Killer Beavers
Poisonous Pythons
Mutant Laser Squirrels
Toxic Sharks
Team Brawns
Villainous Vipers
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDRTTI: Topple on the Luck Players
TDWW: The Final Finalé
TDTB: The Harder They Fall, The Easier They Mutate
TDAST2: Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater
Place TDRTTI: 12th
TDWW: 2nd
TDTB: 12th
TDAST2: 12th
Friends Duncan, Ezekiel, Geoff, Heather, Sugar, Sky, and Tyler
Relationship Courtney (broken up)

Sugar (attracted to) Sadie (one-sided attraction on her side)

Enemies Everyone (besides friends)
Alliance(s) Killer Beavers Alliance
Poisonous Pythons Alliance
Beaver Boys
Team Men
Voiced by James Wallis
Roleplayer TheEpicDestroyer

Berryleaf (S2 E4-6) VeryUnknownFan (S4 E19, S4 E21, S4 E23)

Scott, labeled The Devious, was a camper on Total Drama Returns to the Island as a member of the Killer Beavers. Scott was also a contestant and one of the three finalists in Total Drama Wild West, as a member of the Poisonous Pythons. Scott was then a contestant in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, as a member of the Mutant Laser Squirrels. He returned again in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, as a member of Team Brawns. He returned to Total Drama Heroes vs. Villains as a member of the Villainous Vipers.


Scott is a country boy who lives to scheme. In his biography, he names his favorite memory from childhood as the first time he caused an argument between his parents. He loves telling others what do to, yet states that he enjoys taking orders as well (only from certain people however). He displays a strange habit of taking enjoyment in eating disgusting foods. He considers moldy bread and dirt to be delicacies, even adding the latter as an ice cream topping. Scott has shown that he can be slightly lacking in intelligence at times, especially in terms of social skills due to his sheltered life. He's a little dense, but tries his best to contribute, despite his past performance the first time he competed. But this definitely hasn't stopped him from gaining his fair share of enemies.

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Scott returns to compete in Total Drama Returns to the Island, ready to stop at nothing to win the season. Scott is placed on the Killer Beavers, where he instantly starts conflicts with Dave and Noah. Before the challenge, Courtney, Duncan and Scott all fight over who should be leading the team, but soon come to an agreement, and decide that all of them can take the role. Alongside Lindsay he worries about his hair when attacked by Fang. His team loses the trivia challenge 3-0. Scott attempts to answer questions quickly, but is incorrect in the end due to his dense and hasty nature. He votes off Dave due to him forming many alliances with several players, but surprisingly not Scott.

In Volleybrawl, both Scott and Sky come to an agreement that if their team loses another challenge, they will vote off Leshawna. When Cameron does well in his portion of the challenge, Scott surprisingly congratulates him, even shocking Cameron. Later during the challenge, the score is tied up 2-2 and Scott wins the challenge for the Beavers, making it the team's first win. After the team does a group high-five, Scott runs off in nervousness as he high-fives Courtney, giving her a suspicious look.

In the next episode, Scott is seen doing nothing besides sleeping in his bed for most of the episode. He soon wakes up, realizing he is late to the challenge, he runs to the team. But he was too late, as his team has already lost the challenge. Scott believes that he will be eliminated, however, Sky decides to get her alliance to vote off Leshawna instead.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, in this episode, Scott forms an alliance with Sky. He is extremely thankful that she saved him last episode from elimination. During the challenge, Scott is chosen many times to be the killer for his team. but it ends up not being him. Luckily for his team, they manage to win again, winning the prize of watching a movie. Scott gives Courtney a high-five once their team wins, but runs off nervously, causing her to glare at him. Unlike his other teammates, who eat popcorn and candy, Scott indulges himself in Chef's gruel. He glares at Cody's happiness, not appreciating Cody's jolly nature towards candy. Similarly, Cody mocks Scott's obsession with eating dirt, kicking off their conflict with each other. When Dawn is eliminated for her dismissive behavior towards Scott, and her obvious killing motives, Scott is one of the only contestants to be happy that she's eliminated, bidding her good riddance.

In the following episode, Scott starts to get extremely annoyed with his teammates and his teammates become annoyed with him. Despite his lack of brain skills, Scott scores the first and only point for the Beavers team. In the end, the Beavers lose again. Scott tries to convince his teammates to vote off Cody, as he has been very bad at the challenges lately. Scott starts to get a feel that his team might be targeting him, which makes him worried. Despite him scoring the teams only point, Scott is voted out due to him intimidating other players. Scott feels betrayed by his teammates for giving them their only point, along with also helping in previous challenges. He gets so angry and fed up with them that he ends up punching Fang into the water in frustration once he shows up to finish what he started.

Despite being eliminated the previous episode, Scott is mentioned numerous times in the episode. Sky feels guilty for betraying Scott last episode, and wishes that the two of them could still be friends, even staring at the camera, and asking Scott that if he's watching this to forgive her. Cameron, despite being afraid of Scott, mentions to his team that they should win for Scott, but follows by saying how hard it is to say that. Courtney also briefly mentions him, thinking that he may have had some conflicting feelings for her, and that she felt bad for voting him off.

In Puzzle Riot, Courtney regrets voting off Scott, saying that he was her only ally in the competition suggesting that Courtney may still want to patch things up with Scott.

In Supreme Chef Auto, Cameron mentions Scott along with Courtney in the confessional, saying that with cruel people like them gone, he can finally feel comfortable in the competition, although later he regrets saying that, as he finds it hard to choose between five people.

Scott, along with the rest of the eliminated contestants, makes a cameo in Final Four Face Off! He is seen rooting for both Duncan and Tyler to win the challenge and become the final two. Scott still holds a grudge against Cameron and Sky for his elimination. Courtney and Sky both try their best to make him forgive them, but he refuses to. Scott glares when he sees Cameron earn immunity and as Duncan quits, he waves Duncan goodbye sadly. He's even more upset when Cameron chooses to bring Sky to the finale, eliminating Tyler as well, saying that now he doesn't know who to root for.

In Totally Dramatic Finale!, Scott is one of two contestants to vote for Cameron to win. He believes that Cameron deserves to win the season more than Sky does.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit


Team Poisonous Pythons Team Photo.

Scott arrives to the season and is revealed to be taking Cameron's place as captain of one of the teams. Scott reveals that he bribed Cameron with the money Sky gave him so that he could be captain and take Sky down. Scott chooses Sugar, Courtney, Heather, Jo, Ezekiel, Ella, Sierra, and Katie to be on his team which is named the "The Poisonous Pythons". Jo immediately hates being on a team with Scott, as she would've preferred to dominate a team of nice people. Both immediately don't get along. At first, Courtney seems happy to be on a team with Scott, but he assures her that he hasn't forgiven her yet at all. He is also very happy to be picking Sugar to be on his team. His attraction for Sugar grows stronger as he watches her eat a worm, she's mostly oblivious to his crush on her however. When the challenge is announced to be one to get supplies to bring to your campgrounds, and you are supposed to use your head, Scott misunderstands the challenge, thinking that they have to headbutt each other. Jo gets fed up with Scott's lack of intellect, and orders that he hurry up. Scott manages to get enough points of supplies for his team to beat the other team. As Scott watches Dave and Jo argue with each other, he is shocked in watching Dave throw a knife at her, and Scott hopes that Dave is eliminated. When the Venomous Vipers show up for elimination and Samey and Dave are the bottom 2, Scott is happy to see Dave eliminated. Dave tries showing an immunity statue he found, but Scott reveals that that was just a pile of dirt he made in the image of Chris' face.

Dancing With CowboysEdit

Scott wakes up on the boys side of the campground, realizing that the only boys he picked to be on his team were two, including himself and Ezekiel. Scott immediately doesn't get along with Ezekiel, thinking of him as lazy after the events of the previous challenge. He's even more annoyed by Ezekiel's personality, trying to sleep and ignore Ezekiel, Scott is woken up by Heather, who suggests an alliance. Scott is unsure, as he was previously the target of an alliance and doesn't know whether or not to trust Heather, but his mind is tempted when she says that the more that vote Ezekiel, the better. Tempted, Scott also notices Ezekiel lazily attempting to quit. Courtney also tries to form an alliance with Scott, but he tells her that he'd sooner trust Heather than her. The challenge is announced to be a singing one about country music. This excites Scott, as he's always been a country music kind of guy, telling everyone that he has a pet pig they named Scoot, unaware that the pig was named after him. Scott is pitted against Sky in the challenge. Even though he scores a decent 7\10, he's defeated by Sky with a 9\10. He glares at her furiously, noting that she shouldn't deserve to win. The Pythons seem like they are losing, and it is up to Courtney to better their chances. She doesn't know what kind of lyrics to use, but Scott guiltily supports her. This suggests that Scott may want to forgive Courtney. He controls himself from revealing this though and orders that she hurry up.


Courtney's elimination.

Unfortunately, Courtney runs out of time and the Pythons lose. When the Pythons lose, Sky tries to wish Scott luck in the elimination, but accidentally trips on a snake which clings to Scott's face. He feels as though she did that on purpose, and pulls the snake right off of his face, storming off from Sky. Scott is very certain that Ezekiel is definitely being eliminated, but is shocked to learn that Courtney received more votes than him. He says in the confessional how he wanted Courtney longer so that he could continue to hear her apology. Once he finds out who voted Courtney, he glares at Katie, Ezekiel, and Ella, while also being shocked at Sugar's decision, questioning whether he should definitely even like her or not.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit


Scott and Ezekiel at their second elimination ceremony.

Scott wakes up forlorn at Courtney's elimination. He reveals that he was actually stuck between her and Sugar, and still doesn't know how Ezekiel didn't get more votes than her. He's not his usual self in the episode, barely in the mood for challenges after being betrayed by a team again. Scott and Tyler both share their disappointment in Courtney being eliminated. Scott takes his anger out on Ezekiel, telling him to shut up whenever he speaks. In Scott's section of the challenge of hide and seek, he hunts for Duncan and successfully finds him on his second attempt behind a house. Scott is surprisingly disappointed at this, as he wanted to cost a challenge again just so he could get rid of Ezekiel, Katie, or Ella. The Pythons lose for the second time in a row, and vote off Ezekiel. Scott happily waves him goodbye.

Western Tough for the PolocrossieEdit

Scott wakes up deaf in one ear. The beds have made his ears extremely sensitive, prompting him to mishear words. He was seen upset when discovering that Ezekiel has been chosen to return to the competition. He is very disappointed by this, as he would have much preferred Courtney returning. When Chris announces the challenge is a number challenge, Scott mishears him, thinking he mentioned a booger challenge. Jo laughs that Scott will probably eat it. Managing to hear this, Scott challenges Jo to what seems like it will be a fight. However, his words get jumbled up with him saying "falafel" instead of "fight," not realizing this. But once she does threaten to beat him up, he backs off cowardly.
Scott wich

Scott deaf in one ear from his camping bed.

Scott isn't seen scoring any points in the challenge, although he is seen laughing at Sky's loss, rubbing his win in her face. He's also seen cheering at Ezekiel's usefulness in the challenge. As the Pythons prepare their beds for the night, Jo orders Scott to get her something to sleep on, but he ignores her and talks to Sugar. This causes Jo to sit on Scott, and Sugar, not noticing Scott's presence, accidentally sits on him too, suffocating him. His life is saved by Ezekiel who helps him up. Scott starts to think that maybe Ezekiel may not be as useless after all. Before the elimination ceremony, Scott decides to fish for some food. Noah tells him that Fang is right behind him, but Scott laughs that it's another one of Noah's sarcastic lies. Bitten by Fang in the end of it all, Scott runs off screaming in agony. In the confessional, he calls it "not his best of days."

Scott jumps in terror when Fang shows up.

  At the elimination ceremony, when Tyler is shockingly eliminated instead of Samey, Scott is shown to be shocked and disappointed at Tyler's early elimination.

The Root'nous Toot'nous LudicrousEdit


Scott at his next elimination ceremony

Scott wakes up to see Jo waking up early making a fire, calling her Miss Early-bird, prompting her to glare at him. When the challenge is announced to be trivial, Scott is disappointed that he can't even compete properly, due to his lack of brain power. To his teammates surprise, he manages to score points in three of the twenty rounds. He is seen disappointed when his team goes back to losing. However, he is seen happy that Sierra is eliminated instead of Heather, as he says that he was getting tired of her laziness.

The Wild Bunch of LosersEdit

Scott is seen taking a nap outside. He is suddenly woken up by Ezekiel, proposing an alliance. Scott accepts this on the grounds that Zeke vote with him and never betray him. When the challenge is announced, Sky wishes Scott good luck, but he calls this a lie and wishes her bad luck. During the challenge explanation, Scott is seen putting his arm around Sugar, causing Jo to utter the nickname "Lover Boy." She also laughs at Scott's embarrassment to this nickname. In the challenge, Scott faces off against Samey, and loses to her. While Sky celebrates Samey's win, he glares at her, yelling that she shut it. He is seen trying to help Sugar when she goes up against Lindsay in the challenge, and despite his best efforts, his team loses the challenge when he faces off against Sky. At the elimination, Scott is glad to be safe, and glad that Ella is eliminated, but disappointed and confused that Ezekiel is eliminated.

Serpent ShowdownEdit

Scott wakes up, realizing that with Ezekiel gone, he's the only boy left on his team. In the confessional, he says that people can say all they want about Zeke, but at least he was company. In his uncomfortable bed, he screams loudly when he hears Chris use his loudspeaker, thinking he is deaf in one ear. At the challenge, Scott hears that it could risk their lives. In the confessional, he says how in his will, he doesn't want anyone to get his pet pig, Scoot, as that's his favorite pet. When Chris mentions that the challenge is safer because of the producers, Scott is relieved and even more relieved to learn that the first part of the challenge is to guess a quote from a character. He's on par with Sky during this section of the challenge. He calls the other team losers, although means no offense to Duncan. In the end though, despite his best efforts, his team loses the first section of the challenge 8-5, giving the Vipers an advantage in the second round, much to Scott's dismay.

The second part of the challenge is said to be that the contestants must get poison out of snakes. This causes Scott to utter that he hasn't had the best experiences with snakes, following this off by glaring at Sky. Jo pushes Scott violently towards a snake, terrifying him. He responds by wondering why Jo won't do it. In the end though, Scott decides that the team's best course of action would be to get Sugar to get the poison. She happily agrees, and Scott watches in shock as she eats the poisonous snake, before it being forced out by Jo. The Pythons race towards the finish line, and Sugar throws the snake right at it. Unfortunately, they lose due to all the Vipers passing the finish line. Scott, without hesitation, votes out Jo, considering her incredibly terrifying, even by his standards. When voted off, she punches Scott before leaving. Scott simply replies by suggesting that Jo really needs anger management classes, leaving her speechless before she exits.

Red Dead MergitonEdit

Scott wakes up, disappointed in his team's losing streak thus far. But once he hears of the teams being merged, he's overjoyed, as now he can win by his own strategies. The second announcement made to Scott and his fellow contestants is their challenge, which involves most people working in pairs with one threesome and must perform some kind of genre performance. In addition to this, Courtney and Tyler judge these performances. Scott is thrilled to see Tyler after quite some time, but is very angry at Courtney, especially after she orders him to get back to the challenge. Scott ends up with Sugar as a partner. For the most part he is delighted, but realizes that he can't let love completely get in his way.

Scott and Sugar decide to improvise once they perform. Scott attempts to finally make his move on Sugar by doing a romantic performance. He remarks that Sugar is prettier than the cow she walked in on. Misunderstanding him, Sugar punches Scott, thinking that he is comparing her looks to that of a cow. Dizzy, he attempts to finish his performance by asking an imaginary bartender for a drink for him and "the lovely cowgirl." Misunderstanding him a second time, Sugar thinks that he is saying that she is a mix between cow and human. She punches him once more. Spitting out a tooth, he lands on the ground unconscious, his final words being that the act is over. In the end, they score a 14\20 from Courtney and Tyler. After hearing complaints from Courtney, Duncan, Sky, Sugar, and Tyler, Chris reluctantly calls in a hospital to heal Scott, leaving him absent for the remainder of the challenge.

Scott returns as soon as the challenge ends, although his jaw is said to not be fully healed until the following day, causing Scott to pronounce words in very incorrect ways. He's also disappointed in hearing that he hasn't won immunity. When the contestants are called to attend the elimination ceremony, Courtney tries her best to apologize to Scott, but he refuses to forgive her. She mentions to him the fact that she watched him say he missed her on TV. Scott delivers a cheeky remark, saying that that was only because she was easy to lead on. Not helping herself to argue, Courtney yells at Scott, leaving him to just bring up that she hasn't changed a bit. At the elimination ceremony, Scott votes out Noah, considering him a dangerous strategist, capable of wiping him out. He also votes out Dakota afterwards for unknown reasons.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!Edit

Scott wakes up after his first night on the guys side of the campgrounds along with Cody and Duncan. He enjoys giving Cody a wedgie, and him and Duncan also enjoy each others company. In the confessional, Scott says that it's a delight to be having so much fun with the both of them, but also realizes that Cody and Duncan could be great allies to have on board. He asks both of them if they can form an alliance. Duncan agrees but Cody is unsure. The challenge is a talent contest that contestants must perform in. Scott is seen cheering on people such as Duncan, and Sugar. Scott decides to do the alphabet with his pits as his challenge. Courtney scores him a 6\10, saying that it was okay, but a little disgusting, making him glare. Tyler scores Scott a 7\10, saying it was good, but he messed up on his R's, S's, and T's. Dakota, who is the third judge, gives Scott a 1\10, claiming that it was gross to watch. This gives Scott a 14\20, making him the second lowest scoring contestant in the challenge.

Heather dramatically performs by reading Sky's diary. Scott is seen to be shocked, as not even he would stoop so low. When she finishes, Scott attempts to defend her by saying it's at least creative. With her anger towards Heather, Sky takes it out on Scott and knocks him out. Once the challenge ends, he wakes up and Sky apologizes as it was an accident but Scott firmly believes that that's not the case. Heather believes that Scott should vote out Lindsay and he agrees. Surprisingly however, in a 5-4 vote, Heather is eliminated. Scott is disappointed by this, as he considered her to be a formidable contestant.

The Magnificent 8 CowboysEdit

Scott wakes up, telling Duncan that if they want their small amount of votes to count, then they need to drive a wedge between the girls. Duncan agrees and they should do it when they get the chance. The challenge is to work in pairs in a trust challenge. Scott must work with Sugar. The first round is that one person stands under a roof while the other jumps on them. The person who fails to catch their teammate loses. Crushing him, Sugar loses the challenge along with Scott. She apologizes for this and he forgives her.

Scott now has the chance to perform sabotage on the girls. He throws a small rock at Sky, pretending to be surprised and saying that it was Samey. The two argue heavily with each other, satisfying Scott. He says in the confessional about how he misses some good old fashioned scheming.

However, before the elimination, Samey and Sky decide to put aside their differences and get a girls alliance formed. Samey suggests they vote Scott as he is the leader of an alliance but Sky is unsure, as is Sugar, although the rest of the girls agree with Samey. This worries Sky, as Scott could be eliminated again. At the elimination ceremony, it is announced that Scott has been voted off. Shocked by this, Sky dramatically quits to save Scott from elimination. He is shocked by this, but is proud of Sky for doing this. With both forgiving each other's past misdeeds, Sky is eliminated.


Scott returns to his guys cabin along with Cody and Duncan, feeling guilty about how he treated Sky, saying that she sacrificed herself just for him. He feels as though he needs some cheering up, and gives Cody a wedgie, causing him to scream in terror. Duncan laughs at his misery, making Cody lash out at Duncan. Scott, despite him not getting along with Cody, orders that both of them stop arguing, as the guys are outnumbered by the girls 3-4 and they should keep their alliance together. Cody refuses, as he doesn't want to work with guys like Duncan and Scott, but Scott angrily informs him that they're all he's got. Cody reluctantly agrees to the alliance but notes that once they get to the Final 5, it's every contestant for themselves. Scott glares in response. Scott and the other contestants are called by Chris to the challenge.

Scott questions why Chris would bring them out in the middle of the night, as they need rest, but Chris simply laughs at Scott's misery, saying that it makes the challenge more fun. Scott says in the confessional that no matter how bad the challenge is, he has to win immunity, otherwise he'll have votes against him again. Sugar asks Scott if he wants to form an alliance with her. He seems happy at first, but says in the confessional that he wouldn't know what to do with Sugar if the guys alliance won over the girls and that it's hard for him to keep two alliances in mind, but realizes that she could help in numbers.

Scott is distraught to discover that the challenge is another trivia one, and even worse, the person who comes last in the challenge is eliminated. With his small brain half asleep, Scott attempts to step up his game. After many rounds, he luckily comes 5th in the challenge, relieved, although is worried that the challenge is between Cody, an ally of his, and Sugar, the girl whom he has a crush on. In the end, Sugar comes last in the challenge. Scott is very upset about this, and is sad that Sugar is now eliminated. Although he is very happy to see her eat the horse that she was supposed to ride out of the competition, saying that Sugar never ceases to amaze him.

Once Sugar leaves, the contestants are told that this episode is actually a double elimination, and that a second person is going home tonight. Scott realizes he'll get a fair amount of votes from the girls. Thinking about his decision, he votes Samey, whom he believes to be the leader of the alliance, as Lindsay and Katie are usually followers. In the end, it's an equal vote between the guys and girls alliance 3-3. As a tiebreaker, Samey and Scott have to perform a speech on why they should stay. Scott almost breaks into tears as he tells a story of his childhood, but Chris stops him midway through, and says that he has a schedule and the contestants are taking too long. Chris decides that they have a five round challenge, inspired by Red Dead Mergiton, in which the contestants have to fill in the blanks of sentences. Luckily for himself, Scott wins the five round challenge 3-2, glaring at the remaining two female contestants once Samey is eliminated.

Aftermath: The UnlimitedEdit

Scott briefly appears in a photo, along with Cody, Duncan, and Lindsay. Throughout the episode, eliminated contestants are asked what they think of the Final 4. Sky likes the Final 4, and also says that she's happy that her and Scott reformed their friendship. Samey disagrees completely with Sky, saying that Scott is a terrible antagonist and doesn't deserve to win. Sugar asks that Samey cut him some slack. Even though she thinks that he was a little strange around her, he was a pretty nice guy to her. When asked about the Final 4, Heather angrily says that she hates what the Final 4 turned out to be, saying the only person who she wants to win is Scott, but angrily says that he wouldn't have gotten nearly as far without her.

Three EnemigosEdit


Duncan, Tyler, Scott, Sky, Lindsay, and Sugar, at the Final 3 challenge.

Scott wakes up, dissapointed that Cody was eliminated and taken away from him and Duncan, as he was a trustworthy ally, but is very happy on reaching the Final 3, proud of his and Duncan's alliance with each other, Duncan feeling the same way. Lindsay walks towards the two of them, Scott greeting her with a "Hey Lindsay." Misunderstanding him, Lindsay thinks Samey-Bot is near them. Hearing this from her, Scott yelps a girly scream, cowering behind Duncan. Duncan laughs at Scott's misfortune, but Scott says that he was just testing Duncan's bravery. In the confessional, Scott says that he isn't scared of big, frightening robots, hearing his own words, he screams once again.

When Scott, Duncan, and Lindsay arrive at the bonfire where Chris is, he announces to them that Sky, Sugar, and Tyler have all returned to help them out in the challenge. Scott is overjoyed at hearing that Sugar has come back and is also pretty pleased that Sky and Tyler have reappeared, both of them greeting him happily in response. When told that they can choose one of the three choices, Scott chooses Sugar out of pure instinct. However, he is shocked to learn that these choices are being switched around. He's ultimately tolerant of this as Sky is chosen to be his helper.

The challenge is basic trivia about eliminated contestants for the remaining contestants to answer along with their helpers. At first, Scott and Sky are very far behind Lindsay and Sugar, and Duncan and Tyler. When Scott eventually begins to catch up, Sky apologizes for not being as useful but Scott assures her that her support helps him do great, boasting that his family once told him he has a bigger brain than all of them. Tyler continually supports Scott throughout the challenge whenever he gets a point. Scott occasionally supports Sugar throughout the challenge too. Whenever Scott and Sky score points, Chris calls them various team names that displeasure both of them. However, in the end of it all, Duncan wins immunity, leaving Lindsay and Scott to perform a tiebreaker in the next episode. Scott congratulates Duncan on the win and is prepared for the tiebreaker to come.

The Final FinaléEdit

Scott starts the episode off by competing in a tiebreaker against Lindsay for who gets in the Final 2. Both must do reverse icons as a tiebreaker. Scott is supported by Courtney, Ezekiel, Ella, Heather, Sky, and Sugar, and they are happy to see him beat Lindsay in the tiebreaker. When he ends up facing against Duncan, he is is supported for by Courtney, Ezekiel, Tyler, Sierra, Ella, Noah, Heather, Sky, Sugar, Cody, and Lindsay. The challenge is a trivia one. Both wish luck to each other in the challenge, proud of their alliance with each other. In the end, Duncan beats Scott 5-3 and wins the season. Scott is happy that Duncan has won, and congratulates him on his win, and is tolerant that he at least managed to get runner up.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

The Big AppleEdit

Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive ReunionsEdit

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

A Radioactive BeginningEdit

When Scott arrives to the island, he boasts that he's going to win some "moola." When told that he'll be on a team with Duncan, Scott seems to like this idea. Courtney reminds Scott that she's also on a team with her and offers a high-five, but he ignores her, making her feel that kindness is overrated. The team that Scott is going up against is the Toxic Sharks, even saying in the confessional that he thinks that sharks always lose. Lightning yells at Scott to get over the lame shark, but Scott reminds him that he has, even calling him "Brightning", while telling him that Fang never gets over him. Sadie laughs at Scott's misfortune, and he angrily tells her to stop, but she continues to laugh. Duncan also finds it funny. Lightning confronts Scott and says that if he has something to say, he should say it to his face. Meeting Lightning eye-to-eye, Scott tells him that he's "not amazing." Restraining himself from punching Scott, Lightning instead remarks that Scott probably gave Courtney a rash and that's why she left him. Scott quickly changes the subject hearing this, and asks Beardo what he thinks of the teams and island, but Beardo replies with an awkward silence, causing Scott to call him an awkward guy in the confessional.

The challenge is said to be one where the contestants jump into shark infested water and grab a number to bring to Chris. Scott immediately shows hesitance in this, and arrives slower than everyone else to the cliff. He laughs at Noah when Tyler pushes him off the cliff, proud of Tyler, also yelling that he sucks, while calling him "No-it-all." However, Scott then backs away slowly, promising that he's not diving. He then stares down and sees Fang, screaming in horror. Frightened, Scott jumps into Duncan's arms, making the situation awkward. After apologizing, Scott stutters and says that it looks very scary, but Duncan, not wanting to lose, violently throws Scott and yells down that he needs to stop being such a baby. Scott yells up at Duncan that that was not cool of him.

Scott swims in the water, and, seeing Fang approaching, grabs a number to bring with him to Chris. But in the midst of getting out of the water, his underwear is bitten by Fang. Scott shows Chris the number nine, but Chris tells him that that's not the correct one, much to Scott's dismay, while also telling Chris that he hates him. When Tyler wins the challenge for his team, Scott is angry that he's lost. Scott blames this on Beardo, as he took so long to dive, while also calling him annoying in the confessional. When Lightning suggests they vote off Jo as she could get too strong for them, Scott somewhat agrees with him, saying he hates Jo as much as the next guy, but also says that Beardo is slightly more annoying. Hearing Dave annoying others, Scott criticizes him by saying he's more of a loudmouth than he is. Jo angrily tells Chris to hurry up the elimination ceremony, to which Scott agrees, although still calls her She-Girl.

Scott is relieved when he's called safe. When Courtney is called safe, she accidentally rubs it in Scott's face, and trying to redeem herself, suggests that they be best friends, but he ignores her. When Jo is in the Bottom 2, Tyler worries as they could lose a strong player, but Scott tells him he should relax, as they still have him, before flexing his pretend muscles, while also boasting that he's stronger than "She-Girl." After Beardo is eliminated, a sudden team switch occurs between Brick and Dave. Scott is very annoyed by this, as he can't stand Dave. Little does Scott know of the team switch being fake.

Mutant Monsters vs. Abominable AliensEdit

Scott wakes up to see Lightning angry. Scott asks him what the problem is. Not wanting to show his annoyance in having to ally with Scott, Lightning tells him that Courtney told him that she wants Scott to join an alliance with them, referring to her as Scott's "girl." Scott laughs in response, and warns Lightning that Courtney's going to play Lightning like she did to him.

At the campfire pit, Scott declines Lightning's offering of joining an alliance with him, saying that Courtney is trouble. As Owen eats the campfire, Scott laughs at his mouth being on fire, admitting that Owen isn't half bad. Scott is excited to hear of the challenge being paintball thanks to his love of weapons. When Chris forgets to inform the contestants of important news, Scott laughs at him, and calls him lazy, while also being a loser host. Scott is relieved when Dave is back on the other team due to his dislike of Dave, laughing that Dave won't be missed. Scott welcomes Brick back to the team insincerely and encourages him to use paintball properly, also lying that he believes in Brick. He calls Brick an idiot in the confessional, saying he's as gullible as Scott's pet pig Scoot. At first, when the contestants must either guard their flag or attack others, Scott immediately wants to be offensive. Scott leads his team, and tells them that six should attack while five guard. He is told to shut up by Scarlett as she is the leader, but he retorts the same argument back to her. He ignores Courtney when she asks to guide him, but accidentally calls him misguided. His team ignores him for no real reason and abandon him, with no-one guarding the flag.

Scarlett tells Scott to stop talking about leadership, while he tells her to shut up, calling her four eyes. As Scott climbs a tree, he's kicked in the face by Scarlett, calling him to fall from the tree. He demands she stop as they're on the same team. When the contestants are told that the challenge is being changed, Scott begs his team to let him shoot thanks to his experience. He's dissapointed when he's told he's not shooting in his first round, and tells his team that they better win. Cody has trouble using his paintball gun, and Scott yells at him to stop being a "baby", ordering him to fight back. Lightning whispers to Scott that he doesn't trust Courtney fully and asks Scott if he wants to join him and Beth. Scott declines, saying although he doesn't want to partner with Courtney, he gives Lightning the advice to mess with her, showing a sign of budding towards the jock. Scott is dissapointed when his team lose round 1 and is determined to win the next round.

In his round, Scott climbs a tree to gain a good advantage, and stares down at his competition. Seeing Staci attack Scarlett and take her out, Scott makes up for this team loss by shooting Staci. He also shoots Owen with ease thanks to Owen's weight making him an open target. Scott tries to shoot Noah but Noah's quick reflexes cause him to dodge, and this gives Tyler the chance to shoot Scott in an apologetic way and takes him out. Scott falls off the tree and lands on his butt, and the two paintball shots on his face temporarily knock him out. Scott is irritated when his team lose, and ask them to guess which "crybaby" he's voting out, hinting towards Cody. He forgives Tyler for shooting him, neutral towards this. At the elimination, he also labels Cody as "Crybaby Cody." When Courtney tells Scott that she hopes that he's safe, he replies that he hates suck-ups, referring to Cody. Scott catches his marshmallow and laughs when he's called safe. He laughs at Jo when a marshmallow hits her. Jo says that he be better stop laughing before his balls drop, but Scott simply says the same back to Jo. In anger, Jo beats up Scott, and he screams in agony. However, he still cheers when Cody is eliminated, before focusing on screaming from Jo's punches, before being helped up by Lightning. Scott boasts that he's stronger than Cody, but glares when Courtney sarcastically says he is. As Cody is eliminated, Scott laughs at him screaming.

Bigger, Smarter, Not HarderEdit

Scott wakes up dissapointed that his team haven't been doing too well. He also somewhat misses Cody, as he has no one to bully now. On their way to the challenge, Scott pushes Duncan out of the way as revenge for him pushing Scott off a cliff. Samey defends Duncan, but Scott argues that Duncan nearly killed him, while also calling Samey a dumb cheerleader. At the challenge, Scott is excited for it to be an eating one, boasting about his stomach, but gets annoyed that he's one of the people who can't compete in the eating challenge.

Scott roots for his team to win, and when they're in the lead, he says in the confessional that it's about time they are. He cheers for Beth to eat her food, but when she says it's the worst thing she's seen in her life, he doesn't seem to care, and orders her to eat. He gets irritated by Lightning having trouble eating, and says that he should stop being a baby like Cody is and to eat. He later orders both Beth and Lightning to eat once again. Scott laughs at Tyler when he throws up in Jasmine's face, calling it hilariously disgusting. As his team gain the lead, Scott once again notes how excited he could be that they may actually win. Scott laughs at Jasmine and Eva puking at each other, and later laughs again, asking Shawn how he can like someone who pukes like that. When the Sharks lose, Scott says in the confessional about how he thinks Alejandro should go home for being a threat later on in the game, and also Tyler, despite being friends with him, as he finds Tyler a huge threat thanks to the paintball challenge later on in the game.

Toxic Battle of...Doom!Edit

When Brick greets his teammates, Scott fakes being friendly towards him by greeting him back. However, he agrees with Brick when he says how bad it is that the challenge is called "Trivia of Death." As Scott continues surviving in the challenge, he's dissapointed in Beth when she's out of the challenge. When Alejandro is out, Scott forgets his full name and calls him "Alejerko." Scott is disappointed when he's 5th place in the challenge, and depends on Lightning to win the challenge. When Lightning does bad in the challenge, Scott makes fun of him, asking that he get his head in the game, while calling him "Sha-Dumb." Scott laughs at Noah when he gets zapped and falls into a lake. Scott also puts his arm around Tyler while continuing to laugh at Noah's misfortune. Scott is angry when his team loses.

When Scott and Brick are both safe, Brick offers a high-five but Scott glares at him and declines. Scott worries about who the one vote for him was as he is called safe with one vote. He assumes it's Courtney, despite her swearing that it isn't. Courtney is shocked when she's eliminated and a vote is from Scott, but he laughs at her misfortune, telling her that at least now she knows what it feels like and says his goodbyes. Eva is announced to be joining Scott's team; an idea which he doesn't really like, and glares at her with a confused look, while also saying that there's too many she-men for him to count.


Scott naps in his bed in the morning. He stretches out of bed and greets all the guys in the morning. He asks them what they think of the new steroid recruit, to which Duncan says that Eva is annoying, while Brick says he likes her skill but hates her attitude. Jo greets Scott, Duncan, and Brick while calling them ninnies. Scott greets her back, face-palming himself for calling himself a ninny, but Jo says Scott had it coming. Scott says in the confessional that Courtney had her elimination coming, thinking she deserved it. When Brick tells Scott, Lightning, and Duncan that he hopes they win the next challenge while calling them guys, Scott criticizes him for calling them guys, making fun of how he's called them soldiers in the past, while also calling him Brickhouse. Scott agrees with Lightning's insult of Courtney, surprised that someone whom he thinks he's dumb made a good point.

Scott walks into the mess hall, hoping for no more disgusting dishes like in the eating challenge. While he eats food, he says it's not the usual dirt he's used to and collapses to the ground. While he falls from the sky, Scott's mouth is open and accidentally eats a fly. This wakes him up, and he coughs the fly out, disgusting Eva. When Lindsay says Owen's about to blow up while calling him Omar, Scott makes the same mistake with his name, and screams in horror. The contestants are told that they've been poisoned, but Scott begrudgingly says he's had worse, comparing it to rat poison that he's induced. Scott and his fellow contestants are told that they must find a purple flower, and Scott replies that he doesn't want to sniff weird looking brightness, and asks Duncan if he agrees, but Duncan is too focused on Samey. Scott immediately grabs Brick to search for a flower with him, while calling him doofus. Seeing Brick go with Amy, Scott joins the both of them. Scott suggests that they all search south. While Brick agrees, Amy doesn't listen to Scott. He asks her to stop being silent and if she agrees or not. She zones out not hearing him, while he says that they're not going anywhere until she listens, while calling her a dumb cheerleader. Brick asks Scott not to be so mean, and heads south, dragging Amy.

Brick sees a flower near crocodiles and asks if they should get it there. Scott smacks Brick's head, and replies that they're not fishing out crocodiles, while also calling it risky. He changes his mind when Brick runs off, and asks that he wait. Amy finally stops zoning out when Scott asks her if she has any ideas, but all she says is "Okay", frustrating Scott heavily. Lindsay and Tyler show up at where Scott, Amy, and Brick are. Scott angrily asks what they're doing here, while glaring at Lindsay, and also saying they were here first. He notes that the crocodiles are there's, while mocking Lindsay and calling her "Blonde Einstein" sarcastically. Scott asks Amy if she has a plan or if she's going to be deaf and not hear him. Brick suggests to Scott to grab a fish. Scott picks up one and waves it at the crocodile. Not only does the crocodile put the fish in his mouth, but it also puts Scott in his mouth. Eva laughs at this. Staci is meanwhile concerned for Scott, but reluctantly joins her other team. Scott screams from inside the crocodile's mouth, before Amy punches it and Brick hits it with a log. However, Brick hits the log so many times, that he accidentally hits Scott's head when he gets out of the crocodile. Instead of thanking either Amy or Brick, he smacks Brick's head, and calls him an idiot while telling him to stop hitting him.

However, the flower is inside Owen's mouth. Scott doesn't seem to care as he stares at Owen's chest, and sticks his hand down Owen's throat, and calls him a fatty, while telling him to get it out. Scott successfully scoops the flower out, and runs with it while cheering, but is tackled by Tyler. Scott is shocked, as he believed Tyler was clumsy. Scott punches a weak Tyler, and grabs the flower. Unfortunately, Scott realizes he's not carrying the flower, and is instead grabbing dirt. As Dawn throws the flower, Scott attempts to blow it back to himself. Scott cheers when he realizes his team has won, and he and Duncan high-five. Brick thanks Scott happily, but Scott tells Brick to shut up, showing more dislike for him. Dawn realizes Noah has read her diary, and calls Noah devious even by his standards, while also calling Noah cheeky. Noah accuses Dawn of cheating on him with Shawn. Scott angrily tells Noah not to bring "pit boy farter" into this, while also calling himself a fan of Shawn. Scott laughs at Tyler's misfortune when he throws up, calling it funnier than when he broke his legs when he fell from a tree, thinking that his family sure thought it was funny. Tyler laughs at Scott, and asks how he fell, to which Scott replies that he fell on his butt. Owen also calls Scott funny. Tyler asks Scott if he forgives him for injuring him, and Scott doesn't really mind, noting that Tyler is on the other team anyways. Scott boos Dave when he's called safe at elimination. Scott doesn't miss Dawn when she's eliminated, saying "See you never, aura weirdo."

Mutant KingdomEdit

Scott wakes up and tells Duncan how glad he is that Dawn is eliminated. He notices that Duncan isn't really paying attention, and tells Brick that he's not about hanging out with guys anymore, criticizing Duncan for focusing more on Samey. Brick agrees while saying Duncan's been hanging out with Samey a lot. Scott criticizes Brick for saying something so obvious. Scott calls Duncan a loose cannon and that he misses the old days with Duncan. Scott is confused when Chris calls all of the contestants to the bonfire, but walks there. Lightning shows up from exile, but is way too hyper. Scott asks him to calm down while calling him "steroid striker." As Duncan hangs out with Samey, Scott criticizes him for being a "girl guy", thinking of Duncan's actions as slightly annoying. As Lindsay screams shockingly that Chris is on TV, while also hoping she's on TV in an excited manner, Scott agrees with her, not realizing the mistake they've made in what they're saying, as they're already on TV. Scott is so excited he gives a girlish scream. Scarlett defends Duncan from Scott's insults, saying it could damage Duncan's reputation, but Scott says to Scarlett that he's only having a bit of fun with Duncan and Duncan isn't listening to anyone anyways.

Chris is at the top of a cliff and demands that the contestants help him. Scott laughs at Chris, while asking him to say pretty please. When Tyler hears about the opportunity for immunity, he's determined to save Chris, confusing Scott, as he says in the confessional that he doesn't know whether Tyler wants to marry Lindsay or immunity in the future. When people team up, Scott puts his arm around Brick, pretending to be nice and calling him teammate, while asking that they go together. Lightning offers to join Scott and Brick, calling them "Team Men." Scott happily agrees, and is about to call Lightning and Brick suckers before he corrects himself. Brick tries to get Amy on his side, but Scott makes him not do so, as he mentions that Duncan messed up the guy pact, also noting that no girls are allowed. Brick reluctantly joins Scott and Lightning. Scott proposes a plan to Brick and Lightning that they should hide in bushes while the killer gets everyone else. Scott jumps in a bush, and gives a waving signal to Brick and Lightning to follow him. Brick worries about Amy, but Scott tells him to forget about the "dumb cheerleader", and also calls Brick a doofus. He whispers to the two of them to wait for everyone else to be out, before laughing menacingly. Lightning is happy to be in the bushes, and calls it a Toxic Rat Men Reunion. Scott agrees and fist-bumps Lightning. Brick offers a high-five also but Scott declines. Brick asks when they're leaving, but Scott reminds him they're not leaving until a load are gone. Scott agrees with Lightning when he says how funny it was for Jo to be captured, and calls Jo an idiot.

Scott falls asleep but is woken up by Brick and Lightning to move as some of the competition is ahead. Scott and his two fellow teammates walk slowly between bushes. Samey follows Scott's group for no real reason, and Scott tells her to go away as it's their hiding spot. Scott forgets about his plan and runs directly up the cliff as everyone else has their guard down. Scott comes up with a crazy idea and jumps into the water, with Samey following for no apparent reason. He calls Fang over, and teases him if he wants to eat him, angering Fang. As he enters Fang's mouth, he opens it and bounces up very high. He reaches for the cliff and grabs onto the edge, believing that he's won as he's close to Chris, but falls off the edge. Scott is annoyed when his team loses, and tells Chris he should be thankful for being tied up, and also calls him a loser host. Scott thinks that the challenge sucked. In the confessional, Scott notes that he's reluctantly voting off Duncan as he's ignorant towards everyone but Samey, who Scott calls a "weirdo cheerleader". Scott nearly throws up when he sees Amy and Brick hug. Seeing Duncan, he mentions how hard it was to see him be a girl guy. He even goes as far as to call Duncan dumber than him. Scott laughs at Alejandro and Dave when Dave hugs Alejandro, creeping Alejandro out. Scott then converses with Duncan again, bringing up how dissapointed he is in Duncan, asking where the guy who laughed at him giving wedgies to "that dweeb Cody." Scott grabs a marshmallow when he's called safe and eats it. Duncan and Lightning are in the Bottom 2 and Chris calls Duncan a screenhog. Scott defends Duncan and says that Chris is one to talk, and laughs at Chris, even when he glares. Scott waves at Duncan as he's catapulted.

Down, Down In My Awful MineEdit

Scott wakes up missing Duncan, staring at his empty bed and feels guilty about eliminating Duncan. At the challenge, as the teams enter a cave, Scott trips Sadie over on his way, and laughs at her pain as he enters the cave. However, he then trips over Beth and says "Watch where you're going, nerd." As the teams go in mine carriages together, Scott goes in one with Brick, Lightning, Amy, and Beth. Scott is eager to get minerals to bring back. Even though he dislikes Scarlett, he goes along with following her. He glares at Noah when Noah manages to get a crystal. As his team progress through the cave, Lightning has the idea to follow them, and Scott has faith in him and follows. They come across giant guinea pigs, who grab Scott, causing him to scream to be freed. However, the smell of his pits causes their grip to loosen, allowing Brick and Scarlett to successfully get Scott out of their grasp. Scarlett has the idea for Scott to follow the guinea pigs with his pits so he can scare them off to the location of the crystals. This plan manages to succeed when Scott chases all of them. His team find many crystals thanks to Scott and get back in their mine. Unfortunately, the other team arrives first and Scott's team loses. Scott votes off Amy, as he considered her completely useless throughout the show.

Be Safe and Don't Hit a Toxic WasteEdit

Scott yawns and scratches his butt before he gets out of bed. Scott facepalms himself when Lightning asks who wants to work out with him, very annoyed by Lightning. Scott is disgusted by Brick saying he wants to go to the bathroom, and shudders thinking about it. Scott is also disgusted by Dave randomly showing up on his team's cabin and going to the girls cabin to talk to Beth, and thinks of Dave as a weirdo. He says in the confessional that a day must be weird if even Brick and Dave creep him out. Scott prepares his knife and fork at the mess hall. He is saddened to learn that the challenge is another trivia one as he hates using his brains. At first, his team thinks one person has to sit out. Jo suggests Scott since he has no brains, but he argues against her, saying that "jockstrap" is even more of a "sha-idiot", referring to Lightning. Scott and Lightning argue over who should sit out with both saying that they've won trivia challenges in the past. Scott immediately grabs Scarlett and demands that she win, while calling her "nerd". Scott laughs at Noah when he arrives late to a challenge, saying that he's never been late for a challenge, forgetting about the one time he did.

Scott is happy when Jo gets the first point on her team and pats her on the back to congratulate her. Despite that, he mockingly says "Nice hustle, Joseph." In response, Jo twists Scott's hand and calls him "Scrappy", and he screams like a girl. After seeing Noah and Sadie laugh, Scott corrects his scream by pretending to scream in a more masculine fashion. He confusedly asks Noah and Sadie what exactly is so funny. Scott throws up when he sees the dish Alejandro must eat since he got a question wrong, and holds in leftover barf. He feels somewhat sympathetic towards Alejandro, noting that that's gotta hurt. As Scott watches Dave eat Alejandro's dish, he notes that Alejandro must be cheating since Dave ate it, and sarcastically thanks Dave, while calling him numbskull. Tyler gets a question wrong and Scott pats him on the back sympathetically. Hearing that Tyler must eat Chef's toenails, Scott barfs once again, even throwing up on Lightning's face accidentally. Chris gets disgusted by Scott throwing up and says that his family probably uses him as garbage. Hearing Chris' harsh insult, Scott holds in tears, and yells at Chris to shut up. Scott also yells that he's not garbage and he eats garbage, but stutters with these words.

Scott is slightly cheered up by Tyler accidentally spitting food into Dave's eye, calling it nice villainy. He's also cheered up by Samey, who defends him against Chris. Scott is shocked and thanks Samey. He also feels encouraged when she supportively says that they need their a-game. This encouragement makes Scott manage to get a point for his team. He wipes a tear when he thinks he may not be garbage after all. Eva yells at Scott to stop crying, and calls him an idiot, but Scott is more preoccupied by Scarlett saying she underestimated his intelligence, believing that she thinks he's dumb, but answers her in a redneck way. In the confessional, Scott says that Samey is weird. He notes that he normally hates "dumb cheerleaders" but respects her villainous qualities, while also respecting her defending him. However, he mentions that he hasn't had the best experience with cheerleaders, hinting that in his earlier years, he was attracted to one. Scott cheers when his team win and even high-fives Samey. He gets confused when Dave asks to be eliminated, calling Dave an idiot. At the Toxic Sharks elimination, Scott is worried when the Bottom 2 is Shawn and Tyler, saying that he likes Shawn's pit farting, but also likes Tyler's lovable idiocy that reminds him of himself, noting that he'll be sad if either go. As Shawn is announced eliminated, Scott farts his pits in a somber way, disgusting Eva.

Fun Zone 3.0Edit

Scott is just about to wake up but is startled by Chris speaking over a big screen, with Scott's ears hurting. Even though he's woken up in the Fun Zone, Scott snores while Chris speaks, not caring about listening to him. He is woken up when Chris yells at him, and also says that Scott and Alejandro are switching teams. Scott seems happy to be on Tyler's team and high-fives him. Tyler notes how happy he is that Scott is on his team for once. He runs with Tyler, and mentions that even though he hates sharks, he has to help out. Scott also notes how happy he is that he's not on a team of dummies anymore. Scott joins Noah and Tyler and Noah asks him if he can smell the ocean since he's used to acting like an animal. Scott confronts Noah about why he'd think that, but Noah is proven right when Scott smells like a dog. Tyler asks Scott to find the ocean but Scott shows both of them dirt that he sniffed for instead, and also mentions that dogs can't smell oceans. Noah waves a hand at Scott to find the ocean, treating Scott like a dog, and Scott surprisingly acts like one. However, he mistakes Noah's hand for a bone and bites it, causing Noah to scream.

Scott scratches his head when Staci is used in the challenge, asking how "chatterbox" can even help them. Scott laughs at Owen's violence of throwing Sadie over a wall, proud of Owen, and not too concerned about Sadie. Noah prepares a fire and asks if anyone has rocks. Scott reaches inside his pockets, and mentions that he carries dirt rocks all the time and throws them at Noah but accidentaly hits his face. Noah gets angry by Scott when he realizes the dirt rocks are useless, and glares at Scott. Scott gets shocked by Owen's skill at lighting the fire. Scott gets angry at his team losing the first part of the challenge, and mentions in the confessional that Dave is stupid and useless, and didn't help them out once, and votes Dave off. Scott thanks Tyler when he says that he hopes Scott is safe. Scott is happy when he's called safe and grabs a marshmallow to flick into his mouth. Scott high-fives Tyler when he's called safe.

Mutant See, Mutant DoEdit

Scott stretches out of his bed. He mentions how weird it is to not hear Lightning boasting about his "pretend" muscles. Hearing Tyler sigh, Scott asks what's wrong. Scott gets creeped out by Staci entering the guys cabin, and tells her she's not a guy. Hearing Tyler's answer about how guilty he is about Lindsay's elimination, Scott tries to cheer Tyler up by telling him to look on the bright side, loving his unpredictability, and saying "You're almost close to close to being as cool as I am with villainy." Tyler thanks him, but still feels guilty. Sadie randomly enters the guys cabin and calls Scott's villainy stupid. In response, he angrily calls her a stalker and demands that she get out. When she decides to leave him alone thanks to Staci, Scott thanks her, but still calls her "Weird twin." After Dave tells Scott to calm down, Scott confronts him and angrily tells him not to tell him what to do. Dave reminds Scott that their on the same team, but Scott is confused by his stupidity and density, asking what that has to do with anything, calling Dave a dork. In the confessional, Scott angrily says that he left a team of idiots, and he's now on another team of idiots. He calls Tyler cool, but thinks of Sadie, Staci, and Dave as weird, while also hating Noah's intelligence, also saying that nerds annoy him.

Scott is tripped by Sadie on his way to the challenge and falls into mud. She laughs at his misfortune and calls him a sucker. Tyler is worried about Scott and tries helping him out, but falls too. Samey assists Scott in being helped up but fails. Scott mentions that the mud is not even a delicacy. He is even able to tell the expiry date of it, saying it expired three days ago. Scott tries getting up but trips over Tyler's shoe, and crawls out, dragging Tyler out with him and helping him up. After the challenge is explained to be a water gun fight, Scott laughs that he knows who he's shooting, and prepares his gun, making others think that he's shooting someone. Dave and Tyler cheer for him, but Sadie isn't sure of Scott at all. Scott laughs at Lightning's insults towards Dave, saying he's missed them, but still calls Lightning annoying. Scott making others believe he was shooting causes Brick and Samey to try and shoot him. His blocking move prevented this, making the other two out. He calls both of them idiots, as he knew blocking would work. Scott fist-bumps Tyler after this successful plan. Scott then reminds Chris that he isn't garbage. Sadie is jealous of Scott's skill, and tells him to shut up, while he says the same to her. Scott mentions that he's going to crush the tiny squirrels.

While Dave supports his team, Scott reminds him he's out, while calling him a ninny. Dave orders Scott not to vote him off, but Scott glares at him, reminding him not to tell him what to do. After Scott learns that people can no longer block, he says that his "smartsy smart plan" has failed. Scott is then out though when he is shot by Eva, asking that his team avenge him. Scott mentions that if he loses, he knows exactly who he's voting for, referring to Dave. He says in the confessional that he'll vote the dumbest person on his team, being so serious that he even mentions that they're dumber than him, referring to Dave. Chris gets mad when the teams enter their boats but they blow up, but Scott asks Chris to calm down as it's just a "stupid boat." Sadie wants Dave eliminated, and Scott is one of the people who she asks to vote him off. Scott laughs at Lightning's insult towards Dave, saying that he should just admit that he wants to date Alejandro. Scott is happy when he's called safe. When Dave is eliminated, Scott pushes him right into the catapult violently, hinting that he voted him.

Samey-Bot's RevengeEdit

Scott relaxes in his cabin. When Tyler wakes up and accidentally greets Lindsay before realizing she is no longer present, Scott points this out and laughs at Tyler. However, Scott shows sympathy towards Tyler and pats him on the back. After Owen mentions how he had a crazy dream that someone is returning, Scott can smell his farts, bringing up how the only thing returning is Owen's farts, which Scott is shocked by. Scott then goes to the mess hall with his fellow team. Scott is happy to hear the news of the teams merging, as he hated being on a team with the word "Shark" in it, while he also likes working freestyle. Scott and Owen high-five when hearing about the merged teams. Eva gets so excited about the merge that she punches Scott's face, making him rub an injured cheek. After Chris announces that the challenge will be another trivia, Scott boos his lack of creativity. Brick doesn't like that there's another trivia challenge, and hopes for a physical one, showing his muscles. Scott sees them and laughs at Brick, not thinking they count for much, slightly angering Brick. Tyler misunderstands Scott, believing Scott is talking about real guns. Scott replies that he knows what Brick meant, and considers it very funny.

The challenge is interrupted by Samey-Bot appearing, who Scott gasps at the sight of. Scott reminds everyone who Samey-Bot is, while saying it's the robot that made him jump into Duncan's arms on one occasion. Scott corrects himself by saying he jumped in Duncan's arms to test his manliness. After Samey-Bot shows everyone the million dollars, Scott threatens her to give it to him, and calls her a punk, as he was very close the last time he competed. Scott attempts to reach his hands out to the screen to try and get the money, but to no avail. After Tyler pushes everyone out of the way so he can get the million dollars, Scott falls. While everyone wants to go and find Samey-Bot, Scott brings up how they don't even know where she is, and asks Chris what the plan is. Chris doesn't seem to care that Samey is kidnapped by Samey-Bot, but Scott reminds Chris that without them, he won't get a paycheck at the end of the season, while calling him a lame host. When everyone splits up, Scott immediately puts his arms around Brick and Lightning, before Brick is stolen by Jo, slightly annoying Scott. Scott and Lightning end up running together, and they run into a forest.

After Sadie is captured by Samey-Bot, Scott asks who really cares about her. He also asks Lightning if there's a plan. Lightning replies that he doesn't, and asks that they follow others, while asking what Scott thinks. Scott looks towards a cave, and points out how it looks very secluded, and also says to Lightning that if everyone else fails, they have better chances. While in the cave, Scott mentions that he did not find Samey-Bot, but points robot parts at Lightning, saying these could lead them to her. He sniffs the parts like a dog, and points towards a tree. The duo reach a tree, and Scott asks Lightning to give him a boost, while reluctantly saying that Lightning has strength. Lightning is about to, but hears Tyler scream, and points in his direction, noting that Samey-Bot could be back there. Scott compliments this idea from Lightning, while inadvertently mockingly calling him Einstein, before correcting himself and calling him Lightning, and follows him. Unfortunately, there is no robots in Lightning's suggested location, annoying Scott and making him sarcastically call Lightning "genius." Scott brings up in the confessional about how Lightning is making him look dumb, without realizing that he already is dumb.

Scott reminds Lightning of the clue he smelled in the trees, and both return to that location. Scott once again asks Lightning to give him a boost, and Lightning does. Scott sniffs a branch, and tracks more of Samey-Bot's whereabouts by pointing towards a river, and both progress further. When they finally reach the water, Scott realizes that it's way too deep, angering Lightning. Scott brings up the fact that they need something to cross deep water, and grins at Lightning, grabs him, and throws him into the water, barely floating. As Lightning screams, Scott asks that he hold still so that he can float on him. He tells Lightning to stop being a baby, while reminding him that it's deep water that can kill him. Scott splashes his hand in the water, and progresses in the challenge, while also saying that he has no idea where Samey-Bot could be. Scott sniffs another robotic part, and points at a cave, saying to Lightning how odd it is, and that it's a pretty good hiding spot for a robot. As Scott gets further, Lightning gets tired of him, and pushes him off, the two now struggling to swim. He calls Lightning a doofus, while saying that it will now take them longer. Scott swims onwards with Lightning. Angry, Scott swims forward with Lightning.

After they eventually reach a cave, Scott is disgusted and tells Lightning that he wasn't sniffing robot parts, but was sniffing Chef's metal toenail clippings, causing him and Lightning to both utter an "Ew". Annoyed, they decide to turn around. Scott laughs nervously at Lightning, asking that he forgive him for using him as a flotation device, but gives a nervous look at Lightning's evil grin. He is then thrown into the water by Lightning, and is used as a flotation device. Chris points out over the intercom how Samey-Bot has already been caught in the mine, confusing Scott, and making him ask what the "old man" is blabbering about. Scott is annoyed in realizing that him and Lightning have lost the challenge. In the confessional, Scott brings up how hard it was to choose who to vote. Scott laughs at Samey's misfortune in being Chris' intern, calling it priceless. He later votes off Jo, due to disliking her. He is dissapointed in hearing that Tyler has been eliminated. He points out how he'll miss Tyler and fist-bumps him. He asks Tyler to look on the bright side as he at least got to see Lindsay, and waves at Tyler when he is eliminated.

The Harder They Fall, The Easier They MutateEdit


Scott takes the Hurl of Shame.

After Brick mentions that Owen has a stinky burrito, Scott sniffs it and calls it "stinky, but not the good kind." After Brick asks Owen to clean his bed and calls him "dude", Scott laughs at Brick's wording, asking that he stop pretending to be cool. Hearing over the intercom by Samey to meet in the challenge area, Scott angrily brings up how the "stupid" cheerleader can't tell him what to do. Scott walks outside to the challenge. In the challenge, Scott is out for using the letter D after a contestant, and brings up how he just wanted to talk about dirt. When voting, Scott laughs menacingly, deciding to try and get rid of Beth. However, at elimination, Scott is confused when his name in votes is being called out. He glares at Eva, thinking that he knows who voted him, but Eva denies him, confusing Scott as to who voted him. Sadie doesn't seem to care when Scott is eliminated in the end, and reluctantly walks towards a catapult, confused about this elimination, not realizing it was the girls alliance that got rid of him, as Scarlett laughs menacingly.

Sleepless in AwkwanawawEdit

Alejandro briefly mentions Scott, saying how shocked he was that Scott was abruptly eliminated.

In Chris We Trust Edit

When Chris asks all of the eliminated contestants what they think of Staci, Scott calls her an "easy target for plucking." When Lindsay and Courtney fight each other, Scott grins at an entertaining "catfight." Then when Scott is asked about Jo, he is visibly still angry about her eliminating him, and says that that "man" is nothing but Scarlett's right hand b****. While Courtney continues to glare at Lindsay, Scott holds in a glare towards her, and talks to himself that she's always too sassy. When the trivia begins and the first round is about Jo, Scott groans and asks who cares. When everyone answers the question about Jo's placement in her third season and they all answer 12th, Scott simply says "what they said." When Courtney gets angry about not winning the challenge against Jasmine and throws a chair into the pool, Noah suggests she launch one on Scott, while Scott says that Courtney's a nut.

Toxic Battle for a Not So Toxic Prize Edit

As the eliminated contestants are all seen rooting for the finalists, Scott doesn't care too much, but chooses to cheer for Lightning, albeit in a not too cheerful of a manner. While Jo and Scarlett get mad over their eliminations, Scott points out how the two of them being gone was the best thing to ever happen in the season, while also saying "man-lady's" downfall was the best, referring to Jo. During the challenge, Scott points out how Lightning's an annoying weirdo, but he is slightly less annoying than Staci is. While Brick and Jo argue and Brick says how Jo could ever find a boyfriend, Scott is shocked by what Brick says and agrees with him, yet calls him "G.I. Idiot." Jo attempts to prove Brick wrong, and so grabs Scott and kisses him. He immediately pukes after this happens. Scott screams in agony about the disgust he feels, and calls it more disgusting than homemade dirt. When Owen farts during the challenge, Scott laughs at this.

Chris announces that each of the former mergers will use an axe as a rope to cut one of the finalists' knots. The first finalist to have 6 knots cut loses and the remaining one gets a point. Scott is announced to be going second. Scott thinks about who's rope to cut. He admits that "Muscle Head" is lame, but was an ally. Scott forgets who Staci is and cuts her rope. After Courtney says that Lightning shouldn't give up as there are still two more challenges, Scott agrees with her while calling her Ms. CIT, and asks the "jock" to get it together. When Courtney attempts to fight Lindsay, Scott pulls Courtney off, ordering her to stop. He brings up how even though Courtney is a "cold hearted, calculated, c.u.n....." before stopping himself from finishing his sentence, but continues by saying Courtney is better than this, and orders her to sit down and shut up.

Scott joins the rest of the eliminated contestants at the bottom of a cliff to watch Lightning and Staci compete. When Scott is announced to be in All-Stars along with Lightning and Beth, he disagrees with Lightning's statement that he'll win All-Stars, telling Lightning that he'll be the second out, like in the first All-Stars.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauty Edit

Scott enters the competition from a plane but is so afraid of the water below as he is traumatized from Fang that he ends up falling, wishing that he fell into anything but the water. Frightened, he clings onto Tyler's legs, accidentally calling Tyler "Mommy" to comfort himself.

At the bonfire, when Duncan converses with Cameron but his words come out the wrong way, Scott tells Duncan not to worry, as "Bubble boy" is too dumb to understand. when Anne Maria angrily tells Chris to tell the teams quickly, Scott agrees but calls her "Spraytan". Angered, Anne Maria assertively asks Scott why he's calling her that as her tan is real, warning him to watch his mouth. Scott isn't scared of her and asks what she could do to im, saying she'll probably just spray him, to which she does down his throat, making him cough, making her laugh that that's all that will ever go in his "fungus mouth". When he regains his breath, he tells Anne Maria that if he's fungus mouth that means he sprays fungus, telling her that the joke is on her, but she simply rolls her eyes at his idiocy.When Heather calls Alejandro "Al" and he yells at her not to call him that, Scott once again confrontingly asks Alejandro what's wrong with that name, making hog noises resembling his sister Alberta's, making Heather and Tyler laugh in confusion. Hearing the team he is on, Scott cheers and high-fives Sky, Tyler, Lightning, and Duncan. After Sky confusedly asks why Duncan is on Team Brawn as Cody knocked him out, Scott happily notes that he loves her mean side, but says "No offense" to Duncan too.

When the contestants reach the cliff, Scott sees Fang below and jumps into Lightning's arms in fear while shivering. Lightning pushes Scott off, and tells him to get off of him while calling him "farmer dude", adding that Scott will mess up his muscles, so Scott excuses himself by saying he was just testing Lightning. Still frightened, Scott attempts to give Samey a slight push and say "Ladies first" but accidentally causes her to fall. Anne Maria growls at Scott, telling him he pushed off one of her teammates for no reason, calling him an ass and not realizing it was an accident. Scott doesn't notice that he indeed did push her off as he refuses to look down, defensively saying that he didn't push Samey, and makes the excuse of "Ladies first", sarcastically excusing himself for being kind. He then criticizes Anne Maria, teasingly asking if she hasn't had enough education while calling her "jersey". Scott raises his hand for his team to push the carriage in the challenge, giving the reasoning that if he were to jump, he'd only slow down the team, as he cannot be near that "big tooth shark", and would rather push a carriage. Tyler agrees with this, as does Katie.

Tyler dives first and tries to jump into the carriage but falls on his head, yet still enthusiastically cheers for Scott to push. On their way, Tyler rubs his head, noting that it was a hard fall but cheers for Scott to keep going. Scott assures Tyler that he's fine and he shouldn't worry as they are both nearly at the hotel. Scott suddenly hears Duncan screaming for Scott to push Tyler faster, and compliments Duncan's loud voice. Tyler agrees but then goes on to ask Scott if he wants to form an alliance with him. Scott is caught off guard but trusts Tyler and agrees. Once they reach the hotel, Scott asks Tyler what number he's got. Tyler had 26 and Scott asks him to wait there while he goes back for Duncan, who is still ordering Scott to come back for him. Scott reaches Duncan and says they should go. Tyler can be heard from a long distance cheering for Scott and Duncan. When they both reach the hotel, Scott angrily wonders when their team can use the numbers.

Scott returns to the cliff and Chris asks him and others to fetch their numbers. Scott is confused and says that he was a puller, calling Chris "Botox McLean". He also tells Noah not to get a number as he was a puller, calling him stupid, and also saying that he wasn't too fast. Angered, Chris yells at Scott that he's an idiot and needs to get a number now. Scott argues back at Chris that he isn't an idiot, but is so tired from all the running that he mispronounces idiot and says "idiati". Scott refuses to dive into water so picks out a cueball from the trash with the number 2 on it. Scott's team tie with the Beauty team, causing Scott to cheer. Meanwhile, Heather worries that she needs to be nicer to be trusted more so desperately tells Scott that he has nice pants. He confusedly thanks her, but mutters that she's a weirdo. Scott notices Sky walking to her cabin and sighing. He curiously asks Sky what's wrong. Sky replies miserably that Duncan cheated on her and isn't sorry, sobbing while she speaks. Scott pats Sky's back in a comforting manner, saying "There there", and reassures her by saying that his papa always told him that he shouldn't worry about other genders, because they're not perfect like him, but laughs a little and says that he obviously isn't perfect, but he asks Sky if she catches his drift. This compliment that gives him confidence also gives Sky confidence and laughs, telling him that she understands and adds that he always knows when to say the right thing. He says "No problem" and pats Sky on the back. In the confessional, he arrogantly makes fun of those who say that "Scott-y boy" is dumb. Scott politely leaves Duncan and Sky to talk in private.

When Noah is eliminated, Scott happily says "Bye weakoah!" Seeing Noah in the toilet, Scott cites it as "too rich".

The Returning Record Holders Edit

Scott stretches in his bed and says to his fellow male Brawn members how glad he is that Noah is gone, calling him a loser. Scott notices that Lightning is doing push ups, causing him to facepalm and ask why Lightning would do them before breakfast. Scott then proceeds to gobble down eggs.

Scott is happy to hear that the challenge is in a theater, rubbing his hands and telling Tyler that he once entered an audition in a theatre once but was told he wasn't soapy enough, unaware of what that means, nor does Tyler. Scott jumps to Lightning's defense when the mind controlled Sadie calls him a waste of protein, making him call Sadie a waste of a contestant. Scott remembers all of a sudden that the last time he performed on a podium was with Sugar, sighing sadly. Scott gives Tyler a thumbs up when he tries to make Duncan calm down. Scott is stuck for ideas and asks Duncan if he has any since he has acting experience, but Duncan is too concentrated on flaring at the rest of his team. Scott disregards Lightning's autobiography idea about himself, asking who would care about Lightning's life.

In his team's performance, Scott is wearing a "Chris and Chef is the Best" t-shirt. Scott starts a chant, chanting that Chris is his and his team's lives, saying that he loves Chris and bows. His team carry on from what he said, but only earn a measly 8.5 score. Chef is disgusted with Team Beauty's performance and pukes on Scott, leaving him speechless. At the elimination ceremony, despite Duncan costing his team the challenge, Scott remains loyal to him and votes off Katie alongside him, but it isn't enough to save Duncan.

The Rake-age Edit


Total Drama Returns to the Island

Total Drama Wild West

Total Drama Around the World

Total Drama Toxic Brawl

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2

Total Drama Back in Action

Voting HistoryEdit

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Scott's Voting History
Episode Scott's
Voted Against
1 Dave -
2 Killer Beavers Immune
3 Leshawna Leshawna
4 Killer Beavers Immune
5 Cody Cameron, Cody,
Courtney, Duncan, Sky
Voted Off, Day 15
Voted For

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

Scott's Voting History
Episode Scott's
Voted Against
1 Poisonous Pythons Immune
2 Ezekiel Jo
3 Ezekiel -
4 Poisonous Pythons Immune
5 Sierra -
6 Ella -
7 Jo -
8 Noah Katie
Dakota -
9 Lindsay -
10 Sky Katie,
Lindsay, Samey
11 Samey Katie,
Lindsay, Samey
12 Katie Individual Immunity
13 Ineligible -
14 Lost Challenge
15 Lost Winner Challenge
Runner-Up, Day 45

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

Scott's Voting History
Episode Scott's
Voted Against
1 Beardo -
2 Cody -
3 Mutant Laser Squirrels Immune
4 Courtney -
5 Mutant Laser Squirrels Immune
6 Duncan -
7 Amy -
8 Mutant Laser Squirrels Immune
9 Dave -
10 Dave -
11 Jo -
12 Beth Beth, Brick, Eva, Jo,
Noah, Owen, Scarlett, Staci
Voted Off, Day 36

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Scott's Voting History
Episode Scott's
Voted Against
1 Team Brawns Immune
2 Katie -
3 Team Brawns Immune
4 Team Brawns Immune
5 Team Brawns Immune
6 Team Brawns Immune
7 Katie Anne Maria, Katie,
Sadie, Sky
Voted Off, Day 21


Statistics of Scott
Seasons competed 4
Total number of days 96
Challenge Wins
Team wins 7
Individual wins 2
Total 9
Elimination Ceremony
Total votes received 14
Boney Island
Times exiled 0



  • Rodney and Scott are the second pair of contestants to be related.
    • Amy and Samey are the first.
  • He, along with Harold have placed twelfth more than once.
    • Ironically, he and Harold are both redheads.





Scott's team's first elimination ceremony


Scott arrives to his second season.


Scott chooses his team


Scott shocked at Courtney's elimination


Scott mad at Courtney being eliminated

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Tdicampsaward This character was 2nd the "Best Male" award in the roleplaying awards.

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