team. He thanks her for giving him meat to use as food in the camping challenge.

In Dancing With Cowboys, Katie is desperate for allies and tries making Scott one. He thinks about it at first, but turns her down completely when he discovers that she voted off Courtney.

He glares at her in 3:10 to the Horse of Losers, after the events of the previous episode. In The Magnificent 8 Cowboys, Katie is one person who votes down Scott, to take down the alliance he formed, but is upset when he isn't eliminated in the end.

In Yodelayhee...Who?, he glares at her and Lindsay after realizing that they both voted him off again in the episode. In The 5 Not So Lucky Horse Riders, when him and Duncan both have to decide who to vote off, they vote off Katie. Scott votes her to make up for Courtney being eliminated by her.



LeShawna and Scott in the Bottom 2.

Even though both were on the same team in Season 1, Scott and Leshawna have had limited interactions, although she is visibly seen not liking Scott's stench that he reveals to his teammates in Trials and Triva-lations. Although the rest of her teammates including Scott voted her off in Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Leshawna decides to vote for Scott due to him arriving late to the challenge, which ultimately fails for her.

Lightning Edit


As revenge for Scott previously using him as a flotation device, his trusted alliance member pushes him into deep water.

While they haven't exactly hated each other's presence, Lightning and Scott have a mixed view on each other. Even though they don't have the highest regard for each other, Lightning and Scott have had occasional budding moments with each other, such as their alliance together including Brick, while there also being moments of Scott laughing at Lightning's actions, either in a complimentary way or a mocking way. Even while conflicting moments occur between the two, they care about looking out for each other's safety, such as Scott warning Lightning about Courtney, and Lightning helping Scott up when he's throttled by Jo. Despite this occasional friendship between the two, they have been known to get on each other's nerves. Lightning is not fond of Scott's bossy and demeaning attitude and often clashes with him in challenges when it comes to important decisions that they're teammust make. Scott meanwhile is irritated by Lightning's idiocy and annoyance, while also not having much hope that he can even do successful in challenges. When Scott changes to a different team, he is shown to both miss Lightning's presence while at the same time is also thankful that Lightning is not on his team, even though it's evident that their alliance is still present.


Due to Lindsay's conflict with Dawn, she is seen not appreciating the insults she throws at Scott. However, once the teams merge in Season 2, their interaction has mostly been on a neutral basis. In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, Scott votes off Lindsay from the influence of Heather and votes for her again in the revote, although he never intends to mean anything personal by it. In The Magnificent 8 Cowboys, Lindsay is one of the majority of people to vote off Scott, due to him being the leader of the guys alliance, making him a huge threat.

In Yodelayhee...Who?, she votes off Scott again along with the girls alliance for the same reason as before. He glares at her and Katie when he is announced safe.

In Three Enemigos, Lindsay greets Duncan and Scott. Scott replies with the "Hey Lindsay" remark that Samey-Bot would ironically give. Frightened, Lindsay points out that Samey-Bot could be near. Hearing this, Scott worries about him and the others safety.

In The Final Finale, Scott faces off against Lindsay in a reverse icon tiebreaker. She ultimately roots for Scott to win, due to his minor conflict with Duncan.

In En-Toxicating, Lindsay notes of Owen about to blow up and calls him "Omar." Scott is terrified hearing what she says and because of her influence, he accidentaly calls Owen "Omar" too. Scott gets angry at Lindsay and Tyler for showing up at where he, Amy, and Brick are, angrily saying they were here first, while glaring at Lindsay and calling her "Blonde Einstein."

In Mutant Kingdom, Lindsay screams shockingly that Chris is on TV, while also hoping she's on TV in an excited manner, Scott agrees with her, not realizing the mistake they've made in what they're saying, as they're already on TV. Scott is so excited he gives a girlish scream alongside Lindsay.

In Mutant See, Mutant Do, while Tyler is upset about eliminating Lindsay, Scott comforts him by saying that he loved Tyler's unpredictability in eliminating her. In In Chris We Trust Scott is thrilled to see Lindsay fight with Courtney. However, in Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, he restrains Courtney from inflicting any harm on Lindsay.


In Trials and Triva-lations, unlike other competitors, Noah doesn't seem too concerned towards Scott's well-being whenever Fang attacks the Beavers. In fact, Noah laughs at Scott's screams of helplessness. He also laughs at Scott arriving late to the challenge in Starting Off on Humble Beginnings. However Scott doesn't detect Noah's sarcastic quips at first, due to him taking most sentences literally.

Their conflict becomes mutual in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, where Scott begins to not trust Noah due to his relationship with Dawn, saying that any friend of hers is an enemy of him.

When the majority of Scott's team expresses guilt over voting him off in Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Noah judgementally questions why they'd feel bad about voting off somebody like Scott.

They have limited interaction in Season 2 due to being on seperate teams, although Noah's insults towards Scott seem to have toned down more because of this. In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, when Scott is seen fishing, Noah alerts him that Fang is right behind him. Scott laughs at what Noah says, thinking that it's just another one of his harsh sarcastic jokes. But when it actually does turn out that Noah is correct, and Fang attacks Scott, Noah laughs at his misfortune.

Scott votes Noah off in Red Dead Mergiton, due to him being a threat because of him winning invincibility many times in the first season.

In The Final Finale, Noah roots for Lindsay to beat Scott in the tiebreaker. However, Noah roots for Scott to win over Duncan in the final challenge, most likely because of him having a bigger conflict with Duncan than he does with Scott.

In A Radioactive Beginning, Scott laughs at Noah's misfortune when he's pushed into the water by Tyler, also yelling that Noah sucks, while calling him "No-it-all." In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Scott attempts to take Noah out, but thanks to Noah's reflexes, he dodges, and, along with Tyler, he shoots Scott and knocks him out.

In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Scott laughs at Noah's misfortune when he falls into a lake and gets zapped, and also puts his arm around Tyler while continuing to laugh at Noah. In En-Toxicating, when everyone finds out that Noah read Dawn's diary, Scott calls it devious even by his standards, and also calls Noah sneaky. In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Scott glares at Noah when Noah successfully finds a crystal.

In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Scott laughs at Noah when he arrives late to the challenge, boasting that that's never happened to him, before Noah angrily reminds him that it has. Noah laughs at Scott when Jo twists his finger and Scott screams girlishly. Scott corrects this scream by screaming in a masculine way, and asks Noah, along with Sadie, what they're laughing at.

In Fun Zone 3.0 Noah is annoyed by Scott joining his team in exchange for Alejandro thinking it's an eel swapping with another eel. Scott joins Noah and Tyler in the challenge and Noah asks Scott if he can smell the ocean since he's used to acting like an animal. Scott angrily confronts Noah about that, asking why he'd think that, but proves Noah right when he sniffs like a dog. When he can't smell the ocean and tells Noah and Tyler that dogs can't smell oceans, Noah waves a hand at Scott to find the ocean, treating him like a dog. Scott surprisingly acts like one in response, but mistakes Noah's hand for a bone and bites it, causing Noah to scream. When Noah prepares a fire and asks if anyone has rocks, Scott throws dirt rocks but accidentally hits Noah's head, angering him. Noah is even more angered by Scott when he realizes the dirt rocks are useless.

In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate Noah votes off Scott for his dislike of him. when Courtney gets angry about not winning the challenge against Jasmine and throws a chair into the pool, Noah suggests she launch one on Scott.


In the S4 promotional image, Scott is seen glaring at Owen for unknown reasons. However, in Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Scott laughs at Owen when he tries eating a hot campfire, enjoying being entertained by Owen's idiocy, while also saying he ain't half bad. However, when taking people out while having a height advantage due to being on a tree, Scott shoots Owen with ease, as he is an open target for him. He laughs at Owen, while calling him "fatty".

In En-Toxicating, Owen is about to blow up. Along with Lindsay, Scott worries and accidentaly calls Owen "Omar," before screaming. When it turns out that Owen has eaten a flower that the teams were trying to get, Scott doesn't seem to care, and sticks his hand down Owen's throat to get the flower. When Scott tells Tyler about the story of how he once broke his legs, Owen laughs and calls him funny.

In Fun Zone 3.0 Scott laughs at Owen throwing Sadie over a wall violently, noting how proud he is of Owen. Scott is shocked and proud of Owen's skill of lighting their bonfire with his farts.

In Samey-Bot's Revenge after Owen mentions how he had a crazy dream that someone is returning, Scott can smell his farts, bringing up how the only thing returning is Owen's farts, which Scott is shocked by. They both later high-five each other when the merge is announced.

In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate after Brick mentions that Owen has a stinky burrito, Scott sniffs it and calls it "stinky, but not the good kind." Later on in the episode, it's implied that Owen voted off Scott, possibly to save him from the smell of his farts. In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize Scott laughs at Owen's farts.


In A Radioactive Beginning, Sadie laughs at Scott's fear of Fang, prompting him to yell at her that it's not funny, which only causes her to laugh even more at him. In Down, Down In My Awful Mine, Scott trips Sadie over on her way into the cave, and laughs at her pain.

In Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, Sadie, along with Noah, laugh at Scott's pain from Jo twisting his finger and his girly scream. After he corrects himself with a more manly scream, he asks Sadie and Noah what exactly is so funny.


Scott wonders why Sadie came into the guys cabin.

In Mutant See, Mutant Do, Sadie enters the guy's cabin, and calls Scott's villainy stupid. Scott angrily replies that she's a stalker and demands that she gets out. After Staci restrains Sadie, she reluctantly decides to leave Scott alone. In the confessional, Scott calls Sadie, along with Staci and Dave, weird. On his way to the challenge, Scott is tripped over by Sadie and he falls into mud. She laughs at him and calls him a sucker. As Scott vows to win the challenge, Sadie isn't so sure of him. When Scott shows off his impressive skill at making others believe he's shooting someone, Sadie gets jealous and angrily forces him to shut up, but he tells her to do the same. Sadie notes in the confessional that even though she hates Scott, she dislikes Dave more and wants to eliminate him. Scott is one of the people whom Sadie asks to eliminate Dave.

In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate, Sadie is slightly dissapointed that Scott was eliminated, and says goodbye to him. In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize Sadie is shown to be jealous of Jo when she kisses Scott, showing secret signs of affection for Scott. When Scott is announced to be in the next season, Sadie is very angry.


In Western Tough for the Polocrossie, Scott is shocked when he discovers that Samey is an evil robot imposter known as "Samey-Bot," and is relieved when the real Samey shows up. In The Wild Bunch of Losers, Scott faces off against Samey in the challenge, but loses to her.

In The Magnificent 8 Cowboys, Scott and Duncan try to sabotage the girls. Scott throws a rock at Sky, but swears that Samey did it, pretending to be surprised. In the confessional, he mentions how he misses some good old fashioned scheming. Samey votes off Scott later in the episode though, to keep the girls alliance strong.

TDWW EP11 Rank

Samey and Scott land in the bottom two, after voting each other off.

In Yodelayhee...Who?, Samey and Scott both receive an equal amount of votes, as they are both threats due to being the leaders of their alliances. However, Scott ultimately wins the tiebreaker against Samey and she is eliminated.

In Aftermath: The Unlimited, when Samey is asked what she thinks of the Final 4, she mentions that she wants Scott eliminated, criticizing how much of an antagonist he is. She is determined to eliminate him but is dissapointed when she doesn't win the challenge in the end.

In The Final Finale, she roots for Lindsay to beat Scott in the tiebreaker, before following this off by rooting for Duncan to win over Scott.

In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, as Scott takes out various members of the opposing team while insulting them, Samey notes his cruelty, calling him very mean.

In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, when Scott pushes Duncan out of the way as revenge, Samey defends Duncan by calling him nice, but Scott is firmly against what she's saying as Duncan was nearly responsible for killing him, while also calling Samey a dumb cheerleader.

In Mutant Kingdom, Scott criticizes Duncan always focusing his time on Samey. Samey later follows Scott, Brick, and Lightning in the chalenge for no reason whatsoever, and Scott angrily tells her to go away, as it's their hiding spot. Samey follows Scott when he dives into the water, confusing him as to why she's so idiotic. In the confessional, when Scott brings up about how he's voting off Duncan, he says that Duncan is spending too much time with Samey, and refers to her as "weirdo cheerleader."

In Samey-Bot's Revenge Scott laughs at Samey's misfortune in being Chris' intern, calling it priceless. In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate hearing over the intercom by Samey to meet in the challenge area, Scott angrily brings up how the "stupid" cheerleader can't tell him what to do.

Samey-Bot Edit

Scott doesn't seem to notice that Samey (a.k.a. Samey-Bot) is up for elimination in A Wild Western Introduction, suggesting that he barely notices her. He seems to be terrified when Samey-Bot reveals herself as an evil robot.

In Three Enemigos, when Scott greets Lindsay in the morning with a "Hey Lindsay" and she misunderstands him by thinking he's Samey-Bot, it's implied that Scott is also terrified, running away when he believes Samey-Bot is nearby.

In Samey-Bot's Revenge the challenge is interrupted by Samey-Bot appearing, who Scott gasps at the sight of. Scott reminds everyone who Samey-Bot is, while saying it's the robot that made him jump into Duncan's arms on one occasion. Scott corrects himself by saying he jumped in Duncan's arms to test his manliness. After Samey-Bot shows everyone the million dollars, Scott threatens her to give it to him, and calls her a punk, as he was very close the last time he competed. Scott attempts to reach his hands out to the screen to try and get the money, but to no avail.


Like most other contestants, Scott is one who Scarlett openly makes fun of from time to time. Because of her sharp intellect, Scarlett doesn't appreciate Scott's lack of knowledge, considering him an inferior moronic idiot. He most likely doesn't get on with her either due to her terrifying personality, but also mostly doesn't seem aware of her insults in Trials and Triva-lations.

In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Scott leads his team, but is told by Scarlett to shut up, informing him that she will lead the team, but he argues the same back to her. As both tell each other to shut up, Scarlett insults Scott's skinny weight, while he calls her four eyes, prompting her to kick him as he climbs a tree. He demands that she stop as they are on the same team. When Staci takes out Scarlett, Scott avenges Scarlett by shooting Staci.

In Mutant Kingdom, Scarlett defends Duncan when Scott insults him, but Scott reminds her that he's only having fun with Duncan and Duncan isn't listening to anyone anyways.

In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate Scarlett votes off Scott along with FF for him being a threat and planning to eliminate Beth. In Sleepless in Awkwanawaw, Scott is still mad at Scarlett eliminating him, evidenced by the fact that he does not like the Final 4, and dislikes all of them but Lightning, including disliking Scarlett.

In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize while Scarlett and Jo get mad over their eliminations, Scott points out how the two of them being gone was the best thing to ever happen in the season.

Shawn Edit

In This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!, as his talent, Scott does the alphabet with his armpits, saying that Shawn inspired him to perform it. In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, while he enjoys laughing at Jasmine puking, he speaks to Shawn and asks him how he can like Jasmine for barfing like that. In En-Toxicating, Noah mentions that he read in Dawn's diary that she likes "zombie boy" referring to Shawn. Scott angrily tells Noah to leave "pit farter" alone, and also calls himself a fan of Shawn.

Sierra Edit

Sierra is one of the last teammates Scott chooses to be on his team in A Wild Western Introduction. However, due to her brain being scattered from having a lack of her time devoted to Cody, the two don't have too much interactions despite being on the same team, although Scott is seen frequently telling Sierra to calm down about Cody.

In The Root'nous Toot'nous Ludicrous, Scott votes off Sierra, irritated by her lack of contribution to the team. In The Final Finale, Sierra roots for Lindsay to beat Scott in the tiebreaker. However, in the final challenge against Duncan, Sierra roots for Scott to win, likely due to her minor conflict with Duncan.


Its Sky and Scott

Sky, along with Scott arrives to the island.

Scott and Sky previously formed an alliance in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, and Scott seems to trust Sky in being an ally. However, in Topple on the Luck Players, Sky has no choice but to betray Scott and vote him off. This would be the start of a one-sided conflict. Scott is especially angry at Sky for her betrayal. Scott has kept this hatred towards Sky, and he is thankful in knowing that him and Sky are two different captains, as now he can't be betrayed by her again. His rivalry with Sky becomes more intense in Season 2. Sky tries her best to make Scott forgive her, but this ultimately always backfires on her. However, in the end of it all, their friendship is reformed, when Sky takes Scott's place when it seems like he is eliminated. They both forgive each other's past actions before Sky is eliminated.


Sugar is one of Scott's few friends. She considers him a great ally, capable of being a great team leader. Unfortunately, what Sugar doesn't realize is that Scott has a major crush on her. In Final Four Face Off! after being betrayed by Courtney, Scott brings up how he's more attracted to future Season 2 competitor, Sugar and that he's more attracted to her than Courtney. This is the start of Scott's very long running one-sided attraction towards her. Being placed on the same team in Total Drama Wild West, the two interact with each other on numerous occasions.

Staci Edit

In Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable Aliens, Scott witnesses Staci taking out Scarlett, giving him the opportunity to shoot an immobile Staci, taking her out. He laughs at her when she's out of the challenge, making her feel sad.

She worries about Scott in En-Toxicating when he's nearly eaten by a crocodile but reluctantly joins her team instead. In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate Staci votes off Scott for him being a finalist and antagonist in a season alongside Femme Fatale.

In In Chris We Trust when Scott is asked what he thinks of Staci, he calls her an "easy target for plucking". In Sleepless in Awkwanawaw, Scott notes his dislike of most of the Final 4, including Staci, likely because Staci was one of the votes for Scott.

In Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize, Scott reluctantly cheers for Lightning over Staci. He points out his reasoning later when he says that Lightning is slightly less annoying than Staci. When it is Scott's turn to cut a knot from a finalist, he cuts Staci's rope, forgetting who she even is.



Scott and Tyler laugh over a joke on the Helicopter.

In Total Drama Returns to the Island, Scott and Tyler have limited interaction due to being on opposite teams, as well as Scott's early elimination in Topple on the Luck Players. Their friendship grows in the same episode, as they started to joke around. In Final Four Face Off!, Scott along with most other eliminated contestants mare seen rooting for Tyler to win. He is soon disppointed when both Tyler and Duncan are eliminated that episode.

In Total Drama Wild West, Scott and Tyler have limited interactions at first due to being placed on opposite teams again, as well as Tyler's early elimination in Western Tough for the Polocrossie. Scott is seen sad about Tyler's elimination, and starts to have an even bigger grudge against Noah for betraying him. Scott soon eliminates Noah, which makes Tyler very happy. Despite Tyler being eliminated, he is seen to judge and come back in a few episodes, making interactions no longer limited. When Scott reaches the final 3, Tyler returns and helps out Duncan in the challenge. Tyler is still seen rooting for Lindsay, Duncan and Scott in the final 3, even being conflicted on who he should root for between Scott and Duncan.

The two are placed on opposing teams for the third time in Total Drama Toxic Brawl. In this season, Tyler slowly becomes a villain inadvertently. Scott's influence helps with this, with both even having some rough experiences with each other. Through it all though, despite them being against each other in challenges, they remain having respect for one another.

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