Underdog Unicorns
Mutant Laser Squirrels
Team Brawns
Team Brains
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDATW: Grand Slam, Home-Run, Hit, Strike, Foul and You're Out
TDTB: Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize
TDAST2: Greet It and Weep
TDAN: All for One, and All for One
Place TDATW: 5th
TDTB: 2nd
TDAST2: 9th
TDAN: 13th
Friends Alejandro, Beth, and Courtney
Relationship Anne Maria (broken-up, attracted to)
Enemies Cameron, Jo, Mike, Zoey, Staci, Sadie, Geoff (one-sided on Lightning's side), Tyler, Heather, Samey, and Katie
Alliance(s) Lightning Squad
Team Men
Villains Alliance (affiliated)
Fortaleza Alliance (affiliated)
Voiced by Tyrone Savage
Roleplayer VeryUnknownFan (s3, s4 pre-merge)
TDWT: Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles (s4 post-merge) Queen Courtney (s5)
Aqua (s7)

Rudolph "Lightning" Jackson, labeled The Athletic Overachiever, was a contestant on Total Drama Around the World , as a member of Underdog Unicorns. He is a contestant on Total Drama Toxic Brawl, as a member of the Mutant Laser Squirrels. He then returned in the upcoming season Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, as a member of Team Brawns but swapped over to Team Brains and eventually merged where he became the first casualty of Heather and the first member of the jury. He was a contestant on Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare, as a member of the Fortaleza tribe.


Lightning is an ultra-competitive jock who values winning above everything else. He is vain and egotistical to a ridiculous extent, constantly referring to himself in the third person and often shown kissing his biceps. He is also quite selfish and always puts his own interests above everyone else's. Unlike Tyler, Lightning is actually very strong and athletic, showing he can somewhat back up his boasting. Despite his athletic prowess, he isn't very smart. Lightning also possesses an inability to recognize the genders of contestants. His extreme lack of intelligence has made him very easy to manipulate for cunning players. Lighting was not able to compete in the first season due, to having a champion football game during the show.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit


Lightning digging in the water for his passport.

Let's Have a World Tour!Edit

Lightning jumps out of the plane enthusiastically, and is thrilled that Jo and Cameron are not in the season, and falls on Amy, only for Sadie to shove him off. When Lightning is told the challenge to find the passport, he bolts to find it. Lightning goes to dig in the water for his passport (like he did in Boney Island in All Stars), only to get mad that he found nothing. He soon goes to the stadium (where he lost to Cameron in the ROTI finale) to find his passport, where he does find it. As he is one of the last to return to Dave with his passport, he is put on the Underdog Unicorns team, and is told that they have to vote off a member. After Mike volunteers to join their team, he is convinced by Anne Maria to vote off Mike, as she flirted with him to convince him.


Lightning and Anne Maria looking for the Panda.

The Great Chinese RaceEdit

Lightning is oblivious to Anne Maria's attempt at flirting with him in the beginning of the episode. Lightning is very thrilled about the challenge, and when it starts, he is one of the first to climb the Great Wall of China, only to be convinced by Anne Maria to carry her up the wall with no struggle, yelling for his incompetent team mates to hurry up. When he is told that they have to get a panda, he shoves a few people out of the carriage, so him and Anne Maria can enter, leaving his teammates behind completely, causing the challenge to be solely on those two. Both of them soon realize that they left their teammates behind, but shrug it off. When he arrives in the bamboo forest, he sees a panda, and attacks it, engaging into a long fight with it, only to knock it unconscious and to drag it back into the carriage. When they return , they are told that they lost the challenge, making him pissed off. He is safe, which he thinks it is right, since him and Anne Maria are the only ones that did the challenge. The two whisper a bunch of stuff (which is still unknown) in one another's ears, and he does not care that Izzy is eliminated.

Egyptian TortureEdit

Lightning enthusiastically jumps out of the plane, and lands with ease. As Eva flips out, he tells her to calm down, calling her a "Jo-wannabe", which only puts him on Eva's bad side. He soon pulls Anne Maria off of Courtney, as they were engaging in a fight. Lightning does not participate in the challenge, because he did not know any of the answers for the quiz. When his team loses for a third time, he remains safe.

Korean Pop QuizzingEdit

Anne-Maria-less Unicorns

Lightning and Beth arrive at the Seoul Tower, with Anne Maria way behind.

As his team lost half of their members and lost all of the challenges so far, afraid that his father will beat him up like he did during Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Lightning desperately speaks to Beth about how they need to win, as she is the brains, he is the muscle, and Anne Maria is the hotness. After he hears Trent complaining about losing, he tells him to shut up, as he did not lose 3 times in a row. Sadie tells Lightning to shut up, only for him to yell back "Who are you talking to, fattie?". As the challenge starts, Lightning yells at his team-mates to run to the Seoul tower, shocking Chris when the Unicorns are the first to show up. They initially are doing poorly in the trivia, and they all think they are going home, but they catch up, and Lightning wins the tie-breaker against Alejandro, causing them to reach second place, where he kisses Anne Maria and Beth for victory.

Icey AntarcticaEdit


Lightning about to attack Cameron in the underground passage way.

Lightning has his arm around Anne Maria, as he complains about the Olympians keeping Sadie in the game, and questions Zoey when she says someone on her team has an alliance. After Alejandro hands Bridgette his shirt, he feels like he needs to compare bodies, so he takes off his shirt, only for Sadie to look at him unimpressed. When Chris mentions that Cameron will be in the challenge, Lightning goes crazy, and ends up punching and strangling the air, thinking it was Cameron, and causing everyone to be embarrassed by or laugh at him, with him yelling at how Cameron ruined his life. After Bridgette calls him Brightning, he tells her to shut up, ho. He carries Anne Maria, and the team starts running when he sees an outhouse. When they reach the outhouse, Chris yells to everyone that the Unicorns found the outhouse, causing all of them to go there.

Lightning puts Anne Maria down, and grabs a hammer to swing at everyone, him telling them that the Unicorns will enter the door first. When everyone reaches the door that Cameron is in, he punches the code excessively, yelling to Cameron that he is after him, with Beth telling him to stop. Sadie decides to throw a block of ice on Lightning, causing him to go unconscious for a few minutes. The Unicorns will their first challenge, and as soon as Cameron exits the door, Lightning pounds on him, punching, strangling, and ragging Cameron across the room for revenge of the Revenge of the Island events.

Jamaica Man!Edit


Lightning flies in the air after him and Beth fall off the obstacle course.

Lightning and Anne Maria are celebrating their victory in first class by making out in first class. Anne Maria freezes him when she asks him if they are in a real relationship or a showmance. When Anne Maria leaves, he speaks to Beth about her asking for the state of their relationship, and he tells her that they need to not lose, and they can all make it to the merge. He is thrilled when he learns that they are in Jamaica, since he went there for a football trip once. Once Lightning sees Alejandro take his shirt off, he takes his shirt and pants off, bragging at how he is more muscular and toned, only for Al to say that he is better looking, with Lightning admitting that Alejandro is good looking.

When Anne Maria volunteers to sit out of the challenge, Lightning is paired with Beth for the bobsled challenge. After Alejandro and Sadie finish their ride, Alejandro and Lightning talk competitively towards one another, and Sadie glares and growls at him and blows him off, with him telling her to lose weight, while calling her fattie. As they went on a sabotaged trial, he tells Beth to cling on and caress him, since this is the only chance she will get to hold a good looking man ever again, and calls her non-pretty girl. Soon enough, they fall off the track, for Chef and Katie to give them a high point. Sadie laughs at him before the scoring is revealed, and he tells her to shut up, but thanks her when him and Beth get a highs chore, and high fives her and Alejandro for sabotaging the track, only pissing her off. When he is told that his team won, he kisses Anne Maria, and hugs Beth before telling Alejandro he hopes he is safe.

Indian DanceEdit

Lightning goes to loser class to ask to speak to Alejandro privately in and asks for an alliance with him if the both of them merge, but Alejandro does not respond to him. Lightning also warns him about the snake Sadie. Lightning goes to his teammates and tells them that they need to win again, before they all fall out of the plane, causing him to cheer. The jock speaks in the confessional that he needs to make more allies, because the merge is right around the corner, though he is sure that Anne Maria is on his side. He asks Anne Maria if she still wants Zoey gone, for her to reply that she does. Before the challenge starts, Lightning argues with Sadie, calling her fatso when she calls him stupid. Lightning continues to antagonize her, saying that her cow thighs will cause the Olympians to lose the challenge, causing her to growl and poke him in the chest, calling him an egotistical, idiotic jock that needs to be gone like Eva.

When the Olympians are dancing, Lightning boos them, and tells his team to make a bunch of Indian sounds when they are dancing. When his team has to dance, Lightning starts to twerk, flips both girls, dances with Beth, and grinds on Anne Maria, making many uncomfortable. When his team is tied with the Dragons, he tells Chef that his team is hotter and more interesting than the other team, and that they danced better. Lightning punches Geoff and Trent (only to later apologize) when they start to kiss up to Chris. He is pleased when they get second place, avoiding elimination yet again.

Australian RivalsEdit


Things do not go well when Lightning finds out that Jo cameos in the episode.

Lightning and Anne Maria decide to go up to First Class to plan stuff for the merge, but when they go up there, they see Commando Zoey going off on her teammates, which causes him to get creeped out, saying that Anne Maria is right when she called Zoey crazy, and calls her a loony himself. When they have to sing, Lightning sings about how crazy Zoey is, and how he wants Sadie out, and lands on her after they land from falling,saying she is a nice cushion, causing her to push him off, causing him to shove her back, telling her she does not want any of Lightning, causing her to shove him again, telling him to move it or lose it, and that she will make sure he is gone. Lightning tells her that she cannot walk 3 steps from being too tired and fat, which causes her to ask for some boxing gloves, so she can fight him.

Lightning cheers for Anne Maria excessively when she is fighting Zoey and Amy, but is stopped when his arch nemesis Jo makes her cameo, causing him to yell at her, telling the traitor to get out of here. Jo tells Lightning to shut up, which he refuses to do, yelling to her that she is a man-looking woman, and that he will get her. When Lightning has to fight Alejandro and Geoff, he rips off his shirt and takes off his shoes before throttling Geoff and punching him, telling him to let the men fight, as Geoff throws some punches back. Lightning then attacks Alejandro and starts ripping his hair, only to rush to kick Geoff down, causing him to K.O. When it is Lightning and Alejandro, Lightning is put into a headlock, only for Lightning to bite Alejandro's thighs and punch his genitalia, causing the jock to win his part of the challenge. Lightning goes to kiss Anne Maria afterwards.

After Beth wins the challenge for their team, Lightning grabs Alejandro, and tells him to vote off Sadie, only for the Spaniard to tell him that he can't vote off his own ally. Sadie enters the conversation, and calls Lightning a dog, only for Lightning to cockily call himself a wolf, and continues to howl at her as she calls him an idiot, only for him to call her that back. When the three winners are told that they will vote off the eliminee, Lightning instantly votes off Sadie, calling her a Katie-wannabe, saying that he saw her speaking to Anne Maria, and calls Jo an ugly girl and that she sucks in his vote. Jo calls the jockstrap a loser. He brags in Sadie's face that she is gone, and Sadie tells Anne Maria that Lightning is using her, and hopes he is next right before falling out of the plane.

Aloha, Merge!Edit

Lightning is speaking to Anne Maria and Beth and asks them for an alliance, which they both agree to. Lightning soon goes to speak to Alejandro to ask him to join his alliance, which Alejandro does accept. Zoey soon lashes out at Lightning for getting rid of Sadie, and tells him he is an idiot and a bad person, only for the jock to continue to brag about Sadie being eliminated, not caring that Zoey is mad and sad that her "best friend" is gone, and tells her that Sadie never cared for her. When the challenge starts, Lightning is paired up with Bridgette, whom he could care less about, and they are told to make a Sadie doll, and for inspiration, Chris has the eliminated contestants make a doll of return, and as soon as he sees Sadie, he mutters that they will lose, because there is so much to build of Sadie, which causes her to tell him that she hopes he gets out, and that he is an idiot, only for Lightning to continue to make fun of her, and brags that he got Sadie out. Lightning runs to get the materials for Bridgette, but stops when he sees Mike kiss Anne Maria, causing him to pummel him, and then threatens him to never come near her again. Soon enough, the eliminated are taken away, and Lightning continues to give Bridgette materials for the rest of the challenge, but they lose, but don't come in last. Alejandro tells Lightning to vote off Bridgette, which he does so.

African SafariEdit


Lightning glares at Geoff, before the challenge begins.

Lightning tells Alejandro that they need to stir things up in the game, and complains about Anne Maria constantly singing about Zoey's elimination in the previous elimination. Him and Alejandro spread a rumor to Bridgette about Geoff and Amy having a secret affair, and Lightning says he sees them sneak off to the confessional together constantly. When everyone are told that an eliminated contestant is returning to the game, Lightning whispers to his alliance that they need to vote together, and to vote in Eva, which happens to be a success, only to go in the confessional, and soon regretting his choice. When told the challenge, Lightning mutters that Geoff already won, because he has been messing with and catching the animal that is Amy. Lightning reveals that his mother lives in Alaska with the wolves, so he will do well with receiving a wolf for the challenge, going on 4 feet for the majority for the challenge. Lightning tells Eva (calling her Jo countless times) that they only brought her back so she can be in their alliance, but she calls him "Tyler" and says she is not listening, quickly pissing him off. Lightning soon befriends the wolf, and when it is his turn to perform with his animal, consisting of them playing doggy catch with meat, performing circus animals, and them running around like wolves to scare everyone, Lightning receives 19/30. When Alejandro gets a higher mark than him, Lightning complains and says that Ella and Dawn are rigging it, which pisses Chris off, who threatens to kick Lightning off if he says that again. Lightning receives the second highest amount of points, and receives immunity with Alejandro and Amy. Lightning is glad that the alliance decided to stick together and vote off Bridgette.

London the RipperEdit

Lightning relaxing with Amy and Alejandro as they are enjoying first class, and says that he is sick of people telling him who to vote off. Lightning and Alejandro take note that Anne Maria did not vote with them for the last 2 eliminations, putting doubts about her (contemplating to vote her off), and as soon as Geoff makes an unintentionally snide comment, Lightning puffs his chest out at Geoff, and tells him that if he has something to say, he needs to say it to his face, saying no one gives a crap about his tramp going, hurting Geoff's feelings. When the challenge starts, Lightning does poorly and is the second out of the challenge, as he quits in frustration. It is the elimination ceremony, and when Geoff asks why he is being ignored, Lightning yells at him and says that no one cares, revealing in the confessional that he is slowly losing it the longer Geoff is in the competition. When Lightning receives a vote, he glares at Geoff, demanding who voted for him, not realizing that Anne Maria voted him off, as Geoff swears he didn't vote Lightning. When Alejandro and Eva are out, Lightning is immediately shocked, yelling that Geoff and Amy should have been the ones to go home, and gives Alejandro a handshake goodbye, clearly upset about his elimination, and realizing that his alliance turned on him.

Grand Slam, Home-Run, Hit, Strike, Foul and You're OutEdit

Lightning goes on a complete rampage as he storms across the entire plane to intimidate the 4 other contestants, yelling at them over eliminating Alejandro. He calls all of them cowards for taking the punk way out, and goes to Beth and Anne Maria, calling them cowards and pathetic, and goes even further with Anne Maria, saying that she was nothing but a jump off and that whatever they shared is absolutely over, and telling Beth that she is a backstabber for voting outside of the alliance. Geoff and Amy soon enter the room, and Lightning then turns to them to yell, saying that they are pathetic for having an affair, and yells at Amy, saying that there is a reason why no one likes her, and that she is a fake and a home wrecker, and also calling Geoff a punk-ass and a sorry excuse for a man. Lightning promises to make all of their lives miserable for as long as he is in the competition. During Fallout of the Alejandro Extermination, Lightning sings about not expecting to fall in love, and making friends, and going through all of these emotions, but will not forgive any of them for lying to him to his face, and that the gloves are off, and also apologizes to Alejandro. When it comes to the challenge, Lightning excels extremely well, blowing away everyone, as he was way ahead of everyone else in the challenge, and soon wins invincibility, which causes him to chuckle, and is excited about them having to scramble amongst themselves and to fight off being voted off, which is why he is not voted out. Amy and Geoff are in the bottom 2, but Chris gets a phone call, and it is revealed that Lightning's mother is embarrassed by Lightning's behavior, as she did not raise him like this, and the family business is being tarnished by him, pissing Lightning off, before he is pushed off the plane for his mother to feel for him.

The Big AppleEdit

Lightning is used as a helper and is paired up with Beth. Lightning is speaking properly, and acting more refined because his parents and their PR team are extremely embarrassed about his appalling attitude in the season. When Anne Maria begs to get Lightning as her partner (instead of Zoey), he grins, stating that it is clear that she regrets turning on him. When him and Beth have to push Scott, Lightning shows his displeasure, saying that Scott has fleas, to which Scott replies that they are going to lose with him, as he miscounts 6s and 7s (in TDAS), calling him an idiot. Lightning reminds Scott that he would be in the challenge as a competitor instead of a helper if it was not for his momma, and calls Scott a hater. Scott says that there is nothing but things to hate about Lightning, causing Lightning to breathe in and out to not punch Scott, and just focuses on getting Beth to the final 3. As they are closer to the finish line, Scotts' smell starts to really bother him, and he asks him when he is going to take a shower, only for Scott to not care. Lightning points out that his old lady (Anne Maria) never crossed with her entire team, and whispers to Alejandro about potentially throwing the challenge to make sure that Geoff does not make it to the final 3. Lightning is seen occasionally glancing at Anne Maria throughout the episode.

Gladiatorial Finale!Edit

Lightning is shown not really giving a care about who wins, though he prefers Beth to win over Amy, and does not show much support at all. He mutters to Anne Maria in a negative way that she should have been in the finale. 

Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive ReunionsEdit

Lightning joins the others and is extremely thrilled. Lightning goes up to Sadie, and compliments her for losing 400 pounds, also saying that she is not half fat. Lightning also warns Tyler about him but no one listens. When he enters the plane, Lightning has a quick reunion with Alejandro, before apologizing to Beth for last season, revealing that he re-watched the season to find out that she did not betray him. After Jo ridicules everyone for letting "Brightning" get 5th place last season, he calls her by her real name Joanna, and tells her to shut up, only for her to accuse Lightning of using steroids and tells him to never call her that again. Alejandro complains about Owen being back, and Lightning tells him that he cannot be as bad as Jo, who ends up choking and threatening. Lightning is thrilled when Chris tells them that they are in the new season called Total Drama Toxic Brawl, but Lightning says that he forgot to shoot out Sadie and Jo from the plane, causing Sadie to push him out of the plane, but he holds on. As they are taking the group picture, he tells Alejandro to check his b***hy friend, but Sadie pushes him in the pool and says she hates him, but he dos not care, as he says that he will make it to the finals again, thinking that the toxic waste is his good luck charm. 

Total Drama Toxic Brawl Edit


Lightning's campaign to eliminate Jo fails, as she gets the final marshmallow, smirking at his failed attempt.

In the season premiere, he is a bit saddened when him and Alejandro are not put on the same team, but quickly puts that aside and tells Beth that they need to forget everything from last season, and that they need to work together. Lightning grows annoyed that Scott is still not over the shark, only to be insulted when the redhead calls him "Brightning". He demands Scott to say it in his face, and the farmer snickers as he says he is not awesome. Lightning tries not to punch Scott, but does retaliate by saying that he probably gave Courtney a rash, which is why she left him. Lightning apologizes to Amy for all of the drama last season, and she forgives him. He engages in the challenge, and calls Sadie an idiot for saying the number 12, which he already said, but she claims she didn't hear him. When his team loses the first challenge, he campaigns to his team to vote out Jo, who is a snake, but many of them blow it off, since she actually competed in the challenge, unlike Beardo. During the elimination ceremony, he forms an alliance with Courtney, as neither of them really have anyone to work with. He brags about Jo getting eliminated, only for her to catch the final marshmallow, and chuckling that he thought his attempt to eliminate her would work, and now she is coming for him.

The second episode starts off with Scott glaring at him, as he does pull ups in the cabin, and yells at the males on his team to get up and to get in shape for the next challenge. He approaches Scott about Courtney telling him to speak to him about joining an alliance. He is told that Courtney is not one to be trusted, and that she will stab him in the back, like she did to Scott. When they are all at the challenge,Sadie loudly explains that she made it (she was late), only for him to tell her that no one cares, which she brushes off anyways. After being told what the challenge is, he wishes that they lose and that luck is on our side, for Jo to go home, since she did poorly on the last shooting challenge, causing her to choke him, and telling him to never mention that again. He is thrilled to be shooting for the challenge, after he is put in offense, but ignores Courtney as she attempts to kiss up to him and offering him for her help. He tells Scott that he does not trust her fully, like he trusts Beth, and is told to mess with Courtney first. He is shooting in the second round, and attempts to shoot Sadie with glee, only for her to scope him up. Lightning smells a fart, and knows that it is Owen, causing him to follow the fart trace, and to shoot him. When his team loses, he angrily throws his gun on the floor, and tells his team that they are pathetic and need to get into shape. Lightning soon approaches Courtney and Beth to ask for who they should vote off, only to not notice that Tyler is eavesdropping and assumes that they have an alliance. He helps Scott up after he was attacked by Jo, and says that everyone will vote "him" out when they lose again. Cody is voted off, which causes Lightning to send him a cold goodbye saying that he did not want to help the team by working out, so he needed to go.

Things start rough for Lightning in Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, as he is accused by Sadie of being jealous, only for him to tell her that there is nothing to be jealous of, especially since he is a good looking man, who eats protein shakes, and has a temple of a body. She still complains after he stops paying attention. For the challenge, he has to eat raw eggs, struggling to eat them, but he pours protein powder all over them, which makes it easier for him to eat, but he almost vomits, though he swallows it. He is cheered on by Brick and Courtney to finish the first part of the challenge. After Duncan accidentally almost calls Samey his girlfriend, everyone is confused, and Lightning realizes that it was Samey, not Amy who was messing around with a taken man, and apologizes...somewhat. For the second part, he was juggling the tuna eyes, like he was in a circus, which irritated Brick, telling him to eat the tuna eyes and that this is not a circus. He tells Brick that he has this, but soon starts to shed a tear, as he does not want to eat the garbage, only for Brick to continue to encourage him. as Scott impatiently tells him to finish up. When Tyler, Noah, and Alejandro get into an argument, Lightning cheers them on, and hopes that they all get physical with one another. He has Brick throw him the maggot covered cheese slices to him, as he would jump across the entire room to catch them with his mouth, and eat it like a dog (even accidentally tackling Sadie to get a cheese slice). The two of them do extremely well, causing the win for the challenge. Lightning soon starts to tremble, and have a seizure from the sick food, as he started to throw up on himself, and threw up on Sadie.

In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, he loudly wakes up his entire team to exercise, as he wants them to be in good shape to continue this winning streak, but they do not have time, as Chris calls them over to tell them the challenge. After getting annoyed with Tyler constantly mentioning his issues with Noah, he tells him that no one cares about their issues, only for Tyler to glare at him and cough out the name of Lightning's ex, Anne Maria, to bother him. He walks up to the wannabe athlete to ask him what about his ex girlfriend, only for Tyler to call him stink breath. As the challenge goes on, he rants about Tyler mentioning his old relationship, so he claims that he knows the real reason why Tyler is with Lindsay, and it has nothing to do with love. This shocks everyone, but Noah, who agrees with him, and claims that Tyler told him to vote her off twice. Staci feels like she needs to defend them, so she calls Lightning a mean idiot, and pushes him into the water. He tells her that she made a grammatically incorrect statement, only for Tyler and Staci to continue to insult him, with the former saying that he is not going to get away with what he is doing, and Staci calls him an idiot again, and making fun of him for losing to Cameron in Revenge of the Island. He reveals in the confessional that Chris cast him on the show to be the better, successful version of Tyler, who thinks he is a big man. He reveals in his confessional that it is hard to be nice with the people that is in this cast, as his mother told him to be nicer this season. Sadie cheers when she is under the thought that Lightning is to be eliminated, only for him to tell her to shut up. He rants that they are all too stupid to realize that Tyler has been playing them all for 3 seasons, which he denies, claiming that he does not play anyone, is nice, and defends people, unlike Lightning. He states that he stood up to Alejandro last season, where Tyler blows off, saying that it is only one person. He states that the people that Tyler smiled to as he voted them out would say differently, with Tyler claiming that it only happened to Noah. When Lightning loses the final challenge, and loses it for his team, he is pissed off, and when Tyler laughs at him, saying that it is a shame on Sha-Lightning, causing Lightning to say f**k it, and attacks him brutally, which Noah cheering him on for, and shocking everyone. Sadie hopes that they all vote off Lightning next, and Eva rubs in her win in his face, calling him a dumb-ass. During the elimination ceremony, he demands Chris McLean to put him on the Sharks team, but Brick begs him not to switch, as he would be voted out a lot quicker, and knows that he is an asset to the team. Lightning then changes his mind, and demands that Sadie, Tyler, or Staci join the Squirrels, and when all three of them refuse and panic, he laughs, stating that none of them would last if they are on his team. Tyler wishes aloud that Lightning goes home, but when he is saved, he whines about it, which Noah snickers at, and Lightning brags about, throwing the marshmallow at his face. When Courtney is eliminated, she is mad at him for voting her off (though he did not vote her off), and claims that she voted him off. He dares Chris to put Tyler on the Squirrels, so he could be voted off next.

He is pissed off by Courtney's behavior about her elimination in En-Toxicating, getting mad at him, though he was one of the few who did not vote her off. He then goes into the Sharks cabin, and apologizes to Staci for his behavior to her in the previous episode, and she forgives, clearing the air between the two of them. He then complains about Tyler getting on his last nerves, and how he will be on him until either him or Katie 2.0 (Sadie) goes home. Lightning compliments Beth for losing weight, and asks if she lost weight, and she says she guesses so. He is not impressed when Tyler is trying to persuade Noah, and he claims that he is lying. Chris forces them to eat, which causes everyone to be poisoned and taken out to the forest, and wakes up to ask Beth what happened, only for her to not know herself. Chris tells them that he poisoned them (causing Lightning to curse him off), and that they have to find an antidote, and whichever team finds it, is eliminated. Him and Beth work together (also thinking Dawn and Shawn are on their team), and suggests that they should go to the river to see if there are flowers there, but does not know where a river is. Soon enough, both realize that they should not have left their teammates, but they soon find them (and almost everyone else). Their team ends up winning the challenge.

Lightning is on Boney Island in Mutant Kingdom, as he was chosen to go there for winning the challenge, acting like he is Tarzan. When he returns, he is happy, which Scarlett assumes that he found the idol, Scott to tell him to calm down, and Alejandro to be bitter, since he never got a welcome back from Chris, and Lightning tells him to not be jealous. He also tells "Red" that he does not kiss and tell if he found the idol. After he hears Tyler muttering, he yells at him to keep his name out of his mouth, referring to him as "Ty ty", and tells Alejandro he has been shady this season, being influenced by Sadie and Tyler, which they both disagree to, and Tyler tells him to call him by his name. Lightning does not care to learn his name. He works with Brick and Scott during the challenge, and after they hide in the bush, they form the alliance of Team Men (like a reunion of their team in Revenge of the Island). They are soon interrupted by Samey joining them, and he pushes her away, only for them to stay with her for the rest of the challenge. When Jo is caught, he laughs, saying that it is funny. He tells Samey that Duncan is a dog, and that he cheated on two women over the course of the show, causing Samey to realize she cannot trust Duncan. When their team loses, he is completely shocked when he is in the bottom 2 with Duncan, but is saved, saying that Courtney would be laughing at Duncan.

Lightning is extremely skeptical about Jo's antics in Down, Down In My Awful Mine, and does not like that their team lost so much. He joins the entire team to look for the minerals, and gets irritated with many of them during the process, but he starts to lead the team, after this is reminiscent of the passageway him, Jo, and Brick took in Revenge of the Island, getting them to the minerals. Despite that, their team still lost.

The Men alliance starts to disintegrate from small tensions in Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic Waste, as Scott grows to be more annoyed with Lightning, and Brick feeling left out. Lightning asks them why are they all so sour (since Scott slammed his hand against his forehead, and everyone is bitter). He reveals in the confessional that they are annoying him, especially Scott. He sees how weak Alejandro looks, and asks if Tyler and Samey wore him down this season, only to reveal that Al's ankle is injured. Tyler pushes him, but he restraints himself, not even finding Tyler worth it to retaliate to his weak push. When Scott insults Lightning, and his capabilities with Trivia, he reminds him that he was the last person to remain in their last trivia challenge, and to sit his trashy self down, only for Scott to say that he has won more trivia. During the challenge, Scott throws up on him (after getting the point for his team), and as he wipes off the vomit, he calls Scott nasty, and laughs at Tyler for losing. Their team easily wins the challenge, and is thrilled when Tyler is in the bottom two, only to complain when he is saved.

In Fun Zone 3.0, he calls the Sharks punks for keeping the weaker players, still annoyed with the last elimination. He tells Chris to hurry up with what he is saying, and when he is told that Tyler is on his team, he grins evilly, only for it to be a joke, and is told that Alejandro is joining his team, and Scott is leaving his team. Him and Alejandro greet one another friendly and soon become allies. He tells Alejandro the functions of the team, and that they are in the minority, since there is a powerful alliance on their team. After Alejandro asks him who they should target, he says Jo, Scarlett, Samey, and Brick (who has been distant). He randomly starts to rub rocks together, an asks if he should stop, only for the team to encourage him to continue rubbing rocks together. Their team wins, and is appalled with what Tyler did to his girlfriend, telling Alejandro he is lucky to be away from him, since Tyler did that to his own girlfriend.

He is thrilled about the challenge in Mutant See, Mutant Do. He yells at Scott, calling him an idiot, causing Jo to wonder if he ever shuts up, and the farmer to say that he misses his insults, though Lightning is still very annoying. Lightning tells Jo to shut up, and mocks her for failing to eliminate him. Still being annoyed with Jo, he yells at Scarlett and Eva, telling him that they should not trust her, which only pisses off Eva, who hates being yelled at. Sadie and him shoot one another, and both yell at one another to shut up. During the elimination ceremony, he tells Dave to just admit that he wants Alejandro, which grosses those two out.

Opening up the episode, in Samey-Bot's Revenge , Lightening jumps out of bed saying he needed to get out of the snooze fest that was his teammates. He is then reunited with the other contestants were he's surprised Jo made it to the merge. When they find out Samey-bot has stolen the prize money from Chris's trailer Lightning was surprised saying that he wonders why Samey never told him about her "third twin", and that she should be handing they prize money back. Lightning then teams up with Scott and Brick to find her, only for Jo to take Brick from the two of them. Lightning warns Brick to beware of Jo, and storms off with Scott to start the challenge. The two find themselves in a cave were earlier Lightning heard Tyler screaming. Scott finds a robot part, but Lightning only complained about the cave being so dark he was unable to see. After insisting to get out of the cave, Lightning helps Scott up a tree to see if they can scoop out Samey-bot that way. Scott sees a lake were there seems to be another cave, saying they should head down there, and the two run there, with Lightning saying they better hurry. When they get to the water Scott mischievously pushes Lighting into the water using him as a way of getting across. When they get to the cave Lightning is ticked off by Scott, as he is completely soaked, but when Scott says they need to head back Lighting only says they better hurry. When they get back to the island they find they lost, and Scott apologies for pushing Lightning onto the water, but Lightning shares in the confessional Scott will get his turn. At the elimination ceremony Tyler is surprisingly eliminated.

In The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate, Lightning is awaken when he chokes on Owen's horrible smell. He then confronts Brick telling him he should save himself from Jo's wrath before it's too late, however Brick thinks Lightning thinks he's in a relationship with her. When everyone is there for the challenge everyone is confused by it, as everything goes horribly wrong. Lightning is surprisingly gets out of the challenge because of the confusion. At the elimination ceremony Lightning over hears Brick telling Jo he thought they were dating, to which Lightning retaliates saying he thought he should protect himself from "crazy".

In the next episode,  Lightning tries once again to get Brick on his side, however fails. When Lightning gets to the challenge he sees Samey were he is still curious to why she never told him about her "third twin". When the challenge starts everyone is confused to why the challenge is so strange. When Eva finally wins, Chris come back from where he was locked in a closet, sparking Lightning to curiously restate him being stuck in a closet. At the elimination ceremony one of Lightning's closest allies were eliminated, leaving him a bit uneasy.

In The Squirrel, The Shark, and The Monster Behind, Lightning is very confident in being able to win because of all of the easy competition left. When they meet up with Chris he explains them having to go through an obstacle course, which Lightning thought was simple. The first part was climbing a wall made of tires, and Lightning used his strategy to help him climb it. However, like many of the other contestants Scarlett was able to tamper with him. Only Jo, insulting him with Anne Maria was able to help him power through the challenge. When the remainder got to the finale obstacle they were all stunned bye the craziness of the obstacle. When almost getting to the top, Lightning made sure he would be the only one bye blowing Brick off the ladder. Only his acts of winning wasn't big enough, as Beth made it first. In the end of the challenge He gladly cheered Staci on as she insulted Jo. At the elimination ceremony Lightning gets tricked by Scarlett into voting off on of his alliance partners.

In Broken Barrels, Broken Bonds, Lightning once again questions Jo on still being in the competition. Everyone then meets up with Chris and figure out there challenge is to bob for apples. Chris also spits everyone into pairs. Lightning is paired with Scarlett, a compete with Scarlett and Staci to finish eating first. As Everyone tries to finish Brick starts to choke on a pig leg, and shocks everyone. Lightning then calls the incident, "Sha-nasty". The second half of the challenge is a hurdle race around the track. Lightning tells Beth to jump on his back so it would be easier for them. However Scarlett and Staci surprisingly was able to surpass them. When the two decide to vote off Brick, Lightning comments saying they did him a favor since he did almost die.

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  • Lightning is the third contestant to quit at an elimination ceremony.
    • He is the second male to quit at an elimination ceremony.
  • Every time Lightning has competed, he has always made it to the merge phase.
    • He has also made the jury phase in the seasons where he competed and a jury was revealed.



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