Duncan you won! Now we're both millionaires!
— Sky
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Killer Beavers
Lethal Lizards
Team Brawns
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDWW: The Magnificent 8 Cowboys
TDAST2: Opposites The Way
Place TDRI: 1st
TDWW: 8th
TDAST2: 3rd
TDAN: 8th
Friends Cameron, Cody, Dave Scott and Tyler
Relationship Duncan (broken up) Cody (one-sided attraction on Cody's side), Alejandro (attracted to)
Enemies Chris, Courtney, Noah, Samey, and Heather
Alliance(s) Killer Beavers Alliance
Brawns Alliance
Unidade Alliance
Voiced by Sarah Podemski
Roleplayer SkyFanTD

Sky, labeled The Athlete, was a camper and finalist on Total Drama Returns to the Island, as a member of the Killer Beavers. Sky is a contestant on Total Drama Wild West, as a member of the Lethal Lizards. She later returns for Total Drama All-Stars Take 2 as a member of Team Brawns. In Total Drama Amazonian Nightmare she returns to compete on Unidade.


Sky is an aspiring Olympian whose sights are firmly set on winning the game. Although Sky is not opposed to forming friendships along the way, she doesn't want them to get in between her and victory. Sky is a natural team player, a leader when need be, and strives to see the best in people. She can be encouraging and will give advice to those who require it. A true white knight who plays by the book with a strong sense of good sportsmanship to match, Sky easily gets along with most of the other contestants. However, she firmly, and sometimes aggressively, states that she is against anyone who exhibits foul play. She also faces difficulty when her nerves and emotions get the better of her and cloud her judgement.

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Its Sky and Scott

Sky, along with Scott arrives to the island.

Sky is brought back to compete again Total Drama Returns to the Island, as a member of the Killer Beavers. Sky is even more determined to win the season, where she ultimately starts forming friendships on her team. This leads to her creating one of the first alliances of the season. However, Sky does form a few enemies, especially with Dave who has seemed to come to hate Sky more. During the first challenge, Sky ends up being one of the only members of her team to score a point, but this was not enough to win the challenge. Dave soon starts to scramble by asking everyone to vote off Cameron, however because of her great relationship with Cameron, Sky gets her new alliance to target Dave, with the help of her new friend Tyler who had suggested to boot Dave first.

In the next episode, Sky's bonds with Cameron and Duncan become stronger. Even though Sky did not score for her team in the episode, she displayed her great sportsmanship by cheering on her fellow teammates. The Killer Beavers win their first challenge and Sky bonds with her team after the challenge. Sky's alliance already starts to discuss who they should eliminate the next chance they get, all agreeing on Leshawna.

In Starting Off on Humble Beginnings, Sky isn't seen doing much, however she does score the first point for her team during the challenge by guessing the correct number that Chef was thinking. However, because of the poor performance given by the rest of her team and the disappearance of Leshawna, the Killer Beavers lose the challenge. This leads to her alliance eliminating Leshawna at the end of the episode.


Duncan and Sky are talking strategy after they formed an alliance together.

After Chris returned to the show in All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, after being previously absent for three episodes, Sky and the rest of the cast is disappointed that he is back. During the challenge, Sky and some other contestants argue with Chris about not liking the idea of the challenge, being to "kill" other contestants. When the murder mystery challenge begins Sky is pronounced as the first killer on the Killer Beavers, and "kills" the correct killer on the Screaming Ducks, earning her team their first point of the game. Her team ends up gaining many more points after, winning the challenge in return. As a reward, her team was given candy, to which her and Cody are seen digging into the candy straight away. Sky approaches Tyler to join her alliance on her team, which Tyler agrees to. Tyler states that he joined her alliance as a back-up plan if his alliance does not prevail.


Sky and the Killer Beavers vote out Scott.

Sky is seen happy that Cameron has returned after being sick in Topple on the Luck Players. Scott starts to become annoyed with his team not being very involved in the challenge, which also started Sky to be annoyed by him as well. As their team loses another challenge, Scott tries to convince his teammates to vote off Cody, as he has been very bad at the challenges lately. However, Sky decides to keep Cody instead, and rather gets her alliance to blindside Scott at the elimination ceremony.

As Sky wakes up, she feels extremely tired and upset about what she did to Scott in the previous episode. However, in the challenge her mind is taken off Scott, as Cameron singe-handedly dominates the challenge and scores every point, ultimately winning the challenge. When Lindsay is declared eliminated, Sky is seen extremely shocked and upset that her friend was eliminated. However, she is pleased when Scarlett is rather eliminated instead.

Sky merges with the rest of the remaning cast in The Super Wi-Fi Spies. This leads to Sky forming more stronger bonds with other contestants, such as Gwen and Lindsay. Along with everyone else, Sky is put to sleep by Chris, with him and his fellow contestants waking up in an odd cave. Sky at first does really well, but ties in third along with Tyler, where Lindsay and Noah won immunity instead. Although Sky is disappointed in her loss, she congratulates the winners. Because Tyler is starting to doubt his alliance with Heather, this leads him to convince everyone, including Sky to vote her off at the elimination ceremony.

In the following episode, Duncan and Sky start to become more attracted towards each other, and both of them have decided along with Cameron, Cody and Courtney that Lindsay and Noah need to be eliminated as soon as possible. During the challenge, the contestants are needed to cation pictures with funny remarks. Sky feels awful for Cameron when she and the cast has to cation a pictures of his mother. Despite her valiant attempts, Sky is unable to win the challenge, losing to Noah once again. Sky gains her alliance into eliminating Lindsay, while Tyler does the same thing with Noah. However both leaders vote off someone else (Courtney and Gwen) in order to not have any blood on their hands.


Gwen and Sky end up in the bottom two, with Gwen ending up being eliminated.

Sky isn't seen doing much in the challenge during Korean Teaching or Learning, but is convinced by the winners of the challenge, Cameron, Noah and Tyler that Courtney and Gwen need to be eliminated. She ends up going allong with their plan, eliminating Courtney first as a blindside. In the following elimination, it comes down to Gwen and Sky in the bottom two, with Gwen being eliminated much to Sky's relief.

After Tyler learns about Cody's plans on eliminating him from Duncan, Tyler is able to convince Sky and everyone else to turn the tables and eliminate Cody instead. However, even though Sky and everyone else tried extremely hard in the challenge, Cody ultimately won. But in a shocking twist, he has to give up his immunity to someone else, giving it to Sky. Now that Sky has immunity, she and everyone else blindsides Cody at the elimination ceremony.

In Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze, Sky does not do well in the challenge, but to her joy, Duncan wins the challenge instead. Because Noah and Tyler are the last two remaining Screaming Duck members, Sky gets her alliance with Cameron and Duncan to eliminate Noah, being the bigger threat in the game. However, Sky is approached by both Noah and Tyler at various times, who are trying to convince her to rather eliminate Cameron, who they consider the bigger threat, social game wise and challenge threat wise. However, Sky chooses to eliminate Noah instead, keeping to her deal with Cameron from the beginning of the season.


Cameron decides to eliminate Tyler over Sky, considering him a bigger threat compared to Sky.

Sky is seen extremely happy that he has made the final four in Final Four Face Off! However, is seen becoming worried as Cameron and Tyler take the early big lead during the challenge, with Duncan and Sky falling far behind in the challenge. Duncan ends up quiting because Chris had told them that whoever came last in the challenge would be auto-matically eliminated. Sky is seen devastated about this, and tries her best to catch up to Cameron and Tyler, but to no avail.

Sky wins the season.

Cameron ends up winning by one point. Cameron has to decide between Sky and Tyler to take to the finale, but due to everyone on the jury rooting for Tyler, Cameron choose to keep Sky and eliminate Tyler.

In the finale, Chris reveals to Sky and Cameron that the eliminated contestants will vote for the winner. Chris lies and tells the finalists that the votes are 7-7, but he reveals to them shortly after that Sky actually won by a vote of 12-2. Before Sky celebrates she apologizes to Courtney and Scott for eliminating them. Courtney forgives Sky, but Scott and Sky's conflict become more stronger. Sky and the Total Drama Returns to the Island cast celebrate her victory on the island.

Total Drama Wild West Edit

A Wild Western IntroductionEdit


Sky is competing on Season 2.

The episode starts with Chris announcing there will be a season 2 of Total Drama Role-play. He also announces that the winner and runner up will choose the teams. However, Cameron does not compete a Scott bribed Cameron with money to be the captain. Sky and Scott choose the teams and the challenge begins. Sky chooses Duncan, Tyler Cody, Lindsay, Samey, Dave, Noah, and Dakota to be on her team. Duncan takes over the captain role, and contributes greatly to the challenge. Unfortunately the Lizards lose 9-8 in a close game. Sky suggests that the alliance votes out Dave, but Tyler confesses that he will vote Duncan, one of his alliance members, so he could put Noah in a false sense of confidence. Chris announces that all of the contestants are safe except Duncan, Samey, and Dave. Tyler and Sky high five because they are safe, but Sky is concerned that Duncan will be eliminated. When he is pronounced safe she hugs him, and says in the confessional it was just a friend hug. Dave is eliminated, and Sky apologizes for voting him out.

Dancing With CowboysEdit


The Lizards celebrate after their first victory.

After the last challenge Sky realizes that she has to step up her game in order to lead the Lizards to their first win. Chris calls the contestants over and tells them that the challenge is a musical one. The competitors will have to come up with a four line country song that rhymes. Sky writes her song in 5 minutes, and receives a 9/10 for her work when up against Scott. Fellow teammates cheer her on as she gets the point, but Scott thinks that she doesn't deserve to win. Duncan goes up next against Katie, and ties for the 2nd point for the Lizards. Noah earns the last point of the challenge and wins the game for the Lizards. Right before the Lizards are announced victorious Sky trips and falls on top of Duncan. When all of the other contestants are shocked and tease her over it, she swears that it was an accident. On the Pythons way to their elimination ceremony, Sky walks over to Scott and tries to wish him luck, but accidentally trips on a snake that sticks to Scott's face, causing him to scream in agony and be sure that Sky did that on purpose. She swears to him that she didn't, but he ignores her and storms off. Sky and the other Lizards head over to watch the Pythons elimination ceremony. Ezekiel is in the bottom 2, and in a dramatic surprise Courtney is eliminated. Sky waves goodbye to her former friend, and heads back to the cabins.

3:10 to the Horse of LosersEdit

Noah and Sky

Sky denies liking Duncan.

Before the challenge begins Sky talks in the confessional about how she has no feelings for Duncan, but then calls him cute and attempts to delete the confessional. The challenge is a hide and go seek challenge. Duncan loses the first point for the team, but Sky assures him that it's okay. Sky then scores the next point and just as she is about to ask Duncan something she trips and falls in his arms. She starts to blush, but asks quickly to be put down. Duncan talks in the confessional about how he knows how Sky is all over him. Consequently in the confessional Sky denies that she tripped on purpose. The challenge continues and the Lizards continue to score points leading to the first back to back team win in role play history. Sky high fives Tyler and Duncan, and the Lizards decide to head over to the elimination ceremony.

Western Tough for the Polocrossie Edit


Sky votes out Samey.

Sky wakes up and greets the other contestants before the challenge. She states that she has something very important to tell Duncan, and then she burps right in his face. Sky apologizes quickly and tells him that it only happens when she is nervous. The other contestants playfully tease her by saying she's nervous because she likes him, but she denies this and moves along. Before the challenge, Scott talks smack to Sky, and Sky says in the confessional that she wants to talk it back to Scott, but she didn't want to further strain their conflict. Sky and the Lizards try their best to win the challenge, however, Ezekiel scores the game winning point to send the Lizards to the elimination ceremony. Sky approaches Duncan once more, and burps on his face again. Duncan is disgusted, but tells Sky that it is okay. Sky tells a few of her friends to vote out Samey. In a surprise twist, Tyler takes the Horse of Shame. Sky and the Lizards are shocked and Sky waves goodbye to him before he is eliminated.

The Root'nous Toot'nous LudicrousEdit


Samey tells Sky that she thinks Duncan is cute.

Sky steps out of the girl's cabin, and immediately thinks of Tyler's elimination. Duncan sees this, and puts his arm around her, cheering her up. Heather tells Duncan and Sky to just make out. Sky ignores Heather and heads to the challenge. On the bright side Sky begins to talk to the actual Samey about Duncan. Samey says that Duncan is cute, and Sky immediately says back off. Fortunately for Sky, Samey does not hear this. Sky also confesses her crush on Duncan to Samey, but Samey misunderstands Sky and does not hear exactly what Sky tells her. Chris calls the contestants over for the inverse trivia challenge. Sky scores a few points in the beginning, her teammates cheer her on when she scores the points. Sky scores the final point for the Lizards giving them the win. Sky talks in the confessional about how great it feels to be the main reason her team won the challenge.

The Wild Bunch of LosersEdit


Sky burps in Duncan's face.

The episode starts with Sky greeting Lindsay as she wakes up. Sky notices Samey talking to Duncan, but ignores it at first. Before the challenge starts Sky wishes Scott good luck. Scott, in response, wishes bad luck. In the confessional Sky states that she thought that Scott was just about to forgive her. During the challenge Sky begins to take interest in Samey's constant conversation with Duncan. Sky loses her first portion of the challenge, but Lindsay assures her that she wouldn't vote her out. Sky approaches Duncan, but burps in his face once more. Samey is disgusted by this, but Sky later tells Samey it happens when she is nervous. The score is tied 2-2, and it is Sky vs. Scott in the final challenge. Sky wins the challenge by guessing the sentence "Chris is handsome and talented." Sky tries to apologize for defeating Scott, and wishes him luck in the elimination ceremony. Scott tells her he doesn't need her apology.

Serpent Showdown Edit


Duncan and Sky find a snake.

Sky greets Dakota and the others as she gets out of bed. She leaves the cabin and wishes Scott good luck in the challenge. Sky states in the confessional that she has to put her feelings for Duncan aside, and focus on winning the challenge. The challenge is a character quote guessing game. Sky excels in the beginning, and continues her success throughout the whole challenge. She would score 7 of the 9 points her team got right. Her teammates would cheer her on, and thank her for giving them an advantage in the next portion of the challenge. Sky talks in the confessional about Samey's excessive talking to Duncan during the challenge, and then states that she doesn't care. She partners up with Duncan for the second part of the challenge, and they both find a snake and return the venom to Chris. The two are the first done on the Lizards, and the rest of the Lizards finish the challenge before the Pythons. Chris announces the Lizards victorious, and the team heads to watch the elimination ceremony.

Red Dead MergitonEdit


Season Two Mergers.

Chris calls the contestants over for an important announcement. The two teams head over to Chris, to find out there will be no more teams. Sky and the others celebrate being mergers. Chris pairs the contestants up into twos to perform a skit, except Sky's group which is a group of 3. The three are assigned a love story, and create one about competing for Duncan's love. When the three performed the skit for the audience many people loved it. However, Tyler believed that the skit was unfinished so he gave the 3 a 7/10. This would cause the three to place 2nd, and also be up for elimination. Sky told all the others to eliminate Noah because he was planning on voting her out. Not surprisingly Sky and Noah would end up on the bottom 2, Noah is eliminated and Sky is relieved. For the second part Sky warns the others to vote out Dakota because she was also responsible for voting her, the others agreed and Dakota is eliminated.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Nine of Us!Edit


Duncan and Sky share their first kiss.

The episode starts with Sky being relieved for being safe from the previous night. The contestants are given five minutes to prepare for a talent show. Just before Sky is about to go up, Heather reveals her talent. She reads Sky's diary and specifically focuses on the parts about Duncan. Sky blushes and tears up, and Duncan tells her he knew that she liked him. Sky blushed and in the next moment Duncan kisses her. Sky kisses back, and in the confessional excitedly says that she loved the kiss. She also punches Scott in the gut for calling Heathers talent creative. She later apologizes and states that she did it out of rage and adrenaline. When she apologizes she steps on a stage light that falls on Scotts head. Scott is infuriated with Sky and insists she did it on purpose, Sky sighs and tells him it was an accident. At the elimination ceremony when Duncan and Sky were announced safe the two hugged. Lindsay is eliminated, but Sky tells Chris the votes were even and Lindsay defeats Heather in the tiebreaker the two are happy and the episode ends.

The Magnificent 8 CowboysEdit


Sky is eliminated.

Sky greets Lindsay and the other girls as she wakes up and daydreams about Duncan. She goes outside to see if Duncan is out there but he is talking to Scott. Chris calls the contestants over and announces that the challenge is a trust challenge. He pairs Sky up with Samey, and the two are the first done with the first trust fall challenge. In the second challenge Sky trusts Samey to not poison her with a snake, she feeds it to Sky and it is delicious. In the final part Chris merges the mini teams and the four remaining contestants must search for Fang and bring him back to Chris. Samey is the first to do so, and wins immunity. Samey chooses Duncan as the person to share immunity with. Sky is left jealous, but quickly tells the other contestants to vote out Sugar. Sugar finds out about this and convinces people to eliminate Sky. Sky and Scott are on the bottom, and Scott would be declared eliminated. Sky is shocked, but decides that now would be the perfect time to prove that she is sorry for eliminating Scott season 1. Sky decides to quit the competition which shocks the others including Scott. Before she leaves she runs up to Katie and Lindsay, and hugs the two goodbye. She also kisses Duncan for the second time.

Aftermath: The UnlimitedEdit


Sky eliminates Cody from the competition.

The episode starts with Blaineley interviewing the contestants about their time on the show. She asks Sky about how it felt to quit for someone who continuously aggravated her, and annoyed many of the other contestants. Sky tells Blaineley that she forgives Scott for his actions, and it was no trouble sacrificing her place in the game for Scott. After Blaineley finishes interviewing Sky and the other contestants she explains the 5 round challenge. The winner of the challenge chooses who will leave the competition. Heather and Sky are the first two to reach two points each. Sky congratulates Heather, and she tells Sky she doesn't speak to losers. Sky ignores her remark and continues with the challenge; Heather is the first to score four points. However, Heather forfeits the challenge because due to unknown reasons. Sky is happy because she still has a chance at eliminating Lindsay. Sky scores the next 3 points to win the challenge. Before Sky decides who she will eliminate, all of the other contestants remark at how obvious her pick will be. At that moment Sky realizes that friendship is more important then returning the favor, so instead she decides to eliminate Cody from the competition.

Three EnemigosEdit


Sky and the other helpers for the final 3 challenge.

Chris reveals Sky Sugar and Tyler as the three helpers to choose from. Duncan chooses Sky first, Lindsay chooses Tyler, and Scott chooses Sugar. Chris reveals there is a twist, and randomly mixes up the helpers. Now Sky is paired up with Scott. After 27 rounds the team with the most points wins immunity for the finalist. Sky is happy for Duncan when his team has the lead, but does not want to cost Scott a chance at the finale. After seven rounds Sky and Scott are still scoreless, and she apologizes to him, but he assures her it's fine. After 20 rounds the score is 8-8-6, Sky and Scott had climbed back into the competition and were tied for 1st. After 27 rounds the score is 11-10-6, Sky apologizes to Scott for not winning immumity, Sky watches as Scott and Lindsay battle for the last spot. She wishes the two luck, and sits down with the rest of the eliminated contestants. When Scott wins the tiebreaker chris announces to all the contestants including Sky that the tiebreaker will take place next episode.

The Final FinaléEdit


Duncan wins Total drama, Sky congratulates him.

Lindsay and Scott battle for the final spot in the final two, and in a blowout Scott destroys Lindsay. Sky cheers on the two finalists, Duncan and Scott. Before the challenge starts Sky kisses Duncan for good luck. When Duncan scores the first 2 points Sky and the other Duncan supporters are excited. In the confessional Sky states that she really hopes Duncan wins the season. Sky and the others watch intently to see who would win the challenge. The score was 4-3 in Duncan's favor, and Sky told him he needed one more to win. Duncan scores the next point and wins Total Drama. Sky runs up and hugs him, and states that they are both millionaires now. Chris tells the contestants that they will not be competing on the third season, which would be a musical. Sky is relieved, but still has the desire to compete.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit

The Big AppleEdit


Sky kindly rejects Alejandro.

Sky is introduced in a baby stroller as well as Cody, Gwen, and Scott. In her confessional she seems upset to be back on the show, especially because she is not competing. She asks Chris if they will be in the strollers the whole time, and Chris Informs her that she will be in the stroller for the challenge. Sky briefly chats with Scott and then lies back in the stroller. Sky is paired up with Alejandro and Geoff for the challenge, and she is shocked when Alejandro compliments her on her beauty, but she quickly tells him she has a boyfriend. I'm her confessional she says that Alejandro is cute, but she is taken by Duncan and not interested. He compliments her again as they are running to the challenge area, she does not respond but smiles after she is complimented. Sky guesses Korean torture as the word for the challenge, but Chris tells her she is incorrect. She also gets the second incorrect because she mispronounced the word. She apologizes to Geoff, but he tells her to not worry about it.

Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive ReunionsEdit


Sky in Celebrity Manhunt.

Sky reveals to the audience that after Total Drama Returns to the Island, she decided to open a fitness gym. She also introduces Tyler and Jo as the personal trainers of the gym. When Blaineley asks about Duncan, Sky tells Celebrity Manhunt that she hasn't spoken to Duncan in a few months and hopes to see him soon. When Jo tells Sky boys are a distraction, Sky responds by telling Jo that Duncan does not get in her way of becoming an Olympian. At the end of the scene Sky is shocked when Tyler trips on Sky causing her trophy case to break. When Sky sees Duncan she immediately kisses him, and tells him she is glad he is back. Sky blows Duncan a kiss when he is called to sit on the plane, she also states that she will see him soon. However, she realizes that she will not be competing in season 4, Duncan realizes this too and wishes that Sky was in the season.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

Sky does no compete in the season, but she mentioned mutiple times by other contestants. In the second episode, when Duncan and Samey hug each other, Tyler looks at them in shock, and asks what Duncan is doing, and tells him that he already has a girlfriend, Sky. He then asks Duncan if he remembers Sky at all. But Duncan just tells Tyler that they are friends.

In Bigger, Smarter, Not Harder, when Duncan gets mad at Courtney, he shouts at Courtney to not talk to Samey like that, almost saying girlfriend. Tyler glares at Duncan. He then overreacts and can't believe that Duncan and Samey are going out behind Sky's back. Tyler asks Duncan about Sky. Duncan tells Tyler and Brick that Samey is his friend, and that Sky is still his girlfriend. Tyler then argues back that he was clearly gonna say girlfriend. Samey then butts in, and says that they are not dating and that they are just friends, to which Tyler gives up on the argument. Tyler sits down next to Alejandro, telling Duncan that if he is cheating on Sky, then it's a "good job", saying these words in a sarcastic tone.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brains vs. Brawns vs. BeautyEdit

When Sky is introduced she says that Duncan is going down, and she dives into the water. Immediately after Sky lands in the water she punches Duncan. Sky greets Cameron and Katie when she realizes they are competing. After Duncan gets up, Sky is too choked up to say anything, and she walks away from him. In Sky's first confessional of the season she says that after not competing in Toxic Brawl Duncan wasted no time cheating on her. Heather then approaches Sky and asks her who does she think she is, and Sky replies by telling Heather that she is an athlete. Duncan tells Chris if he could eliminate Sky already, Heather laughs, and Sky responds by telling Duncan to shut up. Cameron, Sky's close friend, tries to calm Sky down by telling her that they used to be friends, and Sky puts emphasis on the word used in anger. When Chris announces that Sky and Tyler on the same team the two high five. Tyler tells Sky that he is sorry and surprised that Duncan cheated on her with Samey, and Sky says she was shocked as well. Sky asks Chris why Duncan is a brawn since he was knocked out by Cody. Cody responds by telling Sky even though he knocked out Duncan, he admits that Duncan is stronger than him. Scott compliments Sky on her meanness, and in Sky's confessional she states that she doesn't want to be mean, but Duncan needs a taste of his own medicine.

Before the challenge Duncan tells Sky to go jump on a spike, this causes Sky to push Duncan off the cliff into the water. Duncan hits his kiwis which leads to Sky being satisfied. Duncan tells Sky she is going to get it, but is dragged under by Fang causing Sky to laugh. Duncan tells Sky to push the cart, but Sky reminds Duncan that Scott is pushing it. When Sky jumps she gets a cue ball, and is pushed by Scott to Chris. She reveals to Chris that her number is 100, and Chris tells her that the number is incorrect. When Duncan kisses Samey on the cheek Sky states in her confessional that she is angered by Duncan's actions. When Tyler wins the challenge for Team Brawns, Sky and the others brawns celebrate and congratulate Tyler. After the challenge Sky goes to the cabin depressed. Scott comes by and asks Sky what is wrong? She reminds him that Duncan cheated on her and she begins to cry. Scott then tries to cheer her up by telling her that his papa tells him to not worry about the other gender because he is perfect, Scott states that he isn't perfect, but that she gets his point. Sky laughs and tells him that he always knows when to say the right thing. Duncan arrives in the middle of their conversation, and asks Scott if he can talk to Sky in private. Sky clenches her fist, and Duncan begins to tell Sky that the two can't continuously treat each other badly. Sky ignores Duncan and goes inside of her cabin.

It Is My TimeEdit

In the finale Sky is the last member of the jury. She asks the two finalists how they would spend their money. After they respond Sky votes Samey to win the finale, despite her being the reason Sky was eliminated.


Total Drama Returns to the Island

Total Drama Wild West

Total Drama Around the World

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2

Voting HistoryEdit

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Sky's Voting History
Episode Sky's
Voted Against
1 Dave -
2 Killer Beavers Immune
3 Leshawna -
4 Killer Beavers Immune
5 Scott -
6 Killer Beavers Immune
7 Heather -
8 Gwen -
9 Courtney Gwen
10 Noah Individual Immunity
11 Noah -
12 No Elimination Ceremony
Ineligible -
Jury Votes
for Sky
Cody, Courtney, Dave, Dawn,
Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Leshawna, Lindsay,
Noah, Scarlett, Tyler
Winner, Day 39

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

Sky's Voting History
Episode Sky's
Voted Against
1 Dave -
2 Venomous Vipers Immune
3 Venomous Vipers Immune
4 Samey-Bot -
5 Venomous Vipers Immune
6 Venomous Vipers Immune
7 Venomous Vipers Immune
8 Noah Dakota, Noah
Dakota -
9 Heather Individual Immunity
10 Sugar Scott, Sugar
Quit, Day 30

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Sky's Voting History
Episode Sky's
Voted Against
1 Team Brawns Immune
2 Duncan Lightning
3 Team Brawns Immune
4 Team Brawns Immune
5 Team Brawns Immune
6 Team Brawns Immune
7 Scott -
8 Team Brawns Immune
9 Anne Maria -
10 Lightning -
11 Katie -
12 Heather -
13 Sky Individual Immunity
14 Ineligible -
15 No Elimination Ceremony
16 Ineligible Samey
Voted Off, Day 48
Voted for




  • Sky ranks second in winning individual challenges. She has won five individual challenges (counting her win in the finale of Total Drama Returns to the Island), behind Samey and Staci who have six (counting their wins in their respective seasons).



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