Poisonous Pythons
Mutant Laser Squirrels
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Purple
Eliminated TDWW: Serpent Showdown
TDTB: Sleepless in Awkwanawaw
TDAN: The Chopping Block
Place TDWW: 12th
TDTB: 4th
TDAN: 11th
Friends Dakota
Enemies Amy, Brick, Courtney, Dave, Eva, Heather, Lightning, Rodney, Scarlett, Scott, Staci, Zoey
Alliance(s) Femme Fatale
Fortaleza Alliance
Voiced by Laurie Elliott
Roleplayer EpicLuna (Season 2)
VeryUnknownFan (Season 4)
DestructiveMilkshake (Season 7)

Joanna "Jo", labeled The Take-No-Prisoners Jockette, was a contestant on Total Drama Wild West, as a member of the Poisonous Pythons. She later returned to compete on Total Drama Toxic Brawl as a member of the Mutant Laser Squirrels. She then returned again four seasons later to compete on Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare as the primary main antagonist and member of the Fortaleza tribe.


Jo is not the person to run to if one is looking for a friendship. She is competitive to an enormous extent, strategic, and overall has a harsh personality that is difficult to break through. Jo believes that she is the strongest competitor and most deserving of the million dollar prize. She will turn anything to a competition, from breakfast to recovering from an unexpected event. She will even not hesitate to sacrifice the life of another if she deems necessary.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit

She is put on the Poisonous Pythons, after she was chosen by Scott to be a part of the team, though she is ungrateful that she is on his team. Jo even begged Sky to choose her for a teammate, but she took too long, as she chose all of her friends first. She constantly insults his intelligence, and tells him that she is voting for him the first chance she gets. After the Pythons win the challenge, and Dave whines about it, Jo tells him to shut up, leading to a fight between the two. Dave punches Jo but she responds by breaking some of his bones. Dave responds by randomly throwing a knife that breaks one of Jo's legs, causing her to lunge at him and punch him even more, including his brain, making him even dumber than before.

Dancing With CowboysEdit

Jo's leg is too injured from Dave's knife to have any lines throughout the episode.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit

Jo gets angry when her team loses for the second time in a row.

Western Tough for the PolocrossieEdit

Scott mishears Chris' announcement that the challenge is a numbers challenge, due to being deaf in one ear. Scott thinks that Chris is saying a "booger" challenge. This gives Jo the opportunity to mock Scott, saying he'd probably eat boogers. Mishearing his own words, Scott challenges Jo to a falafal contest. Jo realizes that Scott means the words "fighting contest." She loudly threatens to beat up Scott, making him back off very suddenly. When the Pythons prepare their beds, Jo orders her captain to get her something to sleep on, causing Scott to ignore her and talk to Sugar. In retaliation for his ignorance, Jo sits on Scott, happily laughing at his screams of pain.

The Root'nous Toot'nous LudicrousEdit

Scott witnesses Jo waking up early, making a fire to warm herself. He laughs, calling her Miss Early-bird, prompting her to glare at the nickname.

The Wild Bunch of LosersEdit

When Jo watches Scott put his arm around Sugar during the challenge explanation, she gives him a "Lover Boy" nickname, making him respond with a glare.

Serpent ShowdownEdit

Contestants must get poison out of snakes. Jo pushes Scott violently towards one, which terrifies him, while he angrily asks her why she won't do it. When her team lose, all of Jo's team vote her off for being useless in the challenge and terrifying all of them. When she's eliminated, she punches Scott, angriest at him, injuring him. He asks that she go to anger management classes, leaving her speechless as she leaves.


Jo is eliminated.

Aftermath: The UnlimitedEdit

Jo does not want any of the Final 4 to win, as she hates all of them.

The Final FinaléEdit

Jo chooses to root for Lindsay over Scott in the tiebreaker, while also rooting for Duncan to win over Scott in the final challenge.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit


Jo and Lightning argue in Australia.

In Australian Rivals, Jo cameos in the episode along with Heather, and are supposed to demonstrate the challenge, but don't get the chance to. Jo soon gets in an argument with her biggest enemy, Lightning. Jo and Heather get to host the elimination ceremony, where Jo announces Sadie is eliminated. In the special, Jo isn't seen doing much until she is called to be on the plane. While on the plane, she and Lightning once again get in an argument, and it leads to her choking him. At the end of the special, Jo is seen thrilled to be apart of the new season, Total Drama Toxic Brawl.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

A Radioactive BeginningEdit


Jo is about to jump out of the plane.

Jo is put on the Mutant Laser Squirrels in the first episode, and attempts to help her team out, but nothing comes of it. When her team loses the first challenge, Jo is put in the bottom 2, thanks to Lightning campaigning everyone to vote her off, which does not really work.

Lightning's plan to eliminate Jo fails.

Jo gets the final marshmallow, and taunts Lightning for thinking that his campaign would work, and tells him that she is coming after him.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit

Jo approaches Brick, glad that they are on the same team again. When they are told that Chef Hatchet will be the host for the next two episode, she is thrilled, telling him to bring it on. The challenge ends up being a paintball challenge, which causes Jo to worry, since she was eliminated in a paintball challenge in TDAS, revealing that her father was so humiliated when that happened. Jo insults Brick's taste in girls, clearly not impressed with Amy, and when she hears Lightning say that if anything, they will lose and vote Jo off (because of the challenge), she chokes him, and tells him to never mention it again. In the confessional, Jo reveals that she wants to have Brick as an ally, so she can get rid of Lightning, Ms. Mole, and whoever else she wants. When Jo is in the challenge, she wants to redeem herself, so she grabs the gun, and shoots Shawn, only to be shot by Noah. Jo is then complaining about how some of the guys confuse some of the girls like guys, and does not like the disrespect. Jo tries to ally with Cody (knowing she is in the minority), only for him to be eliminated at the end of the episode. Things get tense between Jo and Scott when he refers to her as a man causing her to beat him up endlessly before he is rescued by Lightning.

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit

Jo snickers at Sadie and Lightning arguing in the beginning of the episode. During the challenge, she thinks everyone is being a bunch of pansies, so she picks up the eggs and eats it quickly, saying her father would make her eat worse, only to instantly throw up. Brick tells Jo to eat her vomit, which she does with a hint of disgust, making it past the first round.. She is out in the second round however and is silent for the rest of the episode.

Toxic Battle of...Doom!Edit

When Tyler and Lightning start to argue, Jo laughs and enjoys it, saying that it is going to be a riot. Brick believes what Lightning is saying about Tyler and Lindsay's relationship, and Jo mocks him for actually believing it and tells Tyler to ignore Lightning. Jo makes it pretty far in the game, only to be eliminated in the last few rounds. She refuses to tell Brick who she is voting for when Lightning loses the challenge. When it is revealed that someone is switching, she wants it to be a big competitor, so Lightning can squirm on the team, and is impressed when Eva is put on her team, since she is one of the only strong ladies around. Jo pats Brick on the back when he is safe, which angers Amy, reminding her that Brick is her man. Jo is astounded that Amy think she wants Brick, and tells her that she does not want Brick.


Jo starts off the episode with lifting weights, before entering the guys cabin, to see what the "ninnies" are up to. Scott replies to her, saying "Not much" only to hand palm himself, since he called himself a ninny. Jo told him that it is about time that he accepted the truth (calling him a redneck), and asks them about their new teammate Eva. Jo tells them to calm down when they rant about Courtney and tells them to just vote off the next weak girl the next time they lose. Jo intentionally sits between Amy and Brick, pushing the former aside, as she mostly asks Brick what is going on. Brick politely asks her to sit beside them, and not in between them, only to be soon pushed off by Amy, who calls her "Joey". Jo replies that Amy just proved that her nice shtick is a fake, and calls her Samey, before she sits on the other side of Brick.

The team eat the food, and are passed out, only to be awaken in the middle of the woods to be told the challenge. Jo introduces herself to Eva, and calls herself the team cabin, only to be called a wannabe her. Jo wonders why she would want to be a wannabe of someone who she thought sucked in every season they were in. Scarlett accompanies Jo to look for the flower, and they discuss their team, seeing themselves as one of the only good competitors, and Jo says that they all make Lightning strong, and all of the girls suck. They see one another as the strongest on their team, and form an alliance. Jo walks into Amy and Brick's conversation about Amy's strained relationship with Samey, and tells them to find the solution, which is that one of them must vote off the other twin, only for Brick to ask if Jo had been eavesdropping, to which Jo says "", only for him to look at her confusedly. In the end, Jo's team wins the challenge which satisfies her.

Mutant KingdomEdit

Jo starts trouble with the twins, saying she heard that one of them are home-wreckers, admitting that she can hardly tell them apart, and then asks Scarlett about the difference When Scarlett kisses up to Lightning when he returns from Boney Island, Jo tells her to "Not kiss up to......that." Jo is appalled when Scott calls Duncan a girl guy, asking if he called him a trans, which Eva laughs at, saying she missed it better. Jo notices in her confessional that Eva is talking to more people, which she finds interesting. Jo sticks with Scarlett and Eva for the challenge, and tells them that she notices that the guys (Brick, Lightning, and Scott) are sticking together. The girls think that they need someone expendable, which causes Jo to say that she is not expendable, only to be captured by the psycho, though she does get a punch in. During the elimination ceremony, Jo whispers with her allies about their plans, and glares at Amy when she is safe, who tells Jo not to let her face freeze. Jo warns her that if she knew what was good for her, the bottle blonde would not mess with her.

Down, Down In My Awful MineEdit

When it comes to the challenge, Jo suggests that the girls stick together, with some of them staying at the carts, though she does steal Eva's suggestion. Jo makes small talk with Scarlett and Eva about boxing and other things, and she feels uncomfortable with Samey being with just the men, so he decides that she should join Samey with keeping watch. When Jo is speaking to Samey, she tells her that there is a good chance that Amy would take Brick farther in the game over her, and that she is after her, Samey is shocked. When Amy is finally eliminated, Jo is thrilled, and told the cheerleader that she should not have messed with her.

Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic WasteEdit

Jo wakes up Eva and Scarlett, telling them that they need another ally, but she does not know who, saying that there is Samey and Beth that are their options. After hearing Lightning rant to Alejandro about half of his allies, she tells him to shut up for once, and that his big mouth is the reason why they always lose, before calling him an idiot. She calls Scott the same. During the first round, Scott pats Jo on the back supportively but calls her Joseph, causing her to twist his arm, thanking him, calling him Scrappy, making him yelp girlishly. Jo whispers to Scott that she knows who got rid of Amy, causing him to anxiously whisper back to her that he wants to know who. When Chris takes long with the challenge, she tells "Grey McLean" to hurry it up. Brick gets an answer right, causing Jo to pat him on the back, saying that his girl would be very proud of him, which he thanks her for.

Fun Zone 3.0Edit

Jo tells Eva that she told Brick that Lightning is the one that got rid of Amy, exclaiming that he will not know what hit him. Eva slightly angers Jo when she challenges her to a wrestle, but changes her mind, saying that she'd beat Jo anyways as she is stronger. At first when the team switch of Scott and Tyler is announced, Jo is happy, as there will be male tension on her team, and they will self implode, until she hears that Scott is actually switching with Alejandro, which causes her to complain. She is not impressed that Alejandro is put on her team, saying in the confessional that she knows that him and Lightning are extremely close, and an unstoppable force. When Jo is running with her alliance, she rants about the switch, and that Jockstrap needs to go next, saying that they have the votes to get rid of someone, before falling into a pit of crabs. Samey and Brick pull her out, which she thanks them for. During the challenge, Jo suggests her team climb the wall. After reaching the top by climbing on top of Eva, Jo tells her team that she will pull them all up, before saying she may just let most up, hinting she does not want to pull up Eva. When her team must light the fire, Jo is clueless on what to do, calling herself a city girl, and not a "bigoted country bumpkin."

Mutant See, Mutant DoEdit

Jo is excited for the challenge, and yells at her team, saying that if they snooze, they will be going home. Her and Eva are running (with Brick and Scarlett), and they are arguing for dominance (blowing off Brick in the process) only for Eva to elbow her down, accusing Jo to fall on the floor. She tells Eva she will get her back for that one, and Scarlett yells a them to cease the fighting, though the two declare that they were not fighting. After hearing Lightning complain, she questions him when will he ever shush, though Lightning taunts her about her failed attempt to eliminate him. The Femme Fatale come up with a plan to get Alejandro to use his idol, and also to eliminate another target, Samey, and their plan goes through at the elimination ceremony.

Samey-Bot's RevengeEdit

She looks in the mirror in the girls cabin, and notices that she lost a lot of muscle tone, which Eva says that she could be better, and Scarlett rolls her eyes, saying that she does not look any different than before. Jo spots a small roll of fat, and freaks out, saying that she does not want to look like Anne Maria and feminine by the time she leaves here. After hearing the news that Eva is quitting the alliance, she rolls her eyes, though the two are ready to be punching buddies, since Jo needs to lose weight. She is excited with the news of the merge, and after Lightning questions how she made it this far, she retaliates by questioning how me made it this far, saying that he makes Lindsay look like Scarlett when it comes to intelligence, soon ignoring him afterwards. When the challenge is revealed to save Samey, Jo does not have a single care. She partners with Scarlett and tries to formulate a plan to get Eva back in their alliance. In the confessional, she reveals that her plans are to grab the million, and to leave this show. When Brick runs off with her nemesis' Scott and Lightning, she grabs Brick, and forces him to run with her for the challenge. Noah joins to work with them in the challenge, and she tells them that the robot is probably around a lot of electricity. Jo soon gets lost, and is by herself for the rest of the challenge, trying to follow sounds to try to get to Samey and Samey-Bot. After the challenge is over, she tries to mediate the issues between Eva and Scarlett, only for Eva to walk off, causing her to question Scarlett what did she do to piss off Eva. Jo is not phased at all when the alliance's target Tyler is eliminated.

The Harder They Fall, The Easier They MutateEdit

Jo demands that they drop the drama, and that they need to stick together, reminding them that they are the Femme Fatale for a reason. Beth tells her that there is no drama, causing Jo to groan at herself for saying that so loudly. She corrects herself, saying that all of the girls should have a non-official alliance to not go after one another. When Eva enters the cabin, she tries to force her to say that they are still together, though Eva ignores her. Jo sighs in the confessional, never expecting to be the middle woman. She is the first out of the challenge, which she still does not get how she is out. She tells her alliance to target her nemesis Scott, praying that this will work (though she usually does not pray), though is nervous when Beth gets the first few votes. After all of the votes are revealed, Scott was eliminated, which she was thrilled about, saying that he should have never messed with her, and that the stink-breath that was him was beat by a bunch of girls.

The Toxic Treasure of AwkanawawEdit

Jo is thrilled that her homophobic nemesis left the previous episode, and asks Eva if she wants to work out, only for her to be refused, since Eva wants to speak to Staci. After Beth questions why she got a lot of votes, she tells her that Alejandro, Lightning, and their side of the competitors voted for her, since it is clear they know about the Femme Fetale alliance, and comments that they better bring it on. She loves the tension when all of the competitors are together for the challenge, making fun of Chris when they are told he is not hosting the challenge. She says that Chris is at a plastic surgery appointment, and that nothing he can do will make him attractive. She performs extremely poorly in the challenge, not thrilled that it is about text slang. Her alliance decides to target Alejandro, and successfully eliminated him.

2014: A Toxic OwenEdit

There is a lot of tension between Jo when it comes to Eva and Scarlett, with her telling the former that she is sick of her flip flopping, and sick of Scarlett acting like she has all of the control of the team. Eva agrees with her about Scarlett, but thinks she is wrong when she is speaking about her. Jo continues, and says that she thought that she could leave the alliance, try to get information from the Femme Fatale to tell the others, and to play both sides, and then moves on to tell Scarlett that if she was as smart as she was, she would realize that she is the number one target for everyone here, which she would not have known if Eva had not blabbed it to her. Eva says that Jo is no prize either, which causes Jo to tell her that she was cast on the show to replace her. Eva shoves her across the room, and says that she was trying to keep in control, but Jo ruined that for her. Scarlett tells Jo that she underestimates her intellectuals.

When they are in the forest, she accidentally trips over Brick, falling to kiss him on the lips, which makes the both of them nervous, though Jo tells him that it is no big deal at all. He asks her if they can work together in the challenge, only for her to refuse, and drags Scarlett away from Brick, and with her. The two are trying to find a hiding spot, but she is still confused as to why Eva left their alliance to the people who wanted her gone a few episodes ago, calling her dumb. Eva's voice is heard, saying that she heard her, Joanna. When her first name is mentioned, she decides to run after Eva, only to realize that she needs to focus on the challenge, causing her to run back to Scarlett, though Eva continuously teases her by calling her Joanna. She comments that Brick's lips are distracting her, though she stops in mid sentence, saying that she really needs this immunity. She is one of the first caught for the challenge, and manages to tag Brick. He brings up the kiss, and she tells him that she is not dreaming or thinking about it, so he needs to let it go. When Lightning complains about the fattie Staci winning, she lashes out at him, telling him for the love of anything to shut up, and questioning why he is still in the game. After Brick continues to talk about the kiss, she calls him "Briccoli" that it is a waste of time. During the elimination ceremony, Scarlett is announced to be eliminated, causing Jo to lash out at Eva for ruining everything, causing her to attack Eva, and they engage in a huge cat-fight.

I Feel Like I Just Kissed a PlantEdit

Jo was very pissed of with Eva in the episode, and her number one goal was to make sure that Eva was eliminated from the competition. When it comes to the challenge, she verbally attacks Eva, and makes fun of her that she has a uni-brow, while Eva says that she looks like a man, and is a crazier version of her. When it comes to the challenge, she makes sure that her allies cut down Eva's rope, taking her out of the challenge. They continue to argue when Jo calls her a straddler, and that she will go home tonight from her bad actions.

Chris & StitchEdit

She is told the challenge, and wishes that Scott was still in the competition, so he can crap his pants from seeing Fang being an animal. Jo is given a Gopher for the animal that she needs to use for the talent show. Chris tells them about him and Chef having a spa day, and Jo makes fun of them, cackling and telling them to have fun, accusing Chris to lash out at her. When it is her time to perform, she and the Gopher start to juggle the balls like a circus, though she glares and throws the ball at the Gopher whenever it screws up. She even juggles the Gopher, which causes her to get an extremely low mark. Dawn gives her a -100 for mistreating the animal, which causes Jo to go over and punch Dawn, calling her "Witchy Poo". Dawn sends the animals to go after her, and Jo rids of the animals to throttle Dawn. Jo is in the bottom 2, and is only spared from automatic elimination thanks to Sadie's horrid performance.

The Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster BehindEdit

Things start to strain with her and Scarlett in this episode, as after Jo comments that she is proud of herself, Scarlett mutters that she got this far from others efforts, causing Jo to remind her that she spared Scarlett from elimination 3 times. After the others comment on it being an obstacle course countless times, she complains about them mentioning it all the time, causing Brick to back away from her attitude. She complains in the confessional that she is over everyone that is in the competition, and that Scarlett thinks she did everything herself. After Lightning runs into the wall, Jo calls "Brightning" an idiot and to disqualify himself now, and soon climbs the wall, only for Scarlett to throw a tire down on her, accusing Jo to fall. She demands "CrayClean" to do something about Scarlett throwing her off, only to have Brick laugh at her, and Scarlett to yell that she fails when she does things by herself. As she re-climbs the wall, she yells at Scarlett about doing no moves on her own, and yells to Lightning that Anne Maria has a hotter man, and makes fun of him for Anne Maria dumping him, which she says is impossible. Jo reveals in the confessional that her plan is to antagonist everyone to the point that she will beat them all. When Scarlett is about to whisper something to her, Jo kicks her away from her, telling her to go away. When she reaches the construction stuff, she throws them at Lightning, which this him, and throws them back to attempt to her, yelling that she needs to watch where she throws things.

She brags about the hurdles being the next part of the challenge, she since was on the Hurdles team, and yells at "Soggy McGee" that Amy hates his unibrow, and yells at Beth, wondering how it felt to have Justin reject her so many times, only for Beth to say it felt bad, and asks why. Lightning catches up to Jo, causing her to push him down. When she finishes, Chris tells her that she is out of the challenge, causing her to lash out, and to say that she is sick of his rigging, and soon leaves. She returns at the end of the challenge to reveal a bunch of documents from a bag. She first takes out a bunch of steroid pills from the guys cabin, revealing that these pills were Scott's, and saying that both Brick and Lightning takes steroids. saying that Beth faked her lisp last season and this season for sympathy, since the doctors reported that she is fine. She reveals that Noah had no dirt on him, since he is a loser all on his own, reveals that Staci is bulimic and used to throw up, continuing to "Scarface", revealing her strategy book. Everyone is silent but Staci, who lashes out at her, and has a bunch of bleeped curse words come from her mouth. Jo is interested in the ceremony, and is not shocked when she is safe, though she is the number 1 enemy.

Broken Barrels, Broken BondsEdit

Jo wakes up, and is happy that she is still in the competition, and in the confessional, she complains about everybody here being fake, calling Brick and Lightning roids monkeys, and Scarlett "Scarface". After Chris tells them the challenge, and Brick complains (looking at it), she tells him to can it, calling him "Bric-for-Brains" and "Steroid Houser". She is not impressed that she is paired with Brick for the challenge, and runs with him, threatening that she will tell his sorry for an excuse girlfriend more dirt on him if they lose, which he understands. Chris tries to bribe them to quit if eh gives them $100, and Jo comments, saying that does he really expect people to fall for that? She tells Brick that she will bob for the pig legs. As she is eating, she sees Brick throwing the challenge, and accuses him of throwing the challenge, and demands him to help her out. Brick starts to choke on a pig leg, and turn blue, which she is at first worried, but becomes her normal self, as she attempts to save him, yelling that she will not lose the challenge. When he coughs up the pig piece, he calls her a good soldier. She is confused, since she revealed his dirty information, and he is still being nice to her, only to tell him to go away. She tells Chris she is tired of his crap, and runs to her cabin. When she returns to everyone, Scarlett and Staci win the challenge, and they eliminate Brick, because he is distracting Jo. She is a bit saddened by his elimination, only to play it off like it is no big deal, though her eyes become softer as he leaves.

Monster FallsEdit

She is in the confessional, saying that it is clear that she is now by herself, but it is nice to be a part of the best alliance to ever surface the show, and comments on needing to shake things up. Jo exercises all around the camp, trying to motivate to herself, and chants that she needs to get out Lightning, than maybe Scarlett or Beth. When walking to Lightning, she tells him that she hopes the steroids gets him disqualified from the show, and he replies that he hopes that she will not throw a tantrum when she loses. Jo reminds him that he was the one who threw a tantrum when his girlfriend voted off his best friend. Scarlett tells her that she is off base, and her anger issues clouds her judgement, only for Jo to remind her that she was disqualified for attempting to kill people, and to ask if she is still on trial for that, and reveals that she found out 2 episodes ago that Chris is planning on suing her. When the news came around that Staci was given immunity, Jo says at least "Floatling" did not get it. In the confessional, she complains about everyone being afraid of Scarlett and Lightning, when they should be scared of her, and from what she has showed them so far. Jo complains about Lightning not doing anything in the challenge, and that they are dumb for taking him this far, but since it is the Scarlett and Staci show, it does not matter. Scarlett tells her that in Revenge of the Island it was the Jo show, but her being an inferior human is why she went down. Jo punches Lightning in the face, and Chris tells her that if she fights, than she will be disqualified, which she complains about, because many have fought before, and nothing happened. When Scarlett and Staci call her out for having femininity issues, she tells Scarlett that her parents are cocaine addicts who left her, Lightning will continue to float, and that Staci should throw up some more, like she did a few years ago. Scarlett tells Jo that when she was born, that her parents were suffering from meth, which is why Jo was born as a repulsive person, inside and out, and she pushes people away further than they already would have. Jo winns immunity, and rubs it in everyone's faces, since according to them, she was thenext gone. When she thinks Lightning is eliminated, she brags about Brains beating Brawn, and Brains with Brawns will always beat Brawns with no Brains, but Lightning is spared when Chris eliminates Beth instead.

Sleepless in AwkwanawawEdit

In the girls cabin, she is glaring at Scarlett and Staci as they sleep. When the remaining 4 are brought to Playa des Losers, she comments that it is nice to see all of the people that she removed from the competition, and is a bit taken aback when Eva greets her and Scarlett in a friendly manner, commenting that it is great that Eva got over her elimination, and that Scarlett will be joining her very soon. When Samey wishes everyone but her and Scarlett good luck, Jo calls Samey a ho-bag, causing Amy to defend Samey, and say that Jo should not talk, since she kissed Brick. Jo tells Amy that she forgot who she was, since it was such a long time since she was in the game, and assures Amy that Brick kissed her, and Brick tells Jo to not bring that up, since she is making things worse. When the final 4 have to eat the buffet, she pushes Lightning down, so she can access and stuff her face with meat. Jo underestimates Dave, saying the only thing he can do is throw a butter knife, like he did to her two seasons ago. Dave throws a knife at her, which hits her leg, causing her to scream in agony. Jo tries to get up and walk, but falls on the floor, shooing Lightning away, since he will make her injury worse, but lets Staci save her, and tend to her injury. Back at camp, Jo tells Scarlett to eliminate her, since even with her injury, she is her biggest threat. Staci asks Jo why is Scarlett so evil, and Jo loudly states that Scarlett is nothing but a sociopath. Scarlett chooses to eliminate Jo, and tells her that she needs to get physical and psychiatric help right before Jo is hurled.

Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic PrizeEdit

Jo complains that she should have been in the finale, agreeing with Scarlett that the two of them should be in the finale over Staci and Lightning. She threatens Staci, saying that she better not let Lightning win the season, only to turn to see Amy and Brick, which she tells everyone that it makes her want to vomit. Brick tells her that she cannot get a boyfriend, and Jo reminds him that she could have had Brick if she wanted to, telling him to remember that. He tells her that he is better off with Amy, and calling her a traitor, and wanting to prove a point, and to make Brick jealous, she notices everyone is looking at her, causing her to kiss Scott, disgusting everyone in the room. Courtney sees this and immediately loses her top, telling Jo to f off, and physically attacks her. Jo wonders in the confessional why she did that, and why does Brick matter so much to her. She calls Courtney a C. U. Next. Tuesday as she is fighting Courtney, only for her to be called Joey in retaliation. Eva pulls Jo off, and tells her to get it together. She rallies the Femme Fetale to get out Lightning in the next challenge, saying that the final goal of the alliance should be to get Lightning to get 2nd place again, and when she cuts his grin, she cackles evilly, telling him that Anne Maria will not gold dig to him for money. When Staci wins the season, she congratulates her, and enjoys when Jockstrap has a mental breakdown. When Amy and Brick are making out, she looks at him as she whines about getting nothing from the season. Brick feels her glare, and asks why she was looking at him, causing her to run off crying, muttering that she was not looking for him. Jo is announced to partake in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, only for her to refuse, not wanting to be around the b***h Amy, and continues to cry behind a rock.


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Jo is put on the Poisonous Pythons.

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