Screaming Ducks
Venomous Vipers
Robo Samey
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Teal
Red (after she was revealed as a robot)
Eliminated TDRI: All Aboard Murder Express
Place TDRI: 13th
Friends Dawn and Lindsay
Enemies Chris McLean, Heather, Samey, Scarlett
Voiced by Bryn McAuley
Roleplayer Marialuisa.hernandez.3760

Samey-Bot, labeled The Robot Twin, was a camper on Total Drama Returns to the Island, as a member of the Screaming Ducks. She also returns for Total Drama Wild West, as member of the Venomous Vipers, and was later revealed as a robot in Western Tough for the Polocrossie, who was replaced by Samey.


Samey-Bot is an evil robot who impersonated Samey. She frequently says "Hey Lindsay."

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Total Drama Wild West Edit

A Wild Western Introduction Edit

Samey arrives to the season, only greeting Lindsay as usual. Sky eventually picks her to be on the Venomous Vipers. She joins her team in bringing supplies to the camp grounds but seems frightened when her team loses. She ends up in the Bottom 2 with Dave for not competing much in the challenge, but is safe in the end.

Dancing With Cowboys Edit

The challenge is announced that it is a singing one. Samey isn't seen competing too much in the challenge once again, but is happy when her team wins for the first time.

Samey shocked at Courtney's elimination.

3:10 to the Horse of Losers Edit

Samey is never seen competing in the Hide and Go Seek challenge. She cheers Lindsay on, and cheers when her team wins.

Western Tough for the Polocrossie Edit

Samey once again doesn't contribute to the challenge, making her teammates furious. Suddenly, the real Samey shows up, claiming that this Samey was an evil impostor known as Samey-Bot. Revealed after such a long time, Samey-Bot is taken away and replaced by the real Samey.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

Aloha, Merge!Edit

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

Samey-Bot's RevengeEdit


Voting HistoryEdit

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Samey-Bot's Voting History
Episode Samey-Bot's
Voted Against
1 Screaming Ducks Immune
2 Tyler Gwen, Heather,
Noah, Scarlett, Tyler
Voted Off, Day 6
Voted For

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

Samey-Bot's Voting History
Episode Samey-Bot's
Voted Against
1 Dave Dakota, Dave
2 Venomous Vipers Immune
3 Venomous Vipers Immune
4 Tyler Cody, Duncan, Sky
Destroyed, Day 12


Statistics of Samey-Bot
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 18
Challenge Wins
Team wins 3
Individual wins 0
Total 3
Elimination Ceremony
Total votes received 12
Boney Island
Times exiled 0
  • She was the first ever female contestant to be eliminated.
  • She was the first member of the Screaming Ducks to be eliminated.


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