Screaming Ducks
Poisonous Pythons
Team Brains
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Grey
Eliminated TDRTTI:The Super Wi-Fi Spies
TDWW: This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!
TDAST2: It Is My Time
Place TDRTTI: 10th
TDWW: 9th
TDAST2: 2nd
Friends Alejandro, Cody, and Scarlett
Relationship Alejandro
Dave (one-sided attraction on Dave's side)
Cody (One sided attraction on her side; ended)
Enemies Everyone (besides friends)
Alliance(s) Screaming Ducks Alliance
Poisonous Pythons Alliance
Brains Alliance
Voiced by Rachel Wilson
Roleplayer TDPIScarlett (RI)
Mirnish (WW)
TheEpicDestroyer (AST2)

Heather, labeled The Queen Bee, was a camper on Total Drama Returns to the Island, as a member of the Screaming Ducks. She returned to Total Drama Wild West, bald and as a member of the Poisonous Pythons. Heather then returns to compete in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, as a member of Team Brains, where she ultimately places runner-up in the season.


Famously manipulative, Heather knows what she wants and exactly how to get it. Her strategic smarts have proven to be effective. She competes with her sights solely on the prize money and not on making friends, using the relationships made among the cast to her advantage. She is not above using others to do her bidding, and only acts nicely towards others when she may ultimately be the beneficiary. This makes it difficult to differentiate her classic mean girl ways from genuine heartfelt moments. Even romance is not enough to tame Heather's desire for victory.

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Heather starts Total Drama Returns to the Island off with an attitude. She is disappointed with who she is up against, and the challenges she has to compete in. Early on Dave gets attracted to Heather, and Heather is disgusted by this. She gets easily annoyed by him, and she always turns down Dave's alliances. Heather has also grown into the number one enemy on peoples lists as she is dangerous, manipulative, and untrustworthy in the game. Despite her villainous ways, she has become accepted by Tyler, and is considered a friend. Heather has no lines up until the Trivia challenge, and performs somewhat poorly in said challenge. Fortunately, much to her satisfaction, her team wins and is later seem happy after Dave is eliminated.

In the following episode, Heather joins Tyler's mega alliance, The Screaming Ducks Alliance, after being asked by Tyler. However, she is displeased with the other people that are also in said alliance, being Lindsay, Gwen and Noah, but she will still join as she knows she has a huge target on her back, cause of her past seasons. At the challenge, Heather was chosen to go up and do the challenge. Heather ended up gaining the point. When her team mates go up for the challenge, she threatens them all, that they must win. However, their team lost in the end. Their alliance decided that "Samey" is the best to go, in which they all (besides Lindsay) voted out "Samey".

In the next episode, Heather is seen doing nothing during the episode, besides being extremely happy when Leshawna is eliminated from the game.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, at the challenge, Heather is seen extremely annoyed with Dawn throughout the whole episode. This frustrates the members of the Screaming Ducks alliance. Heather then stated in the confessional that her alliance of Tyler, Noah, Gwen, and Scarlett are voting for Dawn to be eliminated next time they lose. In the end their team lost the challenge, and the Ducks were mad at Dawn due to ignoring them in their statement. They ended up voting for her, sending Dawn to home that night.

In the next episode, Heather does not do much once again during the episode, but is seen happy when her team won the challenge. Heather states that she can't believe that Tyler actually likes her as a friend as she realizes that he's an idiot for this. Her team finally wins and she's more shocked than her other teammates after their poorly performance. When Scott is voted off from the Beavers, she reveals in the confessional that she lost a potential member of her alliance leading to her being mad.

In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, Heather once again has poor participation during the episode. Her team ended up losing the challenge to Cameron, which amazed Heather. After Tyler informs the alliance to vote off Lindsay, Heather votes her off. However, after Noah and Tyler flipped on the alliance and voted off Scarlett, the vote ended in a tie, which Scarlett lost the tie-breaker. Heather is seen extremely upset that Scarlett was eliminated over Lindsay, calling her "dumb". She later is seen on the cabins stating that the next time Lindsay is so out and then she calls her dumb idiot, where the Ducks glare at her due to being so mean and rude towards the other, earning the hatred of almost the whole Ducks for being the most rude person on the island.

Heather merges with the rest of the people left in the game. Heather tries to step up her game, and tries to win immunity, however fails miserably to Lindsay and Noah. Heather tries to form an all girl alliance, by telling all the girls that if they vote her off, they are losing the most important person they need in the game. However, almost everyone votes off Heather, after Tyler convinced everyone that she was the biggest threat left in the game. Heather feels betrayed and extremely mad about her elimination, but Heather calms down and say to Tyler that is better that he wins and that the remaining are losers and takes the Boat of Losers to Playa Des Losers.

In Final Four Face Off!, Heather appears in a cage along with other eliminated contestants. It's unknown who she wanted to win out of the remaining four contestants, due to her having no lines.

In Totally Dramatic Finale!, Heather appears along with the eliminated contestants to decide who wins. Heather ends up voting for Sky to win over Cameron, respecting her gameplay over Cameron's. At the end of the episode, Scuba Bear attacks her and Heather ends up bald again.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit

Heather starts season 2 complaining about Chris bringing her back, after the accident with Scuba Bear 3.0,

Heather states that if they lose Sugar is going down.

on the pick of the teams she's picked by Scott, when she sees the team she states that is a loser teams, later waiting for the challenge she starts a very heated conflict with Sky and Duncan and revives the old conflict with Lindsay, on the challenge she helps and gets grossed by Dave who wants to kiss her, getting Heather mad. Also she meets Sugar and she is grossed when her and Scott eat some desert sand and grub worms. Later on the challenge she helps her team and helps pushing the wagon, on the wait she states if they lose Sugar is going down, when Chris read the items states that the Pythons have won due to the lack of good items from the other team. Later she discovers that Sky have a crush on Duncan by Courtney's mouth, making her think about a strategy and also a way to destroy the Vipers wave goodbye to Dave.

Dancing With CowboysEdit

Heather wakes up happy about winning, but she realizes that being without alliances is dangerous when the merge arrives, so she came up with a plan to an alliance with the biggest threat on his team Scott, when the challenge arrives she's one on the any that can't participate on the challenge also due to drinking a disgusting glass of something that makes her sick

Heather gets sick meanwhile she's writing her lyrics.

, meanwhile on the challenge she starts getting freaked out by Ezekiel who keeps failing and failing and suggests that Scott and Sugar vote him out staying that Ezekiel is: "Nothing more than a charge for the team" and the former two agree with the plan, when they lose like Scott she's mad at Ezekiel and Courtney for being the reasons of the first challenge lost by the team, she votes for Ezekiel and later she's shocked with Scott when Courtney gets voted out staying that Courtney is not a big friend of hers but at least she was necessary on the team, meanwhile the Sky and Duncan love tension arises and Heather keeps thinking up a cruel strategy.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit

This episode starts after the elimination ceremony and she's cheering Scott after the Courtney elimination stating that the games needs to keep going in order to make it far, later before the challenge starts Sugar

Heather and Scott hear that Sugar betrayed the alliance.

reveals that she voted for Courtney, this makes Heather and Scott mad cause they stated that they had a alliance and after Ezekiel she's the next target for being a traitor the alliance this makes Heather mad due to remembering the Beth betrayal in seasons before, on the challenge she's knocked out by Chris stating that she is unable to play, she later wakes up when her teams loses very mad at everyone but specially Sugar and Ezekiel, on the elimination ceremony she votes Ezekiel and states that she expects that the Horse of Losers kicks Ezekiel in the face leaving her and Scott happy and making the first successful elimination from the alliance.

Western Tough for the PolocrossieEdit

Heather wakes due to Ella singing and states that she may be the next target due to being a annoyance and a useless pawn of the Pythons, she wakes up and walks to the main dinner area and talks with Scott and Sugar about the alliance and both states in that now that Ezekiel is gone, the next pawn needs to be out. Chris calls out a twist and he reveals that Courtney, Dave and Ezekiel will be part
Al is going down

Heather states that Ella is the next person going down.

of a second chance challenge, she's not happy at all due to this unfair comeback, but she later calms down due to having a member back, even if it is Ezekiel, later on the challenge she finally gets a moment to be part of the challenge and scores a point against the Vipers, her team is pushed off the limits and they end up winning.

On the elimination ceremony she looks at the bottom 3 and states that if Samey is gone she will be normal towards Samey's elimination, when the last votes are going to be revealed the real Samey appears and points to Samey-Bot, on the end of the reading of the votes Tyler is eliminated, Heather is shocked but she's happy stating that he was a fan favorite and a threat and if they come to a vote, she even doesn't say goodbye to him, and gets away from the drama.

The Root'nous Toot'nous LudicrousEdit

With Tyler gone the Vipers start to fall down and Heather takes this as an advantage, she starts brewing to break that team apart, she talks again with their alliance members about changing the target to the most

Heather is mad at Sky due to losing to her.

lazy member of the team, Sierra, they all agree and she tells to everyone about the new target, on the challenge Heather participates and can't score a point, leading her to be mad with everyone and step up to the elimination, her team loses and she goes to elimination, Heather votes Sierra, but later she discovers that she is on the chopping block, but it was due to Sierra's only vote against her, she waves her goodbye stating that another useless teammate is out.

The Wild Bunch of LosersEdit

With Sierra gone she states in the confessional that she's now in power of the Pythons along with Scott and Sugar, when the challenge comes she scores a point for the Pythons, she mocks the other team about it, when the final rounds comes she pushes Sugar calling her "fat pageant-cow" to make her win, Sugar earns the point and Heather apologizes, but she reveals in the confessional that she was only apologizing due to the alliance, in the final round Heather mocks Scott due to losing against his long time enemy: Sky. When the elimination ceremony happens she's the first to be deemed safe and later she waves goodbye to Ella accomplishing her mission of taking her out as well Ezekiel who was the most useless member from the team.

Serpent ShowdownEdit

Heather remains behind all the drama until the challenge, where she's the most vocal member from her team, she pushes her team to catch a snake, she's the one that tries to separate Jo and Scott when they get into a verbal fight that then turns into physical, she separates them and continues with the challenge where she runs to catch with the other team to the finish line but they lose due to Jo. Later, in the elimination ceremony she's relieved that Jo, the last threat of her team is gone from the game. Heather then waves goodbye to her and reveals in the confessional her master plan.

Red Dead MergitonEdit

Heather is the first to go out from the Pythons cabin and she runs to the Vipers side, where she starts a verbal feud with Sky and pushes her to the limit. Later when the merge is announced she verbally calls out Sky as a "cheater". Then the challenge is announced and she's paired with Katie, they start to plan a dramatic skit about a cowboy that is leaving her wife, when the pair does the skit they are praised by the judges, especially by her long "friend" Tyler and they are announced the winners of the challenge. She's the first to be safe in the elimination ceremony and she gladly votes both Noah and Dakota, calling them boring threats" due to their performance in the previous challenge.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!Edit

Heather is one the first person to badmouth about the new tactics of

Sky fights with Heather after she read Sky's diary.

Chris to keep them awake, as she's in an awful mood due to being woken up early she complains about it with all of her fellow cabin partners. When Chris announces the challenge she looks one presentation of the talent show and then searches a wildcard that will help her. When she gets to her talent she stops the music and pulls out her card: reading Sky's diary, she starts to read it and causes Sky to cry from the humiliation, also Heather is scolded by several contestants and judge members, she ends up losing the challenge and goes to elimination. In the elimination ceremony she ends in the bottom two with Lindsay, when it's reveal that is a tie Heather badmouths about Sky and her allies, she goes to the tiebreaker where she loses against Lindsay and it ends with she being upset, confused and eliminated from the game.

Aftermath: The UnlimitedEdit

Heather is seem greeting the Aftermath, but later she seems to be angry as she states that no one of the remaining are deserving of their spot, she says that maybe Scott is deserving, but she later remembers that she "carried him" through the game. When Blaineley reveals that there is a chance to eliminate a F4 contestant winning the challenge Heather stands up, Heather gains the lead, but she's later forced to forfeit due to unknown reasons. She later whispers to her nemesis Sky to eliminate Cody, which in a shocker twist Sky eliminates Cody.

The Final FinaléEdit

Al-tough Heather shows her dislike towards the finalist she secretly supports Scott, she remains silent meanwhile the finale is going but she laughs at when Lindsay is eliminated, after when Scott loses to Duncan she spits at the ground and between her tantrum she comforts Scott.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

Australian RivalsEdit

She along with Jo cameo at the end of the episode during the elimination ceremony as a scrapped part from the challenge, when Jo mentions her baldness of last season both engage in a fight.

Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive Reunions Edit

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty Edit

As Heather falls out of the plane, she shouts "Screw you Chriiiiiiiis" as she falls and screams. When Katie points out how it's mean for Heather to say that, Heather tells her to shut up, while calling her a dork, reminding Katie that she eliminated her, and then slap fights Katie in the air. After Katie states that she was only playing the game, Heather mocks her for her immaturity, saying all she plays is hopscotch, before kicking Katie's leg, as she splashes into the water, confusing Katie as to why she'd kick her leg, pretending to be confused. After Katie asks who would kick her leg, Heather says someone who isn't brain dead, like she will be when she's through with her. Both have slap marks on their face from slap fights, and Heather rubs these marks from her face.

After everyone has come out of the plane, Heather approaches all of them and pretends to apologize about her "episode", noting that it's great to be back, while also saying she's way nicer and hopes to be friends with all of them. However, in the confessional, she says the opposite, saying that none of the contestants will know what hit them. Even though Sadie, Lindsay, and Tyler happily greet Heather, Duncan calls her more fake than a lot of things, while Scarlett asks who cares about what Heather is saying.

When Heather finally sees Sky, she angrily asks who the f*** does Sky think she is, referring to Sky being attracted to Alejandro. Sky cheekily replies to her enemy, saying that she is an athlete, answering Heather's metaphorical question. Heather sarcastically calls what Sky said very funny. Heather notes in the confessional that she's glad Cody is at least here, but one sane person won't do it for her. Alejandro asks Heather to calm down from insulting Sky, but Heather brings up how he's one to talk, while calling him "spicier" and then follows this off by breaking up with him. When Cameron comforts Sky from her outburst at Duncan, saying she used to be great friends with him, Heather is confused by his words as she'd never be friends with that thing, referring to Duncan.

As Chris announces that the teams are Brains vs Brawns vs Beauty, Heather notes in the confessional about how she belongs on all of those teams, just so long as she's not with Alejandro or Sky. Heather cheers when she's on the Brain team, but is disappointed that Beth is on her team, adding that "coolness just got lowered". This confuses and saddens Beth, calling it harsh. Tyler is also confused, reminding her that he thought she said she was nice. Heather worries about her chances in the game and thus says that she was just joking as she stutters with the words. She puts her arm around Beth and asks if they're friends with an awkward look on her face, while telling Tyler she is nice, but stutters with the words again. Beth gives a deadpan look back to Heather, not falling for her nice act. In the confessional, Heather brings up how she really should've taken Acting 101.

When Alejandro is announced to be the only male on Team Beauty, he tells all the female members that there's enough of him to go around. Jealous, Heather tells Alejandro to shut up, but says it politely so as not to attract negative attention, calling him Al instead of Alejandro. This angers him, yelling at Heather to stop calling him that name. As Scott makes hog noises to defend the name of "Al", Heather calls Scott gross and laughs at him. When some are confused as to why Duncan is on Team Brawns, Cody says that Duncan is still more stronger than him, Heather asks Cody not to feel so down, bringing up how Duncan's torso is the size of a miniature table. Cody thanks Heather for her compliment and high-fives her.

At the cliff, Cody asks Heather if they'll bring the team some good wins, but she's too distracted on the terrifying cliff to hear him. Angry at Heather, Katie pushes her off the cliff, pretending it was an accident. Heather screams as she falls into the water. Swimming back to shore, Heather runs back up the cliff, telling Katie that she'll pay for that, while calling her loser.

When Heather's team are deciding who should push the carriage, Scarlett volunteers Noah. This confuses Heather, saying that his arms are puny, but once she sees Scarlett wink, she realizes the plan of eliminating Noah. Heather yells at Noah to get to pushing as she pushes him into the carriage and calls him a chump. When Cody encourages Noah to push the carriage, Heather asks him not to bother, calling Noah too weak.

As Heather looks down at the cliff, she worries, calling it difficult. Cody comforts her, saying it'll be fine, and asks that she not be scared. At the cliff, as Anne Maria asks if the twins can do anything other than home-wreck, Heather agrees with her, but calls her a "French Faker", referring to Anne Maria's actions in French Talent Contest. When Cameron jumps, Heather yells at him not to mess it up like he does with secrets, referring to him not keeping secrets too long.

While Noah struggles with the carriage, Heather yells at him to speed it up, while calling him a weakling. As Heather runs to the mess hall, she pushes Noah on her way, calling him slow-poke. She corrects herself with a fake apology, lying that it was an accident. When Chris says over the intercom that anyone who hasn't gotten numbers yet should jump, Heather is disgruntled and runs back, and then dives into the water. She gets the Number 9, saying it reminds her of "that Trent weirdo." Cody cheers for her as she jumps in. At the mess hall, she hands Chris the Number 9, calling it the number of craziness. When Cameron gives a number while covered in bruises, Heather laughs at his misfortune. Heather hopes her number is the right one. When Tyler worries about Cameron from his bruises and says he looks hurt, Heather informs Tyler that Cameron isn't as nearly as hurt as she is from Katie's stupid presence.

As Chris prepares to announce who the winner is, Katie repeatedly uses hashtag phrases, to which Heather tells Katie that she's too uncool to use that hashtag crap. Heather is annoyed when her team lose. She kicks Noah's leg in anger, calling it all his fault, while calling him a slow weakling. Heather follows this off by saying she knows who's to blame, glaring at Noah. As Alejandro cheekily wishes Heather luck at the elimination ceremony, he blows her a kiss, but Heather punches it. Alejandro calls her "Typical Heather" once again, leaving her speechless, before she growls at Alejandro. Lindsay wishes luck to Heather's team, and Heather thanks her, and is about to call her Linds-iot, but corrects herself in time to call her Lindsay. Lindsay falls for Heather's ploy once again. Heather sniggers in the confessional that it's the same old Lindsay and calls her gullible, but sighs that she's the only one believing her nice act. She goes on to say that she thinks she should be nicer to more. She approaches Scott and calls his pants lovely as she stutters. He confusedly thanks her, but mutters under his breath that she's a weirdo.

At the elimination ceremony when Chris greets Heather's team with a "Hello Brains!" Heather greets him back, while calling him "Senior Citizen." Heather high-fives Cody when both of them are called safe, and then punches the air, happy that she's safe. When Noah is deemed eliminated, Heather waves at him with a devilish smile. In the confessional, Heather calls Scarlett's work great, thinking of Scarlett as formidable, but realizes she's too formidable, even if Heather played along with her getting rid of Noah. Cody hugs Heather, hoping that he hopes they don't lose again. As Alejandro takes exile, Heather says "Good riddance", and then says "Stupid Jalapeno."

The Returning Record Holders Edit

Heather stretches in her bed in the girl's side of the tents. She calls the bed stupid, and wonders how she can even sleep. She also calls Chris a cheapskate, showing her fellow female members a worm under her sleeping bag, saying the "stupid Al-lookin' things" are messing up her bed. Beth could care less about what Heather is saying, correcting her by saying what Heather's shown them is just worms. Heather almost has a heated argument with Beth by saying she knows what she meant and is about to call Beth four eyes, but then corrects herself in time to call her Beth. Scarlett shoves her sleeping blanket on top of her head, telling Heather that she does not care about her grievances and needs rest.

When everyone is called to the challenge early, Heather limps to the challenge, noting that Chris is pissing her off and her face needs rest. After Alejandro comes back from exile, Heather throws a pebble at his face, ordering him to go back while calling him a loser. Alejandro is nonchalant about this, and notes how he didn't know throwing rocks is how she expressed her feelings, and winks at her, leaving her speechless. Amy, being naive and unaware of anything, yells at Heather that Alejandro did nothing wrong, but Heather ignores Amy, not caring what she has to say. Heather listens intently to Anne Maria say how Amy is a homewrecker and will take Alejandro.

Hearing what the challenge is, Heather has high hopes, reminding her team that she won a sad skit with "that dweeb Katie" and they won. She then goes on to point out that this will work out great for them. When Sky gets upset about Duncan cheating on her, Alejandro says that if he was her boyfriend, he would never cheat on her. Heather is mad at hearing him say this and slaps Alejandro across the face.

When Cody asks his team what they should make their skit about, Heather suggests a sad skit as the "crybaby hosts" eat up stuff like that. She asks her team however what kind of sad skit they should do. After Scarlett calls her team vermin, Heather relaxingly warns her that if she calls her that one more time, she'll make her life a living hell, but Scarlett says that being around Heather disheartens her enough, in a deadpan tone. As Scarlett asks who wants to act, Heather reminds her team that she can act great as she's won a sad performance before. Beth worries as it'll be hard to make someone like Chris sad, but Heather reminds her that it's worked with Duncan, and if it worked with "skinny arms" it can work with them. Scarlett brings up how a happy act can make Chris not like the performance. Heather says that she agrees with Scarlett, almost calling her nerd but stops herself. Scarlett notices Heather almost calling her this, and almost calls Heather a wh*** but corrects herself and calls her Heather.

Still brainstorming, Heather brings up how Chris loves money, and Cody agrees while calling him a selfish jerk. Heather gives the movie idea of a rich person who must say farewell to money because they have so much, believing it'll get a lot of heart strings from the "heartless guy," and also adds that it should say how Chris has the best money. Cody likes her idea, even getting teary-eyed. Scarlett gives the idea of a romance between Chris and Chef which Heather agrees with very much.

Thus, Heather gives the premise of a host who divorces his wife because he's too pretty for her. He then finds a young, athletic, yet unfortunate chef. He gives him one of his many of millions of dollars, and they bond. In the end they marry and the wedding looks very expensive as the host is rich because he's so beautiful, referring all of this to Chris and Chef. She corrects herself in saying that none of this is true about Chris or Chef, but they definitely like being flattered. Scarlett calls the idea excellent, to which Heather thanks her. In the confessional, she says that it's about time someone gave her some recognition. All of her team like the idea, and Heather then grab a Chris standee, and fake money that she wraps around the standee's beard.

Heather reminds her team that they need actors, volunteering for the role of Chris. Heather accepts Cody's offering of acting as Chef, but asks Scarlett if she wants to take Chris or Chef, sucking up to her and calling her a great antagonist and actress, while giving her a thumbs up. As Alejandro comforts Sky when she gets mad at Duncan and Sky is flattered, Heather tells her to get bent while calling her a "hag" knowing that Alejandro is playing her.

Heather goes up to perform with her team, but don't use the Chris and Chef standees as Chef doesn't like suck-ups. Cody asks Heather to marry him while showing her a fake ring, and she puts her heart into the performance of being flattered. Heather grabs Cody and kisses him, but whispers that this is disgusting. Heather smirks at a shocked Alejandro in the audience. At a fake church, Heather accepts to marry Cody at the altar. But before they can get married, Beth runs in with a cardboard cut out fake gun. Heather asks "Who is this bi***." After Beth is arrested by Scarlett who is playing Chris, Heather and Cody hug each other in the performance, and the performance ends with them kissing. As soon as it ends, Heather spits in disgust. Cody is glad that they're friends, but not a couple, and wipes his tongue in disgust also. Heather smirks, and tells Alejandro that Cody is still a better kisser, while calling him "Aleskankbag." Heather is satisfied with her team not losing in this challenge, and is happy that she no longer has to sleep with worms under her bed. Alejandro plots revenge on Heather in the confessional for her act. Heather gasps when she sees Alejandro kiss Sky, and is speechless in the confessional.

The Rake-age Edit

Heather rubs her teary eyes in her cabin bed after the event she witnessed last night of Alejandro kissing Sky. In the confessional, she calls Alejandro a stupid, annoying, yet sexy jerk. She goes on to say how he will pay as she's never felt more humiliated. She points out how the same goes for "that hag" referring to Sky. She ends her confessional in saying that if he's trying to make her jealous, he has another thing coming.

Heather sees Cody outside and an idea quickly forms in her head. While he, as said in the confessional, thinks seeing Heather is a little awkward, she decides to use Cody as a means of getting Alejandro jealous. She approaches him and mentions how proud she is of his performance in the previous challenge, adding that they came off as a great couple. While smirking at a glaring Alejandro, she calls Cody a good kisser. Cody greets her but thanks her confusedly. Cody brings up how they were just acting and couldn't have meant it. In answer to him thanking her, Heather calls him Cod-ionio, while affectionately pulling his cheek and saying he has a cute face while seeing Alejandro glare once again, making her smirk to herself. She agrees with him saying they were just acting, but then says she loves Cody way more than she did in her performance.

Heather is proud of her work, and says in the confessional how "Jalapeno" hates Cody and can use Cody to her advantage. She denies being attracted, but still calls it fun. Beth enters the conversation and tells Cody that Heather's compassion was complete acting. Heather yells at Beth to shut up, stay away from the conversation, and her "man". Beth nonchalantly replies with an "Okay", not caring about talking to Heather. After Cody says he hates mines, Heather agrees with him, pretends to be shocked with a "Wowzers", and then makes the excuse that both of them have so much in common in a giddy tone.

Heather screams as she falls into the mine, and yells at Cody to save her while calling him "Code-meister". Heather pulls Cody's arm to try and protect herself but accidentally slightly injures it. When Heather reaches the bottom, she falls on Samey. Heather insincerely apologizes and calls her "Lamey." Samey glares at Heather but says "Whatever, Old-Heather", not caring about listening to her. Heather is confused about the "Old" part of the sentence, telling "Lamey" that she looks like a hag and is not young and beautiful like Cody. Cody curiously asks how they can get out of the cave, worried that they'll die, and Heather agrees while calling him "Cody the coolest" and then sees Alejandro red in the face, as he looks at Heather and yells an exasperated "Ugh!" Lindsay believes Heather is attracted to Cody, acting naive. Heather asks Alejandro what he's looking at, asking if he's jealous of Cody's looks while calling Alejandro Al for a long period of time. Samey yells at Heather, saying if she wasn't such a b**** she wouldn't have as many wrinkles. Scarlett defends Heather from Samey, saying Heather is not a b****, asking Samey not to be bitter that she's less attractive than her and less intelligent than Scarlett. Heather agrees with Scarlett, and also calls Alejandro more deluded than "Brightning."

As the Brains plan their mine exit, Scarlett asks them to stick together to which Heather agrees, and sticks to Cody before noticing Alejandro can't see them, nervously stopping. Heather follows Scarlett as the team progress through the mine. As their team moves forward, Heather hopes they hurry before the "stupid" mine explodes.

When her team is coming in dead last, Heather sees shadowy figures in mine carts and points right for her team to go that way as that is where the carts are. Heather blames Beth for the team coming last as she did not lead them at all, and is frustrated with her. She subtly convinces her team to blame Beth, saying that thanks to her they're coming last. Beth is incredibly confused but Heather tells her to "Zip" and shuts Beth's mouth. In the confessional, Heather rants about Beth, noting how she thinks she's so great. Heather calls Beth nice, likable, and makes it far all the time, vowing that she is going down big time.

Heather jumps in a cart and orders Beth to push them with her weak arms while calling her dork. When Heather asks Scarlett to push the cart, it's because she thinks of Beth as too lazy, blaming her once again. But after Cody tells Heather to be nicer to Beth, she suddenly agrees and says to Beth how much she loves her, making Beth give a blank, yet angry face at Heather. Heather is confused at her affection to Cody when Alejandro isn't even around, saying in the confessional that she was using Cody to make Alejandro jealous but now believes it may be a new habit, adding that Alejandro didn't even see this nickname.

As the Brains' cart flies down, Heather clings to Cody. After Scarlett warns her team to cling on to the rails as it's about to fly, Heather clings on. After the Brains' cart finally stops, Heather scalds her team, calling the work shoddy, and says "Chop chop" as she claps her hands, but Cameron points out how they are not dogs. Heather angrily replies "Excuse me, bubble loser", going on to say he acts way too loyal. She cheekily remarks "Excuse me for not noticing how much of a little b**** you are." Not afraid of her, Cameron says that even though this may be mean, he says how she is dating a dog who is cheating on her like crazy, pointing out how if she spoke her feelings for him instead of playing childish games, she would be happy. Heather gets even angrier at Cameron, and condescendingly calls him a bad dog in response, slapping him across the face and laughing at him. To cover herself, she mentions that she was just showing off to Cody how strong she is.

After Brains finish last, Heather looks on the bright side, noting how they are at least not dead. In the confessional, Heather says that Scarlett is fun to manipulate, Cameron votes whatever, Cody is the best ever, and that only leaves Beth, calling Beth a useless member. Even though Scarlett calls Heather and Cameron vermin, blaming them for costing the challenge, Heather calmly states that she knows exactly who to blame, glaring at Beth.

As Chris gives fake sympathy to Team Brains, calling it a sad day for them, Heather yells at him to not do fake sympathy, calling him a stupid host, following this off by calling him old, but Chris laughs at Heather, saying she sucked today, and has to vote someone out, cheekily asking her how that feels. Cameron blames Heather for costing the challenge as she was busy slapping everyone, but she replies to Cameron "What the f*** are you talking about, Cameron?" saying she was telling everyone to move forward, slapping people because everyone else was slow, also adding that Scarlett is right about him being vermin. She also insults Cameron when saying he is just defending Beth because he likes her, yelling at him to admit it. However, he calls Heather vermin, saying Alejandro is testing his waters with others because she is vermin, laughing at her. Sick of him, Heather angrily storms off. In the confessional, she states that Cameron thinks he's so smart, but insultingly wonders how smart he'll be when she takes down his "girlfriend", evilly laughing but swallowing a fly during the process, coughing it out. When Alejandro tries to make Heather jealous when he congratulates Sky, she flings a small rock in his eye, severely injuring it. Seeing him scream, she scoffs, mentioning that Cody would take that like a man. After Alejandro screams that he's hurt his sexy eye, she is confused, saying that is only in his dreams. After voting, Heather storms to the elimination ceremony.

When Cameron wishes luck to Beth and Cody at the elimination ceremony, Heather scoffs that he is just saying that because he has a crush on Beth. When she lands in the Bottom 2, Heather is shocked, and growls at Beth. Cameron denies this, calling Beth a worthy contestant, unlike Heather, hoping she is gone while giving a raspberry blow, but Heather tells him to shut up, calling him a weakling. Scarlett smirks at Heather and Beth's worry. When Tyler is confused about Beth being in the Bottom 2, Heather tells him that Beth deserved it. As Chris is prepared to call the eliminated contestant, Heather awaits impatiently for Beth to be eliminated, and laughs when this happens. Heather has an idea about who voted for her, grinning evilly at Beth and Cameron. Heather pushes Chris out of the way after he asks who is taking exile, taking the time to laugh at Beth's misfortune. After calling Beth a loser, she asks that she prepares for toilet duties, laughing sinisterly once again while swallowing a fly again. Cameron is shocked the team kept this "vermin", referring to Heather. After Beth says a final word, Heather takes the opportunity to flush the toilet, sniggering at Beth, but falls into water accidentally during her evil laugh. When Cameron hopes he and Beth can hang out after the show ends, Heather insultingly says that he is too much of a loser to hang out with human beings.

Brawn Within a Beauty Edit

Heather wakes up in her tent, and groans, calling the tent dumb, while saying the worms are cramping her style, asking Scarlett if she agrees, while calling her "brainy buddy", but Scarlett is too busy snoring to hear her. Heather mentions in the confessional how glad she is that Beth is gone, and calls her dork, adding that she was ruining her chances. Seeing Cody outside, Heather impulsively snatches his shoe and sniffs it. Seeing the odd action she's doing, she comes to a realization and asks what she is doing, while disgustingly saying "Ew" to her actions, and runs away nervously, confusing Cody.

Called to the challenge, Heather limps, and says "Screw you, Chris" for the poor living conditions, wondering how she can kick Katie if her legs hurt. When Chris mentions that a team switch is happening, Cameron hopes it is Heather, but corrects himself that he said nothing so she doesn't get angry at him, making her give Cameron a suspicious look. Cody flexes his muscles expecting to be on Brawn, and Heather gushes at the sight of it, but slaps herself out of it, making Alejandro glare and call her disturbing. Hearing that Cody is switching, Heather screams a "No", but corrects herself and making it seem like she is nonchalant. Samey corrects Cameron after he hopes Heather switched team, and Samey says that no-one would want Heather, to which Alejandro agrees, but Heather is too pre-occupied on Cody switching to listen, and drags on to his leg screaming "No" and calls him Cody-wody, but corrects herself and relaxingly says "Bye" to him. Heather looks on the bright side of Cody switching, as she notices Alejandro's anger, and points out how happy she is that he's angry that Cody is on his team, while calling him "Al". After finding out Lightning is joining Brains, Heather is thoroughly disappointed that she lost "Codywody" to a "dumb jock." Cody looks freaked out when he hears Heather say "Cody-wody."

Chris explains that the challenge is a regatta in teams, which makes Heather push Lightning forward and asks that he be useful and drive their boat. Hearing that people must work in twos, Heather immediately grabs Cody and asks if they can work together, saying that nothing is stopping them from this, and cheers, but Cody declines, and runs off in fear to find a different partner, saddening Heather. Heather chooses Lightning as a partner and gets in a boat with him, ordering him to drive, as she relaxes in her seat, but Lightning doesn't drive his boat as he doesn't like working with Heather, and falls asleep, until he finally drives after Heather slaps him and says "Chop chop." Thanks to Lightning's strength, both manage to get in the lead, making Heather cheer and tell him he's doing a good job, until the boat crashes into a rock, making Heather order Lightning to control the wheel, but he is too in shock to manage to concentrate on the boat, causing Heather to yell at him, calling him an idiot, as the boat crashes. When both fall out of their ship, Heather punches Lightning in the face and calls him an idiot again.

Heather climbs back onto her ship and helps Lightning up. She decides to move them this time, not having faith in Lightning, and calling him dummy, as she punches him in the chest, making him temporarily go silent and lose his attention span, causing him to ask what they'll do, making Heather angrily remind Lightning that she is driving. She asks Lightning how it sounds, while calling him dummy again, and drives their now slowed down ship. Heather continues to drive, telling Lightning that it's smooth sailing for them from here. Seeing Samey trying to swim to the shore, Heather runs over her with her ship, and laughs at her pain, sarcastically wishing Samey good luck at getting to shore. Heather then reaches shore second overall, making her team come in first.

Heather cheers in delight at finally winning a challenge, but accidentally hits Lightning when she raises her hands to cheer, injuring him even more. Cameron cheers that they have won, but asks where Lightning is, to which Heather begrudgingly informs him that Lightning is right on the boat and just took a nap since she hit him, calling Cameron an idiot. Lightning finally wakes up and asks what happened, to which Heather tells him that she had to carry them to victory, not giving him any credit, but Lightning angrily argues that he believes that he carried them to victory, but Heather is too busy cheering that she can still go to the hotel.

As Heather watches the elimination from the Peanut Gallery, Cody says that if he's going, he hopes Samey or Tyler win, but she desperately asks what about her while saying his name loudly, but thinks he's playing hard to get, causing him to turn away and feel creeped out. Alejandro expects Cody eliminated, asking if the twerp can be flushed, referring to Cody, but Heather defends Cody by saying Alejandro's the twerp, while calling him Al. Heather gasps hearing that Cody is eliminated. She waves at him saying goodbye, noting how determined she is to win for him, making Cody shudder and ask "Haven't I suffered enough?" Alejandro winks at Heather, and tells her she can stop the gig now, but Heather is too pre-occupied on running to Cody to hear him. She hastily runs to the Flush of Shame and trips on her way, hits head, gets a minor concussion, and vomits. Seeing Heather, Cody screams at Chris to flush him fast, but before this happens, Heather kisses Cody while covered in vomit, making him scream bye, and presumably vomit in the Flush of Shame from her spreading of germs followed by his head spinning in the toilet. Heather sobs, and punches Cameron in the face to cheer herself up a little.

Thoughts 'N Dumb-DumbsEdit

Heather receives a massage in the spa hotel, sighing and calling it bittersweet. She's upset that Cody's gone, but is happy that she has a massage while stupid "Al" sleeps in tents. In the confessional, Heather notes that she's a little glad Cody is gone, but her being in love with him was becoming a bit of a habit of hers. However, she worries about how she can possibly make Alejandro mad. At the table along with the rest of her team, Heather sees Lightning walk to the table shirtless. She sighs in disappointment that Cody was replaced with Lightning. In the confessional, she notes that Lightning is lucky she doesn't have a boat to hit his stupid face over the head with.

After Heather hears that the challenge is one in a pitch dark room that tests endurance, Heather thinks it will be easy, thinking of herself as excellent at endurance. After Katie stupidly asks if Alejandro is on her team, Heather says that "Al" isn't on her team, and calls Katie a stupid twin. In the confessional, Heather continues to wonder how she can make "Jalapeno" crack. Heather enters the dark room and scoffs at Chris' ideas, asking what the worst is he can do, laughing.

In the dark room after Cameron asks Lightning to stick with his team, Lightning yells at him to shut up, calling himself his own team, making Heather face-palm. After finding out Anne Maria was out of the challenge, Heather feels worried, as she noticed that bugs were on "Tanface". After Lightning is out of the challenge for being trampled by moose, Heather groans and calls him stupid. After Katie quits the challenge when she sees Heather's hair, it makes Heather groan at Katie and call her dweeb. Heather manages to be one of the five contestants remaining and endures the entire challenge. Heather cheers that she's won, and asks Katie to beat that, while calling her "Lametie".

Watching from the peanut gallery once again, Heather hopes "Alejerko" is gone for eliminating the only sane person, referring to Cody. But Alejandro does catch his marshmallow, and winks at Heather, saying to Heather that he'll see her tomorrow. She screams in annoyance that he is still in the competition. When Lindsay ends up in the Bottom 2, Heather hopes she isn't eliminated, believing she can use her stupidity to her advantage. Heather is shocked when Lindsay wins the trivia tiebreaker against Amy, thinking that maybe calling Lindsay Einstein shouldn't be sarcasm, staring with a mouth agape. After Amy shockingly insults Samey, Cameron winks at the camera, noting that you need to expect the unexpected, but Heather hits Cameron's head, telling him to stop winking as if he is smart, making him say "Ow."

Contestants Meet InsanityEdit

After winning a second challenge in a row, Heather sips orange juice at her hotel table, believing it'll be smooth for her team from here. In the confessional, Heather criticizes all of her team and their gullibility. She says that Scarlett is aligned, Cameron is a wuss, and Lightning is as dumb as a rock. At the challenge area, Heather cheers that the challenge is a trivia, believing that "bubble brainiac" Cameron can win for the team because of his sharp intellect. She is very supportive of him, until she squeezes his arm, assuring him that if he messes this up, he's dead meat, before she walks to the challenge. After Cameron shivers at the thought of the contestants having to track down Izzy, Heather tells him to quit being a coward, noting that that maniac is all the way in the forest and they have trivia. She assures everyone that Izzy probably won't be in any future challenges, but laughs nervously, just as afraid as everyone else is.

When a question is what number is Izzy on the RCMP's most wanted list, Heather guesses #3, but notes how she couldn't care less, asking why she would care about Izzy's personal life. Heather boos Katie when she earns a point for her team. Seeing Sky get the next question right, Heather shockingly asks "That hag got a question right too?!" in an annoyed voice, adding that this day sucks already because of Katie and Sky earning points. After the Brawns win first place in the challenge, Heather tells herself that she has to get her head in the game. She is annoyed that Brawn have won, calling them the worst team as she hates "the twin and hag", referring to Katie and Sky respectively. Sky cheekily replies to Heather that she assumes Heather was talking about herself when she said hag, making Heather lunge at Sky, but is held back by Scott and Tyler, screaming that they let her at her, ready to attack Sky. Cameron is shocked at seeing Heather do this.

Heather is visibly mad when Sky brings up how she's just jealous because Alejandro finds her more attractive, but is more concentrated on the game, and earns a point. Screaming a "Yahoo", she says "Take that, hag!" talking to Sky. After Scarlett says that Heather did a good job, Heather says "No problem" and calls Scarlett a wonderful teammate. Anne Maria criticizes Heather's usage of the word "Yahoo" saying nobody's used it since Google was created, but Heather sarcastically excuses herself for being happy, while calling Anne Maria "fake tan". Heather is happy that her team are at the very least safe from elimination, and tries to punch Sky, but trips and accidentally punches Cameron instead, knocking him unconscious and breaking his glasses.

While Heather sets her bed later that night, she looks outside and sees Cameron waking up and realizing he can't see. She laughs at his misfortune after she walks outside to him, and reluctantly chooses to carry him to his bed. She drops him into his bed, and asks he take a rest. When Lindsay ends up in the Bottom 2 once again, Chris says that because she's a dumb blonde, she sucked at the challenge, but Heather slightly defends Lindsay and insults Chris, saying that she is still smarter than his "greedy old ass". Heather is annoyed when Lindsay is eliminated, and sarcastically calls it great, and then asks who she can now use. She realizes that she has said this out loud, and stutters nervously, but bids Lindsay farewell.

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater Edit

Heather and the rest of her team are called by Chris in the middle of the night after Lindsay's elimination. Tired, Heather trips around and calls Chris a dumb host for waking her up, adding that she needs her beauty sleep because she'd rather put a paper bag over her head than look like Chris waking up. Hearing that Alejandro and Samey are joining her team, Heather screams a "No!" when hearing she has to work with Alejandro now. She isn't too pleased with having Samey either, saying it's bad that she has to share a room with "blondie" now. After Scarlett hears Cameron talk, and angrily asks him if anyone asked him to speak, Heather agrees with her and pushes Cameron in a mud puddle. When Katie asks Sadie if she wants to paint nails, Heather insultingly tells Katie that her nails are too black and hairy. Katie yells back that Heather should shut up and shave, and the hair above her lip makes her look like a guy. Samey glares at Heather for what she did to Cameron, asking her what was that for.

The next day, Heather is exhausted, and mentions in the confessional that she is sick and tired of that "washed up botox host" waking her up, adding that her eyes look like crap all thanks to a crappy host. Heather limps to the Chrissiseum. Scott snickers at Heather's drowsiness, asking who would've thunk she looks more sh**ty. Heather angrily yells at him to shut it, while calling him dirt breath. Hearing Cameron complain about last night and the challenge, Heather tells him to shut up while calling him "spider skull". After Lightning insults Cameron, Heather agrees with him while calling him "Lightbulb", telling Cameron that he is worthless to them in the challenge, referring to him as "caterpillar". Alejandro boasts that he is strong, and winks at Heather. She tries to avoid his wink, and holds in a smirk. In the confessional, Heather complains that with Cody gone, she doesn't know how she can pretend to hate Alejandro, calling him annoyingly irresistible, and then a jerk. After Katie boasts that Heather is going down, Heather answers "In your dreams, Katy Sue". Katie argues back that at least she's not jealous of Alejandro, but Heather argues back that she is not jealous of him, noting that she's jealous that she's too tolerable, while sarcastically being jealous that she's not as annoying as Katie.

While Scott fights Lightning and brutally injures his crotch, Heather holds in a giggle at Lightning's misfortune. Heather sarcastically says it's great going that Lightning lost while calling Lightning an idiot, adding that he just lost against Scott, thinking that losing against someone like Scott must really suck, calling Lightning a loser, and mentioning that there's no wonder "Annie" left him. After Lightning returns to his team, Heather calls him a loser and smacks the top of his head.

As Samey goes to fight Sky, Heather says to herself that she normally doesn't like nice-os, but Samey is fighting Sky, and so cheers for Samey to beat Sky, but mostly for her dislike of Sky. After hearing Sky say that she's not in the mood to fight, Heather accuses her of being a chicken, and makes chicken noises while waving her arms around to mock Sky. Tyler defends Sky by telling Heather that that's not nice, but Heather replies with a question to Tyler, asking if he's just telling her to stop because of his chicken fear. Seeing Tyler looking scared, Heather makes more chicken noises. After Sky punches Samey, Heather covers her eyes in horror. Heather encourages Samey to fight back, asking her to pretend Sky is Chris.

Hearing that she and Scarlett must fight Katie and Sadie, Heather prepares her boxing gloves in anticipation, saying that this is going to be sweet. Heather believes that this will be an easy win, calling Katie and Sadie two idiots for the price of one, thinking that this is rich. Scarlett whispers to Heather that they should cost the challenge to get Lightning out, making Heather gasp in surprise. Although Heather calls it tempting to get rid of Lightning, she's encouraged to take down Katie and Sadie. As the fight begins, Katie tries to punch Heather but trips over herself and gets up. Heather punches Katie in the face, angrily noting that this is for eliminating their alliance last season. Heather then gets Katie in a headlock so that she cannot move. Katie yells at Heather to let her go, but Heather declines with an "As if", laughing at Katie and saying she always knew Katie was a sucky fighter. Heather ends up beating Katie by punching her in the eye, saying that it's for the horses. She punches Katie a second time, calling it for the cows. She finishes by punching Katie a third and fourth time, calling it for the dancing cowboys.

It's between Heather and Sadie in the fight, and Heather laughs at Sadie, calling her a dummy, and that she can't fight for sh**, asking Sadie if she should just make out with that weirdo Dave already. Her insult angers Sadie enough for Sadie to lunge at Heather, making Heather scream. Sadie pushes Heather out of the ring and repeatedly slaps her face, causing another baby tooth belonging to Heather to fall out. Heather gets so mad that she's lost once again that she throws her fallen tooth at an unconscious Katie's face. Heather adds that she can't win because she's too weakened, admitting that "fattie" wins. She surrenders, and yells at Sadie that she wins, saying "Uncle" or whatever "dork-os" like Sadie call it. Scarlett gasps at Heather, as she let a fallen tooth make her lose, but Heather yells back to Scarlett that she gets wobbly after a freaking tooth falls out, criticizing Scarlett's insults.

You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat! Edit

Heather receives a massage in the spa hotel, sighing with relief, saying that pit boy may have his flaws, but she's glad he cheated like the doofus he is, before high-fiving Samey. Samey nervously thanks Heather for the high-five. After the massage, Heather gets her clothes back on and walks towards the kitchen table, and sees the rest of her team eating. Scarlett whispers to Heather once again that they should cost the next challenge. Heather confusedly asks why. Scarlett asks her if she really wants to spend another day with those "vexing thrash". Heather agrees with Scarlett that she hates the rest of the team, but notes that they're already such obvious villains, and the team would easily catch on to either of them costing challenges, making it certain that either of them could be gone right away. Scarlett brings up how Lightning really needs to go quick, as he is a backstabber, and although Heather agrees, she asks if Scarlett really wants to miss out on their luxury, and they should only target Lightning if they lose by accident, noting that she hates people who cost challenges such as "that idiot Courtney". In the confessional, Heather notes about all of the strategy talk on her team, and asks if she should feel scared before rubbing her hands together and laughing evilly, saying "No way". Heather then walks to the mess hall along with everyone else.

At the mess hall, Chris announces to everyone that he has a new challenge for them while calling them "kiddies". Heather is confused at his wording and usage of "Kiddies", asking if Chris is just saying this because their young compared to his crusty old ass. After Sky bumps into Alejandro by accident and blushes next to him, Heather angrily bumps into Sky on purpose and sarcastically apologizes before pushing Sky into a nearby rain puddle, saying "Whoopsy daisy". In the confessional, Heather calls Alejandro a sexy jerk, wondering why he loves Sky, pointing to herself and saying that he should love her. She then realizes that she's pointing out her attraction to Alejandro, and calls emotions stupid and that she hates feelings, especially when she has them.

Hearing Chris bring up how the challenge is an eating one, Heather worries, remembering when she went to China. After Cameron worries about the challenge being an eating one and volunteers to sit out, Heather pushes Cameron forward while calling him "bubble brains", and reminds him that they're all in this together or else, raising a fist to him. Cameron gets frustrated by Heather, angrily asking her what she's going to do with her fist, and is about to say that he's had enough of her "bit**iness but restrains himself. Seeing that the dish is squid eyeballs with pig intestine, Heather holds in vomit but decides to look on the bright side, noting that "stinky Scott" isn't there to mop the floor with all of them. She focuses her attention on Cameron's controlled argument with her, and yells back that she'll tell him exactly what she'll do with her fist, using it to force feed Cameron food he has trouble eating. As he struggles in swallowing the food, Heather shakes him around and makes him make skeleton noises, causing him to faint. After finishing with Cameron, Heather realizes that she must now swallow her food and gulps. Heather picks up an eyeball and shivers. To motivate herself to eat, Heather repeatedly says "mansion" before eating her food. From this food, Heather barfs on Chef, to which he glares at her. Realizing that she must eat all of her food, Heather licks vomit off of Chef's apron, and then finally slurps up the vomit.

The food Heather eats causes her to walk unsteadily and trips over Tyler, apologizing to him in a sick tone while calling him "Tylerioioi", while also noting how dizzy she is. Once Chris ends this section of the challenge, Heather screams out "Finally!" and adds that she hates how Chris loves seeing all of them suffer, and also calls him a jerk. After Cameron gets up and stutters while randomly calling the food the bomb before fainting once again, Heather laughs at Cameron in a queasy tone until she vomits suddenly. After Alejandro quits from the challenge, Heather tells him to shut up while calling him "Allyjanderoio".

Heather sits down in a dark room for the second part of the challenge. She doesn't expect to be out of the challenge, noting that she's survived fears in dark rooms, and that she can survive temptations too. After Chris enters the room with an unopened tray and asks if there's any takers, Heather feels like this will be easy as the tray is closed and doesn't even know what's in there, but follows this up by staring at the tray and wondering what could be in there. After Samey volunteers to open the tray, Heather pats her on the back, hoping it's a reward. After Katie quits the challenge, Heather points out that this goes to show just how much of a coward Katie is. Hearing that Alejandro is immune for the episode, Heather is angrily confused and calls Alejandro way too lucky.

As Heather watches Cameron and Sky act nice to each other, she says that she's practically going to puke at the kindness until she actually does puke from the first part of the challenge, screaming that she hates Chris. After Heather hears that the challenge will continue, she asks Chris just how much sicker he can get. When Chris mentions that the next item is a doozy or may not be, Heather tells him to stop giving them mixed messages while calling him "hosty boy". After Sky decides to take the temptation, Heather calls her dumb. Sadie goes over to Heather to converse with her about both of them being the last girls remaining but Heather ignores her and barely notices her, focusing her time on criticizing Cameron and Tyler. Tyler notes to Cameron that they haven't talked since Total Drama Returns to the Island, but Heather reminds Tyler that the "dweebs" did talk when that "weak bubble dork" was injured and Tyler stupidly asked if he was okay. Cameron replies that that's basically not an interaction they had, to which Heather replies that that was due to Cameron being out "colder than a turkey" because he has a "turkey head". Watching the kindness between Cameron and Tyler, Heather barfs on Sadie instead of talking to her. Heather both laughs at Sadie being covered in barf but also feels disgusted. Cameron is about to take the possible reward temptation but as he watches Heather glare at him, he turns it down. Heather screams a "No!" in annoyance, yelling that she wanted massages. Heather becomes so frustrated that she repeatedly stamps the ground so hard that she eventually crushes Cameron's foot. Heather walks out of the room along with the other three contestants, and spots a nearby dish Chris initially planned if the challenge went on longer. She opens it and it reveals an idol to her. Curious and somewhat happy, Heather picks up the idol.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris asks Team Brains if any of them have the idol, to which Heather says "No" in a lying tone. Muttering under her breath, she snickers that she should wait for the right time. Heather votes off Lightning for not doing anything throughout any of the challenge. After Lightning and Scarlett end up in the Bottom 2, contestants must revote. Chris angrily yells at Heather and Alejandro to hurry up with their votes, to which Heather asks Chris angrily not to order her around while calling him "chump". To spite Chris, Heather doesn't vote for anyone to get him angrier, but is speechless and visibly angry when her ally Scarlett is eliminated.

Blood's Downpour Edit

In the early morning, Heather looks outside at Cameron and Samey, giving dirty looks and calling them "mongrels" to herself. In the confessional, Heather calls all of her team stupid and wonders how she can survive without Scarlett. She notes that her team is a dork, sexy jerk, Tanne Maria, Homewrecker, and Jockning, referring to Cameron, Alejandro, Samey, and Lightning respectively.

After Sky applies make-up given to her by Anne Maria, Heather takes her anger out on Sky and calls her ugly. Heather is also unenthusiastic about competing, noting that she's not doing another freaking challenge. In the confessional, Heather picks up her idol and is slightly happy about still having it, believing it could be useful to her later. After Katie says that her and Sadie have been best friends ever since she was 3, Heather confusedly asks why they became best friends 3 years into life, and angrily asks what the "frick" those two "losers" were doing for the first three years beforehand. After Chris announces that the challenge is full of torture, Heather angrily says that she is tortured enough when on a team full of freak-os.

The first round is the mess hall flooding and the contestants must swim in it. Heather worries, wishing that Harold was with them, as that "loser" would be an awesome help to them. When Sky brings up how she is a great swimmer, Heather calls her a show-off, adding angrily that she hates everyone. Still angry about Scarlett's elimination, Heather punches Cameron's glasses, calling it avenging Scarlett, saying "Screw you, vermin!" After Alejandro states that his brother is an excellent swimmer, Heather is sarcastically shocked while calling him "Al" for a long period of time, sarcastically believing that he and Sky are made for each other, noting that their similarities are that they're both big freakos who say how they're so athletic, following this by putting on a high-pitched voice and pretending to imitate the both of them by saying how great she is at swimming. Samey angrily asks Heather why she is being mean when she has back-stabbed millions of people, to which Heather replies that it's because she's mad. She admittedly says that Samey is actually bearable but can't help it when vermin like Cameron exists. When Cameron attempts to quit the challenge, Heather face-palms and calls him weakling. Finally hearing that the first part of the challenge is over, Heather gasps for breath and calls Chris sick. Along with everyone else, Heather heads to the cliff.

Looking down at the cliff nervously, Heather calls it steep. Upon finding out that this part of the challenge is not even a cliff dive, Heather calls Chris sick in the head and in looks while cheekily calling him "Chrissy". When Chris releases giant gophers for the contestants to fight against, Heather states that Cody was right, as these really are "Monster beavers", stuttering as she describes them. After Tyler climbs a tree and grabs a branch to defend himself against the giant gophers, Heather climbs up the tree and pushes Tyler off it, yelling at him that it's her spot.

The next part of the challenge is to scale down the cliff. Heather looks down and believes she can't scale this cliff, but adds that she must try as otherwise she will be out. While scaling, Heather holds on to Alejandro's back from behind him, and orders that he not say anything about this as their team needs something to cling onto, reluctantly noting that it must be him. Chris sets explosives off which cause Heather to gasp. Wit Alejandro out of the challenge next, it's between Heather and Katie. Frightened, Heather grabs hold of Katie, yelling that it feels even worse. Katie angrily tells Heather to get off her and kicks her in the face, to which Heather kicks Katie's head and orders that she fall while calling her a loser. After Chris sets off a final explosive, it causes Katie's hands to slip and pull off a wig belonging to Heather. Heather screams from this as she falls to the water. Katie throws the wig downwards, making it quicker than Heather and asks her to go get it. Heather believes she has lost, and wishes that she didn't lose against Katie, as she could've lost against anyone but to lose to her makes Heather angrier. However, Heather reaches the purple rock before Katie gets the chance and thus successfully wins the challenge for her team.

Heather cheers that she has won until she sees Cameron holding in laughter, causing her to kick his face and yell at him that they have won while calling him "Dumby", and tells him not to laugh just because she's won, but Katie says that at least her team isn't bald. Alejandro cheers that his team have won but looks at Heather's head and notes that she has a little something on her head, but corrects himself and says she has nothing on her head. Heather sticks her ponytail wig back on and notes that she has a bunch of wigs and likes to try different ones, saying "Big whoop".

Heather beats up Katie for her actions, saying that first her tooth went and now her hair, calling the two "dumb" twins as stupid as each other, adding that she hates her life. In the confessional, Heather cries, asking what the point is of even fighting, believing that she may just be gone soon. She is determined to win for people like Cody and Scarlett, stating that she will take down those "maniacs" one by one. Samey nervously congratulates Heather on the win. Anne Maria shoves Heather aside for beating up Katie, and dumbly says that Katie did nothing to Heather despite her revealing her wig. She calls Heather a wannabe fully white trick and her man even hates her, referring to Alejandro. She asks Heather just how pathetic she is, and promises her that she will be going home soon.

At the elimination ceremony, Heather is still twitching one eye from Anne Maria's words. Katie doesn't mind if she goes or not, believing that even if she doesn't go, Heather will make her life a living hell. Chris reveals that after this elimination the merge is occurring, causing Heather's frown to turn into a wide smile. Heather is happy to see Anne Maria eliminated, saying "Good riddance". Heather rolls her eyes at Anne Maria's goodbye, asking her to flush herself already, adding that she's not pathetic and is popular.

Greet It and Weep Edit

Heather eats at her table alongside Alejandro and Cameron, and tells them how it's a shame she has to leave the spa hotel to share a cabin with female losers. Katie attempts to enter the spa hotel, but Heather yells at her to get out while calling her a twerp and pushes Katie out, not noticing Cameron and Samey's nervousness around her. She angrily asks in the confessional why can't a cheap host like Chris have locked doors. Sadie knocks on the window of the spa hotel to ask Heather if she wants to join her in an alliance. Talking to her from the window, Heather says "In your dreams, Tweedle Idiot" and notes in the confessional how she does not need Sadie.

When Chris alarms Heather and everyone else with a loudspeaker announcement for everyone to come outside, Heather screams in fright, before growling that Chris is going to pay. Chris announces that the teams are merging, to which Heather replies that they already knew that, while calling Chris dummy. Also hearing that there is a jury to vote for a winner, Heather confusedly asks what it is in the confessional, adding that she thinks Chris is changing things up because his ratings are flushed, pointing her thumb down. Heather laughs at Cameron, Samey, and Tyler when they all fall over. Chris complains to Heather that if she continues her attitude, he will kick her out of the game, telling her that the interns and production have been complaining about her antics. Heather runs into the mansion for the challenge, but on the way bumps into Lightning, hurting her head and yelling at him to watch where he's going, calling him "Bulb for Brains". In the confessional, Heather complains that she still feels bad for Scarlett, and wants to make things up with her by continuing their plan of eliminating the "sorry excuse of a jock".

In the mansion, Heather nearly gets hit by a chandelier but jumps away in time. However, her short ponytail wig flies in the air, before she catches it. Seeing Sadie nearby, Heather grabs her and whispers to her, telling her that if she really wants Heather to be with her, she has to vote out Lightning, noting that he is getting too strong for his own good and could successfully overpower everyone. Katie overhears Heather due to standing next to Sadie, and says that she will as long as Heather votes Lightning, while calling her baldy. In anger, Heather jumps at Katie to fight her but is held back by Cameron and Tyler, yelling at them to let her at Katie while calling them dorks. Tyler lets go of Heather but accidentally causes her to fly into a table, looking concerned for her. On the ground in the shadows slightly injured, Heather crawls to Cameron, and whispers to him that now that she's got his attention, he has to eliminate Lightning, saying that he is always calling Cameron weak and he's very powerful. She adds that her and Cameron may have their differences, but Lightning must "sha-go away."

Sky is taken away by a mystery killer, causing Heather to look around and ask confusedly where "steroid girl" went. Hearing Cameron, Tyler, Sadie and Katie panic about Sky being missing, Heather asks them to calm down, believing that it is obviously one of the lame host's tricks. Katie and Tyler get mad at Heather for not caring too much about Sky's disappearance, with Katie wanting Heather dead, and Tyler asking Heather what's wrong with her. Tyler also complains that all Heather does is insult people for the fun of it. In response, Heather grabs Tyler and whispers that she'll stop insulting people if he votes off Lightning. Tyler agrees to Heather's proposal and shakes her hand, but warns her that she better not be mean to anyone, especially Cameron or Katie. Heather agrees with a "Suuuure" but winks in the confessional.

Cameron suddenly disappears, making Heather confusedly ask where he went, referring to him as "guy" but rants in the confessional that it was hard to describe Cameron without an insult, gulping. After Alejandro proposes that they move around the mansion instead of being caught, Heather agrees with him, noting that they have to leave before we're caught.

Heather puts her arm on Samey and grins, walking her upstairs and whispering that Lightning is getting on everyone's nerves, telling her that he has to go because he is annoyingly threatening. Samey agrees with Heather, calling Lightning's vulgarity unneeded, to which Heather agrees and sucks up to Samey, calling it an amazing point. In the confessional, Heather calls Samey a nice girl, and Heather will play nice to her, treat her like a friend, and "all that other crap". Heather then grabs Katie and whispers that she'll let her insult her all day and not say anything back if Katie votes Lightning. Katie asks what the fun is in that, to which Heather replies that it means she won't be insulting Katie. Before managing to ask Katie if she can trust her, a shadow pulls Heather through the floorboards. Heather scratches these floorboards, attempting her hardest to hold on. Heather turns her head around to see who is grabbing her, screaming that it's her, wishing it could be anyone but them, screaming as her voice is heard all over the mansion.

On the way back to camp, Lightning tries to convince Heather, along with Cameron, Samey, and Alejandro to vote off Sadie, believing that she could potentially win, guaranteeing them that if they don't vote Sadie now, they will be the next four in the jury. While Heather ignores him, Lightning complains that they can either ignore him like a bunch of idiots or make the smart move before they are picked off. Heather swipes away Lightning with her left hand, noting that he is in her personal space, calling him "sha-grossness". Lightning says "Fine, you sha bitch" and also tells Heather and the others that they're going soon anyways. In the confessional, Heather notes "Bye Light-iot". In anger, Lightning fights Sadie, calling Heather to roll on the floor laughing at their feud. In the confessional, Heather makes her vote for Lightning, drawing an X on his face, but then aggressively draws glasses on his face and colors his hair red to make him resemble Scarlett to indicate her vengeance. After punching the paper, she yells "F*** you Lightning" before she is grabbed by Chef, but reaches her hand out to stamp on photo before leaving.

At the elimination ceremony, Lightning leers at everyone. In response, Heather blows a raspberry at Lightning. Lightning yells back at Heather to f*** her boyfriend Cody. Heather catches a marshmallow and notes a "Phew" and talks back to Lightning that he's just jealous that Alejandro likes her while Anne Maria hates his dumb butt. After Tyler apologizes for eliminating Lightning, Heather tells Tyler that he shouldn't apologize, as this "Scarlett messer" isn't even worth it. Chris takes a long time saying who is eliminated, making Heather yell at him to get on with it while calling him wrinkles, adding that they all know Lightning is gone. She cheers a "Yes!" when Lightning is eliminated. Lightning tells those who were on his Brains team that he is looking forward to seeing them in jury, but Heather simply chants repeatedly that she got him out. Heather laughs when she hears Lightning must be in a room on his own, saying that he will always be on his own because he is unlovable.

They're Jumping Around Like Kangaroos Edit

Heather gets up sharing a room with Katie and Sadie. She grabs a wig from her pillow, and it is her long ponytail wig. She looks at Katie and Sadie holding in laughter, and threatens them that they never saw this. In the confessional, she complains that she went from a mansion to a cabin with both of them, whining that she has standards. Katie offers Heather an alliance with her and Sadie, to which Heather says "Suuure", and although she stutters, she smiles. In the confessional, Heather calls Katie deluded, wondering why her sister wants her to stay, adding that she can tell by fattie's tubby grin. Heather walks outside and yawns, but sees Alejandro and Tyler conversing in the distance. Tyler asks him what he thinks about Heather being bald, to which Alejandro replies that he still thinks Heather is beautiful. Seeing this, Heather is shocked by Alejandro's compliment. In the confessional, Heather giggles a little and blushes, having slight tears of joy and rubs her face. She covers her gratitude by stuttering a complaint about Lightning, yelling at him if he's watching that she told him Alejandro was into her.

Hearing that the challenge is exercise-based, Heather complains that "steroid girl" is going to make it past the challenge. Heather picks her costume up, and asks Chris if he even has standards. Heather sees a baby kangaroo and thinks it looks adorable as it jumps out of the fake pouch. She calls it a cute little thing before the kangaroo hops over and urinates on Heather's shoes, causing her to yell out an "Ew!" Alejandro laughs at Heather that her costume really covers up her bald spot, to which she simply grins and says "Whatever you say, lover boy". She then pulls Alejandro by his kangaroo ear and tells him to quit lying, saying that her baldness turns him on and he knows it, noting that he can't handle her fabulousness.

Heather struggles to hop at first due to the baby kangaroo's obesity, but eventually passes first hurdle, although is relatively behind. She goes on to jump over her second hurdle. After jumping over the third hurdle, Heather complains that this baby is more full of lard than Owen. Alejandro catches up to Heather and laughs that she is still thinking about him and is pretty little head, but Heather replies that he thinks of her pretty little head, telling Alejandro not to deny it, as she giggles at seeing him blush. While Sky and Cameron are on the ground, Heather crushes them and bids them farewell while calling them losers, before hopping over the next hurdle. Alejandro tries to defend himself, but stutters and doesn't concentrate, causing him to crash into a hurdle. As she continues to hop, Heather cheekily waves at him.

As she jumps over her next hurdle, Heather boasts that she is the best. Sky tries to speak as she catches up to Heather, but Heather shoves her into a hurdle. Heather laughs at Sky's misfortune, noting that she saw Sky was trying to catch up, and then jumps another hurdle. Heather jumps over her next two hurdles and manages to get 3rd place. Alejandro shows up 5th, asking what place he got, to which Heather replies that he got "Loser Place."

Chris offers food to the four who crossed the finish line, causing Heather to note that maybe Chris does have a heart beneath his wrinkles. Seeing Chris hold water as an example of a drink, Heather snatches it and yells at Chris to give her it, gulping it down. She attempts to give the water to a baby kangaroo, noting that even though he had "Sugar fattiness" he deserves something. She attempts to lend the baby kangaroo some water, Chris shoves Heather down and snatches the bottle, angrily saying that she has the nerve. Heather calls Chris a sicko for not feeding baby kangaroos.

Tyler asks Chris if they can take off their stupid costumes, to which Heather agrees, adding that the costumes are more worn down than Alejandro playing hard to get. After Chef gives the idea of starving the contestants, Heather glares at him. Heather folds her arms, telling Chris that he'll have to try harder than that to make them eat, although admits that she'd love to eat 10 portions of "CFK", mispronouncing KFC, to which Sky corrects her about. Hearing that the challenge involves trampolines, Heather screams an "URGH!" adding that she should've known it was a trick. After hearing that Sadie, Katie, Cameron, and Alejandro can eat, Heather gets mad and confused, saying that they were the ones who won the section of the challenge, not believing that those four deserve to eat. Alejandro wishes Heather luck and blows her a kiss, but Heather catches it, noting to Alejandro that his tricks won't work, and blows a kiss back to him. Chef throws a life sized rubber duck, and Heather ducks as it hits Tyler, with her giggling at his misfortune.

Heather runs towards her trampoline and trips Tyler on her way, telling him to move it or lose it. Heather jumps on a trampoline right behind Sky, to which she nervously greets her. A frying pan whacks Heather in the face, leaving her face red. Heather refuses to give up however, determined to win the spa hotel for herself. Heather runs around in circles to warm herself up while Chris thinks that she is out. She yells back to Chris that she is not, while calling him "botox", and also asks "Master Chef" if that's the best he's got. Chris misinterprets Heather running around in circles as her trying to run away from the challenge, making Chris yell that she can't run away from the trampoline, calling her "baldie" making Heather glare.

Chef throws a baby kangaroo at Sky, and once Heather sees it after Sky has caught it, she yells that that was her one, and screams at Chef to not lay a finger on it, calling Chef a rejected general. Chef doesn't care that it was Heather's beloved kangaroo, and throws a hardcover book at Heather. Sky misunderstands Heather's "rejected general" insult, believing it's targeted at her, and shoves Heather to the ground. Because of Heather being shoved down, the hardcover book hits her leg, making her scream an "Ow" and hops on one knee. Samey is concerned for Heather as Heather hops on one knee, and asks her if she's alright, to which Heather replies with an "Ugh, no", telling Samey a joke that Chef has pig crap for brains. Heather then chants "Pig crap. Pig crap. Chef has pig crap". Tyler wishes Heather luck, and she is about to call him "Tyl-iot", but corrects herself and calls him "Tyler".

Heather continues to hop, having a blank face, but once pig crap hits Tyler, Heather laughs with a disgusted "ew", adding that pig crap was thrown by a pig crap guy. Heather successfully wins the challenge, causing her to scream an "Alright!" and raises her fist in celebration. Heather insincerely asks Tyler if he is okay, holding in a giggle. Heather cheers that she's won a spa hotel. Knowing that she is safe, an idea formulates in Heather's mind, as she sees Katie happy that she is allies, so Heather gets everyone's attention by calling all of them. Heather fakes being sad to get people to vote Katie, saying that she was trying to form an alliance with her, and believes she'll betray her again, pretending to cry, and thinks that Katie will betray her and is out to get her. Heather whispers to Sadie that she's spared her from any votes, seeing potential in Sadie. Tyler replies to Heather that everything will be fine. Katie remarks in a sarcastic tone that forming an alliance means she wants her out, calling it great logic, but Heather simply answers that it's happened before, and cries loudly. After Sadie wishes everyone luck at elimination, Heather thanks Sadie and high-fives her, before whispering to Sadie that she should know that she got off lucky. Sadie tells Heather that she wouldn't have voted for her even if she didn't win today, adding that the same goes for tomorrow, to which Heather thanks her and calls Sadie sane.

At the elimination, Chris says the people who are safe, but doesn't mention Heather, making her state that she's safe too. She asks Chris to give her a freaking marshmallow, as she went enough torture in his cheap kangaroo suits. After catching the marshmallow, Heather is told that she got one vote. Heather glances at Sky giggling, and sarcastically calls it mature of Sky. Heather blushes at Alejandro not really paying attention to Sky's wink, and folds her arms and grins at Sky, saying "Whatevs". In the confessional, Heather says that she knows that "Al" loves her, so says "Whatever". Heather waves her arms slowly to Katie, saying a long goodbye, telling Katie that she won't be missed, not even from her sister. Samey tells Katie that she doesn't really deserve to be here, making Heather say "That's my girl!" to Samey's insult. She pats Samey on the back and doesn't notice her uncomfortable face. Heather tells Katie that it is sweet revenge, and winks at her. Heather calls Sadie truly sick for voting off family members, and shockingly gives Sadie a high-five for her disgusting actions.

Go Big or Go Home Edit

Heather receives a massage in the spa hotel, relaxingly saying that she has a spa hotel all to herself. The massage gets rocky and Heather calls it nice. Heather relaxingly walks out of the spa hotel when called to the camp, and notes in the confessional that all is right in the camp, saying that a loser is gone and she has more losers to flick off. Hearing that he is in the Final 7, Tyler says that he hasn't been in it since the first season, and after Cameron corrects him by saying he should mean the sixth season, Heather notes that Tyler's dumb butt did worse in TDI, making Tyler glare at Heather and say that he is not dumb. Heather catches a leech gun thrown at her for the challenge, and tells Tyler "Whatever you say", calling him Tyl-iot. Tyler sighs, saying he thought Heather was nice, but guesses that he was wrong, to which Heather nervously says that she is nice and is just under a lot of pressure and nervously giggles.

With the challenge started, Heather screams and runs off to hide behind a tree, groaning to herself that Chris started too quick. Suddenly, Heather sees Cameron behind the tree also, and angrily asks him what he's doing in her hiding spot. Seeing Cameron sweat with nervous, Heather reluctantly decides not to shoot him, telling him that his braininess could help her here, and laughs evilly. Cameron finds a secret big entrance into the tree using his brain and whispers to Heather something, causing her to gasp, and asks her a "Please!" In the confessional, she notes that she never knew string bean was so cold-hearted. Cameron asks Heather if they should team up for the next elimination and take out "you know who". Heather feels uncomfortable inside the enclosed space of a tree and climbs to the top to talk to Cameron. Heather contemplates Cameron's idea, but first asks him to prepare his gun, as she prepares her's. She corrects Cameron that they are teaming up since their guns are working together, calling Cameron "Einstein". Seeing Sadie, Cameron asks Heather to be quiet as Sadie is near them, and prepares his gun. Heather notes that Sadie's surprised gasp at seeing them is very loud and annoying, making Sadie very noticeable. Heather mutters to herself that Sadie should come out of that hedge, calling Sadie a coward. Seeing Sadie get out of her hiding spot, Heather shoots Sadie and gets her out of the challenge. Sadie attempts to shoot Heather but Cameron grabs a plank to protect Heather from the shot. Heather is happy Sadie is out, and high-fives Cameron.

Heather suddenly notices Dave in the distance and is shocked, wishing it was anyone but "Creeper features", yelling out a scream of fear. Dave randomly climbs the tree and happily tells Heather that it's been so long since he's smelled her, causing her to shoot him impulsively and make him fall, making him yell at her and Cameron that "It's hard, guys". She tells Dave to stay down as she's filed for a restraining order a long time ago. With Dave on the ground, Heather is relieved, but suddenly sees Cameron wet his pants and calls it "gross", telling Cameron that it's a good thing Dave hates him so much that he's not paying attention to him, as otherwise Dave would smell Cameron, groaning at referencing Dave's creepiness. Cameron lies that he is not wetting his pants, making the excuse that the tree is leaking.

All of a sudden, Heather is grabbed by Larry. Dave gets mad at Heather for hurting her feelings and shoots her cheek. Heather screams an "Ow!" but tells Dave that she sort of has bigger problems right now. She manipulates Dave into freeing her, noting that if he frees her, she will kiss him. Dave cheers that his love is only for skunk, and shoots at Larry and make him run off. Heather cheers that she is safe but as Dave approaches her, Heather angrily calls it gross and kicks his leg. Nervous, Heather runs off and makes him scream an "ow." She climbs her nearby tree, and yells at Cameron to help. Dave climbs the tree after Heather, as Heather repeatedly tells Cameron to do this quick. Cameron saves Heather and shoots Dave. Heather tells Cameron that that is nice going, and he may not be as expendable as Jo thought.

Just then, Tyler sees Cameron and Heather and shoots both of them, successfully winning the challenge. She screams as she hits the ground. Chris announces that there is a twist. Heather rubs her head and is confused. Tyler must choose two people who are up for the vote, and Heather crosses her fingers. Tyler chooses Cameron and Heather, noting that his reasoning for Heather is that she is mean and bullies everyone. In the confessional, Heather yells an "Ugh!" To save herself, Heather whispers a lie to Tyler that Cameron was trying to eliminate him, as he whispered it to her. Cameron yells that he can hear Heather, and calls that fake. Heather grabs Samey and tells her that she knows the two of them are friends, but friends jeopardize winning. Cameron swears that Tyler is his friend since he met him, but Heather simply recalls how Cameron got Tyler out in Season 6, but Cameron yells back that he had no choice, while Heather is just mean. In the confessional, Heather admits that she lied about Cameron, but had to save herself somehow.

At the elimination ceremony, Heather raises her middle finger to Cameron. Heather thinks that if she goes she can at least insult Chris and call him a lame host for this stupid twist. Hearing that Cameron is eliminated, Heather cheers out a "Yes!" Heather waves with an evil grin at Cameron. She pats Tyler on the back, calling it nice antagonism, making him feel bad. Heather is speechless when eliminated, until she hears that she actually isn't, and rubs sweat off of her face. Hearing that it is a tie, Heather yells at Cameron that he is going down.

In the tiebreaker, Heather gets the first question right. Heather cheers when she gets the third question right and beats Cameron. The challenge goes on longer, and Heather wishes it would just end. She screams a "No!" when Cameron catches up. In the end though, Heather wins the tiebreaker. Heather is shocked to see Cameron criticize Tyler and call him the real evil. Cameron also insults Heather, telling her that she deserves to get her bald head crushed to the ground. Although mad at Cameron, Heather thinks he is speaking the truth when he tells Alejandro to admit his love for Heather, saying that "bubble boy" speaks the truth, winking at Alejandro. Heather giggles at Cameron insult Tyler, calling it "too rich".

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