Outstanding Olympians
Destroying Dragons
Heroic Hippos
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDATW: The Big Apple
Place TDATW: 4th
Friends Amy, Beth, Brick, Bridgette, Harold, Scott, Sky, Staci, and Trent
Relationship Bridgette
Enemies Eva, Dave Lightning, Sadie and Zoey
Voiced by Dan Petronijevic
Roleplayer TheEpicDestroyer

Geoff, labeled The Funniest Guy Around, was a contestant on Total Drama Around the World, as a member of the Destroying Dragons. Geoff is considered one of the top ten heroes of the series, and returns to compete again in Total Drama Heroes Vs. Villains, as a member of the Heroic Hippos.


Geoff may not be the smartest contestant in the bunch, but he loves people and is always up for any challenge Chris has in store. He has a habit of addressing everyone as "dude" or "bro/brah," depending on the gender. He is extremely fun-loving, believing that life is short and if someone "doesn't stop and have a party every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, they're going to regret it." Geoff's big heart doesn't exclude even the more reserved. However, given enough motivation, he won't hesitate to pay people back for their misdeeds. His popularity with the others is threatened when Geoff becomes an egotistical, sadistic "Captain Hollywood," with a personality similar to that of Chris'. Thankfully for him, he turns himself around in the nick of time.

Total Drama Around the World Edit

Let's Have a World Tour! Edit

After Bridgette is introduced to the season, she jumps out of the plane and screams. Concerned for her, Geoff jumps after her to ensure her safety. Despite him screaming as he falls to the ground, Geoff calls the experience gnarly, before hitting the ground. When Alejandro gets himself off the plane, he lands on Geoff, calling it a perfect landing. Angered, Geoff knocks Alejandro away, glaring at him afterwards. Geoff is happy to see Harold though, greeting him with a thumbs up. The challenge is announced to the contestants that they must search for their passports to their plane on a Wawanakwa replica. After Bridgette points out how big the island is, Geoff notably agrees with her. Geoff later asks Bridgette if she wants to team up with him. Geoff follows this up by asking Harold also, while also being asked by Mike. With three partners with him, Geoff searches. Geoff searches inside a cave, to see if his passport is possibly under a bear.

Rolling the sleeping bear over, Geoff locates his passport, and quickly returns to where Chris is situated. Sadly for Geoff, he doesn't end up on the same team as Bridgette. After being begged by Geoff, Chris reluctantly agrees to allow him to switch teams with Sadie who is on Team 2 and joins Team 1. After Dave helps the contestants with their passports with a friendly attitude, Geoff notes in the confessional about how he doesn't trust Dave's nice act, saying that no matter how obsessed he is with Bridgette, he wouldn't go as far as to murder a fellow "dudette." Later, Mike is allowed to join the Underdog Unicorns, the losing team of the first episode. Geoff mentions in the confessional of how confused he is about this, wondering if Mike's hit on the head from the giant rock in season 5 hurt his brain a little. When announced that his team is known as the Destroying Dragons, Geoff loves the name, considering dragons in general radical. He is also seen saluting Brick, his new team captain. On the plane, after watching Chris violently push Dave off the plane, followed by Dave friendly saying goodbye to everyone, Geoff wonders in the confessional if the bear that mauled Dave hurt his brain a little.

The Great Chinese Race Edit

After winning the previous challenge, Geoff relaxes in first class along with his teammates. He friendly agrees with Trent when he says it's good to be in first class. When Bridgette relaxingly rolls over to Geoff, he pats her on the head, happily sighing and wishing that his team can never lose. He's flattered by Bridgette purring next to him. Geoff is shocked to see that the contestants are landing in Egypt, and calls his teammates over.

The challenge's first part is to climb a wall. Brick orders his teammates to get moving. Geoff salutes Brick and climbs. Eventually, Geoff reaches the top. When Staci calls for help at the bottom of the wall, Geoff asks if someone should go and help her. When Alejandro grabs Bridgette's hand to pull her up the wall, Geoff glares at him, warning Alejandro to keep away from Bridgette if he knows what's good for him, laughing at Alejandro when Bridgette says that she doesn't need his help. Alejandro drops Bridgette, and Geoff, along with Trent, hoists her up. Geoff is very concerned of her safety, and glares at Alejandro. When his team wins the first part of the challenge, Geoff rubs his victory in Alejandro's face. When Trent says that he can't wait to get to first class, Geoff agrees with him, cheering that they're the new Amazons, and also cheers for his team. Geoff sits back and watches other teams compete. When Brick asks what singing is, Geoff tells him that it's like a cadet call. When asked who his team want to send home from the Underdog Unicorns, Geoff agrees that they should send Izzy home.

Egyptian Torture Edit

Geoff relaxes in first class with his teammates once again. When Courtney comes to the challenge and Bridgette greets her, Geoff questions why she's even still friends with Courtney. Geoff congratulates his team when they do well in the challenge again. When choosing a Unicorn to send home again, Geoff is unsure on who to pick, and when Staci is eliminated, he waves at her, being shocked that she is eliminated.

Korean Pop Quizzing Edit

Geoff says good morning to his team, calling all of them awesome. When Trent worries that they won't win the upcoming challenge, Geoff relaxingly says that they'll do just fine. Amy awkwardly mentions that she likes partying like Geoff does and sheepishly smiles. Not noticing her nervousness, Geoff only loves the mention of the word party, appreciating Amy's input. When Chris talks to the contestants about where they're going, he laughs menacingly, but Geoff misunderstands Chris, believing that he's in a good mood. Geoff's happy mood is interrupted by Alejandro waking up, irritating Geoff. Bridgette seems to almost fall for Alejandro's tricks, but stops herself by saying that she has a boyfriend, referring to Geoff. When Alejandro calls Bridgette beautiful, and that he'd never pass up on an opportunity to talk to her, Geoff warns him to back off, and assures him that Bridgette will never fall for any more of his tricks. When Amy inadvertently insults Alejandro's looks, Geoff laughs in the confessional, proud of Amy and glad that someone finally said to him. However, after Amy apologizes for insulting Al, Geoff tells her honestly that insulting Alejandro is "radical."

When the contestants are told that the challenge is two parts, Geoff considers it double the fun. Geoff runs to the challenge along with the rest of his team. Geoff asks Brick what the team plan is this time, and Brick says that they climb different sides. Geoff believes in Brick, as he's helped them win challenges before. At first Geoff climbs the left side, but when told he doesn't need to, he slides back down. Geoff asks Brick what they can do if they can't climb. Trent greets Geoff, as does Geoff back, and tells Trent that he's just waiting to see what they're captain will tell them to do, before Brick tells them to try their best. Geoff greets Amy also when they arrive. Geoff asks the rest of his team if they're there, causing them to tell him that they are. Geoff doesn't mind when his team arrives second, saying that they at least don't have to vote someone off. Geoff greets Harold when he arrives late to the challenge.

When the contestants are told that they'll be answering questions, Geoff hopes that it's aftermath questions. When Ezekiel shows up, Geoff mentions in the confessional about how he's still shocked that Ezekiel is no longer a monster. Geoff walks into the elevator along with the rest of his team. When Ezekiel says that they should get started and ends his sentence with a "yo-yo", Geoff brings up how much he loves yo-yos. He cheers Bridgette on when she performs in the challenge. Geoff cheers on Amy when she scores a point. When Ezekiel accidentally insults Eva's looks, Geoff worries about him, and brings up that Eva will probably tear him. When Geoff earns a point for his team, Ezekiel accidentally calls him a stupid party guy. Geoff doesn't seem to hold bad feelings towards Ezekiel for saying this, bringing up how his partying got rid of his brains. Geoff high-fives his team, and Brick congratulates him. Geoff cheers on Trent when he does his section of the challenge. Geoff cheers on Bridgette when she competes in the challenge again. Geoff agrees with Trent when he says that they're demolishing the other team. He cheers for his team in the seventh round. When the Dragons win once again, Geoff cheers for all of them. In first class, Geoff tells his team that it's like being at a beach. While Geoff naps, Alejandro privately congratulates Bridgette on the win. Bridgette is flattered and thanks him, even though she hates him. Trent elbows Geoff and tells him that Al is talking to Geoff's girl. Seeing Bridgette blush by Alejandro makes Geoff yell at Alejandro that he better not be here tomorrow. Bridgette controls herself from giving into Alejandro's charm once again, and when Alejandro smiles at Geoff, Geoff knows that it's a sinister smile that can trick anyone.

Icey Antarctica Edit

With his safe team, Geoff calls all of them awesome. When the contestants get to Antarctica, Geoff, while shivering, calls it cool. He asks if they can get some jackets, but is ignored. When Alejandro takes his shirt off to put on Bridgette, Geoff slaps the shirt away. Alejandro confronts Geoff in saying that he at least gave Bridgette his shirt, but Geoff utters that Alejandro shouldn't even try to test his patience. While freezing, Bridgette says that she really needs warmth. Alejandro tells her that he would've given her a shirt if Geoff hadn't slapped it away, glaring at Geoff. To prove him wrong, Geoff lends Bridgette his shirt. Geoff cheers for his team at the challenge once again. Geoff angrily informs Alejandro that Bridgette is tough and energetic, and doesn't need his help and also adds that Alejandro should stop his funny business. When his team arrive to the challenge, Geoff asks his captain Brick where they should look. When Brick tells his team to go help Trent, Geoff helps him up. When Lightning swings his hammer at everyone else saying that no-one is getting Cameron but his team, Geoff, frightened, asks Lightning to calm down.

While he is losing against Alejandro in the challenge, Geoff says in the confessional that he doesn't mind that, but hates losing to Alejandro of all people. While his team are losing, Geoff supports them in trying to win. Geoff is seen disappointed when his team loses for the first time. He says in the confessional that he doesn't know who to vote for. Geoff votes off Brick, but says that it was very hard for him to do. Geoff is happy when he's called safe. When he discovers Bridgette is safe, he makes out with her. He's worried at first when she's told that she did get votes, but once he realizes that she's still safe, he goes back to making out with her. Geoff apologizes to Brick for voting for him, and when he sees Amy with a devastated face, he appears to feel bad about his vote.

Jamaica Man! Edit

Geoff mentions to his team that he still feels bad about voting off Brick, and asks who they should now have as captain, to which Amy and Trent reply that he should be. Geoff is flattered and mentions that he was a captain of a bunch of guys when the teams merged in Total Drama Island. Bridgette would also agree with Geoff, but looks at Alejandro angrily instead. Trent cheers for Geoff when he's the new captain of the team. Geoff asks Amy what she thinks about him being a team captain, but she struggles to say due to the team voting Brick off.

When the contestants are told that they're arriving in Jamaica, Geoff is a little excited, wondering if they could be meeting DJ. He thinks it's cool to be going to Jamaica, and tries to cheer Amy up when he sees her continuing to cry. When Alejandro calls him a racist for thinking DJ would be in Jamaica, Geoff tells him to shut up, arguing that he's only hoping DJ is there. When the contestants are told that they'll be working in twos, Geoff immediately wants to work with Bridgette, but she brings up that they may get distracted by each other. Geoff is proud of her and her smart plan. With Bridgette and Trent working with each other, Geoff works with Amy, and supports her, although she tells him that she hopes that she won't be a burden, but he supports her and says that they'll do a-okay. Amy doesn't believe him, and thinks that no-one likes her, but he supports her and says that the whole team likes her and didn't vote her. When Bridgette and Trent must perform for their team, Geoff cheers both of them on. Seeing Amy sad, he asks that she cheer up and that they can win this. Sadie goes over to Geoff and Amy and asks if they're eliminating Trent. Geoff is unsure, but Amy believes that Geoff will vote her off. He assures her that he won't, asking why she thinks she's terrible when she's just as equally awesome as the rest of the team. Geoff is disappointed when his team is 2nd, but is proud of all of them for making sure that no-one is eliminated.

Indian Dance Edit

In economy class, Bridgette sarcastically says how "great" it is to be there. Geoff doesn't realize this, and says that it's awesome to be around another day. Sadie asks Geoff why he's always so happy, but he wonders why shouldn't he be. Sadie is irritated by Geoff and says in the confessional that he needs to go quickly. In India, Bridgette sees the Taj Mahal. Geoff calls it beautiful and that it matches her eyes. Bridgette blushes when he says this, making Geoff follow this off by making out with her in front of Trent and Amy. Sadie whispers in Zoey's ear that she really wants Geoff gone. Geoff screams as he falls out of the plane. Chef calls all of the contestants shrimps, but Geoff misunderstands him, saying that he's really in the mood for eating shrimp. Geoff supports his team in the challenge. Geoff asks Chris if his team perform together or one by one, but Chris ignores Geoff. As a team, Geoff tells them they should make the formation of a tower. When LeShawna comes to the challenge, Geoff nonchalantly greets her. Geoff asks if any other cool people are coming. As Trent dances for his team, Geoff tells him that they'll follow his lead. Geoff does a surf-like dance in the challenge. Geoff asks Trent to do his awesome dance he did in Beach Blanket Bogus in Total Drama Action.

While the Dragons dance, Sadie uses a shiny object to blind all of them, including Geoff. Geoff screams in agony and moves left and right. When Alejandro insults Amy and doesn't like her act, Geoff is angry at him, saying that it's a nice try, but isn't gonna work. Amy runs to the plane crying, and Geoff enters it to cheer her up. Geoff overhears outside that the Dragons are getting bad scores, and is disappointed. Trent argues that Sadie rigged the challenge, but Geoff doesn't know what he's talking about, not expecting Sadie to be doing something bad. Going back to his conversation with Amy, she tells him that he wouldn't understand, but he assures her that he can. She thinks he's faking being nice. Bridgette enters the plane and Geoff tells her how upset Amy is. He tries to support her, but it doesn't work. When the Dragons are worried about their winning chances, Geoff says that they may still get second hopefully. He says that the advantage that you get will help you in the next challenge, supporting his team to win in the challenge's final part.

When the teams are told to tell Chris why they should win, Geoff tries a ploy to Chris by sucking up to him. He calls Chris cool, that he's amazing, and that he loves him. He whispers to Amy, Bridgette, and Trent that they need to play along. Lightning gets irritated by Geoff's plan, and, worried about his winning chances, punches Geoff and Trent. Geoff doesn't seem to mind this however, and continues to suck up to Chris' ego, calling his hair bodacious. Geoff, despite being friends with Trent, is annoyed at him costing the Dragons the challenge, saying that Trent is to blame. When Trent tries to painfully go on, Geoff asks him to stop as they've already lost. In the confessional, Geoff says that he doesn't know who to vote for, as, even though Trent cost the challenge, he was only trying to be enthusiastic. Geoff discovers that Trent voted off Bridgette and feels betrayed by him, even after Trent apologizes. Not wanting to vote for any of his three teammates, Geoff wastes his vote on Chris, irritating Chris. Geoff gulps when it's between Bridgette and Trent for elimination. He screams sadly when it seems that Bridgette is eliminated, but is relieved when she's safe. As Trent jumps off the plane, Geoff waves at him but looks concerned when Trent injures himself off a mountain, saying that it's going to leave a mark.

Australian Rivals Edit

Bridgette mentions to Geoff how great it is for them to be in the Top 9. Geoff agrees with her. Geoff hopes that he doesn't have to vote off Amy and Bridgette. When Commando Zoey shows up, she punches Bridgette for voting off Trent. Geoff yells at Zoey that she doesn't hurt his Bridgette. Zoey randomly becomes paranoid into thinking that Geoff said that she was under mind control, but he denies this. To heal Bridgette's wound, Geoff wraps a plaster around her cheek, prompting her to blush. Zoey confronts Geoff and asks him if he has something to say. He misunderstands her, and just says that he's hungry. Alejandro asks Bridgette if she's okay after she falls. Geoff confronts him and says that he should stop pretending to care. In the confessional, Geoff says that he likes most others, but he wishes he could punch Alejandro. Geoff seems to be excited that there will be a boxing challenge, and asks Chris if they'll be watching it.

When Amy competes in the first round of boxing, Geoff cheers her on. Geoff realizes that if Anne Maria and Zoey tire each other out, Amy can finish them, and continues to cheer for Bridgette, also telling Bridgette to do the same. When Zoey punches Amy in the eye, Geoff seems to be concerned. Geoff cheers for Amy when she mocks Zoey due to him being afraid of Zoey. When it's between Amy and Anne Maria, Geoff cheers for Amy. To motivate Amy into punching Anne Maria, Geoff tells her to pretend that it's Chris. He also cheers for Amy when she defeats Anne Maria. Geoff offers a high-five to Amy, and she timidly accepts. In his round, Geoff faces off against Alejandro and Lightning. Geoff starts punching Lightning, but is throttled by him. Alejandro also clocks Geoff. After he repeatedly punches Geoff, Lightning angrily says that Geoff should just let the "Real men" fight. Geoff gets up and punches Lightning again. After both gang up on Geoff, despite his best efforts, he's knocked out with Lightning calling him a stoner. Bridgette is noticeably concerned for Geoff after his injuries, and even though she wants to help heal him, she has to enter the ring. Geoff is too knocked out to even witness this fight.

Geoff boos Alejandro when he's called safe. Even though he was violently punched by Lightning, Geoff doesn't seem to harbor bad feelings towards him, as he calls him smart when he chants to Sadie that he got her out, admiring Lightning's so-called "intellect."

Aloha, Merge! Edit

Geoff is very excited when he hears the news of the team's merging. In the challenge, everyone is put into groups of two. Geoff would love to be in a group with Bridgette, but is in one with Beth. He doesn't seem to mind being in one with her. The contestants must make a dummy of a past contestant and throw it in a volcano. Geoff and Beth create a Staci dummy. Geoff seems to compliment Staci, calling her an open contestant who says how she feels, feeling somewhat bad for her. As Beth and Geoff run up the volcano, Beth is tackled by Alejandro but Geoff creates a diversion by tackling Alejandro. He yells at Beth to run with the dummy to the volcano so that they can win, but is defeated. Geoff is very upset when Alejandro gets immunity, as he can't eliminate him now. With Alejandro safe, Geoff votes off Zoey, terrified and slightly annoyed of her, calling her scarier than hail, and is thrilled when she's eliminated.

African Safari Edit

To pass the time, Geoff makes out with Bridgette on the plane. When he finishes, he says he loves her. She asks him who they should eliminate. Geoff is hesitant as he likes everyone in the competition. He corrects himself by saying Alejandro, and suggests they vote for him, but doesn't realize that Alejandro overhears him. Bridgette wholeheartedly agrees with Geoff due to her dislike of Alejandro. When Chris says that he has a surprise for the contestants and follows this off with an evil laugh, Geoff believes that Chris is in a good mood. To ensure his safety, Alejandro makes up a lie about Geoff to Bridgette, saying that Geoff said that Anne Maria had a nice body. Lightning glares at Geoff, hoping that he's gone, and saying that he better watch these eyes, referring to Alejandro, but Geoff does not hear him. Bridgette pretends to believe Alejandro and says in the confessional that she's only playing along. Ironically, Geoff praises Bridgette in the confessional, saying that he's tight with her and also calls her a great kisser.

Geoff approaches Amy and greets her. Geoff asks her how it went with her sister, but Amy says it went terrible. She thanks Geoff and the others for liking her somewhat. Geoff tells Amy that she can probably warm up to Samey soon. Bridgette overhears them and thinks they're in a relationship, but still thinks that Alejandro's lying about Geoff and she should know this by now. The contestants sing about someone who could be returning. Geoff seems to not mind who returns, and says he loves everyone but Alejandro, mocking Alejandro's smell, before Alejandro sarcastically calls Geoff mature. When voting for an eliminated contestant to return, Geoff votes for Staci due to his minor friendship with her. When Geoff sees Alejandro and Eva argue, he laughs at Eva's comments, telling Alejandro to shut up. As every other possible returnee falls off the plane, Geoff waves at them. Geoff falls off the plane thanks to Chris pushing everyone, but is more concerned about Bridgette.

When the contestants are shown various animals, Geoff seems to especially be afraid of the lion. Geoff greets Dawn when she shows up to judge the contestants. When the challenge is said to be judged on being with different animals, Lightning criticizes Geoff, comparing Amy to an animal and that Geoff is already with an animal, making him the winner. Geoff doesn't seem to hear Lightning's rude comments however. Although he's terrified of Eva, he says that he loves the comments she's making against Alejandro. Geoff is told that he will be paired with the lion. He tries to act friendly, but the lion roars, making Geoff gulp. He asks Chris how he can even tame a lion, but Chris says that they just need to come up with some good tricks.

Out of his bag, Geoff grabs a party hat to give to the lion, but the lion quickly eats it. Geoff nervously says that he doesn't judge the lion's views, and when the lion sees Geoff's party hat, he licks his lips and chases Geoff. Geoff asks Chris how he can tame the lion but is ignored. As he runs, he sees Bridgette attacked by a snake. He assures Bridgette that that snake will pay. When the contestants begin their animal performance, Geoff wishes he can go first, as otherwise he will be dead. Geoff tells Chris that if he doesn't go first, Chris will have a death lawsuit on his hands, but runs away screaming as he is chased by the lion. As Geoff is gone, Lightning slides over to thin air that he mistakes for Geoff, saying that Alejandro told him something about Geoff to Bridgette. When Geoff finally returns, he has the lion in loose strings. He attempts to tell a story about one of his most radical and memorable moments, but Chris barely listens as his phone starts ringing. With the lion startled, he escapes out of the loose strings, and chases Geoff a second time. Geoff screams loudly, but tries to convince the lion to stop by calling him handsome and begging that he not eat him. Eva angrily calls the performance lame. Chris scores Geoff a 5\10, terrified of lawsuits and that Geoff almost gave him a heart attack. Ella scores him a 3\10 as not much went into the performance, as does Dawn for the same reasons, giving Geoff the worst score. Geoff is relieved when the lion is taken away.

Geoff says in the confessional how angry he is that Alejandro got immunity again. He seems happy for Amy and Lightning as he calls them cruel, but is sad that he once again cannot vote for Alejandro. Geoff is safe with votes, and asks who voted for him besides Alejandro. Al laughs and tells Geoff not to flatter himself as he did not vote Geoff. Geoff replies by sticking his tongue out. Geoff is also very confused. But Chris reveals a video of Bridgette voting off Geoff. Geoff is shocked that his girlfriend of all people voted him off. He asks Bridgette what he could've done to deserve this vote, while Alejandro laughs at Geoff's misfortune. When Alejandro reveals to Geoff that he has made up lies about him to other contestants that has made Geoff an easy target, Geoff is furious, and is extremely distressed when Bridgette is eliminated. Bridgette apologizes for voting off Geoff as it's only because she was tricked. Geoff quickly forgives her and both make out before Bridgette is pushed out the plane by Chris, while Geoff waves and blows kisses at her. He then turns around and glares at Alejandro.

London the Ripper Edit

Geoff glares at Alejandro from a lower class, but looks over and also sees Anne Maria, Beth, and Lightning glaring at him. Geoff says in the confessional how angry he is that Alejandro is making up lies about him, but has to try and win for Bridgette. Geoff sits alone due to being ignored. Anne Maria, despite not trusting him, consoles Geoff by saying that she at least didn't vote for Bridgette. Beth says in the confessional that Geoff is usually nice and upbeat, but now she's no longer sure. As Geoff falls off the plane, he asks Amy if she's okay. She asks how he feels about Bridgette eliminated, and he tries to cheer himself up after it. Beth says that she hates jumping out the plane. Geoff agrees but is ignored by her. Geoff greets Noah and Tyler when they arrive. Geoff tries to have a friendly conversation with Lightning, but Lightning and puffs his chest, yelling that no-one cares about that "tramp" leaving, insultingly referring to Bridgette. Geoff is shocked in the confessional, still angry about the Alejandro lies. Beth asks if someone was talking to her. Geoff tells her that it was him, but is ignored. In the riddle challenge, Geoff is annoyed by Alejandro surpassing him in every round of the challenge. Lightning is gone from the challenge first. Geoff attempts to friendly say goodbye to him, but Lightning rudely ignores Geoff. When Amy is out of the challenge, Geoff says goodbye to her, but is concerned when she looks sad when everyone else ignores her.

Geoff earns immunity after a couple of rounds in the challenge, and is even hugged by Amy. Geoff rubs his victory in Alejandro's face, and laughs when Alejandro suggests double immunity, saying that Alejandro shut up. Geoff tries to have a conversation with Amy, but she acts shy due to being ignored by everyone, giving Geoff the impression that she is also ignoring him. Geoff asks everyone why he's so ignored, but Lightning lashes out at him and yells that nobody cares, making Geoff back away slowly. Geoff tries to tell Anne Maria, Beth, and Lightning that Alejandro is messing with all of them. At the elimination ceremony, Lightning is irritated when a vote is for him and immediately assumes it's Geoff. Geoff nervously assures Lightning that it was not him. When Geoff is safe, he tells the others how great it is but is ignored by everyone but Amy. Geoff still sees Lightning glaring at him afterwards, making him more nervous. He's very happy when Alejandro is eliminated, rubbing his victory in Alejandro's face. He's terrified though when Lightning yells at everyone for eliminating Alejandro, including Geoff.

Grand Slam, Home-Run, Hit, Strike, Foul and You're Out Edit

In first class, Geoff relaxes peacefully and mentions how happy he is that Alejandro is finally eliminated. He suddenly hears commotion in economy class, and finds Lightning yelling to everyone about how angry he is that Alejandro was voted off. Geoff sees Amy crying when Lightning insults her, and asks that Lightning stop, but Lightning continues to yell angrily at Geoff. Geoff is seen to be worried when Amy runs off crying, and is slightly irritated by Lightning, but tries to hold it in. In Fallout of the Alejandro Extermination, Geoff sings about how happy he is that Alejandro has been eliminated, while Lightning criticizes everyone including Geoff for voting off Alejandro. Afterwards, Lightning warns Geoff that he's next, frightening Geoff. In the challenge, Lightning easily manages to earn immunity, worrying Geoff at elimination, as he thinks he may be next since everyone has stopped trusting him lately. Geoff is about to be eliminated before Lightning is taken away from the competition.

The Big Apple Edit

Anne Maria mentions in economy class that she sort of misses Lightning but his mother did the right thing. Geoff agrees with her, implying that he was trying to befriend Lightning, but is ignored by Anne Maria. While Anne Maria and Beth discuss who they should eliminate, Geoff asks what they're talking about, but they try not to tell him, with Beth lying that they're talking about nothing. Bored of being ignored, Geoff tries to look for Amy and sees her crying in a corner. He asks what's wrong and why she's been so silent, and she says that ever since Lightning said that insult, she's afraid to talk. Geoff supports her by saying she should relax, while also saying Lightning is "a bit too much party" inadvertently insulting Lightning's intelligence and attention span, making Amy laugh. She calls him funny, but is shocked at his bright attitude, asking why he still has it since he's being ignored. He gives her motivational advice when he says it's not getting him down, also adding that as she knows that she's important to herself, it doesn't matter if she's ignored. Amy thanks Geoff for this, with him even inspiring her to wish Anne Maria and Beth luck. Geoff jumps out of the plane excitedly, yelling cowabunga.

When the contestants are shown that Cody, Gwen, Scott, and Sky are all accompanying them in baby carriages in the challenge, Geoff laughs when Scott farts, which causes Geoff to let out a burp, saying it's better out than in, making Scott laugh. Geoff greets Brick when he shows up in the challenge, with Brick congratulating everyone on getting to the Final 4, including Geoff. When Geoff spins a wheel to see which contestant he's getting, he gets Alejandro, much to his displeasure, Alejandro feeling the same. After Brick glares at Alejandro, he asks why he eliminated him, to which Geoff replies to Brick's statement by saying Alejandro is a lying jaguar. When Brick says that he's happy Amy and Geoff are still competing, Geoff thanks him. Geoff immediately wants to push Scott in the challenge after their last encounter, but is corrected by a winking Chris. Geoff seems to not mind when told that him and Alejandro will be with Sky. Geoff warns Sky that she doesn't fall into Alejandro's evil plans. At the challenge, Geoff wishes luck to everyone, and reluctantly includes Alejandro as he's on his side.

Geoff tells Alejandro to start pushing their carriage as Geoff knows how much Alejandro cares about winning. As he pushes Sky fast, he cheers for his team, but purposely excludes Alejandro from his team cheer. Geoff cheers for Amy when she scores a point in the challenge, and after seeing her looking happy, he says in the confessional that he would make for a great therapist. After Brick tells Alejandro to shut it, Geoff agrees with him and says the same. Geoff cheers Sky up when she doesn't score a point. After Anne Maria wins immunity, Geoff congratulates her and she now has the option to eliminate someone. She eliminates Geoff as a strategical move, implying that she learned that Alejandro was lying off-screen. She apologizes for eliminating him, to which he replies by friendly agreeing with her. Amy on the other hand is devastated as Geoff really did a breakthrough on her. In Geoff's elimination song, everyone sings about how they feel about Geoff's elimination, while he says his friendly goodbyes before jumping out of the plane.

French Talent Contest Edit

Before her performance, Amy briefly mentions Geoff, saying that a "good friend of hers" inspired her to be happier, referring to Geoff.

Gladiatorial Finale! Edit

All of the eliminated contestants arrive in Greece to support the finalists, including Geoff, who is seen making out with Bridgette as he walks towards the others, while also saying that he missed her, before he continues. Bridgette points out how great the finalists are, and Geoff agrees before he continues to make out with Bridgette. While Amy talks about possibly splitting the money wit Geoff if he wins, he gives her a thumbs up while he makes out with Bridgette. When Amy calls Staci a good person, Geoff nods in agreement to what she says while making out with Bridgette. Amy and Beth are told that they're helpers will be randomly selected. Geoff doesn't mind as long as he's with his "schmoopy shmoo", referring to Bridgette, to which she replies by calling him "Geoffy-poo", before they continue to make out, leaving Brick shocked and almost speechless.


Geoff is chosen to join Amy's team for the finale.

When he's told that he's working with Amy, Geoff stops making out with Bridgette, saying that they should stop and continue making out later and try to help Amy out. He also cheers Amy's name, being a major supporter of her. Geoff follows Team Amy to their destination. When Geoff sees the headgear he's about to say it looks good, but not as good as Bridgette, but slaps himself, saying he needs to concentrate, and puts on the headgear. Geoff tiptoes in the virtual world, before running with his teammates. Geoff climbs up the tree with Bridgette to work alongside her. Bridgette proposes to Geoff that she'll get Beth's team while he guards the area, and he agrees, happy that she has faith in him. Bridgette thanks Geoff and kisses him on the cheek before she runs off. Geoff blows kisses at her as she runs away. While in the tree, Geoff pats a branch in his hand, muttering under his breath a dare to Alejandro that he comes over. Alejandro quickly spots Geoff in a tree, and asks Sadie to shoot him.

Geoff sees Amy bring food supplies to her other teammates. He's proud of Amy's work. He also decides to jump down, figuring that he's easy to spot up in the tree. Geoff is attacked by Sadie and screams in agony, calling his team over. All of them seem very concerned for Geoff. As revenge against Sadie, Geoff, while on the ground, grabs his fallen branch and hits Sadie with it. With Geoff's leg sprained, Brick runs away with him. Brick is concerned for Geoff and asks if he needs anything. Geoff asks Brick if he should shoot the other team from inside a cave, but Brick doesn't think it's a good idea as it looks like the other team's cave. Geoff tries to find another hiding place, but limps as he does so. Geoff comes up with an idea to Brick that he'll sacrifice himself. Brick declines at first as he doesn't want to leave a soldier behind, but once Geoff gives Brick the strategy plan, Brick agrees, and admires Geoff's nobleness, calling him a great soldier. With the sacrifice plan, Geoff is the first person to be gone from the virtual reality. Brick says in the confessional that Geoff was a great soldier, and should be rewarded for his bravery. Geoff cheers for Amy when it's between her and Beth in the virtual world. He happily accepts Bridgette's offering of popcorn. Although he's happy when Amy wins the season, he's a little bit concerned for Beth when Amy injures her in a brutal manner.


Geoff makes out with Bridgette over Amy's win.

Out of adrenaline for Amy winning, Geoff kisses Bridgette, before changing this into making out with her. While doing this, he moans and mutters that it's the "best finale ever.", while also saying it's as amazing as Bridgette's lips. The two are seen continuing making out when Chris announces the end of the season.








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