Screaming Ducks Alliance
Season Total Drama Returns to the Island
Founder Noah & Tyler
Members Remained Loyal:
Noah (Ep.1) - (Ep.11)
Gwen (Ep.1) - (Ep.9)
Lindsay (Ep.5) - (Ep.8)
Heather (Ep.1) - (Ep.7)
Scarlett (Ep.1) - (Ep.6)
Tyler (Ep.1) - (Ep.7)
Enemies Samey-Bot
Killer Beavers Alliance
Lowest Placing Member Scarlett (11/16)
Highest Placing Member Tyler (3/16)

The Screaming Ducks Alliance is an alliance created in Total Drama Returns to the Island.


The alliance is formed by new found friends, Noah and Tyler in the first episode of the season with Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, and Scarlett to form the majority on their team, however, Lindsay had also form a tight alliance with outsiders Dawn and "Samey" and didn't officially ally with them.

After their first lost in the second immunity, the alliance agreed in unison that "Samey" needed to go since she was extremely silent and barely contributed in challenges. At the elimination ceremony, every member of the alliance except Lindsay voted against their intended target and in the end, the alliance had their first successful elimination, sending "Samey" to the Arrow of Shame. After a shocking bottom two at the previous elimination ceremony, Tyler was very restless as he could not sleep. He was assured by everyone that they did not vote him off but Tyler does not know who to trust, and just chooses to assume that Samey voted him off. Dawn soon was eliminated next after she "killed' the wrong person in the fourth challenge of the season, losing the challenge, and angering the alliance.

Throughout the sixth episode, Scarlett was seen very angry and always making angry noises. This eventually led to Lindsay joining the alliance and the lost in the immunity challenge. At the elimination ceremony, a tie occurred between Lindsay and Scarlett surprising many. Despite Scarlett being far more smarter than her opponent, she was eliminated at the tiebreaker for being too silent. The merge soon arrived and the alliance initially agreed to say intact, however Tyler flipped to their rivals and joined them. Although two members of the alliance won the challenge, the majority alliance targeted Heather. The alliance agreed to vote out Cameron for being a threat but at the elimination ceremony, they failed to vote together and Heather was eliminated in a 6-2-1-1 vote.

The alliance completely crumbles in episode eight as Noah had began targeting Lindsay for becoming a physical threat. Before the elimination ceremony, Noah convinced Gwen to join him and Tyler manipulated his new alliance into splitting the votes between their own member, Courtney, Gwen and Lindsay. At the elimination ceremony, Lindsay was successfully blindsided in a shocking 4-2-2-1 vote. At the next episode, Gwen quickly followed next with two votes along with Courtney. After Cody's oust in episode ten, Noah was then eliminated at the final five for being too much of a threat.



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