Underdog Unicorns
Discordful Directors
187px-Izzy Rotation
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Eye color Leaf Green
Eliminated TDATW: The Great Chinese Race
TDBIA: School of Hard Rocks
Place TDATW: 15th
TDBIA: 17th
Friends Eva, Owen
Relationship Owen
Enemies Harold, Max (one-sided on Max's side)
Voiced by Katie Crown
Roleplayer EpicLuna

King Flurry51
The Flaming Sword of Fury (subbed for BIA ep. 15 and 16)

Izzy, labeled The Psycho Hose Beast, was a contestant on Total Drama Around the World, as a member of the Underdog Unicorns. She returns in Total Drama Back in Action as a member of the Discordful Directors.


Izzy is, in Noah's own terms, "nutty as a ten-ton bag of pecans smothered in peanut butter, encased in a cashew the size of China." She is fun, but hard to handle, and the other contestants, excluding Owen, feel she is more trouble than she is worth. Izzy has extraordinary athletic and fighting abilities. She also is number eight on the RCMP's Most Wanted list, presumably for accidentally blowing up a kitchen, but it is unclear whether she was telling the truth. she frequently changes her persona to another that she has created for her own amusement. She has been shown to enjoy plotting bizarre solutions to various situations. Despite her strange ways of showing it, Izzy does care about others and means well even if the results of her actions don't reflect it.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit


Izzy quits after ending up in a tie-breaker against Staci.

Izzy is introduced in the season by ecstatically jumping out of the plane. While trying to find her passport, she runs into a few of the mutant animals left over from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and blames them for her not getting her passport. She becomes frustrated, but manages to get a passport from a squirrel and quickly runs to the finish line. However, she ended up being on the last placing team, the Underdog Unicorns. Izzy votes for Mike with the majority of the team, but as well gets a vote from Beth. In The Great Chinese Race, Izzy does contribute to the challenge, but doesn't do too much, besides making sexist comments.

Izzy blows up the plane after Amy won the season.

At the elimination ceremony, Izzy ends up in the bottom two, but she decides to eliminate herself since she's already done a season like this before, thus making her the second person out of the season.

In the finale, she is introduced as one of the past eliminated contestants of the season. It is unclear who she is rooting for, but she continuously calls out "Boo!" throughout the entire time. When Amy wins, Izzy seems to not care, so she starts to attack random people on the sidelines. Izzy ends up blowing up the plane, making everyone run for their lives in fright.

Total Drama Back in ActionEdit


Voting HistoryEdit

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

Izzy's Voting History
Episode Izzy's
Voted Against
1 Mike Beth
2 Beth Anne Maria, Beth,
Lightning, Staci
Voted Off, Day 6

Total Drama Back in ActionEdit

Izzy's Voting History
Episode Izzy's
Voted Against
1 Sierra Dawn, Max, Shawn;
Dakota, Max
2 Shawn Dakota, Dawn,
Jasmine, Max, Rodney
Voted Off, Day 6




  • Izzy, along with Mike, have never won a challenge in the time they competed.
  • Every time Izzy went to an elimination ceremony, she received votes.



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