Gender Male
Eye color Black
Enemies Scott

Fang is a mutated shark, who appeared on Total Drama Returns to the Island


Just as any shark appearing in Total Drama, Fang is a carnivorous, cold-blooded hunter who devotes most of his time to finding ways to make lunch out of the campers. However, what sets Fang aside is, thanks to the effects of toxic waste mutation, he is extremely cunning. He will lie in wait for his prey, and will follow them for extensive periods. Fang is also shown to be very vengeful, and will never drop a grudge against someone who wrongs him.

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Fang is a shark that was heavily mutated due to the radiation that pollutes the island. Because of his mutation, he now has larger eyes, upper and lower limbs, and even the ability to walk and breathe on land.

Trials and Triva-lationsEdit

Fang is first introduced in Trials and Triva-lations, when he attacks the team who doesn't answer the question correctly that round.

Topple on the Luck PlayersEdit

When Scott is betrayed by his teammates and voted off, he angrily storms off to the Arrow of Shame, but not before Fang jumps out of the water to surprise attack him. However, after being so fed up with his teammates, Scott takes his frustration out on Fang by punching him back into the water.

Total Drama Wild West Edit

Western Tough for the Polocrossie Edit

As Scott fishes for some food for his teammates, Noah alterts him that Fang is right behind him. Scott laughs at Noah, under the impression that he is making another sarcastic joke. What Scott fails to realize is that Fang is actually right behind him, out for revenge after Scott punched him into the water in their last endeavor. As he is bitten by Fang, Scott dashes off in fear, with Fang trailing close behind. From the events of the whole day, including Fang, Scott calls it "Not his best of days."