Screaming Ducks
Number of members 8
Highest ranking member Tyler, 3rd place
Lowest ranking member Samey, 15th place
Advanced to Season 2 5
Advanced to Season 4 6
Advanced to Season 5 6
Team selected by DestructiveMilkshake

The Screaming Ducks is one of two opposing teams competing on Total Drama Returns to the Island. The Screaming Ducks consists of

  1. TDPIScarlett as Heather
  2. MikeyRocks as Scarlett
  3. TDIFan909 as Dawn
  4. Marialuisa.hernandez.3760 as Samey
  5. TylerWebkinzFan as Lindsay
  6. TDWT: Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles as Gwen
  7. King Flurry51 as Noah
  8. LlewellynIsAwesome! as Tyler


In Trials and Triva-lations, the Screaming Ducks were created by Chef Hatchet, as he shouts for Heather, Scarlett, Dawn, Samey, Lindsay, Gwen, Noah, and Tyler to get into their teams! During the first challenge, led by Noah and Tyler, the team immediately takes the control of the game and wins 4-0 against the Killer Beavers. Later everyone watches at the first elimination ceremony of the Beavers, with the majority of the team hoping for Dave to be eliminated.

In Volleybrawl, the Screaming Ducks aren't able to exploit their number superiority because the challenge is a 1 vs 1 and the arrows of luck are more on the Beavers then the Ducks.The defeat breaks the team into two alliances focusing around Tyler, that can count on Noah and Scarlett and Samey, that is friend with Lindsay and Dawn:the first nomination of the team put Samey out of the competition.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, there's a bit of mess in both the teams, especially the Ducks, where some members give no help or are away for reasons.The Killer Beavers seems more prompt to reach the victory than the Ducks are, also the host keeps to create confusion giving no fair points, a thing that makes Noah and Dawn to cooperate for a complaint, meanwhile the competition goes on.It's an head to head 2-3 for the Ducks when all of sudden Chef picks Noah from the Ducks and Cody from the Beavers and decides for a final match:who wins automatically leads to the victory his companions. Noah isn't exactly enthusiast about that, but Tyler and the others cheer on him so much that by using his IQ Noah guesses the closer number and WINS. This seems to have brought harmony again in the team...




Screaming Ducks eliminations
Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Samey Female 15th 8th Volleybrawl She did nothing to participate in the challenge.
Dawn Female 13th 7th All Aboard the Cuckoo Train Tyler didn't like her so he convinced his alliance to vote for her.
Scarlett Female 11th 6th Relay Feeling Speed Fast As for being the smartest on the team, the Screaming Ducks depended on her, but she barely said a word.
Heather Female 10th 5th The Super Wi-Fi Spies She was the only one who didn't participate in the challenge.
Lindsay Female 9th 4th Puzzle Riot After winning the last challenge, people saw her as a threat.
Gwen Female 7th 3rd Korean Teaching or Learning She was another victim of the same alliance that Courtney was eliminated by.
Noah Male 5th 2nd Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze He was seen as a huge threat in the game, as he has won three past challenges in a row.
Tyler Male 3rd 1st Final Four Face Off! He was seen as a huge threat in the final two, so Cameron chose Sky to take to the final two instead.



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