Outstanding Olympians
Underdog Unicorns
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Eliminated TDAW: Let's Have a World Tour!

TDAN who's whorthy TDHVV multiples vs indie

Place TDAW: 16th

TDAN:3th TDHVV:1th/sup>

Friends Dave, Harold, Zoey Sierra Cameron Gwen Sam Beth Leshawna Cody
Relationship Zoey

Anne Maria My guy a player

Enemies shrek
Alliance(s) Boy power alliance
Voiced by George
Roleplayer nintendogeorge

, total drama is bae and is 18+ .

hi guys wassup  

Appearances Edit

Voting HistoryEdit

Mike's Voting History
Episode Mike's
Voted Against
1 Beth Anne Maria, Izzy,
Lightning, Staci
Voted Off, Day 3



  • Mike and Izzy are the only contestants to never have won a challenge in the competition so far.
  • Mike, along with Blaineley, Bridgette, DJ, Ella, Geoff, Justin, Leonard, Max, Topher and Trent have all only competed in one season in the roleplay.
  • Mike is the only contestant to only compete for one episode in the roleplay.


  • Despite being labeled the The Multiple Personality Disorder, Mike has never swapped personalities yet in the roleplay.
  • Dave and Mike, are two of the only contestants along with to be revealed to be related, both being cousins.
    • Amy and Samey, Rodney, and Scott are the other pairings that are known for being related to each other.


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