Screaming Ducks
Lethal Lizards
Toxic Sharks
Team Brawns
Heroic Hippos
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Eliminated TDRTTI: Somewhere Near The Wild West
TDWW: Western Tough for the Polocrossie
TDTB: Samey-Bot's Revenge
TDAST2: A Slippery Little Sucker
TDHvsV: The Good, The Bad, and The Chef
Place TDRTTI: 3rd
TDWW: 16th
TDTB: 13th
TDAST2: 6th
TDHvV: 19th
Friends Alejandro, Brick, Cameron, Cody, Courtney, Dave, Dawn, Duncan, Ezekiel, Gwen, Jo, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Samey, Scott, Sky and Staci.
Relationship Lindsay
Enemies Chef Hatchet, Chris McLean, Eva, Heather, Jasmine, Lightning, Scarlett and Scuba Bear.
Alliance(s) Screaming Ducks Alliance
Killer Beavers Alliance (affiliated)
Sharks Alliance
Brawns Alliance
Voiced by Peter Oldring
Roleplayer LlewellynIsAwesome!

Tyler, labeled The Jock, was a camper and main antagonist on Total Drama Returns to the Island, as a member of the Screaming Ducks. Tyler returns as a contestant in Total Drama Wild West as a member of Lethal Lizards. Tyler does not compete in Total Drama Around the World, as it is new players, although he does cameo in London the Ripper along with Noah, as they part take in the challenge. Tyler returns for Total Drama Toxic Brawl, as a part of the Toxic Sharks. Tyler is later chosen to compete in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, as a part of Team Brawns. Tyler along with a few other All-Stars cameo in Total Drama Back in Action. Tyler is considered one of the biggest Heroes in the game, as returns for Total Drama Heroes Vs. Villains, as a member of the Heroes.


Tyler is a sports fan who loves anything involving physical activity. Unfortunately, he is exceedingly clumsy and would be much better off watching from the sidelines. His lack of coordination has a tendency to harm other contestants and himself, but his determination leads him to never back down from trying to be a strong competitor. While he may lack prowess, he is fast, can jump high enough to touch the rim of a basketball hoop, and has abnormally strong fingers. Tyler can be very dim at times, such as in when Noah tells him to make a mental note, to which he replies that he doesn't have a pen. Despite his faults, he has a heart of gold and is enthusiastic about everything he does. Along with being popular with his peers at home, Tyler expresses deep love for his girlfriend, Lindsay. He is hurt more by nothing else than her habit of forgetting who he is, but regardless his loyalty towards her never wavers.

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit


Both Noah and Tyler answer a question right in the challenge.

Tyler returns in Total Drama Returns to the Island, with a lot of enthusiasm, which causes him to form many bonds with many other contestants. Tyler is placed on the Screaming Ducks, where he forms an alliance with Noah. They both then gains several contestants (Heather, Gwen, Lindsay and Scarlett) to join their alliance leaving out two contestants on the outs. Tyler manages to gain the most points for the team along with Noah, winning the challenge in Trials and Triva-lations. Throughout the episode, Dave is seen asking everyone for alliances, and he snaps at Tyler for his personality. This causes Tyler to talk to a few members of the opposite team to vote off Dave, which Dave was eliminated in the end of the episode.

In the following episode, Dawn tries to gain Tyler in an alliance to vote off Gwen, which Tyler agrees to, but he states in the confessional that he does not trust Dawn at all. Tyler's team ends up losing the challenge, and Tyler convinces his alliance to blindside "Samey" for doing nothing for the past two episodes, which led to Samey's elimination.

The following episode, Tyler is still seen upset about him landing in the bottom two last episode, and believes that he may be coming on to strong as a competitior in the game. Tyler soon notices that Dawn and Noah are starting to bond, and hang out much more than often, which causes Tyler to conclude that Dawn is a threat in the game, if she merges with Noah. Tyler's team won the challenge and did not have to send anyone out of the game.


Tyler betrays his alliance with Dawn, and eliminates her.

In All Aboard the Cuckoo Train, Tyler notices that Dawn and Noah is starting to bond, which makes Tyler feel eary as they could become a powerful alliance down the season and may cause him to lose. Sky approaches Tyler to join her alliance on her team, which Tyler agrees to. Tyler states that he joined her alliance as a back-up plan. Tyler's team ends up losing the challenge, because of Dawn. With the help of his alliance, Tyler votes off Dawn for being weak in challenges and for her relationship with Noah.

In the following episode, Tyler starts to form even bigger bonds with a few contestants (Cameron, Cody, Duncan, Scott), and ends up winning the challenge for the Screaming Ducks. Tyler was extremely shocked about Scott being blindsided by his alliance, which causes Tyler to be suspicous about his alliance with the other team.


Tyler and Lindsay kiss, after Lindsay is deemed safe.

In Relay Feelings Speed Fast, after Cameron single-handedly won the challenge for the Killer Beavers, Tyler was forced to vote off someone in his alliance. After noticing that Lindsay would become a distraction for him later on in the game, and that she has a bigger shot at winning compared to him, he decides to get everyone to vote her off. However, at the last second Noah and Tyler switch their votes to Scarlett for being a bigger threat in challenges. The vote ends up in a tie, and Scarlett ends up losing it causing her to be eliminated and for Lindsay to be safe.

Tyler merges with the rest of the people in the game, which makes it his first ever time merging. He instantly goes into strategy mode and makes sure his alliance will stay tight no matter what. However, once again Tyler is approached by Sky's alliance to make sure he is still in the alliance. Which Tyler reluctantly says yes. After Noah and Lindsay won immunity, Tyler starts to doubt his alliance, as they seem more stronger in challenges the other alliance. This causes Tyler to convince everyone to vote off Heather for being a threat and being too manipulative. This leads tp Heather's elimination in the end of the episode. As Heather leaves, she soon finds out that Tyler was playing her this whole time, and vows that she will get her revenge on him.


Scuba Bear attacking Tyler throughout the episode.

In the following episode, at the beginning of the episode, Tyler starts to get extremely annoyed with both Courtney and Gwen's contsant arguing. This makes Tyler tell the rest of the guys that Courtney needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. At the challenge, Tyler is beat up by Scuba Bear due to his relationship with Lindsay. Throughout the whole episode Tyler is seen being attacked by Scuba Bear. Noah once again wins immunity and he chooses to take Cody on the reward instead of Tyler, which upsets him. When Tyler is shocked that Noah chose Cody, Noah informs him that he is getting Cody into an alliance with them, which Cody soon agrees to, where they all agree on eliminating Lindsay. Tyler was set on eliminating Courtney, but was approached and convinced by Noah to vote off Lindsay for almost winning the challenge again. At the elimination ceremony, Tyler kisses his good-byes to Lindsay and fare-wells her.

Tyler starts to form alliances with everyone left in the game in Korean Teaching or Learning, to ensure that he won't be in danger of being voted off for the next few votes. With Noah winning the challenge again, along with Cameron. Tyler is chosen to join them in with immunity and the reward. At the reward, Cameron, Noah and Tyler dicuss on who should go home next, and Tyler convinces them that Courtney is a bigger threat at the moment and that Gwen is doing nothing and should go home soon. In the end, Tyler's plan works and both Courtney and Gwen were eliminated.


Tyler eliminated Cody, before Cody got him eliminated.

In Supreme Chef Auto, Cody tries to convince Duncan to vote off Tyler, but after Duncan informs Tyler about this, Tyler tries everything in his power to change the tables to get the votes for Cody and not him. At the challenge, it was between Cody and Tyler for the win, but after Cody wins the challenge. But in a shocking twist Cody must give away immunity to someone else, choosing Sky. In the end, everyone sided with Tyler, and voted off Cody.

In Frozen Yogurty Up Brain Freeze, with being the last two members of the Screaming Ducks, Noah and Tyler work together to try to win the challenge, but after Tyler loses by one point again, and Duncan wins. Before the elimination ceremony Tyler tries to scramble and gain others into voting off Cameron instead as he is a bigger threat, however, Cameron, Duncan and Sky do not listen to Tyler and ends up voting Noah. And in a shocking vote, Noah was eliminated over Cameron. Tyler is seen the most upset as he was really looking forward to being in the finale with Noah, as they were the only two contestants left who hasn't made the finale yet. Tyler then realizes how close the other three competitors are, and realizes that he needs to work extremely hard to make the finale.


Tyler is happy that he reached the Final four.

In Final Four Face Off!, with Tyler out of allies, he works on all three of the other contestants left, and gains Duncan and Sky into voting off Cameron, but after Duncan quit the game after knowing he was going to be eliminated as he was last in the challenge, Tyler ends up needing to win immunity to get to the finale. When everyone who was pastly eliminated from the game returns, they all start to root for Tyler to win, saying that he is everyones favorite to win the game. However, after another one point lose, Cameron wins and decides to take Sky instead of Tyler to the finals, causing Tyler's elimination in the end.

In Totally Dramatic Finale!, Tyler ends up voting for Sky to win over Cameron, as he believes that Sky had played a better game compared to how Cameron had played. Tyler is seen extremely happy when Sky won the season, but he also comforts Cameron saying that he also played a great game, and that he did well to make it as far as he did. Cameron thanks Tyler, and they both then root for Sky as she is lifted up in the air by everyone with the million dollar case in her hands.

Total Drama Wild WestEdit


Tyler tries to explain to Duncan, why he had to vote him off last episode.

Tyler one again returns to compete in Total Drama Wild West. With Tyler being on the Lethal Lizards, along with many of his friends and allies from last season, he automatically starts to form once again alliances with them. Even thought Sky was chosen to be the leader of the team, Tyler took the position on himself, as he tries to lead his team to victory, but failed due to Dave. Tyler was dead set on taking out Dave, and convinced Cody, Duncan and Sky to vote out Dave, and tried to persuade Noah. But Noah ultimately persuaded Tyler to vote off Duncan instead being a huge threat from last season. However, Tyler's orignal plan to take out Dave works out in the end. When Duncan finds out that Noah and Tyler had voted for him to be eliminated, Duncan starts to hate Tyler.

In the next few episodes, Tyler puts all of his effort to fix up their relationship to no avail. With knowing his name is on the chopping block, Tyler singehandedly helps his team win the next two challenges, scoring the higest for his team, leading to their victory.


Both Duncan and Tyler are shocked when Tyler is deemed eliminated, and that Noah had betrayed Tyler.

However, in Western Tough for the Polocrossie, Tyler's team ultimately lost to Tyler's disappointment. Tyler uses his strategic skills to convince a few people to vote off "Samey" instead of him, which they vote Samey off. But after Chris spread lies to Noah about Tyler, Noah gains Samey and Dakota into voting out Tyler, causing Tyler to be blindsided after Noah forced Tyler to vote off Duncan. This leads to Noah and Tyler's friendship to break, and for Tyler to gain an extreme dislike of Noah. After being eliminated, most contestants are seen sad and disappointed about Tyler's elimination, leading to most of the contestants targeting Noah for elimination.

Both Courtney and Tyler love Katie and Heather's play, both giving them 10/10.

Tyler, along with Courtney return to cameo in Red Dead Mergiton, as judges of the challenge. Tyler carries on his conflict with Noah. However, after Duncan bribed Tyler to give his performance a high score, Duncan and Tyler's conflict is resolved and leads to Duncan's team scoring high points throughout the episode. Tyler convinces Courtney to rig the votes to make sure Noah's team loses, but after a horrible performance Noah and Dakota performed, both were eliminated, much to Tyler's delight. Courtney, Dakota and Tyler return to cameo in the following episode once again as judges for the challenge. Tyler ended up gaining Sky the win, with Heather ultimately being eliminated for reading Sky's diary out to the whole viewing world. Tyler was quite happy when Heather was eliminated.

Tyler is once again brought back in Three Enemigos as a helper for the challenge. Tyler ends up helping Duncan in the final challenge. Tyler is also extremely happy to see Lindsay and Scott again, even wishing them luck before the challenge starts. In a confessional, Tyler states that its hard for him just to help Duncan, because he is super close with the other two contestants. Despite this, Tyler stops at nothing to help Duncan win, even single-handedly gaining all the point and winning the challenge for Duncan. This leads to Duncan gaining a spot in the finals, which Duncan is seen extremely grateful for Tyler, which he then apologizes to him for the way he treated him in the beginning of the season. Tyler is seen extremely happy that he finally forgives him, which he then wishes him luck in the finale. Tyler also wishes luck to Lindsay and Scott in their challenge.

In the finale episode, Tyler is seen rooting for all three finale contestants; Duncan, Lindsay and Scott. In the first challenge between Lindsay and Scott, Tyler wishes luck to both and is seen rooting for both. He is seen disappointed when Lindsay lost the challenge, but is happy that Scott moved on to face Duncan. Tyler is seen extremely happy when Duncan wins the final challenge against Scott, earning him one million dollars.

Total Drama Around the WorldEdit


Sky and Tyler are interviewed by Celebrity Manhunt.

Although Tyler does not compete in this season, he returns to cameo in London the Ripper, along with Noah. Noah and Tyler are deemed the Rippers in this episode, and their job is too capture all the contestants that are remaining in the season. Noah and Tyler do still carry out their conflict, and both are forced to sing a song about their relationship, which causes Tyler to get quiet angry at Noah once again.

In the seasons special episode; Celebrity Manhunt 2: Radioactive Reunions; it is revealed that Tyler has been working with Jo and Sky at Sky's new gym, which she had brought with her prize money from Total Drama Returns to the Island. Tyler is then interviewed by Blaineley and Josh, which leads to every past contestant meeting up with Chris. It is revealed that there will be a new season coming up, and Chris announces the contestants that will be competing again. With Tyler being one of those contestants, a few contestants approach Tyler with being in an alliance with them before the season even starts, which Tyler turns down as what had happened to him last time with alliances. Tyler also starts to form quite a few bonds with other contestants.

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

Alejandro and Goat face

Alejandro and Tyler form an alliance at the challenge with Sadie.

Tyler is chosen, along with 23 other contestants to compete once again for another one million dollar prize. This season, Tyler is much more set on winning the game, then anything else, and will stop at nothing to win. Tyler is placed on the Toxic Sharks, where striaght of the bat, Tyler forms a main alliance with Alejandro, Dave and Sadie, and some minor alliances with Lindsay, Owen and Staci. However, still extremely upset about Noah betraying him in Total Drama Wild West, Tyler gets quite violent with Noah, but tries to treat him with respect, in order to gain Brick in an alliance from the opposite team. Tyler ends up winning the challenge for the Toxic Sharks. At the elimination ceremony, Brick and Dave switch teams, which makes Tyler happy, as he has more time to work on manipulating Brick into an alliance.

Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler plan to eliminate Jasmine works out in the end.

In the next episode, Tyler convinces Alejandro and Sadie to target Jasmine first on the team, for being too likable, which they gladly agree to. During the challenge, Tyler is seen actively working in the challenge, and scores the final winning point for his team and wins the challenge. Noah is seen upset that Tyler is getting all this praise for the challenges, which makes his conflict with Tyler deepen. Tyler is still seen upset about Cody's elimination, but does not let it get to him for the challenge. Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler plan on throwing the challenge to get Jasmine out. Which Tyler is one of the first members eliminated from the challenge. After seeing Duncan and Samey flirt a bit, Tyler gets quite upset with them, as Duncan and Sky are dating. After noticing the alliance Tyler has with Alejandro, Noah tries to form a conflict between the two by stating to Alejandro that Tyler was the biggest strategist of Season one, and is planning on taking him out. Tyler overhears the conversation and calls out Noah for the weasel he is. After losing the challenge, Tyler convinces his alliance members to vote off Jasmine, which causes her to be eliminated in the end.


With both Lightning and Tyler having big ego's, both have shown to have an extreme hatred towards each other.

In Toxic Battle of...Doom!, Tyler is seen proud of his villainous act on taking out Jasmine and throwing the challenge. Tyler further to strengthen is bonds with Alejandro and Sadie, to ensure that they do not get any plans on betraying him anytime soon. During the challenge, Tyler does quite well, but is eliminated mid way through the challenge. After Tyler insults Noah, Lightning reacts badly and cllas out Tyler for the weasel he is. Lightning further creates a conflict between the two by insulted how toxic his relationship with Lindsay is, as he even betrays her every season, which Noah agrees to. Tyler then makes a comment on his relationship with Anne Maria, which makes Lightning pounce on Tyler, which is soon seperated by Jo. Staci ends up standing up for both Lindsay and Tyler, and calls out Lightning for the person he is, and causes Lightning to back down from them both.


Tyler passes onto Dawn a fake purple flower in the challenge, which leads Tyler eliminating Dawn.

In En-Toxicating, Tyler finally apologizes to Noah about the way he has treated him this season, explaining to him that after his elimination in Total Drama Wild West, his dad was ashamed of him, and that he would never be as successfull as his him. Tyler further explains that everyday he would work out hours non stop, to get ready for his return to the show. Tyler also states that he will stop at nothing to win the game, even if he has to betray his own girlfriend again. This explains Tyler's villainous attitude this season. During the challenge, Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler once again team up, and discuss their next target. All of them agreed on Dawn, as her relationships with Noah and Shawn are dangerous. Tyler ends up throwing the challenge, by giving Dawn the wrong flower, which causes their team to lose. Tyler blames Dawn for the lose, which ends up with Dawn's elimination in the end of the episode.

Owen and Staci start to suspect Tyler and his new villainous found personaility, and both agree on keeping an eye on him for the rest of the season. Alejandro is also soon warned by Lightning that Tyler is untrustworthy, and he should oust him the first time he gets. Alejandro shows signs that he is considering to drop Sadie and Tyler in the future, to further himself in the game. Tyler's team ends up winning the challenge, and not being sent home, saving Tyler for another episode.

In the next episode, despite having trust issues with Tyler, Tyler manipulates Owen and Staci into believing Shawn is a threat and should be eliminated next chance they get. And before Alejandro got any plans into betraying the alliance, Tyler also gains Alejandro and Sadie into believing Shawn should be the next target to go. However, Tyler ends up winning the challenge by guessing an answer in a maths question. Tyler is seen quite upset with Dave's lack of effort and contriution to the challenges, and informs Dave that if he does not compete and help enough in the challenge, he will be eliminated next. The challenge turns out to be trivia based, which Tyler does alright in. However, Tyler got a the second question wrong, and was forced to eat a stew of nails. After his team lost the challenge, Tyler spares Dave in the game, and rather goes with the original plan and votes off Shawn. After landing in the bottom two, Tyler soon finds out his girlfriend, Lindsay, voted him off. This causes him to get angry at her, and targets her for the next elimination.


Lindsay plays the fake idol, and almost eliminates Tyler.

Tyler finally comes to his senses and accepts that Lindsay had tried to eliminate him off last episode, which Tyler starts getting emotional. However, he smacks some sense into himself and tells himself that Lindsay is too big of a distraction in the game, and will ruin it if she is not the next to be eliminated. It is later revealed that Dave was also trying to get rid of Tyler, saying that he knows he will be out soon if Tyler was ever to find out. Before the challenge, Chris announces that their will be a team switch, and names Scott and Tyler as the contestants that are switching. However, he was joking and rather switched Alejandro and Scott. This makes Tyler extremely nervous if he loes the next challenge, cause Alejandro was one of his closest allies. However, Tyler starts to form an even closer bond with Scott, further deepening his friendship with him, ensuring he won't vote him off anytime soon. At the challenge, Tyler teams up with Noah and Scott, and he helps them during the challenge, but it was not enough for them to win the challenge. Sadie and Tyler both convince everyone on the team to vote off Lindsay. But at the elimination ceremony, Lindsay pulls out a hidden immunity idol and plays it. With Tyler being in the bottom two against her, this makes him extremely nervous. But in the end, it turns out to be a fake, and Lindsay was eliminated. Out of anger and fustration, Lindsay breaks up with Tyler.

In the following episode, Tyler is seen extremely annoyed and emotional about his break up with Lindsay. Noah and Scott end up helping Tyler through his emotions, Tyler still considers quitting the game to prove to Lindsay that he loves her. However, a few contestants are seen extremely disappointed in Tyler, and gets mad at him (Lightning and Staci). In the challenge, Tyler ends up making the final three, along with Eva and Noah. But out of fustration Chris gives immunity to Eva and Noah, and leaving Tyler out of the challenge. When both teams had to go up for the elimination, Sadie and Tyler convince people to vote off Dave for being annoying, and untrustworthy.


Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler once again team up for the challenge.

Tyler and the rest of the cast are announced to have merged in Samey-Bot's Revenge, which makes Tyler much more happier that he has finally merged again. However, this does not lift his mood fully, as he is still extremely sad and mad about what had happened a few episodes, between him and Lindsay. Knowing they are outnumbered, Alejandro, Sadie and Tyler try to get people to flip from the other team to thiers. Tyler ends up gaining Scott in a tight alliance, which then Scott tries and gains Brick and Lightning also, but Brick still stays loyal to other team. However, Lightning flips over to the Toxic Sharks alliance. What Tyler and his alliance didn't know was that Noah and Staci flipped to the Mutant Laser Squirrels, and were planning to get rid of Tyler for being a huge threat in the game. At the challenge, Tyler once again teams up with Alejandro and Sadie to free Samey from Samey-Bot, however all three were picked off one by one. When they were caged up, Tyler comes up with a plan to free them selves, by getting Chris' hargel and slipping through the bars with it. Tyler ends up freeing them and himself, and takes the hairgel and the million dollar suitcase. Before the cave exploded, they were able to get out. Tyler ends up giving the two items to Chris, which he had originally said would earn the contestants immunity, however Chris plays it off as he never said it and does not give him immunity.

Lindsay and Tyler make up, while kissing on the Hurl of Shame.

However he gives Tyler a reward or letting one contestant visit him. Tyler instantly calls out Lindsay's name, which Lindsay is dropped off a helicopter. Tyler runs to Lindsay and hugs her, and apologizes her to everything he had done to her and to everyone in the game. Lindsay forgives him and they share a kiss. Tyler soon comes across that Noah is trying to flip, which makes him and the alliance vote him off. But because Scott had voted the wrong person, Tyler was eliminated in a shocking vote. Tyler wasn't upset about his elimination, and fare-wells everyone. Everyone is seen on the dock fare-welling Tyler. Before Chris hurls Tyler and Lindsay, they both kiss, which Chris then hurls them. In the next few episodes, Tyler allies and friends are eliminated back to back, because of the strong alliance called Femme Fatale.

Noah sucking up to Tyler, by dressing his mutant rat as him.

Despite being eliminated a few episodes ago, Tyler along with Dawn and Lindsay cameo in Chris & Stitch, to judges the contestants bonds with a mutant animal. Lindsay and Tyler carry on thier relationship, with having a few kisses throughout the episode. Tyler also builds up the courage to apologize to Dawn about how he had treated her throughout the whole show, and for being the reason to why she was eliminated this season and in Total Drama Returns to the Island. Dawn accepts Tyler's apology, and they both become friends. Tyler usually gave the cast a 6/10, but when it was Noah's turn to perform. He had dressed his mutant rat as Tyler, and compliments Tyler throughout his performance. This leads to Tyler to be easily manipulated by this and gives Noah a 9/10. When Sadie performed, Tyler felt ashamed to give her a 2/10, as he doesn't like dancing. Sadie ends up gaining the lowest score and was eliminated, which Tyler fare-wells her.

In In Chris We Trust, Tyler is interviewed along with everyone else that has been eliminated. Tyler seems to be rooting for Beth and Lightning. In the challenge, Tyler ends up being eliminated through the middle of the challenge, and does not have any say on who gets immunity. However, he is seen happy Staci gets it.


Tyler starts to root for Lightning in the finale, due to Staci betraying him.

Tyler returns along with everyone in the finale, and Tyler instantly starts rooting for Lightning over Staci. This is because Staci was a part of Femme Fatale, and did very villainous things throughout the season. However, he is still happy that she won the season, and even hugs her. Chris announces that their will be another season, with only having 18 contestants that are considered "All-Stars" to return. Tyler ends up being one of these 18, which makes him extremely happy that he is returning. Tyler states in the confessional that he is going to show the whole world and the contestants that he is not a villain and that he is a nice person and a hero.

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Brawns Rank

Tyler is placed on Team Brawns along with Duncan, Katie, Lightning, Scott and Sky.

When Tyler returns to Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, Tyler is pushed off a helicopter with Scott clinging to his legs. They eventually land on top of Cody. Tyler instantly falls for Heather's nice act and happily greets her on the beach. Tyler later states in the confessional the reason he returned to the show is he knows that most people hate the way he played in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, and that he has learnt that friendships and relationships are more important than the million dollar prize and he wants to prove to everyone that the nice guy does not finish last and can win the show. Tyler along with most of the contestants are seen mad and upset about Duncan and Samey, for going out behind Sky's back. Tyler is placed on Team Brawns, along with Lightning, Duncan, Katie, Scott and Sky. As Alejandro flirts with Tyler's girlfriend, Lindsay, Tyler stands up and tells Alejandro to back off. At the challenge, Tyler volunteers to jump first and he jumps off and grabs a key with a number on it from the water, Tyler's number was 26. Scott then pushes him to the Spa-Hotel, and as they run, Tyler asks Scott for an alliance this season, which Scott agrees to the alliance. As they arrive to the finish line first, Tyler shows Chris his number. Chris reveals later that Tyler and Samey had tie and won the challenge for their teams. Behind the scenes Tyler finds an hidden immunity idol behind the Spa-Hotel.

Tyler plays the hidden immunity idol, but he ends up getting no votes.

In The Returning Record Holders, off the bat Katie approaches both Sky and Tyler for an alliance, which Tyler agrees with Katie for the alliance. At the challenge, Tyler and his team agree on making a skit about Chef and Chris to ensure they get high scores. Tyler then starts on a speech on how they are all here to win, and that they must work as a team to win this challenge. He then puts his fit in the air and shouts out "go Team Brawns!", which everyone followed him and did the same thing. During the skit Tyler and his team are wearing a Chris and Chef T-Shirt and continually phrase them during their performance. However, both Chris and Chef give them low scores stating that they both hate suck ups, causing their team to lose the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, Tyler is seen nervous and he plays his immunity idol, but ends up getting no votes against him. Tyler votes off Duncan for causing conflict within the team, and also that he is a threat if he merges with Samey.

Tyler teams up with Katie and Sky, forming an alliance with them, before being chased by Scuba Bear.

In The Rake-age, Lightning and Scott both agree that Duncan was a jerk and deserved to be eliminated last episode. At the challenge, after Chris dropped everyone into the mine, Tyler lands on Alejandro. Tyler further asks Alejandro if he, him and Sadie should really consider forming another alliance this season again if they all merged, which Alejandro reluctantly accepts the alliance. However, Tyler shows in the confessional that he does not know if he can trust Alejandro anymore. Tyler teams up with Katie and Sky in the challenge, and they get separated from Lightning and Scott. Lightning starts to notice that Tyler is with the girls lately, more than with the men on the team. As Tyler and his group walk through the mine looking for an exit, a shadow appears near them, scaring them. Tyler soon comes to realize the sounds from the shadow, and identifies it as Scuba Bear from Total Drama Returns to the Island. Tyler then screams at his group to run, when Scuba Bear starts chasing them.

...however, Tyler joins an alliance with the other two people on his team, causing Tyler to have everyone on his team in an alliance with him.

In the confessional, Tyler is still showing signs of being extremely afraid of Scuba Bear from the events that had happened with him and Scuba Bear in Total Drama Returns to the Island, evening crying in fear. They soon come across a metal box, and they hide in it from Scuba Bear. The box turns out to be a mine-cart out of the mine, which Lightning and Scott soon join them and they escape the mine safely. However, after escaping the mine, Scuba Bear flies out and starts chasing Tyler. But Tyler manages to get Scuba Bear to go away by hiding in the water. Tyler's team ends up winning the challenge. Lightning approaches Tyler, and he informs Tyler that they need to start a Team men alliance, between them and Scott. Tyler informs that he will join Team Men and they both high five. At the elimination ceremony, Tyler volunteers to go to Boney Island, which causes Chris to send him there.


For the challenge, Tyler teams up with Katie and Scott.

In Brawn Within a Beauty, Tyler is seen a little upset in the spa-hotel, and is later asked by Scott what is wrong. Tyler reveals that he is upset because he misses Lindsay, and states that his relationship with her hasn't been the best for the past few seasons. Scott then tells Tyler some lady advice, which Scott says that he needs to act dumb, dumber than Lindsay to get her attention. In a shocking twist Sadie is moved to Tyler's team, and Tyler welcomes her with opening arms. At the challenge, Tyler teams up with Katie and Scott in the boat race. Tyler uses Scott's advice of being dumb in front of Lindsay, however it fails miserably and is ignored by her. As Tyler starts to drive the boat, it goes out of control and they ramp off a rock and take the lead, however Scott takes control of the boat. Tyler's team ends up coming in first and winning the challenge. Tyler later has a one on one talk with Katie, asking her about her relationship with Sadie, showing that Tyler really cares about his teammates. Katie answers that after the last few seasons, Sadie has been distant from her, and Tyler replies saying that he hopes they fix their problems. After Cody is eliminated, he hopes that either Samey or Tyler wins the show.

In Thoughts 'N Dumb-Dumbs, Tyler is still seen upset about Lindsay ignoring him in the previous episode, and Scott gives him more advice about Lindsay. At the challenge, Tyler starts strategizing with Sadie and Sky, and tells them that Katie might be a threat later on in the season. However, Sadie tries to change the vote to Scott instead, however Tyler does no agree on voting him off. In the challenge, Tyler is one of the first out, as he was scared by chickens. Tyler starts to bond with Katie a lot, and reconsiders eliminating her. However, Tyler's team ends up winning the challenge thanks to Sadie.

Tyler is seen glad that Amy was eliminated instead of Lindsay in this episode. Scott and Tyler dicuss about Amy's elimination in the previous episode, before Tyler states in the confessional that the season has reached the 13 people leftr mark. Tyler then says that last season he was eliminated around this time, and hopes that his team doesn't lose again. Scott feels bad for Tyler that Lindsay is still ignoring him, which causes Tyler to tell him he wishes she wasn't ignoring him. At the challenge, Tyler is seen as one of the only people excited for the challenge. Tyler ends up winning the first round for his team, which causes his whole team to congratulate him and be happy. Anne Maria is seen unhappy that Tyler bet her in the round. When Katie scores tje second poitn for their team, Tyler hugs her out of excitement. When Sky scores the third point for their team, Chris deems the Brawns to have won the challenge, whcih lead to Tyler being extremely happy. When Lindsay is seen eliminated, Tyler is seen extremely shocked and emotional, which causes Tyler's closest friends to comfort him (Scott and Sky).  Tyler kisses Lindsay before she gets flushed.


Scarlett calls Tyler pathetic and useless, which makes Tyler angry as everyone is constantly calling him pathetic, and that he deserves respect.

Tyler is still upset about Lindsay's elimination last episode, where he even gets mad at one of his teammates (Katie) for being loud in Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater. When Chris places Alejandro, Anne Maria and Samey onto different teams, Tyler welcomes Anne Maria to his team in a friendly way. Tyler's sadness of Lindsay's elimination, causes him to trip over the stairs, where everyone starts to feel bad for him. Katie eventually helps up Tyler. Tyler tells everyone that he is just lonely without Lindsay around. At the challenge, Tyler isn't very excited for the first time, which causes Chris to keep Tyler out of the challenge. Scott states in the confessional that Tyler is usually excited and always in a happy mood, but now that Lindsay's gone, he just isn't himself anymore. Throughout the challenge, Tyler roots for Scott when he is fighting Lightning. Tyler is seen very happy when Scott won his round against Lightning, but feels bad for Scott when hes attacked by Anne Maria for hurting her man. When Sky is put in the ring next, Tyler roots for her to beat up Samey, who Sky is attacking. When Samey beats Sky, Tyler congratulates Samey but also helps Sky, asking her if she is ok. When Katie and Sadie are put up against Heather and Scarlett, Tyler roots for them both to win against the other two girls.

Scott and Tyler are blindsided when Scott is deemed eliminated from the game.

When Scarlett is beaten by Sadie, Tyler couldn't help but laugh and asks Scarlett is shes ok. Which caues Scarlett to get mad at Tyler and she calls him names. Tyler states in the confessional that he does not understand why everyone calls him "pathetic, stupid , and wannabe jock, and worst of all A CHICKEN!" Tyler says that he is sick and tired of everyone disrespecting him and calling him names, and that he should be treated with respect from now on. When Sadie wins for their team, Tyler starts to become more happy. When Tyler see's Scott in a wheel chair after Anne Maria's attack, Tyler is seen upset and worried about him. When Chris reveals that Scott had cheated in the challenge, and that his team must now vote someone off, Tyler ends up teaming up with Scott and votes off Katie. However, in a shocking twist Scott is eliminated, with everyone else voting him off.

Tyler is starting to worry about his position in the game, as his girlfriend and now his best friend has been eliminated. He believes that he is the next to go, as he is the last male on his team in You're A Dirty, Vicious Rat! He is seen hanging out in his empty cabin with no one else around him, thinking about the game. Tyler states that he really misses Duncan and Scott being in the cabin with him. Tyler states in nthe confessional that no matter what he will try and win the game for Duncan, Lindsay and Scott, and that he will never give up no matter what. However, he accidentally hits his elbow against the confessional wall, where he screams in pain. Sadie approaches Tyler about getting rid of Anne Maria and Katie as soon as possible, as they are starting to get closer and could team up to vote them out. Tyler agrees with Sadie's plan. During the challenge, Tyler is able to finish Chef's food, however he has trouble with eating it, almost vomitting most times. In the second part of the game, Tyler notices Katie by herself, and he uses this to scheme with her that Anne Maria should be the next to be eliminated. Tyler tries to tell everyone that they shouldn't be tempted from the trays that Chris brings, in but Katie does not listen. Katie ends up gaining immunity, which shocked Tyler. Tyler ends up taking one of the temptations when it was just Heather, Sadie and him left in the round. Tyler ends up winning the challenge for his team, which caused his whole team to run and hug him. Tyler is seen shocked when Scarlett is deemed eliminated from the game.


Tyler is attacked by a Mutant Gopher during the challenge, leading to Tyler being eliminated from the challenge.

In Blood's Downpour, Tyler feels left out, as all the girls are doing make up from his team, while Tyler is left alone in Spa Hotel doing nothing. When Anne Maria tells everyone that Sadie needs to be eliminated, Tyler overhears and comes up with a plan in his head. When Chris reveals that the challenge will be based on torturing the contestants which makes Tyler upset about the challenge. In the first round, the challenge is to stay calm with water filling up the main hall with the contestants still inside. When Samey is about to hurt Heather for being mean, Tyler holds her back and tells her to leave Heather alone and just to calm down and ignore her. When Anne Maria starts to panick about the water, Tyler tries to help Anne Maria, by trying to keep her calm, however Anne Maria ends up being pulled out of the challenge, causing their team to lose the first round. At the second round, Chris releases Gophers to attack everyone on the cliff. Tyler climbs up a tree and grabs a branch and starts to attack the gophers with it, telling them to go away. However, Heather kicks Tyler off, where Tyler lands on top of one of the Gophers, and the Gopher runs around with Tyler on the back screaming. The gopher runs off the cliff with Tyler still on top, and they both fall down to the bottom of the cliff. Tyler is then pulled out of the challenge. The Gopher chases Tyler out of the water, but Tyler hides from it. When Katie is the last one left for the Brawns, Tyler is seen rooting for her to win. However she ends up losing the challenge, leading to their team being sent to the elimination ceremony. Tyler is seen confused on who to vote off between Anne Maria, Katie and Sadie, but ends up voting off Anne Maria, due to his and Sadie plan.


Tyler helps up Cameron and Samey, after bumping into them.

Tyler soon finds out that he has reached the merge in Greet It and Weep, where he seen very happy and excited that he made the merge again. In the confessional, Tyler states that he knows people consider him a threat, so he must try and win immunity in todays challenge. Tyler teams up with Cameron and Samey during the challenge, after he  trips over them, and causing them all to fall over. Tyler apologizes to Samey about the previous season, of him constantly getting mad at her about her going out with Duncan, behind Sky's back. Samey then tells Tyler that everything is fine, and that she understands that he and Sky are extremely close friends, and that Tyler wouldn't like it when she was being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend, Duncan. Tyler starts up the conversation again, and asks Samey how her relationship with Amy is going. Samey replies saying that its not going well, as she was so blind from Amy's many attempts to make up with her, and that now she is the evil twin. Tyler then feels genuinely bad for Samey, and tells Samey that he believes neither Amy or her are the evil twin. Samey thanks Tyler. As a chandelier falls, Samey grabs Tyler out of the way, saving him from the falling object. She then asks if he is ok. Tyler thanks Samey, and tells her that Amy is really trying her best to fix her and Samey's relationship, and that Samey should make amends with Amy, as Amy really misses her. When Tyler realizes that there is a murderor in the mansion, Tyler tries to break out by banging on the doors. However it does not open. Tyler gets mad at Heather when she starts to insult people, which causes her to grab Tyler and tell him she will stop if he votes off Lightning tonight. Samey starts to break down, and tells Tyler that it is extremely hard to trust someone who's only purpose is to ruin everything for you. Samey starts to cry, and Samey carries on saying that she doesn't know why God let he be born, because all she is, is a punching bag. She then wipes her tears off, and tells Tyler that he wouldn't understand the pain she is going through. Tyler puts his arm around Samey and tells her that he does understand, as he was also bullied at school.

Tyler apologizes to Samey about the previous season, of him constantly getting mad at her about her going out with Duncan.

The reason being that everyone thought Tyler sucked at sports. Tyler tells Samey that yes the bullying hurt him, but he let it never get to him and control his life, and that it just made him more determined to be the person he wants to be. Tyler further says he constantly trained, and this lead to the bullies respect Tyler for his level of enthusiasm and his hard work. Tyler then tells Samey that he is trying to say to not let Amy get her down, but also not to let Amy down too. Samey wipes off some of her tears, and says that she is good at nothing, and that she is only a cheerleader, so now Amy could embarass her even more. But before Tyler could reply, he falls straight through the boards in the house, confusing Samey when she opens her eyes to notice Tyler is gone. Samey then believes in the confessional that something she said must have scared him off. As Samey wins the first challenge, Tyler runs into the house and hugs her. He then tells Samey that he was right, as Samey can so anything she puts her mind too. Samey thanks Tyler and then blushes, and tells Tyler that he was right all along. Tyler tells Samey that she did amazing in the challenge and that she deserved to win the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, Tyler votes off Lightning with everyone else.


Tyler dressed in a Kangaroo costume, as he falls over a hurdle during the challenge.

In the beginning of the episode, Tyler bonds more with Alejandro. When Chris reveals the challenge is Hurdles, Tyler gets very happy as he loves Hurdles. When the contestants put on the Kangaroo costumes, Tyler complains along with everyone that it makes them look fat. As the challenge starts, Tyler jumps over the first hurdle put crashes into the next one. As Tyler runs and jumps, he keeps whispering to himself that he can do it and he can win the challenge. Tyler passes Sadie, and trips over the next hurdle, where he rolls all the way to where Heather is. Tyler gets up as Sadie passes him and tells himself that he is going to win for his dad, and prove to him that he is good at sports. Tyler starts to run faster screaming out this is for his dad, as he passes many contestants only to trip over another hurdle. Tyler then runs into first as he passes Samey. Samey and Sky then passes Tyler, where Tyler trips into Samey and Sky where they all roll past the finish line togther. Chris announces that Heather, Samey, Sky and Tyler are the final four for the challenge and must compete in another challenge to determine the winner. All four of them eat a buffet that was provided to them by Chris and Chef. Beofre the challenge began, Tyler talks to himself telling him that he can do it, that he can win immunity. As he bounces on the Trampoline, Chef attempts to hit t everyone with objects. When Sky is hit out, Tyler seem's worried, but carries on jumping and dodging as Chef throws a TV at him. When it was down to Heather and Tyler, Chef throws a bag filled with Big poop onto Tyler, it hits his face, where Tyler starts to lose control and run of the trampoline screaming. When Heather was deemed the winner, everyone stared at her madly, and tells Tyler they were rooting for him to win. When Tyler tells Samey she did great, Samey states in the confessional after they smiled and looked into each others eyes that her relationship with Tyler is nothing more then friends, and that she'd never hurt Lindsay. At the elimination ceremony, due to Heather's win and manipulation, Tyler votes off his alliance member Katie.

EK - Tyler 2

Tyler ends up winning his first immunity, where he nominates Cameron and Heather for elimination, as they are both the biggest threats.

Tyler bumps into Samey in the morning of Go Big or Go Home, where he overhears Samey and Cameron complain about the vote Cameron had recieved from the previous episode. Tyler tells them that its the past and should just be left alone. When Tyler admits to Samey that he misses Lindsay and Scott, Samey tells him that she considers him a best friend which made Tyler smile and thank her. Tyler states in the confessional, that him and Samey have really started to bond a lot over the past few episodes, and that Samey reminds him a lot of Lindsay. Chris announces that challenge to be another paintball challenge, Tyler catches a leech gun as Chris throws one to everyone. Tyler runs to the beach where he hides under the dock of shame from everyone else. Tyler prepares his gun as Chris releases a few animals to go attack the contestants, telling himself that he needs to win immunity. Scuba Bear soon finds Tyler and starts to chase him, where Tyler drops his gun, which accidentally fires a leech to Scuba Bear. It jams the robot and causes it to blow up. Tyler grabs his gun and hides once again under the dock of shame. Fang soon finds Tyler and also chases him as Tyler shoots at him randomly with his gun. Tyler tries to climb a tree, but he slips and falls on top of Fang where Fang starts running around with Tyler on top of him. Tyler then shoots at Fangs eyes, causing him to run away while crying. Cameron and Tyler soon end up being the last two left in the game, where Tyler notices Cameron and shoots at him. Tyler apologizes and tells him that he really needs to win immunity. However, the leech hits Heather instead, where Tyler then shoots Cameron again.

Both Cameron and Heather call Tyler the most evil person in the game, after Cameron was eliminated.

Tyler ends up winning, as he see's Dave attack Cameron, Tyler shoots Dave off of Cameron, digusted by Dave. As a reward for winning the challenge, Tyler also decides to pick two people who will be up for elimination. Tyler ends up choosing Cameron and Heather, due to both being huge challenge threats. Heather whispers to Tyler that Cameron was planning to eliminate him off, which made Tyler very shocked and surpirsed. Tyler feels awful that he voted Cameron at the elimination ceremony, but Cameron was a bigger threat as he wanted him out. Heather smiles at Tyler when Cameron was eliminated, and calls him a very good antagonist, which caused Tyler to stand up and tell her that he isn't evil and that he is a Hero. Cameron overreacts and calls Tyler the real evil on the show, and that he is the biggest liar. Tyler tries to reason with Cameron, by telling him that Heather manipulated him into voting him off. However, Cameron does not listen or believe him as he swears at Tyler as he leaves.

In the jury house, Cameron is seen complaining about how Tyler is awful and should be eliminated next. Cameron doesn't realize that Tyler is still very emotional on the island about what he did to Cameron in A Slippery Little Sucker. Samey and Sky notice that Tyler is upset, and they both comfort him about it, and tell him that he shoudn't feel bad as it is just a game. However Tyler tells them that he just lost one of his closest friends, just because he fell for Heather's manipulation. Before the challenge, Heather approaches Alejandro, Sadie, Sky and Samey about blindsiding Tyler, as he is the biggest threat in the game. They all say they will think about it, which causes Heather to tell them that no matter what, if Tyler makes jury he will win, and that they need to get rid of him now, or it will be too late. Heather then tells Tyler that Samey is planning on voting off him, for being a huge threat in the game. Tyler just glares at Heather and says sure. Heather then tells him that Samey really wants him out, and that why would she tell him if Samey wanted him out just to lie to him. Tyler raises his eye-brow and states in the confessional that Heather may be right. At the challenge, Chris announces the challenge is a cooking competetion, which makes Tyler nervous, as he has never learnt how to cook before.

In a shocking vote, Tyler is blindsided by Heather.

Throughout the challenge, Tyler tries to cook (______) but messes up a lot, by putting random incredients into the mixture. Tyler ends up losinng to Alejandro and Sky, as Tyler got a low score. Not knowing about Heather's real plans, Tyler talks to Alejandro, Sadie and Sky about blindsiding Samey, due to being a huge threat and for targeting him. They all agree that Samey is a threat, but they do not end up voting her off, rather voting off Tyler at the elimination ceremony. Sky however votes herself as she coundn't choose who to vote of between Samey and Tyler. When Tyler is shockingly eliminated in a 4-1-1 vote. Tyler stands up and glares at Heather. He starts yelling at her about how she should not be trusted and that she lies to everyone. Tyler walks to the Flush of Shame and fare-wells everyone, and tells them that he had a great time being in the game with strong competitors, and thank them for making the experience so fun. Tyler is then flushed by Chris.

Tyler at Playa Des Losers, talking about the finale five.

In Losers in Paradise, Tyler is seen hnaging out in the pool with Lindsay by his side making out. Tyler states in the confessional that he really missed Lindsay, and that he is trying to catch up with her. When Chris asks Tyler what he thinks about the final five, Tyler says that Alejandro isn't himself anymore. He has been completely consumed by the ladies as thats all he talks about, or who he hangs around. Tyler says his mind is off of the competition and Heather is just playing him for his vote. Tyler says that Sadie is absolutely not winning. Tyler states everyone in the game does not like her, and that she got rid of her numbers when she eliminated him off. He also calls Sadie a two-timing liar, and she betrayed him last episode. Tyler then states that Samey is really good at the game, but she needs to stand up to Heather, as Heather is also just controlling her like a lost puppy. Tyler says that he is rooting for Samey to win, and says the same for Sky. He is also rooting for Sky, and he's happy that Sky is the only one not to betray him last episode. Tyler then states that Heather is really playing the game well, but she needs to learn how to play a better social game if she wants to win. When Chris tells everyone they need to vote for someone to win immunity, Tyler votes for Samey to win, as she is who he is rooting for. When Samey wins immunity, she auto-eliminates Sadie, sending Sadie to the Jury House.

Tyler welcomes Sadie as she walks into the Jury House in Do You Think You Can Drama? Tyler sits next to Cameron and tells him that he hopes Samey or Sky can win. Cameron tells Tyler that he is glad that they made up, and that Heather played them both. Tyler says yeah he is also glad, and says he is sorry that he voted him off and for believing Heather's lies. Tyler asks why Sadie betrayed their alliance, and Sadie said he was the biggest threat and that Heather manipulated her. Tyler sighs as he thinks about Samey voting him off, as he says he can't believe Samey voted him off, after they were bonding so well. In the game, Samey mentions Tyler, as she says that Heather is great as she warned her about Sadie and Tyler's plan to eliminate her. During the challenge, the arrow lands on Tyler's face when Samey spinned. Samey states in the confessional that she really liked Tyler as she blushes, but she corrects herself that she only liked him as a friend. Tyler's dare ends up being to kiss the person beside you, which Alejandro is unable to do, causing him to be eliminated.


Tyler helps out Samey during the Final Three challenge, ultimately helping her win the challenge.

Tyler is seen in the Jury House when Alejandro joins in Opposites The Way, however does not say anything. On the island, the contestants must be paired up with a past contestant, which Samey chooses Tyler. Tyler hugs Samey when he is pushed out of the Helicopter. As the challenge starts, Samey and Tyler jump off the cliff and grabs a baby carriage, where Tyler puts Samey in the carraige and starts to push her to the cabins. Tyler accidentally trips over a rock and lands in the carriage with Samey, where they roll down a hill and are flinging out by a ramp where they land on top of each other. They both smile and help each other up. However, they came in second to Cameron and Sky who got there first. The following challenge was trivia, where Tyler tries really hard, but lost by one point, as Heather and Scarlett won the challenge. In the third challenge, Samey and Tyler run and jump into a boat, where Samey drives the boat into first place. Samey and Tyler end up winning the challenge, causing them to hug.


Tyler as a member of the jury who get to decide who wins the season between Heather and Samey.

Samey mentions Tyler's name in the confessional, calling him one of her best friends in The Season's Seizing. Tyler along with Lightning, Katie, Cameron, Sadie, Alejandro and Sky are deciding who they want to win by asking them questions. Tyler tells Heather and Samey that they did a great job to get where they are now, and he wishes them both luck. When Heather said her opening statement, Tyler tells her she did play the game very well and that he isn't as mad as her as he was. When Scott mentions that Samey was crushing on Tyler, Tyler looked shocked and surprised and asked if she did. Lindsay then gets mad, where Tyler asks Samey to tell her that they never cheated on her. Samey tells Lindsay that she does not have a crush on Tyler. It is revealed when Lightning asked his question, that Samey become better at sports because of Tyler, as they trained off screen. When Heather and Samey complain, Samey mentions that she eliminated Sadie, Sky and Tyler to save Heather, which causes Tyler to sigh. When it was Tyler's turn to ask a question, he congratulates the finalist on making it to the finale. Tyler says that he came back to compete again to probe to himself that he is not a villain, but that he is a hero. Tyler further says that he worked hard on the social and physical aspects of the game, but not so much the strategical aspects. Tyler says that he was trying to prove to everyone that a hero can win this game, without backstabbing others. Tyler then says that the game is all about backstabbing if you want to win. Tyler says that its hard knowing a persoin who did not backstab is going to win, as both the finalist betrayed others. Tyler tells Samey that she was very insecure the whole season, and that she did very little in the beginning, before the switch occured, where she blindsided Scarlett with Cameron. Tyler then says after that, she was wrapped around Heather's finger, and says that she was so blind to not know that Heather was a villain and that she was playing her the whole time. Tyler then asks what was the purpose of her betraying almost everyone who was always behind her no matter what. Samey answers that she was thinking what would happen if she didn't do what she did. She says that Heather had an army behind her, and even if she did try to eliminate Heather, it wouldn't have been successful. Tyler then asks Heather why she deserves his vote for a million dollars.  Heather replies saying that she played the game very well, and thats why she deserves Tyler's vote to win. Tyler comforts Samey when Cameron makes her be sad.


Tyler is seen extremely happy when Samey ends up winning the season.

In the follwoing episode, when Samey answers Sadie's question, she says that if she had to switch her spot with someone else. It would have to be Tyler, as he played the hardest to try and get to this stage in the game. When Alejandro asked his question to Samey about how she is the main villain, as she betrayed her "love interest" Tyler. Samey answers saying that she is a big reason to why Tyler was eliminated, as he has never made the finale before and had a better chance at beating me if he was against her in the finale. Tyler ends up regrettly voting for Heather to win, as he states she had the better gameplay. He looks into the camera and says sorry to Samey as he shows a picture of Heather. However, Tyler is seen extremely happy when Samey wins the challenge, as he hugs her extremely tightly when she won.

Total Drama Back in ActionEdit

IMG 0822

Tyler cameos in Alarming The Champions.

Tyler appears in Alarming The Champions, where he starts of by swinging in on a vine and crashing into batting cages. Most of contestants cringe at the sight of Tyler's accident. Chris announces that Tyler will be asking questions based on everyone left on the game. Tyler starts to read out the questions after crawling out of the batting cage. After a while, Tyler wakes up but is accidentally hit by a flying trophy. Tyler then follows by saying a few dumb lines, then falls over unconscious. Tyler later wakes up, and asks Chris if has to do anything, but is ignored by him.

In The Aftermath X, it is revealed by Dusk, Dawn's new found evil personality, has manipulated many of the past contestants to work for her, and that Tyler had caused some of her plans to be put on hold because of his nice, over-excited personality. She blames him for everything that happened with her and Dave's eliminatrions in Total Drama Returns to the Island. She also later reveals that she had manipulated Tyler into being villainous in Total Drama Toxic Brawl, but her plans were once again foiled by someone else.


Total Drama Returns to the Island

Total Drama Wild West

Total Drama Around the World

Total Drama Toxic Brawl

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2

Total Drama Back in Action

Voting HistoryEdit

Total Drama Returns to the IslandEdit

Tyler's Voting History
Episode Tyler's
Voted Against
1 Screaming Ducks Immune
2 Samey Samey
3 Screaming Ducks Immune
4 Dawn -
5 Screaming Ducks Immune
6 Scarlett -
7 Heather Gwen
8 Courtney -
9 Gwen Individual Immunity
10 Cody Cody
11 Cameron -
12 Ineligible Cameron
Voted Off, Day 36
Voted for

Total Drama Wild WestEdit

Tyler's Voting History
Episode Tyler's
Voted Against
1 Duncan -
2 Venomous Vipers Immune
3 Venomous Vipers Immune
4 Duncan Dakota, Noah, Samey
Voted Off, Day 12
Voted for

Total Drama Toxic BrawlEdit

Tyler's Voting History
Episode Tyler's
Voted Against
1 Toxic Sharks Immune
2 Toxic Sharks Immune
3 Jasmine -
4 Toxic Sharks Immune
5 Dawn -
6 Toxic Sharks Immune
7 Toxic Sharks Immune
8 Shawn Dave, Lindsay, Shawn
9 Lindsay Lindsay
10 Dave -
11 Noah Beth, Brick, Eva,
Jo, Scarlett, Staci
Voted Off, Day 33
Voted for

Total Drama All-Stars Take 2Edit

Tyler's Voting History
Episode Tyler's
Voted Against
1 Team Brawns Immune
2 Duncan -
3 Team Brawns Immune
4 Team Brawns Immune
5 Team Brawns Immune
6 Team Brawns Immune
7 Katie -
8 Team Brawns Immune
9 Anne Maria -
10 Lightning -
11 Katie -
12 Cameron Individual Immunity
13 Samey Alejandro, Heather,
Sadie, Samey
Voted Off, Day 39
Voted for




  • Tyler has caused the highest amount of eliminations being directly or indirectly responsible for the eliminations of twenty-one.
  • Tyler ties third in winning individual challenges, along with Alejandro, Gwen, and Noah. He has won four individual challenges, behind Samey and Staci who've won six (counting their respective season wins), and Sky, who has won five (counting her win).



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